Riordan Files Motion Claiming Fraud, Bias By CT Family Court Judge Adelman; Law Enforcement Affidavit Provides Evidence

Connecticut Family Court Judge Gerard I. Adelman
Connecticut Family Court Judge Gerard I. Adelman

Recently, Karen Riordan filed papers asking the Connecticut Family Court to throw out her judgment of divorce against disgraced Hollywood writer Christopher Ambrose. The basis of her motion – Connecticut Family Court Judge Gerard I. Adelman “poisoned” the original proceedings with judicial fraud, bias, prejudice, dishonesty, impropriety, lack of impartiality, and misconduct. If successful, Riordan would go back and have a new trial.

Karen Riordan, mother of three – who lost the most precious thing in her life – her three children through Connecticut’s ruthless money-driven family court.

Riordan claims Judge Adleman committed serious First Amendment violations, including the rights to free association, free expression, and religious freedom. She says Adelman was remarkably biased and “prejudiced by predetermined beliefs and viewpoint discrimination defeating [the] right to a fair trial.”

The papers further claim the divorce decree is replete with evidence of misconduct and “constitutional violations executed under color of state dissolution law.”

Connecticut Family Court Judge Gerard I. Adelman
Connecticut Family Court Judge Gerard I. Adelman

Riordan claims she should be given special solicitude because she is a pro se party “unskilled in the science of law” and qualifies under the Americans with Disabilities Act for the help of an “advocate.”

Riordan musters the most compelling evidence supporting her claims is a recently-released June 2022 Affidavit of Michael A. Sponheimer, Jr., Senior Special Agent, Virginia State Police. The Affidavit supported the search of premises and effects belonging to Paul Boyne, the website Family Court Circus’ administrator. It was recently released under a Freedom of Information Law Request.

The Family Court Circus blog has been a stone in Judge Adelman’s and Connecticut Family Court’s shoes for a while. Boyne has struck such a nerve even an anti-Paul Boyne webpage has been established, calling him “a hate-filled anti-Semitic, racist, & defamatory exploitation of our constitution.” tags Boyne’s Family Court Circus blog as “Cyber-Abuse Hiding Behind the First Amendment.”

Paul Boyne believes his activity is the legally-protected opinion and criticism of public officials. On its home page, the Family Court Circus blog says:

“The Family Court Circus … nasty criticism and rants of THE WORST KIND, against the most evil court in the land and the monsters who control it.”

The Affidavit ensured that Boyne’s activities were marked as legally “threatening.” It details the efforts of Connecticut Law Enforcement to take Boyne out, in cooperation with their Virginia brethren, at the apparent behest of a veritable “Who’s Who” of Connecticut Judges: Coleman, Nash Sequino, Hernandez, Bright, Heller, Pinkus, Bozzutto, Adelman, Murphy, Munro, Wetstone, Suarez, Emons, Williams, Albis, Ficeto, Grossman, Allard, Moukawsher, and others. Boyne also has choice words for select government attorneys, private attorneys, appointed attorneys and guardians ad litem, and other court personnel. It does not appear that Boyne missed many Connecticut jurists with his “nasty criticism and rants.”

CT Family Court Judge Jane Grossman
Connecticut Family Court Judge Jane Grossman

Several Judges gave unequivocal impact statements. Judge Jane Grossman said she was distraught and Boyne’s website has “changed the way she thinks about work and home” since Boyne, in an article called “Judge Grotesque,” describes shooting her through the windows of her home by someone hiding in the woods behind her house.

In Judge Adelman’s statement, Boyne’s blogging, including an article called “Adelshit,” was harmful and criminal, “advocating physical violence, laced with bigoted threats, against specific attorneys and judges.”

Are Boyne’s published words First Amendment-protected free speech or criminal threats of violence? When you line up over twenty judges against you, you can be assured it will be found to be the latter.

You will find this text and imagery on the Family Court Circus blog website at
This text and imagery are found on the Family Court Circus blog website at

To be fair, Boyne did write about Judge Gerard I. Adelman (and others), conjuring images of Shakespeare’s most famous rebel follower of Jack Cade in Henry VI, Part 2 (“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers “):

In specifics, the world would be a better place had a modern-day Dick The Butcher popped Attorney Reuben Midler, Attorney Michael Meehan and Judge Donna Heller preventing them from destroying the Dulos family. Properly lined up, a single .50 cal would have done all three at once. Dick The Butcher would have been righteous in employing a meat cleaver to severe the head of Judge Barry Pinkus prior to Baby Aaden being tossed off the Middletown Bridge. Dick The Butcher would have a chop fest with the judiciary committee. Handing up a nice fillet of Representative Rosa Rebimbas…. Nice sausages, rich in fat, from the ground up Senator John Kissel. I shadow architect of statutes designed to hide GAL fees from the IRS. Some dark offal for the wolves from the putrid Eric Coleman, cock sucker to the great white paedophiles of the state. And what say the Old English Butcher with regard to the jews, dykes and queers in black robes? Fine meat pies with gravy from Bozzutto, Adelman, Murphy, Munro, Wetstone, Suarez, Emons, Williams, Albis, Ficeto and the like?’

The Affidavit and Warrant rely heavily on Judge Adelman’s statements, allowing Virginia Law Enforcement to kick down Boyne’s door, arrest him, and seize his computers, which Boyne claims “mysteriously” found their way into the custody of Connecticut law enforcement on a Virginia charge.

A Law Enforcement team prepares a breach operation.
A Law Enforcement team prepares a breach operation.

Concerning Riordan’s claims that Judge Adelman was “traumatized” by Boyne and the Family Court Circus blog, the Affidavit is telling. It says:

Judge Gerard Adelman provided a statement that he “has serious concerns about this blog as it repeatedly calls for someone to kill me. Almost every entry speaks about a .50 caliber bullet to my head.” Judge Adelman believes the blog is written by Paul BOYNE as he has direct knowledge of BOYNE. Judge Adelman presided in a Connecticut Regional Family Trial Docket for BOYNE’s divorce. Judge Adelman’s last in-person interaction with BOYNE was around 2013-1014 when he found BOYNE in contempt of court for unpaid support for his wife.

The Affidavit says Boyne specifically singled out Judge Gerard Adelman:

A post on the website, dated May 1, 2022, again identified Connecticut State Superior Court Judge Gerard Adelman and read:
Jefferson opines that when the people become inattentive to public affairs, judges become wolves. Not even a pack of hungry wolves would abuse children to the jew extent of the family court, who must fear now the wrath of Patriots, flash and report of a well aimed muzzle, only the Second Amendment can protect children from tyrants in black robes. Adelman proves beyond a reasonable doubt, jews of Connecticut hijack courts, rule from the talmud, victimize children in worship of their money god. He begs a patriot’s .50 cal to the head.

Riordan believes that if Judge Adelman was so “damaged” by hate speech in an Internet blog, he should have recused himself from her divorce case. By his sworn statements, there is no way Judge Adelman’s condition, predisposition, and bias could not have affected his judicial determinations. How could Judge Adelman not be affected by issues related to Internet-based reporting, even content that was not arguably threatening violence?

“Judge Adelman engaged in viewpoint discrimination of third-party political speech, disdain for the existence of the Internet, and a Memorandum of Decision reciting all, including his political missive, “Riordan’s papers say.

Was Connecticut Judge Gerard Adelman so traumatized by Internet blogs it interfered with his Family Court decisions?
Was Connecticut Judge Gerard Adelman so traumatized by Internet blogs it interfered with his Family Court decisions?

The papers alleged that because of Judge Adelman’s trauma, as described in the Affidavit and based on his own statements, he “snapped” when the Family Court Circus blog or any Internet reporting was mentioned and could not have been impartial. “Judge Adelman shows a malicious bias that causes him to intentionally misrepresent the facts and the law and produce decisions larded with impropriety, particularly in the face of fundamental rights guaranteed by the First and Fourteenth Amendments,” the papers say.

Riordan claims Judge Adelman’s trauma was dripping from the Memorandum of Decision he issued:

This [Family Court Circus] blog, produced by an unnamed person, is filled with anti-Semitic, homophobic and racist rants of the worst kind. It is based on the belief that the entire family law bench and bar in Connecticut and other states are being controlled by a mysterious Jewish cabal in order to steal children away from loving parents and give them to rapists and pedophiles.

By his actions, Riordan claims Judge Adelman violated the Judicial Canons of Ethics, Canon 2.3 Bias, Prejudice, Harassment and Canon 2.4 External Influences on Judgment, “by sitting in review of a matter in which he has predetermined conclusions/beliefs/prejudice, intentionally conceals from litigants, and intentionally failing to disclose personal bias and prejudice.”

The failure of Judge Adelman to recuse himself at trial “violates court integrity, undermines public confidence in the judiciary, abandons judicial office, and betrays judicial oath. Judge Adelman created a mistrial by fraud upon the court,” the papers say.

Riordan says there is a “substantial likelihood” that the new trial’s result will differ. “A new trial before an impartial authority will clearly remedy the apparent constitutional injury, and will reasonably likely be resulting in the termination of the malicious isolation of children from defendant/mother and other equitable relief,” the papers say

If Riordan’s allegations are true, one can only wonder how many other judgments in the Connecticut Family Court were also “poisoned” by the biases and failures of judicial machinery. The courts claim they cannot act as instruments of injustice. But for too many in the Connecticut Family Courts, justice is not blind but blinding, biased, and bankrupting.

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Richard Luthmann

Richard Luthmann is a writer, commentator, satirist, and investigative journalist with degrees from Columbia University and the University of Miami. Once a fixture in New York City and State politics, Luthmann is a recovering attorney who lives in Southwest Florida and a proud member of the National Writers Union. 

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  • My God… 😂

    Y’all really don’t know that all the references in the Family Court Circus blog that regularly get labelled as “threats” are all references and allusions to other 1A cases? Sheesh. People need to read more. I guess the judges do too… 😂

      • The rhetoric is entirely over your head. I know.

        If you don’t understand that Jake Baker, Gill Valle, and a slew of other cases like them that appear in references and allusions have already been adjudicated as protected speech, you’re out of your depth.

        Tell me, if this Blog is so full of threats why has there never been a takedown notice? Why have there never been any criminal charges? The child traffickers all know exactly what that Blog is, and it taunts the hell out of them. That’s what makes it effective psychological warfare. No one else has gotten under their skin like that, nor for as long as it has. They make a lot of mistakes when they’re busy screeching about a bunch of bits and bytes sitting on some server somewhere that they don’t like.

  • Is crazy Chris going to sue anyone else besides Auntie Easter Baskets and Frank? Seems like he is overdue for another temper tantrum. What say you?

  • How to fix Corrupticut.

    Arrest the any complicit judge pursuant to CGS 54-170 Arrest without warrant. When the bad guys eliminated Connecticut Sheriffs from our Constitution their authorized power was abdicated/relinquished back to us (the people).

    Next, the arrested complicit judge can have a Trial by Jury, and justice is served.

    Common law is common sense.

    To keep it simple, demand trial by jury.

    The U.S. Supreme Court has stated that “No state legislator or executive or judicial officer can war against the Constitution without violating his undertaking to support it.” Cooper v. Aaron, 358 U.S. 1, 78S.Ct. 1401 (1958). Any judge who does not comply with his oath to the Constitution of the United States wars against that Constitution and engages in acts in violation of the Supreme Law of the Land.

    • “A preliminary inquiry is not a required step when facts or circumstances reasonably indicating criminal activity are already available; in such cases, a full investigation can be immediately opened.”

  • Chris Ambrose is suing for kids right to privacy. Chris- are you going to sue your buddy Judge Adelman?

    He wrote the names of the terms in the divorce orders.

    See the contradiction?

    You make claims against someone printing the truth protected by the first amendment – and sue Easter aunty, but when judge Adelman prints the names of your kids- while attacking their mother, then that’s okay?

    Btw… how did he leave out your celibate marriage? That wasn’t an issue? It wasn’t even a marriage in the eyes of God.

    Get some help and stop exploiting your children.

      • The judge should be putting the kids first, and NOT including their names in a parents declaration of divorce. Judge Adelman, full of hate and anger and with no interest in the children, purposefully included their names in a public document.

        Sorry you’re unable to connect the dots.

        • A divorce document awarding custody, right? How else could it award custody without naming the children?

  • Corrupticut knows how to silence any “Whistleblower”. Just ask Sam Magliari Jr who has been locked up for 70 days in maximum security prison in the mental ward and drugged. The Complicit Judges with ZERO expertise in mental health have locked him up three times and he passes every competency test.

    Wait there is more. The complicit Judges bonded him for $645,000. Please note: he has no prior arrests; owns three homes in Stamford, CT; worked in the City Engineering Department for many years; lived his whole life in Stamford; goes to church; and has dimples.

    Look up the Book “ROGUE TOWN” on Amazon and read the description. Samford, CT is named the most corrupt city in the country by the President. A reporter won a Pulitzer Prize for his stories on the corruption.

    Many of those named in the book are still at work. Sam “the Whistleblower Man” is standing up to this evil enterprise.

    What is amazing is all this crime and yet no Judges charged, hmmmm.

    If the Judges are clean; then, they should be terminated for incompetence.

    To Summarize: Dirty Judges lock up Whistleblowers for mental incompetency without Authority or Trial.

    Five of us who witnessed Sam’s last kidnapping filed a Capias to arrest Complicit Judge Gary White pursuant to CGS 54-170.
    DOCKET NO. S01S-CR19-0240075-S; : SUPERIOR COURT

    S01S-CR21-0244062-S; S01S-CR21-0244700-S; : J.D. STAMFORD/NORWALK

    S01S-CR19-0197097-S : AT STAMFORD



    MAGLIARI, SAMUEL A. JR. : MARCH 10, 2021



    CGS Sec. 54-170. Arrest without warrant. The arrest of a person may be lawfully made also by any peace officer or a private person, without a warrant, upon reasonable information that the accused stands charged in the courts of a state with a crime punishable by death or imprisonment for a term exceeding one year, but when so arrested the accused shall be taken before such a judge with all practicable speed and complaint shall be made against him under oath setting forth the ground for the arrest as in section 54-169; and thereafter his answer shall be heard as if he had been arrested on a warrant.


    Judge Gary J. White and State Assistant Attorney Michael Nemec willfully disregarded their administrative duty by not recognizing proof of competency and representation of Samuel A. Magliari Jr.; and through the use of force and financial harm imprisoned Samuel A. Magliari Jr. under protest. This criminal act is a violation of Title 18, U.S.C., Sec. 242 Deprivation of Rights under the Color of Law and CGS 53a-92 Kidnapping. Please Note: Mr. Magliari Jr. is a “Whistleblower” (CGS 4-61dd) bringing forward corruption throughout the City of Stamford and various Departments/Agencies much like the Stamford 1985 “Rogue Town” criminal enterprise.

    STAMFORD SUPERIOR COURT on March 8, 2022

    I witnessed first hand a “set up” hearing and illegal incarceration of a HARMLESS GENTLE MAN.
    Judge White has committed felony acts in executing his order. The level of Judicial abuse and misconduct strikes at the core of the deprivation of rights.

    To keep it simple, Sam is a whistleblower (see attached Affidavit) WHO has the real stuff on these dirty bastards. The proof is how far and extreme they have abused this man by the Judicial Weaponized Misconduct.
    His bail is higher than most hard criminals. Please keep in mind, Sam represents no harm to himself or his community.

    Sam was wrongfully incarcerated before and released/cleared. Judge Hudock did that to him the first time and did it again with no explanation. Judge White working with the complicit participants locked him up and jacked his bail to $500,000 (See attached).


      • There is no remedy. The system is rigged 100% for a select few. Ambrose is a lawyer, the judge is a lawyer,: lawyers side with lawyers. That is the bottom, middle and top line.

  • Chris Ambrose had legal and physical custody taken from him for all three children because he molested them and psychologically abused them. Biren Caverly– a FRAUDULENT custody evaluator and GAL Hurwitz (AMBROSE SOLELY PAID BOTH AND HE WAS AWARDED SOLE CUSTODY) backed Ambrose and worked to shut down the findings– they had DCF BURY this evidence and forced the kids to return the next day.

    A multidisciplinary task force said LEGAL AND PHYSICAL CUSTODY for all three kids must be taken. In response, the GAL and Caverly intervened. Only two children were removed and they were forced back the next day.



  • Please send Easter baskets to: Mia (16) Matthew(16) and Sawyer(12) Ambrose.
    381 horsepond rd, Madison ct 06443

    • Stop doing that! Don’t put people’s address for harassment. This is not helpful. This is not good for the kids. Stick to the facts.

      • Chris’ address is clear as day on the docket of his divorce case, his defamation suit against Auntie Easter Baskets, his state and federal suit against Frank Parlato, the children’s names, date of birth, address is in the divorce file … all public information. Send lots of jelly beans with the easter gifts, let the children know people care, realize the abuse, perhaps even some cash hidden in the chocolate bunnies so they can run away from the mad man.

      • Frank and company have never once cared about the kids. Frank has a grandiose sense of reality and only care about himself. Thinking he is going to take down CT Family Court 🤣

        • The news media is a critical check on the powerful, serving as a watchdog to hold elected officials and other public figures accountable for their actions. The media was first called the fourth estate in 1821 by Edmund Burke, who wanted to point out the power of the press. The press plays a crucial role in providing citizens with access to information about what is happening in government, as well as shining a light on corruption, abuse of power, and other forms of wrongdoing.

          That’s why we do what we do. And yes, we care about everyone. Especially the kids.

          • If you are about the kids, then why are you publishing the children’s physical home address and condoning harassment?

            And by the way, Karen’s Bestie Easter Baskets could have simply mailed them to the kids. Instead, she drove 45 minutes out of her way, on Easter Sunday (??? I guess she doesn’t have a family of her own to be with on Easter?) and drove up onto his property against a court order and honked her horn to disrupt the family’s Easter. Then she went online and smeared the dad as the cherry on top. I don’t know if the defamation case has legs, but her actions on that Easter were WRONG. The fact she can’t admit it shows she is a brainwashed flying monkey.

          • The Truth is not harassment. The Truth is always fair.

            Christopher Ambrose is a shitty lawyer and a shitty dad. He opened the door to all of this. His poor children are HIS victims. He has excluded them from their mother. He has forced them to endure the whims of his unbalanced mind. And now he’s made them witnesses to be deposed in his latest quixotic crusade. He’s not exactly “Father of the Year” material.

          • “The Truth is not harassment. The Truth is always fair.”

            How is organizing a harassment campaign against the family by mail “truth?”

          • I’m not organizing anything. People say things in the comments all the time. I believe the policy is to promote free speech. Anything that is not obscene or threatening usually gets through.

            The biggest problem that you have shouldn’t be with me, this website, or even the commenter. The problem you have is with Christopher Ambrose. His address is on all of the numerous court papers he has filed around the courts of Connecticut in cases where he is using his children as “litigation pawns.” The guy is a disgrace, and I believe a CHOMO to boot. – C’mon man!

          • “The Truth is not harassment. The Truth is always fair.”

            Go take Journalism Ethics 101 please. The press doesn’t publish the names of child abuse victims, even though their names are “the truth.” It’s about protecting vulnerable people. Do you really not get that???

          • A) I didn’t publish a bloody thing. How can ethical rules apply to things I haven’t said or published?

            B) Who are the “child abuse victims”? Was there a court finding of child abuse? Did a District Attorney somewhere file child abuse charges? Provide me with that information and I will supplement the reporting accordingly.

            C) Yes, I do not get what your objection is. In the vast majority of cases I am seeing, nothing is clear-cut. One person’s abuser is another’s protector. And what I am learning about CT Family Court, the “abusers” and “alienators” are usually the ones who can’t pay the high-priced lawyers.

          • Can you please inform Chris Ambrose and the public that judge Gerard Adelman, in his vicious, bias and unfounded divorce decree, chose to write the names of the Ambrose children.

            So a family court judge puts the names of these children on a public document — why isn’t Chris Ambrose suing judge Adelman?

        • Actions speak. Frank Parlato and Rich Luthmann get zero financial benefit from endless hours reporting about family court.

          To thank them, they are targeted in lawsuits by madmen like Chris Ambrose.

          Frank Parlato is one of the few who expose government corruption when others are too fearful or bought off.

          I don’t see it as a grandiose sense of reality.

          I see you as a coward, threatened by his reporting, hiding behind your anonymous comment.

          My guess— Chris Ambrose.

      • Chris Ambrose has already listed his address in his many lawsuits against innocent parties. Chris Ambrose has also made his mental condition of clinical depression and thoughts of suicide known to the public.

        If he is depressed and suicidal, why does he have custody?

        • “He has excluded them from their mother”

          Karen excluded herself when she attempted to kidnap the kids under direction of the greedy sociopath Jill Soderman Jones, when she stopped going to custody hearings, and when she failed to show up to visitation. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. How could she have expected any other outcome?

          She also has threatened and mercilessly harassed their father, who now has good reason to be afraid of her. The current situation is entirely Karen’s creation. Maybe she can get some custody if she changes her approach, but it doesn’t seem like she is capable of that.

          What is really sad about this is maybe the dad is a jerk, but Karen’s behavior forced the court to grant him full custody. The kids have _her_ to blame for the situation, not their dad.

          Richard, it is entirely clear that you have taken a position as her defense and are 100% incapable of impartiality. Do you enjoy your role as henchman?

          • No one ‘forced’ the court of dyke Grossman to isolate kids from mom as a form of therapy recommended by Jessica Caverly … more lies. Grossman did a favor for Nancy Aldrich and Jocelyn Hurwitz to rake in the billable hours in a protracted, fabricated, drawn out litigation, Adelman followed on cue, the number one game of family court is billable hours, orchestrated by judges.

          • Except for your use of the word ‘dyke’ I agree with every word you wrote and well said.

          • “… to isolate kids from mom as a form of therapy …”
            “… billable hours in a protracted, fabricated, drawn out litigation …”
            “… billable hours, orchestrated by judges …”

          • “ No one ‘forced’ the court of dyke Grossman to isolate kids from mom as a form of therapy recommended by Jessica Caverly”

            I disagree. Those actions were 100% logical and sensible based on Karen’s behavior. They would’ve been remiss to turn a blind eye to it.

          • This is a wrong point of view. Chris Ambrose reds to live and to grow and become a better man. The answer is not suicide as Ambrose himself suggested he thought of doing.

            As a good community we want him to strengthen and grow and become a good father and that means giving his children the right to see their mother before they just leave him. They are 16 16 and 13. The time is coming soon.

          • He’ll never commit suicide. He’s the type that would kill his kids before letting their mother have them in her life.

            Chris is claiming suicide and depression to claim damages in his lawsuit against Frank Parlato and Michelle Pawlina.

            Chris lays out his case and then therapist shops and tells stories – leading therapists to the conclusion he needs to legally support his case.

            He’s already said the articles ruined his life. In reality he’s ruined his own life. He never made it as an attorney and was constantly fired in Hollywood.

            Ultimately he resorted to plagiarism and got caught. He was publicly outed by fans. How is that Franks fault?

            Chris has a history of depression and alcoholism. So acting as of the alleged depression is Franks fault also fails to ring true.

            His kids haven’t trusted him for years. Because he’s a liar and cruel.
            How is this Franks fault?

            The kids are suicidal, engaged in self harm, self medicating and depressed because they’ve been denied all love for three years and Chris threatens them regularly with the Madison police and Dcf.

            No wonder the kids are anxious, depressed and fearful.

            But his cries for suicide are self- serving— to gain money from the lawsuits that will never take hold.

          • Richard Gardner’s “Threat Therapy”
            “… to isolate kids from mom as a form of therapy …”

            “… billable hours in a protracted, fabricated, drawn out litigation …”

            “… billable hours, orchestrated by judges …”

      • Fact: Judge Gerard Adelman intentionally put the full names of the Ambrose children in the order of divorce. This is a public document. Sue the judge.

        • Wasn’t it Mr. Moukawsher who wrote the weird comment about purposely including the children’s names in his “Court opinion” or was that Mr. Adelmonster — or did they both do that?

  • Chris Ambrose is a child predator. He threatens his kids on a daily basis.

    You wouldn’t believe the things he says. We have him on tape. We’ve seen what he’s really like and how he treats Matthew, Mia and Sawyer.

    He’s a LIAR!!!

    They want their mother. Their father is a creep and calls them beaners.

    He calls black people “nibbas” and thinks he’s cool. It’s like he wants to fit in with their teenage friends. He’s a fuckin bitch.

  • Jane Grossman I’d an evil creature. The blog “changes the way she views work and home”—

    How about hue children who she’s subjected to draconian measures- the children she ripped from their homes and from the arms of their mothers — and the mothers who had their life ripped from them- all on judicial whim.

    Grossman made bench rulings giving diagnoses to mothers — who have no diagnosis.

    She needs to be off the bench.

    • (Redacted) don’t care, law does not matter to them, not like gender confused Grossman can care about kids, let along a hampster, she is doing the evil work of her masters, she has no other purpose in life other than to destroy families, her own personal ingrained mental defect, if she had a dick, she’d rape little boys too!!

    • She’s a vile evil witch she does the same to fathers not just mothers
      Yes, she needs to be off the bench. It’s all about the money and who the attorneys involved so they can make a nice little sweet deposit to her
      She’s the one with the childhood issues

    • She may have seen the error in her ways. I heard she is going by the book. Making fit rulings lately.

  • Ambrose should be spending his time completing discovery for his federal defamation suit before USDJ Shea, long depositions ahead, explanation of why Easter Baskets are bad, why freedom of the press does not apply to Adelman’s courtroom, why the public is not allowed to discuss abuse of Mia, Matthew, Sawyer by the monster who does not eat pussy. The drama is too good to ignore, crazy man at kitchen table, drowning in delusions of victimhood, a Madison Village comedy. Easter is coming! Beware the jelly beans.

      • Please don’t hope for that.

        He would just call it harassment or some kind of crime and probably try to track all packages and mail, file more lawsuits and add those gifts to the other lawsuits. The only solution is a friendly, non-provocative approach, waiting for justice and waiting for all three children to be freed.

    • So thoughtful of you to place the children’s names in a sentence with a vulgar description of “eating pussy” you are disgusting and sound like a pedo.

  • Neil Ambrose is a CT attorney with a practice in New Haven. He’s as dirty as these judges and court actors.

  • Adelman wants it both ways. He wants to hide in the shadows of what he thought would be a sealed affidavit, and then crucify the mothers when his illegal, sadistic actions are exposed by the family court circus, Frankreport, Michael Volpe and Wayne Dolcefino.

    The new movement of CT Courts is to shut down any information being provided to the media. They traumatize children and then blame a parent if they speak publicly about the atrocities of family court.

    “It’s not in the best interest of the children” to have the conduct of abusive parents and court actors exposed to the public!

    In reality, it’s not in the best interest of the children to take away loving parents, tell them they’re liars, they’re brainwashed, and one parent is “crazy” based on the lecherous lawyers of family court.

  • Frank , you should be checking into fatherhood. Org. In theory the organization appears to be a great idea. It’s being used as an excuse for Connecticut to receive father’s rights funding. The state is using it to favor father’s rights over mother’s. The state is a bias state and their allowing the discrimination of women in family courts with parental alienation. The state is allowing for abusive criminal father’s to get custody claiming the woman in the state are alienatiors. The woman in Connecticut are loosing custody of their children to abusive fathers because of this. The courts are forcing women in to agreements and allowing access to children placing them in danger. Often giving custody of the children to abusive fathers through the assistance of the GALS. The deal is sealed with the psychologist. No one is being allowed to use family services. Or out side psychologist. The head of family services is married to someone who is a head of fatherhood. Org. It’s possible this is another reason Karen was treated by the courts this way. The state has been aware of this for years. The worst interest of the children. They have allowed Judges to remain on the bunch that should have been removed a long time ago. Here we are 10 years later. The state continue to not do anything about the family courts. Beyond the initial help to get out of abusive relationship these agencies are useless for abuse victims. They are at significant risk to loose their children. Mostly women. The state continue to allow this. When women bring up the problems in family court the government officials are labeling them crazy and mentally unstable. As an excuse to continue to neglect the situation.

    • They are playing both sides of gender… they are getting their best bang for the buck. they couldnt give a rats *ss on if its a male of female … all they care about is how do we swing the case to maximize the profit…attorneys, gals and judges.

      • Then why mandatory training for DCF on fatherhood. Org? No training for abuse. Why so many women accused of alienation? Why is the only answer to DV gun laws. Why are they pushing for more funding in Connecticut as DV are up for legislation. Parental alienation fatherhood. Org excuse to take children away from their mothers. Substanced abusers getting custody. There is financial insensitive for this situation happening in Connecticut. No increased funding to fight the DV situation in Connecticut. Nothing to support mother’s. Laws passed that bias the state 173 votes. I hope Julie’s family wins their cases. Insensitive to protect abusive men . Eliminate mother’s as often as possible.

        • Same goes for the mothers and women who are so many fathers being accused of the same they couldn’t care less about gender all they care about is how much they can extract financially don’t be fooled it’s not about the gender it’s how they can steer the case to extract the most amount of money

      • Agreed. However stay at home moms appear to be the easiest target bc father keeps control of the funds.

        Regardless, it take a complicit, sadistic parent to deny their children the other parent.

        It’s unconscionable- and illegal which CT seems to ignore.

        The bullshit that they can’t “co-parent” as justification for denying equal time with both parents is unsupported by the medical profession.

        • There is a difference in denying children another parent and protecting them from abuse. Abusive people don’t just abuse one person. It’s a deeply engrained personality character. They use people including children to get what they want. There is a handful of men who have suffered from the family courts. This is beyond the stay at home mother. This is a myth. Plenty of working class women this is happening to. The children affected is significant. The parental alienation people have no issue denying child another parent. With fictitious mental health labels. The endless storys go on and on. Sexual predator having access and custody. The state was made aware of this 10 years ago. They continue to allow it for their own financial gain.

    • They play both sides they do the same for the women’s/mothers groups
      Don’t be fooled they couldn’t care less about gender. They look at the dollars and how they can get as much as they can from both sides. They increase the conflict. Conflict causes chaos. Chaos causes delay of time. Delay of time increases the meter running.

    • Anyone with extra time could simply call fatherhood. Org to ask them about Connecticut’s funding, where it goes, which offices use it and how it’s used. A spreadsheet or chart would help. We need all hands on deck here to find info like that and post it. “Many hands make light work!”

      • Connecticut doesn’t answer FOYA. This goes beyond this organization. There is father’s rights funding in a lot of organizations in CT. Now they are trying to not pay child support if children are in DCF care. It’s all about not paying child support. Or spousal support. “Parental alienation expert”. Mother’s boyfriend taking the mother and children on vacation. Buying furniture for them to stay at his home. This is alienation. Dad in another case wants girlfriend to have “special time” with new girl friend. “My girlfriend and I are making parenting discussions together”. Therapist sees nothing wrong neither does the gal? Father’s rights groups stating how dangerous it is when a mother gets a new partner. They are promoting their new partner girlfriend to take over parenting. These are real situations occuring in the court system daily. The use of parental alienation is obvious to those who have knowledge of tones of cases. Parental alienation the money motivation and get out of responsibility. Cunha isn’t crazy.

  • Judge Gerard Adelman is a fraudster of the highest degree and the abuse of power raining down from his pedophile protecting position is epic. You know it’s just a matter of time Gerry, right?

  • It takes one monster to know another. That’s the relationship between Adelman and Ambrose. It’s all about appearance and pretense. Both are hot tempered psychopaths who lie and manipulate to get their needs met $$$$$$$$$

    • Kindered hearts, Adelman & Ambrose, bound in the chosen belief of an ideology sacrificing children for perverse pleasures of inflicting pain and suffering on another human while profiting chosen members of the Bar, like a club, a religion, a belief system of evil cloaked in state law. Rather un-American.

    • Buddies! How nice they have found each other. That means they will have someone to hang out with in hell.

    • Recently, some in positions of authority don’t know what a “woman” is.

      As soon as possible:
      State and federal legislators must start discussions about mandating psychological evaluations for family court judges.

      Thousands of complaints about family court judges should have prompted legislators to protect constituents years ago. Why have legislators waited so long?

      Whether or not the 18 states allowing the recall of state legislators have the best family courts, family court judges’ psychological evaluations should be published every year with names and identifying details redacted. Those reports should be posted on every state judicial website.

      Experts say 1 in 25 people are sociopaths. Guess which professions draw the most sociopaths?

      • Family court is the dumping grounds for incompetent judges. No one wants to be in family court, except Adelman, they are all losers, banished from the real halls of justice. Shit flows downhill, family bench is the collection pit. Just look at the players Wetstone the insane, Munro the monster, Adelman child cannibal, Pinkus the queer, Moukawsher the retard, Schofield the lost, Ficeto the crazy, Prestely the nut, Simone the confused, Suarez the ‘spic, Emons the gone, Heller the killer, Epstien the cook, Tammy viet cong, Diana the pedo, Nastri the nut, Rodriguez the fool, Grossman d’dyke, Murphy the moron, Solomon the king, Danaher the puppet, … the list goes on, a judge in family court is the bottom of the barrel, composted trash, none of these animals have any business making decisions of precious children, a simple terrorist organization, racketeering with the Bar to line pockets with shekels.

        • Did you know that Emmons now teaches seminars to attorneys on how to destroy pro se parents, they pulled her off the bench and gave her another role in the court mafia

          • Which committee(s) or office(s) allowed those “family court” judges and private vendors to keep their law licenses after they harmed to so many in the state for so long?

            Incorporation documents submitted to the Connecticut Office of the Secretary of State in 2013 list Mr. Freedman, Mr. Horwitz, Ms. Munro, Ms. Avery-Whetstone and Mr. Adelman on “The Connecticut Chapter of AFCC, Inc.” non-profit racketeering Board of Directors list.

            What kind of two-tiered justice, “good ol boy” network, ignorance or apathy let them keep their professional licenses?

            Who lets quacks like Mr. Freedman and Mr. Horwitz keep their licenses to practice whatever they’ve practiced for the past few decades? Which state office and which mainstream news outlet tracked any of their cases to find out how much physical, emotional and financial harm they’ve done to families and children in family courts?

            Whenever thousands of residents of any state are so horribly harmed by any other industry, that kind of damage is all over mainstream news.

            In Connecticut, when Mr. Moukawsher took away Attorney Cunha’s license, that was all over the mainstream “news” and somehow, the “news” didn’t have to mention all the racketeering. Which committee or office lets mainstream news do that?

      • Amen. There is a few honest legislators in the state but that’s it. There are family law attorneys stuffed in the corners of the agencies we complain to. The legislators, senators attorney general and the governor ignoring family court. This is all about money and including income to the state. These blogs are about rich people. It is middle class and poor also. Another group of women including minority women all the same parental alienation fatherhood. Org agenda starting to surface. . The funding is causing a blind eye to the attorneys. it’s all connected. Read the outing of political figures in the blog and state employees, people involved in the family courts indirectly. It’s funding from fatherhood. Org. A lot of it.

        • Yup. Not rich not from the rich section of Connecticut. The family relations now make sense. I got locked out of the hearing. I called Joseph Ditunno after I got rid of the lawyer. He was not rude. . When I told him the GaL was engaged in therapy sessions and had a conflict of interest. He defend the entire situation. He told me the family relations officer asked the parents not to attend because “we might be too emotional” . Shouldn’t family relations officers be trained to deal with high conflict divorces? It makes more sense now. I asked how family relations was involved in my case. Who I should talk to? He told me they weren’t involved in my case. Wonder why the hell they were at the hearing?

    • The legislator knows about all of it. They have known since 2014 or more. If you want change. Change who you elect or the problem remains the same Whitfield and the Fish guy were family law attorneys. A member of the good old boys club. On the judiciary committee. If we continue to elect these people in to powerful position the problems continue.

    • Family courts are only supposed to accept findings of medical doctors. So why then, do they only have psychologists reporting to the court?

      • SCOTUS ruled in Olmstead v L.C. that courts must defer to proper medical recommendations, isolating Mia, Matthew, Sawyer from mother by whim of Judge Grossman on suggestion of ‘therapy’ by Jessica Caverly is mere child abuse, the essence of Connecticut family court and its evil players, Satan wears black robes, sits on a bench, is hailed ‘your honor’ by his devoted disciples. Note Caverly, Grossman, Hurwitz, Aldrich, Adelman, Truglia, share a common belief that there is no afterlife, roasted babies with cole slaw is a celebration, and do not attend Church.

      • There is no oversight. They do what they want and they throw it in your face with the confidence that only someone who controls all the pieces would do. There are many mechanism in place that make these activities possible. This did not crop up overnight, it was designed to function this way. Sit with that a minute.

        • In which other lucrative professions can those participating so openly destroy so many lives?

          • Well Fauci comes to mind (you could make a good argument that he’s a member of the M-I complex as well), but I get your point. It’s dangerous business “going under” and “liquidating” your marriage. Money is in-play and the parasites come out in droves. And they arrange themselves just so, to perfectly protect themselves from exposure. I have to admit they’ve been doing a pretty damn good job of it for quite a while (I can track back 25 years), but it is super clear their time is up. I bet they are in panic mode right now.

        • The oversight is designed and created by Elliot Solomon, the chosen architect of Corrupticut family law, ideology not of a sovereign people, but a chosen ruling elite, CJ Richard Robinson keeps up this charade, implemented now thru Chief of Family Division Michael Albis, a puppet who executes a chosen agenda of his masters. The black robes are to conceal the true colors.

          • These “players” need to be named and called out. I will be researching all three deeply. Please feel free to share anything that might fast track me.

          • AFCC Joseph Ditunno family services. Albis right hand man. Joseph Ditunno was on the Ccadv board with Karen Jarmoc. Involved in the violent offender program. Conflicts of significant interest. Diana Ditunno fatherhood. Org. Funding that is favoring father’s right over mother’s. The MOU Ditunno signed. Shit run deep. If you your a dad who the bs happened to they were picked in a bad lottery.

  • Some folks commenting have no concept of First Amendment. Mad Man Chris Ambrose thinks he can sue anyone for speech he does not like, boy so stupid he can’t count to First. Others don’t get it that the reason Circus Blog is so loved by Connecticut elite is that truth is hated and they are powerless to stop it, so they enlist non-easterites to smash doors in violation of the Constitution … sort of poetic, coming from the ‘constitution state’. Katz, Greenblatt, Gold, Palmer, Sobel, Ginsburg, don’t want you to know that hate speech is free speech … hate those who harm children.

    • “ truth is hated”

      This is clearly written by Paul Boyne. Unless you are someone other than him who believes
      statements about “n*as should be swinging from trees” is truth. if so, you are sick and prob belong in prison with Boyne.

    • Wow, you got it sister. Well articulated. I’m particularly fond of, “boy so stupid he can’t count to First”.

  • Is there a pattern here? Wetstone, Grossman, Dranginis, Schofield, Emons, Heller, Munro, Solomon, Adelman, Truglia, Diana, Katz, Libbin, Dembo, Aldrich, Hurwitz, Knopf, Midler, Effron, Laliberte, Horowitz, Horowitz, Freedman, Caverly, Smith … all have xmas dinner at a chinese restaurant.

  • Bettcha Grossman and Adelman never thought their statements would be unsealed.

    Hope the word and affidavit gets out because Grossman stole many children—

  • Adelman has destroyed mother-child bonds for decades. Adelman and buddies Bruce Freedman and Robert Horwitz annihilate mothers.

    Paige Styvan had her daughter literally stolen from her while she was in Adelman’s court. Nancy Aldrich was the attorney for the husband. Adelman and Aldrich perfected this move and did it again to Karen Riordan and her three children.

    Adelman severed bonds between Susan Skipp and her children, and has put in more baseless restraining orders against mothers than one could count.

    He perjured himself at the reappointment hearing and was reappointed anyway.

    He’s a moron from Meriden who was a gal and quickly moved to be the judge for He is a protector of pedos and hater of all women.

    • You may feel that way, but they couldn’t care less about gender. They look at the dollars and how they can extract as much as they can for the attorneys so the attorneys make nice little deposits to their judges fund. Don’t be fooled it’s got nothing to do with gender it’s all about money, and how they could steal the case to extract as much as possible.

  • Hello Mr. Norwood,

    Please read the following Connecticut website with rules, policies, procedure and laws pertaining to Child Support and provide me with proof that ANY of the following steps were done to ensure child support for my child from February 2008 to the April 2014 court date?
    April of 2014 court date is when Kathleen Wells a Middletown CCSEA, “ASSISTED” non custodial parent Matthew Kan Hai Jr. along with Judge Adelman to be granted “ZERO child support obligation for a DISABLED CHILD and A DISABLED custodial PARENT”. I have the court transcripts to prove such statement.
    I was also threatened by Judge Adelman that I would LOSE ALL RIGHTS TO MY CHILD AND IT WOULDN’T “LOOK GOOD FOR ME” SHOULD ANY MOTIONS BE BROUGHT BEFORE THE COURT IN THE FUTURE BY EITHER PARTY, which I also have the transcript to prove.
    Why would “Debbie” and Kathleen Wells at CCSEA in Middletown Connecticut “assist and speak for him as if they were representing him in court to get zero child support obligation? That’s against C.T. statutes pertaining to agent in CCSEA. The agents are not to represent either the non custodial or custodial parents. Yet since 2011 they have assisted Matt and helped him have a voice since 2011 when they messed up my support order.
    Why does no one get held ACCOUNTABLE?
    Why does CCSEA take his federal tax return money every year knowing that my disabled child goes without and NEEDS the financial support of both parents?


    9 YEARS, REALLY??!!?




    •Why is my intuition telling me that they are hiding Information from me? And why do the documents that I have legitimized my intuition feeling?

    ● Why am I speaking to a agent name Lisa who supposedly has been the agent on the child support case since February of 2008, yet I’ve never met her and she has never been to one court date? I think it would be more beneficial and I would get more proper factual information if I spoke directly to the agent that actually goes to court and is active on the case…..

    • UNTO WHICH THE DAY PRIOR to court in April 2014, I spoke with Kathleen Wells and she assured me that she was going to be in court the following day. This was Matts “request for a motion to lower child support payments through child support enforcement in Middletown”.
    • And on that day prior to the court date Kathleen Wells assured me that it was a new judge that was going to be hearing the motion and that he seemed very fair and honest and open. She was trying to assure me that it should turn out in the favor of my child… and at the time I didnt realize she was lying to me until I got all my documents from DSS and went through every document from the court house case file and all documents from child support enforcement.
    •I asked Kathleen Wells to please remember that my child is disabled and has “gone without” her WHOLE LIFE, meaning “SHE HASN’T HAD ANY FINANCIAL SUPPORT FROM MATT, and that my child really needed the child support AND that my child was suffering by not having the financial support of both parents.
    •Especially as a disabled child and she struggles in school, and really NEEDS a good tutor and she really NEEDS “technical tools” and certain supplies in school to help with her disability.
    •Alone on my single income I could not afford to provide all of the items she needed in school, and still needs for school to this day.
    •Kathleen Wells told me I could call later in the afternoon after court or the following day and speak to her to find out how the court date went and what the judges conclusion was.

    ● I called her the following day after picking up my daughter from school, I asked her how the court date went. I was astonished and quite upset that she was being aloof and stated to me that she did not know the outcome of the case and could not discuss it with me and for me to call the courthouse in a day or two to get a copy of the new child support order. I told her that I did not understand why she could not speak to me about the court date the day prior when she told me 2 days prior that I can call her to find out the outcome.
    • I then called the courthouse In the courthouse told me that they did not have the transcripts or documents ready and in my case so they could not give me much information except for what they saw on the computer and they saw that he was granted zero child support. I asked the clerk why he was granted ZERO child support payments and she stated to me that “he provided to the court “as evidence”, a doctor note stating that he could not work because of a medical condition”.
    The clerk said that they did not have a copy of that evidence put into my case file yet as they were still working on it and it usually takes about a week.
    HOWEVER, THE CLERK SAID THAT CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT IN MIDDLETOWN has a copy of that evidence, because it was CCSEA that physically brought THE MEDICAL NOTE in to court for Matthew to put in as evidence in the court case that day, and that I could call them(CCSEA) to get a copy of it and discuss the outcome.

    ● When I called CCSEA in Middletown back and Spoke to Kathleen Wells, I told her what the family court clerk told me about the “evidence” supplied to the court by her, (supplied by Kathleen Wells) she then got a very ugly attitude towards me and then LIED and told me there was as no evidence of a medical note in her possession nor in my child support case. She said maybe it will be in the court case and for me to wait til next week and them check out my case file.
    • I then asked her if I could come to child support inforcement agency office in Middletown Connecticut and look through my child support case file. She denied me that, Stating it was against policy and procedures and against the law for me to access my child support case file through the child support enforcement agency office in Middletown Connecticut. She said to me I could only access information for child support enforcement case through my case file at the courthouse and that I had no right to look through my case file at child support enforcement agency office and Middletown.
    Is this TRUE?

    ● The following week I called the courthouse and spoke to these family clerk office and the clerk and formed me that there was no medical no in my case file. I then asked where it went to because it was provided by the non custodial parent as evidence. The clerk stated they could not find it and it seems to have been lost…… LOST??? How does a courthouse lose evidence in a case file?

    (Things just are not making sense and obviously there’s a lot of mishandling on my case file at the courthouse and through child support enforcement agency in Middletown C.T.)

    ● So again the clerk’s office informed me that I can call shout support enforcement agency and ask them for a copy of the evidence because they will have it in their case file.
    • So I then called child support enforcement back again and asked Kathleen Wells where this medical note went to, and that I would like to see it.
    I wanted to make an appointment to go down to child support enforcement in Middletown so that I could see this piece of evidence that just so miraculously grew legs and disappeared from my court case file.

    I was then put on hold and that is when the “supposed manager of the office Debbie”, got on the phone and belittled me, yelled at me like I was a child and tried to intimidate me. She told me that I was no longer going to be speaking to Kathleen Wells and for me to never ask for her again when I called that office. Debbie TOLD me That she was going to be handling my case from here on out and for me to expect to only speak with her from that day forward.

    I asked why I could not speak with my case worker that has been working on my case and going to court over the years since 2010/2011. Debbie explained to me that it’s none of my business and then began to yell at me and intimidate me so that I would stop asking her why.

    And ever since that day my relationship with child support enforcement agency has been like walking on eggshells. They have not been honest and open with me, they tell at me and speak horrible towards me (I have legal phone recordings) and any time a large payment does get sent in, CCSEA ALWAYS takes it and they never apply it towards the $12,700.00 that is owed to me.

    ● Why back in 2010/2011 when I was forced to sign a new child support agreement and why did The CSEA NOT go back the 2 years like they are suppose to do by LAW? They were suppose to go back to 2008/2009 to enforce the money that was to be paid from 2008.
    ● Why was a clean slate been given to Matt when he CHOSE ON HIS OWN ACCORD TO NOT FINANCIALLY SUPPORT OUR CHILD?
    It States in our agreement which Matt AGREED TO and SIGNED WILLINGLY in February of 2008 that he is to pay 58% of ALL CHILD CARE EXPENSES and the address is provided on the agreement to show where he was to send the child support payments.
    So why did the court and CCSEA not take the receipts that I have been providing to Matt since 2008 and award me the 58% that he was supposed to pay towards the daycare expenses so I could work the 3 jobs I had to work to make up for his non payment of child support?

    ● Why Does child support enforcement state on my case that Matt only owes over $12,000.00 when the real number is $43,200.00 that he owed in total from February of 2008 til April of 2014?
    $150.00 a week ×4 weeks = $600.00
    $600.00 x 12 months = $7,200.00
    $7,200.00 x 6 years (February 2008 to April 2014 is 6 years)= $43,200.00. (A little less because of being forced onto state cash benefits for a year andva half or so total in Connecticut)

    Of course this number would have to be SLIGHTLY tweaked because I was forced to sign up for cash benefits in the state of Connecticut to receive CCSEA assistance in enforcing the order, WHICH NEVER GOT ENFORCED AND STILL ISNT TO THIS DAY 13 YEARS LATER. I was on cash benefits for part of the year in 2008 and the years 2010 and 2011.
    But I am VERY SURE HE OWES ME MORE THAN $12,700.00….

    •The calculations by Connecticut child support enforcement are off on what he owes to me and child support. Part of it is because they did not allow me to put my child care expenses with receipts into my case. WHY?

    ● There has been way too much mis handling of my case with child support enforcement agency and I am requesting an investigation done into this agency and my court case.

    •There is a lot not right that needs to be figured out.
    There is no way that since 2008 to 2014 I am only owed $12000 to raise a child.

    ● Also one last comment on Matts medical note, I have an audio recording of MATTS WIFE from this year, April of 2020 admitting that Matt medical note provided to the court is NOT REAL and that he does not have this medical condition.

    ● Please help me get the child support that she deserves and hold him accountable when he CHOOSES not to pay and turns around and makes up every excuse in the book and lies like he has been doing it since February of 2008 to the court.

    ●What has been done in MY CHILD SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT CASE?:

    Is Connecticut taking money out of MATT’S paycheck like it states it will do if the parent lives out of state and is behind in payments?
    If so, then it should not be that difficult to see his income has increased and that he is obviously working unlike his last court date that a child support enforcement caseworker named Kathleen Wells ASSISTED MATT in the “PROCESS OF CHANGING HIS CHILD SUPPORT PAYMENTS “, and this is documented word for word in the transcripts.
    Matt stating the bias actions of child support enforcement caseworker Kathleen Wells helping Matt to lower his child support to zero.
    YES, I have the transcripts of Matt stating how appreciative he was that Kathleen Wells helped him through this process of lowering his child support so he did not have to continue to take care of his child and CSEA Speaking in court on his behalf as well (which is VERY ILLEGAL) as accepting the lying medical note that he provided.

    Has Child support enforcement Register the order in the correct state yet? It’s appalling to me that child support enforcement agency has the child support order registered in Hawaii even though they were well aware that he lived in Arizona since well before The child supported court date April of 2014.

    Has child support enforcement seize any of his financial assets like the car he owns? Why is no one holding him accountable?

    Why did no one ever refer him to the US attorney for federal prosecution under the child support Recovery act and deadbeat parents punishment act?
    Why did I get screamed at in 2011 when I asked CCSEA to hold him in contempt and I was told that the state of Connecticut can not hold any parent out of state in contempt when obviously that was an outright lie. As it states Connecticut can and WILL hold a parent in contempt even if they are out of state if they are in child support debt of $500 or more with custodial parent not on the IVD program or if on the IVD program in the past the non custodial parent is $150 or more on debt to the custodial parent they hold them in contempt?
    Then I hold him in contempt in 2011 and instead of the CSEA going back 2 years to enforce the order they actually create a new order because they hid the fact that they never sent the order to the correct state to have it enforced. Which again I have all documents to prove from dss and child support over the years.


    Why have I never received tax offset?
    Even prior to April of 2014 I never received any tax offset even though he was working.
    He has been working over 2 years now that I’m aware of ( But then again it is not my job as they attempted murder of victim nor as the custodial parent to keep tabs on my attempted murderer even though your agency has consistently forced me to do so just to get a measly $50 a month, if our daughter even gets that. She is lucky if she gets $9 a month or $2.50 a month. so how come I did not receive the tax offset from last year and this year to put towards my disabled daughter? She really could use that money towards her disability to help benefit HER.
    Remember, this is about the child. My child.

    Since Matt owes me $12,000.00 which is well over the $1000.00 threshold limit for the state of Connecticut I’d like to know if he was reported to the consumer credit Bureau for not paying his child support. Has he been reported YET?

    Again has anyone put a lien against they items he does own? He owned a house for years and he owns cars. Has anyone put a lien against and sold his cars so child support could be paid??

    Has anyone seized his banks or has anyone denied him passport accessibility?


    It States that’s a non custodial parent and a custodial parent can request the services of SES to modify an existing order in the state of Connecticut as long as there is change in circumstances or and upward deviation of 15% in income.

    I have asked for a review by phone which it States I can do over a year and a 1/2 and have been specifically told NO, with no reason as to why.
    I was only met with an argument and told that I need to do it on my own through the courts or I need to register in the state I am living in now.
    As a victim of attempted murder in the state of Connecticut and a victim of domestic violence in Connecticut and by a law that is not how I should’ve been responded to.

    Read below:

    “If your court order is from Connecticut and either parents’ income has changed enough that the support order is at least 15% higher or lower than the amount required by the child support guidelines, then SES will prepare the court forms and tell you the court hearing date. SES can also assist you if there has been a change in either parents’ circumstances such as the receipt of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability (SSD), a change in custody or a change in incarceration status.”

    The above rules provided by Connecticut stated in the quotations above obviously pertain to my situation and to my case so I am confused as to why I have been met with DENIAL whenever I ask for a review to be done on my case so my child can get what SHE NEEDS.

    I would very much like answers in an email response to the questions that I have above.


    What if the non-custodial parent lives out-of-state?
    If the non-custodial parent moves out of state and the Support Enforcement Services Unit is already enforcing your case, the Unit will take the steps to collect child support from the out-of-state parent. Some of the available interstate enforcement tools include:
    Direct income withholding (the filing of an income withholding with an out-of-state employer)
    Registering your order in a new state to give the new state authority to enforce the order
    Interstate real property liens
    Seizure of financial assets
    Referral to the U.S. Attorney for federal prosecution under the Child Support Recovery Act and Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act, 18 U.S.C. Section 228.
    If you do not have a case with Support Enforcement Services, you can start an “interstate” child support case by contacting the Department of Social Services (DSS). DSS will assist you to establish a new court order or enforce an existing court order.

    . How can my order be enforced without going to court?

    Federal and State Income Tax Offset (IV-D CASES ONLY): Past due child support orders monitored by the state are automatically matched against federal and state income tax returns every year. To be included in the match, the non-custodial parent must owe more than $500 if your children have never received public assistance. If your children have received public assistance, the amount past due must be $150 or more. The non-custodial parent will receive a written notice about the past due child support, proposing that his or her name be submitted for tax offset. The non-custodial parent has the right to contest the proposed tax offset. If the non-custodial parent’s name is submitted, his or her tax refund will be intercepted to pay the child support debt.
    Consumer Credit Reporting IV-D CASES ONLY): Overdue child support of more than $1000 is automatically reported to the major credit reporting agencies as an overdue debt on a monthly basis. The child support debt will be included on the non-custodial parent’s credit report. The non-custodial parent will receive a written notice about the overdue child support, proposing that his or her name be submitted to credit reporting agencies. The non-custodial parent has the right to contest the proposed reporting.
    Liens against Property: Past due child support of more than $500 may be collected through a lien against the non-custodial parent’s real estate or personal property. When the property is sold, the child support debt will be paid out of the proceeds of the sale. In IV-D cases, the non-custodial parent will receive a written notice about the past due support and information that a lien has been filed on behalf of the custodial parent by the state. The non-custodial parent has the right to contest this action. NON-IV-D lien actions must be pursued privately.
    Other Methods Used by the State to Collect Child Support in IV-D Cases Include: offsetting lottery winnings; seizure of bank accounts; offsetting federal payments (example: federal contracts); and, denying passport applications

    How do I change or modify a Child Support Order?

    In Connecticut, child support orders can only be changed (modified) by a judge or a family support magistrate. There are three ways to get your child support case to court for a hearing to ask a judge or family support magistrate to change your order: 1) ask Support Enforcement Services to assist; 2) hire an attorney; or 3) do it yourself. If you are asking for the modification, you must attend the court hearing or the judge or magistrate will not change the order. You may be eligible to participate by phone if you are not residing in Connecticut.

    Using Support Enforcement Services:
    If you have a child support case with the state child support program, you may ask Support Enforcement Services (SES) in writing, by phone or by e-mail to review your court order to see if a change may be needed. You will be asked to complete a written request form which includes providing information about you and the other parent. If your court order is from Connecticut and either parents’ income has changed enough that the support order is at least 15% higher or lower than the amount required by the child support guidelines, then SES will prepare the court forms and tell you the court hearing date. SES can also assist you if there has been a change in either parents’ circumstances such as the receipt of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability (SSD), a change in custody or a change in incarceration status.

    If your court order is from another state, contact SES and ask how to change an out of state order. Please note that Support Enforcement Services employees are not attorneys and cannot represent either parent at court hearings.

    Child Support Modification Request Form for Military Reservist – Word Doc or PDF version
    Child Support Modification Request Form – PDF version
    E-Mail SES
    Telephone Numbers for SES Offices
    Hiring an Attorney: You may hire an attorney to file a motion for modification and represent you before the court.

    Self Representation: You may file a motion for modification and represent yourself in court (PRO SE). How to File a Modification on your own.

  • The Connecticut gestapo has been hunting free speech for years, say something ill of your masters, feel their angry wrath. Circus Blog has been hunted for seven years, massive efforts expended to find free speech, all with public funds. Joette Katz, David Gold, Liz Bozzuto, Jane Grossman, Eric Coleman, Gerard Adelman, all whining about free speech by a free people. Minions Colangelo, Griffin, Doyle, King, Patel, Mellekas, McCord, Sponheimer all conspire to defeat the Constitution. Police action to suppress speech is un-American, outlawed by our Constitution, which does not apply to Joette Katz and her chosen pals.

  • Circus Blog has been online for six years having over 800 posts, it is bulletproof, comfortably protected by the First Amendment. Blog shames all, having a loyal fan base of thin skinned judges, lawyers, legislators embarrassed by their pathetic existence reflected in pure protected political speech. Joette Katz dislikes Blog, for which she conspired with Richard Colangelo to hunt free speech, misusing the Connecticut criminal justice system for private cause, along with Judge Gold, Lisa DiAngelo, Trooper Samantha McCord and a moron named Michael Sponheimer who all cited Shakespearean quotations as being criminal, pretty funny.

      • Step aside and say tuned, Detector. Your friendly approach won’t train Paul to be more polite or acceptable in civil society. As you probably know, Paul’s a very smart guy, just a little rough around the edges after all the harm the Connecticut “family court” cabal did to him, his family, and thousands of other mothers, fathers and children in the state. While one or two of your “Hi Paul!” comments might help, posting “Hi Paul!” again and again could be misinterpreted. He could think you’re trying to poke his cage. The Expert Department tells us poking Paul’s cage hasn’t helped. Once he’s tame enough, we plan to release him during a public hearing so he can present all the evidence he’s gathered. CT-N will tape the hearing and you and the public will see how insightful our Expert Department is. Poking of Paul’s cage in the FR comment section might slow our specially-designed training process, unless he doesn’t care about “Hi Paul!” typed again and again. And, since he probably doesn’t care what you type, maybe you should proceed. More comments generate more views. More views mean more attention and more attention means a wider audience. A wider audience means more people can help and you clearly want to help. So, thank you.

      • Ask courthouse food vendors how often Mr. Adelman ordered a BLT for lunch.

        Also please note: Ham, bacon and Easter eggs aren’t about Easter. They’re more about “ancient mystery religions” that heavily influence politics — and “family courts”.

  • Testimony of Sunny Kelley to Connecticut Task Force
    Public Hearing
    January 9, 2014
    to Study Legal Disputes Involving the Care & Custody of Minor Children
    Dear Members of the Task Force,
    Brief History of My Case
    I am the mother in family docket case FA09–4037658S Liberti v Liberti, now referenced as Doe v Roe on the judicial record.
    My case began as what I thought would be an amicable divorce, even though my husband had chosen to commit violence against me and members of my family throughout the marriage. When my son disclosed that his father was touching his genitals, [1] and anal tearing appeared after a visit with his father, I sought medical attention and reported to the authorities. I expected that a competent investigation would follow, and I would get some answers about what had happened or didn’t, and that if my son had been the victim of a crime, he would have, as all American crime victims are entitled to, protection from contact with the perpetrator. What I didn’t know was that this would enter us into a black system where state agencies contract with each other [2] to maximize HHS funding by increasing violent offenders’ access to their victims when the relationship is male parent and child.
    Before the campaign of terror I’ve been enduring at the hands of judicial branch employees and professionals appointed onto my case, I was a healthy, well-adjusted, productive member of society. After my dealings with family court – more specifically my forced patronage of an unethical [3] corporation where judges are in business with professionals who appear before them – I am left devastated, bereft, penniless, traumatized, and disabled with complex PTSD. I am terrified for my child’s safety every single day. I fear my own safety every day. I want nothing more out of life than to have my son home with me where he would be safe and I can nurture him until his deep wounds, inflicted on him by AFCC judges who make rulings to satisfy funding mandates instead of law, can finally heal.
    Financial Devastation Through Forced Dealing with AFCC Members and Affiliates
    In total, my family and I have lost approximately one million dollars in our efforts to secure my son’s safety from an admitted violent offender. [4] My parents’ equity and retirement accounts have been liquidated and lost to this abyss of legal bills. While we once were a wealthy, highest-tax-bracket family, we are now bankrupt.
    It was never once disclosed to me, or on the court record, that the participants in my case were connected to each other through a corporation, [5] which has been doing profitable business in Connecticut for approximately thirty years without being registered with the Secretary of State. [6]
    Thirty four billing professionals were involved in my case over the pendente lite period of approximately three years, of those approximately fifteen were court appointments. There were, to my knowledge, eleven professionals involved in my case who are AFCC- affiliated, either directly as founders and members, or through publicly funded, AFCC-run GAL trainings.
    AFCC affiliates involved in my case include:
    • Judge Holly Abery Wetstone
    • Judge Gerard Adelman
    • Judge Lynda B. Munro
    • Maureen Murphy, GAL
    • Harry Adamakos, appointed by GAL Murphy to evaluate parents
    • Dr. John T. Collins, appointed by GAL Murphy as my son’s therapist
    • Dr. Kenneth Robson, appointed by Judge Munro to evaluate my son [7][8][9]
    • Dr. Linda S. Smith, appointed by Dr. Robson to perform psychological testing on my son, to whom my son made a clear disclosure of
    abuse [9][10]
    • Dr. Sidney Horowitz, origin to my case is unknown to me, appointed as parenting coach to admitted violent offender father [4]
    • Dr. Howard Krieger, origin to my case is unknown to me, appointed as parenting coach to admitted violent offender father [4]
    • Attorney Steven Dembo, appointed by Judge Gordon as attorney to represent GAL in appeal
    • Yale Child Study Center, state referral to evaluate my son for sexual abuse
    • Our Family Wizard

    Maureen McCabe Murphy, the GAL in my case, is paid by the state to conduct AFCC training for the mandatory GAL program. The Office of Public Defender has refused to disclose for review by parties to her caseload, her contract with the state or her billing records for GAL trainings or casework. [11]
    Through the duration of my case, AFCC members and affiliates generated countless billing hours for themselves and fellow members whom they appointed to my case. [12] They did this by ordering my child to be exposed to an admitted violent offender, [4] then billing many times over for “evaluating” the problems they caused, and yet again billing for “treating” the pathology they created. I was forced under color of law to patronize these businesses under threat of contempt findings and other more severe punitive judicial measures. I was repeatedly threatened with loss of my child if I failed to allow this extortion to be perpetrated upon my family. In the end these AFCC members made good on their threats, and I have not seen my child in almost two years, though I have never been adjudicated an unfit parent. At this time, I am ordered to see my child only through supervision, contingent upon weekly therapeutic supervision, for which no therapist will currently agree to participate. Even if I find a therapist who will engage in this unethical practice, which violates the canons of their licensing board, I would still have to come up with several thousand dollars a month to see my child utilizing the specifically ordered N.J. Sarno & Co., affiliated with AFCC member Louise Truax, and who charges no less than $85 per hour.
    It has been reported [13] that the co-owner of N.J. Sarno & Co., Nick Sarno, whose legal name is Nicolas Siconolfi , is known by the courts to have engaged in illegal activity, has six aliases, and was caught forging identification information on a pistol permit. The court also ordered me to surrender my passport to Mr. Siconolfi, even though surrendering federally owned identification to anyone other than law enforcement is a crime. Of course, the bargaining chip used in the extortion was, once again, seeing my son.
    During the pendante lite period, and finally in the trial decision, I was ordered by AFCC member Judge Munro to pay for the ongoing use of the poorly secured website Our Family Wizard – one of AFCC’s platinum sponsors [14] – as the only means of obtaining any information about my child.
    Attempts at Remedy
    The appeals I have filed have been denied under the most suspect of circumstances. The first I filed during the pendente lite period seeking remedy for the due process violations committed in the process or taking my son from me. The appellate court returned a decision fourteen months later, exactly within one hour of the time the trial court decision was reached. I believe the odds of such a random occurrence are astronomical. The second appeal I filed seeking remedy for the travesty of a trial decision was thrown out after the appellate court made a paradoxical procedural ruling that was impossible to comply with.
    In the course of my searching for remedy to the constitutional and other violations committed against me and my child, I have been extremely disturbed to learn that complaints to the Department of Public health regarding the outrageous malpractice perpetrated by AFCC-affiliated licensed medical and psychological professionals are reviewed by their fellow AFCC affiliate Elizabeth Thayer. [15] Complaints about the judges’ wrongdoings have likewise, without explanation, been rejected by the Judicial Review Council, on which sits AFCC member Barbara Aaron. [16]
    In fact, I currently find myself in the now familiar position of being required to deal with even more AFCC-affiliated, members of this Task Force who are in a business relationship with the same perpetrators from whom I seek remedy. [17] It’s clear to me after several years of seeking any avenue of remedy for the extortion, graft, and child endangerment that was visited upon my family that is not populated by conflicted AFCC business relationships, that simply none exists.
    Billing Irregularities
    Billing irregularities have been rampant throughout my case. GAL Murphy’s billing in my case totals over $83,700 [18], Nick Sarno’s total over $123,000 for sixteen months of supervision [19], and Dr. Robson’s total over $17,000 [20]. However, upon examining the itemized accounts of each, and cross referencing them, inconsistencies are apparent. Meetings between them are cited in one that are not mentioned in the other. It’s hard to know from the billing irregularities if I paid each of these professionals for the meeting during which Dr. Robson referred to me as a “French whore”, who was “gratified by [my] son’s sexualized behavior”. [8] At the billing rates for these professionals, I paid approximately a thousand dollars an hour to be slandered and defamed by them.
    In fact, early in my case my assets were liquidated in a contempt hearing against me, where I was found in contempt for failing to agree to sell my house at a deflated price, though I had never stipulated to or signed a purchase and sale agreement. Over my objection, the escrow account resulting from the sale was then held exclusively by opposing counsel Noah Eisenhandler. Through the duration of the case, he continually wrote checks on this account without notification to me and certainly without obtaining my consent. I was not provided with any statements regarding this escrow fund. By the conclusion of my case the funds had all gone to Murphy, Robson, Smith, and Carlson, and nothing remained.

    I was ordered by Judge Gordon and by Judge Munro to pay for my ex-husbands discovery. I was ordered by Judge Gordon to pay Attorney Dembo a $5,000 retainer for his representation of GAL Murphy in the first appeal. It was clear from Ms Murphy’s testimony that she felt I should bear the burden of payment alone as punishment for seeking remedy by filing the appeal. Judge Gordon even specified in her order which account of mine the retainer fee for Attorney Dembo must come from. I paid, but never once received an itemized statement – or any kind of statement or correspondence from Attorney Dembo at all – much less a refund of any unused funds on the retainer.
    There were also billing irregularities in Dr. John Collins’ billing statement. [21] He was appointed to my case in August 2010 by GAL Murphy. I say “statement”, singular, because I have only received one to date. On this statement he used billing codes which were inconsistent with his court ordered mandate to treat my child. When GAL Murphy was asked on the stand to explain Dr. Collins’ reasons for billing for family therapy, she refused to answer and I was thereafter never allowed to see another statement. I have since received from him what amounts to blind requests for money and a threat of collections, [22] where he stated that he billed Cigna, even though my ex-husband’s financial affidavit clearly states that our insurance carrier throughout the time of treatment was Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. [23]
    Consistent with the aims of the interagency agreement [2] to maximize fatherhood initiative HHS grants, and with Yale’s funding by fatherhood initiative grants, Yale Children’s Hospital used conflicting billing codes for a single visit with my son, seemingly to justify releasing him to his father’s care after my son demonstrated self-harm, and asked the psychiatric nurse for help in refraining from self- harm and morbid ideation. Yale also used multiple patient numbers for my son on the same visit and erroneously listed us as an indigent family, and elsewhere listed our home addresses. I can’t think of another possible explanation for this discrepancy than erroneous Medicaid billing. Upon request, complete medical record can be make available for investigation by authorized agencies.
    I’ve never seen any billing for Linda Smith, Sidney Horowitz, Howard Krieger, or Gabrielle Carlson, all of whom were appointed by AFCC members to provide services to my son.
    Current Situation
    In the end, it was made official in Judge Munro’s trial decision that I was not allowed to see any records at all regarding my son or his care.
    Filings I have made to request a status conference appear to have been discarded by clerks. Whatever the reason for their disappearance, I can’t seem to get on the docket to review the impossible conditions of the trial decision. Let me reiterate that I have never been found unfit.
    I strongly believe that it is impossible for me to obtain a fair hearing or findings of fact in my case while conflicted AFCC members sit on the benches and in administrative positions in the Connecticut judicial branch and it’s oversight agencies. As long as they are financially, and now possibly criminally, invested in obscuring facts and evidence in my case, I will not be able to obtain even a semblance of justice, and my child will continue to be subject to a dangerous environment.
    Proposed Solutions
    This panel is considering solutions for the seemingly ubiquitous dissatisfaction of litigants unknowingly forced into business dealings with AFCC vendors profiting under color of law. Some suggest that the solution to rampant failure by employees of the judicial branch to abide by existing rules and regulations is enacting additional legislation that requires judges to rule children into shared custody, regardless of a parent’s history of violence or ability to care for the child(ren). I believe, however, that our current laws are robust and healthy. I believe that the Connecticut legislature has made sound decisions in enacting reasonable statutes that allow equal protections for citizens of this state. There is an excellent criminal code in place to deal with lawbreakers and regulation violators, and judges currently have sound tools and guidelines at their disposal to correctly determine the best situation for children of divorce. The problem is not one of poor legislation; it is a problem of flagrant violations [24] by judicial branch employees and state vendors, of federal RICO statutes, constitutional rights, federal ADA rights, judicial canon, and professional and ethical canon of medical and mental health professionals. [13] The remedy for violations of canon and law is not to enact different laws.
    The only sound solution to ending criminal activity is prosecution. The only sound solution to restoring fairness and neutrality to the fact- finding process is to remove the financial incentives that cause outcomes to be determined by funding mandate instead of law, and demanding that rules of evidence must be followed to the letter in all courts of law. The impropriety [3] of judges being joined in trade organizations with the professionals who appear before them must end immediately if we are ever to restore the faith of the citizen in the family court system.

    ALL gender language from all funding sources must be removed if we are ever to see outcomes for Connecticut children that are determined solely on their health and safety. [25] As long as various state agencies require disastrous outcomes [26] to justify their existence and therefore their funding, these tragic cases will never stop.
    There can be no judicial immunity when the fact-finding process deviates from strictly observed rules of evidence, judicial canon, and adherence to due process.
    As part of the commission of this Task Force, you are authorized to refer your findings to the US Department of Justice. I believe that the evidence in this situation more than warrants your exercising of that mandate.
    Thank you for your consideration of my testimony. It is accurate to the very best of my knowledge and understanding. All citation are available as public record. Please feel free to contact me for more details about my experiences or for any additional documentation.
    Sunny Kelley Bethany, CT

  • I was relocated by a domestic violence organization in the state of Connecticut where they also put me in front of a judge and probate court and change my identity then they relocated my child and I out of Connecticut knowing that the state family court would not protect us this was in 2011. In 2013 state police up Connecticut ran my name with no reason because there was no crime and I was not a resident of the state of Connecticut Created false allegations about me and then made a phone call to the man who was arrested years prior for trying to strangle me to death and gave him my new identity and my new address that I was relocated to and a copy of my driver’s license number. I was then served and put in front of judge adelman where judge adelman threatened me to lose custody of my child my child and for a DOJ funded state organization relocating me out of state. I have audio video Recordings and Paper documents That I am willing to supply to you or the author of this article To show the ongoing’s and crimes against mothers and victims in Connecticut family court. I also have proof of crimes of child support enfor spent committing fraud upon the court and judge ottlemen having full knowledge.

      • I have forwarded a few email correspondence I’ve had with judicial employees. I have court documentation, police documentation and over 1800 recorded calls to show the ongoings.

          • If we continue to live in fear and hide who we are all were doing is Feeding their narcissism and allowing the abuse to continue. By putting our name out there our face out there we actually are more protected believe it or not and that is why I put my actual name on that comment. I will not allow Connecticut to bully me or threaten me ever again.
            It’s so important now more than ever that women get together and stand United.

        • I have the name and number of an fbi agent investigating public corruption in family courts.

          Particular emphasis on custody evaluators that Frank Parlato reported on.

          I can’t make it public but can send through Frank Parlato.

          • 2014-2015: The DOJ published a DOJ “Hotline” telephone number for Connecticut parents to report crimes committed in Connecticut family courts. Many parents called to give the DOJ information about their cases: names, dates and details.

            A few months passed and parents wondered how the investigation was going. Rumors said the DOJ couldn’t comment on pending investigations. About ten years have passed since then and crimes committed among certain groups were allowed.

            Rumors said what the DOJ found involved so many offices that it was too big to prosecute — that it would be too embarrassing for state officials for the public to find out about such blatant crimes in state family courts. The literal racketeering crosses state lines involving “family court” vendors in Massachusetts and throughout New England. Originally, AFCC Inc was set up in Minnesota, Colorado, California … all of that crossed state lines.

            Family law attorneys extorting parents, “evaluators” medical malpractice and GAL’s fraud upon the court has been happening since the 1980s. State and federal offices helped set up that racket. What an embarrassment, right?

            Participating judges, lawyers and various “family court” vendors didn’t officially register as the AFCC Inc. company doing business in the state until 2013/2014.

            Around that time, an investigative journalist noticed what they did and published articles about it. What an embarrassment for CT AFCC, Inc., right?

            They registered their public-private partnerships for profit as a “non-profit”. Mr. Adelman was “director”. Mr. Freedman was “treasurer”. Mr. Horwitz was the guy who put his name on the “non-profit” tax declarations.

            Public-private partnerships for profit aren’t supposed to pretend to be non-profits.

            “Members” of non-profits aren’t supposed to make millions of dollars from judicial authority or judicial immunity.

            The worst of the worst family court employees an vendors pass child custody cases to and from each other. They enable child abuse. They threaten parents with prison using Dr. Richard Gardner’s “Threat Therapy”. They extort money from good parents who have no idea that family life in Connecticut has meant near-total destruction for tens of thousands (perhaps hundreds of thousands) of families and children since the 1980s. (We apparently don’t have those exact numbers.) A state or federal office somewhere should probably officially investigate. Maybe they’ll file an official report so the public can know what they know.

          • The FBI should’ve been on this a long time ago. Hopefully something will come of it. The corrupt Family Court system is all about dollars and destroying lives when there is money there’s high conflict when there’s high conflict the children and the target parent become the casualties

      • The trajectory that’s the state organization sent my child and my life in was not what I worked very hard for…. We literally lived in h*** we were forced to move about every year and a 1/2 just to avoid being located by our abuser because when adelman threatened me he stated ” Should either party bring a motion forward in front of the court, it would not do well for me to continue having custody of my child”. This statement gave our abuser complete power and control over us. Because all he would have to do is bring a frivolous motion forward locate me have me served and I would have lost custody to an abuser and so I was forced to run.

        I also have evidence of 2 child support enforcement officers in Middletown Connecticut Superior court Proving bullying lying harrestments hiding of evidence that was entered into my case and that I was never informed of and never had an evidentiary hearing for and the evidence was entered in on behalf of the father the evidence stated that he could no longer work and was disabled that gave him a 0 child support obligation to our child meanwhile They have a wage withholding order and still do to this day and collect a ridge through his employer because hes not disabled and he has been employed all of these years. This tactic was done to punish me for protecting my daughter and following the advice of the domestic violence shelter that put me in front of a probate judge had my identity changed and relocated me and my child out of the state because they specifically said to me that the family court will not protect us and that my abuser is so dangerous and they knew that I could be murdered or my child could be murdered because he was arrested prior for trying to strangle me to death. It was not my idea to ever change my identity all of this was at the referral and suggestion and advice of the advocates at this domestic violent shelter in Connecticut.
        The GAL that was on our case her name is Sharon Peters she is out of Middletown superior court she made false allegations of me kidnapping my child when I am the sole custodial parent and told the Saint police this and the state police located me out of state even because I was not a resident living in Connecticut at that time I had been relocated by the Department of Justice funded domestic violence shelter and they ran my name and they located me out of state where I was relocated for safety and then they called up The abuser and gave him my new identit a copy of my driver’s license number and the address of My safe relocation.
        You can listen to me call and try to have a decent conversation the specific officer that violated their own polices and my protected rights, but was interrupted by her hanging up on me once she figured out she was in trouble at this link here:


        • “It was not my idea to ever change my identity all of this was at the referral and suggestion and advice of the advocates at this domestic violent shelter in Connecticut.”

          An advocate in a domestic violence center told me I should run with my child. An employee in the child support services office told me it would be safer for me to not request child support. As I was talking on the phone with a DCF worker about our case, she suddenly put the phone down and started talking with a co-worker about a mother who ran with her child, why she ran with her child and how it saved their lives. It seems like she wanted me to overhear their conversation.

          • DCF is being obstructed. The GAls. Are interfering with their jobs. DCF knows what is happening with the courts. There is a fatherhood initiative law along with the MOU running the courts. Endangering women and children. They have been rendered powerless to help children.

          • 7:55,

            We need as many DCF whistleblowers as possible to tell us what they know as soon as possible.

    • Horrific. Thank you for sharing your story. Our numbers are growing quickly now. They did not count on any of us having the strength to fight them after completely annihilating us. But when we come together we become the force they fear. I can almost feel their fear growing. Very satisfying. They should be very afraid.

      • We could start meeting and organizing. How about the first Sunday of each month at 3 pm at a few Panera restaurants around the state? It will be easy to find each other. Most of us look like we’ve been traumatized.😑

      • This is a very important move. After all it is Title IV drafted by legislators, who just so happen to be predominantly divorce attorneys (nothing to see here folks), that helps to make all of this possible, incentivizing judges to award “sole custody” because the take is simply bigger.

  • Family Court Circus is an anti Semitic site written by an unhinged bigot. From what I read it was protected speech, but if there was criminal speech somewhere on the site, I would not be surprised. This being said, if Adelman was traumatized by speech and it affected his ability to judge, he should have recused himself. If he is permanently traumatized, he would need to move on to a new profession. Words are words. Judges need to a balanced temperament and thick skin.

    • I don’t think alderman is traumatized by anything. He’s a sociopath. He should take himself off based on that. He should not be on the bench. Connecticut is responsible for allowing this to happen. There waiting for this to blow over like 2014. Not happening. We want criminal production for the curruption

    • No. The Family Circus is written by a loving father and patriot who had his entire world crushed by Adelman and his mob of merry demons. This is what fighting back looks like and the fact that he refuses to give up means that he will eventually win and Adleman knows it and fears it. And stop throwing the anti-semite bullshit around. That manipulation gig is up. The guy sees an obvious pattern of Jewish involvement (not the nice Jews but the Zionist/ Khazarian scum who think we are their cattle). Should he be lumping all Jews into his cries for exposure and justice, no, but this is a man who had his children STOLEN!!! I would be out of my head with grief. Give the guy some latitude and try to focus on getting to the truth of this crime.

      • The guy is clearly a psychopath with some form of untreated OCD. Read his blog, then tell me if you would trust him with your children for even 5 minutes. He is a dangerous obsessive narcissist who gets off on destroying women’s chances of getting custody as some kind of sick revenge on his ex wife.

  • Corrupticut is a giant Racketeering machine that bleeds everyone that goes into a court. Family Court, Probate, Foreclosure, and Criminal are lawless. Connecticut Lawyers hide behind their litigation privilege and lie openly in court.
    Currently, I am arresting 17 complicit judges and many more participants for CGS 53-393 Corrupt Organizations & Racketeering Act (CORA), Seizure and TREASON. My $3.5mm waterfront home of 28+ years was seized by Police military force. We owe nothing on it.
    August 29, 2022 SEIZURE & Treason Video Links:
    70 Cops – Criminal Siege In Norwalk CT –
    Police Assault An 80 Year Old. The Pritchard Family Matriarch
    An arborist going to work is taken down by ten Norwalk Cops. Tackled him. Leaving a property.
    Norwalk N@z!$ – “Just Following Orders” Illegal Seizure Of Property.

    What happens in Family Court and Probate is worse than what you see in those videos. Children are ripped from their parents and family fortunes are wiped out by legal vampires.

    God bless you Karen. Stand strong against this evil. God and the people are with you.

    Demand Trial by Jury it is your right.

    Hey Corrupticut, why did you get rid of Sheriffs? Is it because they can arrest Judges and Governors?

    Hey Corrupticut, why did you do away with Grand Juries in 1983? Is it easier to deal with one or three judges that make up the Investigatory Jury?

    Hey Corrupticut, why did you do away with Press Court Licenses in 2018? Is it to keep things quiet?

    Hey Corrupticut, why do you have Remote Hearings without Jurisdiction? Is that a violation of the Administrative Procedures Act?

    Justice is coming. The virus will die in the light.

    Thank you for allowing me this forum to share what is happening in Connecticut, the Constitution State.

    Andrew H. Pritchard
    Superior Court Case #: FST-CV15-6026844-S

    • Andrew this is extremely valuable perspective. Thank you so much. So few people understand the magnitude of the problem we are facing. It’s kraken-size, that is for sure.

  • Karen’s case clearly deserves a retrial, and it may be the only way for her and her children to ever receive true justice and a fair hearing. Throughout this ordeal, I’ve been struck most by the callous way the children have been treated by the court system. The kids have stated on numerous occasions, to the court, to law enforcement and to DCF, that they wish to be with their mother. I will never understand why their entreaties have been ignored.

  • Everyone knows there are lawyers working on Circus Blog, the accuracy of the legal points underlying the sensational rhetoric is law professor level analysis. The contributors/editors/advisors are so well concealed that not even a federal wire tap could expose them, that is why Boyne’s door was smashed, to seize computers, to find the hidden channels, that is why the computers are at the Connecticut Crime Lab, this was not action of Virginia law enforcement, it was Joette Katz and Judge Gold hunting free speech across state lines, a personal crusade. Pretty obvious.

    • “the accuracy of the legal points underlying the sensational rhetoric is law professor level analysis”


      You should get a job as a comedian.

      Boyne is clueless. Completely, utterly clueless.

          • Typing 👉 “Actually, nope.” 👈 so often in the FR comment section actually doesn’t automatically weaken or cancel all the comments you actually don’t like.

          • “Typing 👉 “Actually, nope.” 👈 so often in the FR comment section actually doesn’t automatically weaken or cancel all the comments you actually don’t like.”

            Omg are you serious? And here I thought it just meant I disagreed with a previous post.
            I’ll expand on my “nope” : Paul Boyne is an idiot, and it doesn’t seem he understands the logical progression of subject, verb, object, let alone legal arguments.

            He is evil, and he hurts vulnerable mothers who are in the midst of custody battles. I consider Karen Riordan one of his victims. He has taken advantage of her vulnerable state and destroyed her. #lockhimup

          • 👉 “Actually, nope.” 👈 gets the job done quite nicely. And accurately. So much gaslighting from you criminal idiots who think karma ain’t no thing. Cannot wait for your day of reckoning. They always come ya know. Tick tock.

          • “So much gaslighting from you criminal idiots who think karma ain’t no thing. Cannot wait for your day of reckoning. They always come ya know. Tick tock.“

  • This family court has been a circus throughout Karen Riordan’s case. They allowed her husband Chris bully and bribe his way throughout. What family court would not side with a loving and devoted Mother that overwhelmingly cared more for their children. Chris was an absentee Father, while Karen provided daily parenting and emotional support to their children. The fact that Judge Adelman did not recognize this and has separated Karen from her children is testament that he was not professionally on his game. Karen Riordan 💯 deserves a re-trail and the ability to once again be a part of her children’s lives.

    • Those children deserve two parents. Karen attempted to eliminate the father, and when that backfired on her, she stopped showing up to court, and she did not show to visitation with the kids either. She went MIA, apart from vicious online attacks that only further demonstrated her instability and lack of judgement.

      The predictable outcome of no custody is her own damn fault.

      • If you were aware of the court. How people are treated. Even by their own lawyer you may understand Karen’s actions. Feeling hopeless and helpless to stop what is happening to your children and your self. The family circus guy information is good but the threats and call to violence is the issue. I wish he did not do that. We all think he has some one inside the court. Maybe the person is trying to stop what is happening in the. If there was more investigation in to the court. Like on the circus blogger we might be able to get the players out of the game. Save Connecticuts children. Save the residents who are being harmed by the financially driven system. One state at a time.

  • “The only sound solution to ending criminal activity is prosecution. The only sound solution to restoring fairness and neutrality to the fact- finding process is to remove the financial incentives that cause outcomes to be determined by funding mandate instead of law, and demanding that rules of evidence must be followed to the letter in all courts of law.“,%20Sunny.pdf

      • “The mission continues…

        Welcome to the O’Keefe Media Group, we can never be shut down again, because not only do I own it, but you do too.

        Support us and sponsor our army of journalists by becoming a founding member today.

        O’Keefe Media Group is building an army of investigators and exposers along with the most elite journalists in the world. In the coming months you will see this army expanding across the country, every statehouse, every city council, every school board and everywhere people are conspiring to keep themselves in power, practice favoritism, or line their pockets with tax dollars …”

      • The FBI is the chosen muscle to protect the pedophiles of Connecticut. Don’t fool yourself into believing the ‘feds’ are a righteous bunch, just a crooked, corrupt as the turds in the Nutmeg cesspool. FBI is just federal protection.

  • Adelman proves he is not a judge, just a bully, a mother hater, a monster in black. His obsession with The Family Court Circus blog is so consuming, he mentions it a dozen times in the decree to dissolve Chris Ambrose’s marriage, hardly a material fact to no-fault divorce. Wonder if Adelman reads that blog every night before he goes to sleep?

  • That vile blog provides more direct information of Connecticut family court than waiting all day to have 3 minutes before the judiciary committee who is not listening. Glad it gets under Adelman’s skin (scales). Grossman did not realize before reading that blog how much she is hated? Sad, sad lady.

    • Bums rush even to the gental men a victim of family court. They are trying to hid what is happening to Connecticut. Disinterested in domestic violence. The legislators and judiciary committee need to be voted the hell out of public office.

  • A few people in Connecticut say the Family Court Circus guy purposely goes over the top because he thinks “shock and awe” is the only approach that will draw enough attention to blatant corruption in family courts.

    The Family Court Circus guy is a man. Lots of men are into guns, gore and “shock and awe”. In fact, depleted uranium is next on the list for World War III in Europe. At least the Family Court Circus guy hasn’t threatened anyone with depleted uranium. His vile, offensive and threatening words are just words. They say, “I won’t be pushed around!” because he probably feels helpless. He is helpless. So are the hundreds of millions of survivors of family court hell all over America and all over the world.

    Among other important things, the Legal Department at the Family Court Circus wants you to know is: Some judges, lawyers and vendors promote the sexualization of children. That Legal Department is right.

    We need fewer crimes against children and fewer vile words in the world. We need more adult conversations about the religious, philosophical and cultural differences affecting family court cases. Drag queen story time, child porn in public schools and the sexualization of children in family courts all have something to do with the religious, philosophical and cultural differences we don’t discuss.

    Soon, maybe adults can discuss religious, philosophical and cultural differences without vile words, depleted uranium and the disbarment of family law attorneys.

    • He made detailed and repeated threats on the lives of these people. And you’re more worried about a drag queen show? You are an evil bigoted moron and a scourge on the Earth. You also appear to have an IQ of about 2.

      • There are no criminal threats contained in the Circus Blog, the FBI reviewed it completely, found none, only CT Trooper McCord thinks there is a state crime, but as Virginia State Police claimed interstate threats, the FBI was not involved. The entire effort was directed by Joette Katz who is upset over a little free speech. American Gestapo in action. CSP still hunting for blog editors and contributors inside Gulag Connecticut.

        • When Joette Katz managed all “the wards of the state” from February 2011 to January 2019,
          which experiments were done?

          “Subpart D — Additional Protections for Children Involved as Subjects in Research …

          … §46.409 Wards.

          (a) Children who are wards of the state or any other agency, institution, or entity can be included in research approved under §46.406 or §46.407 only if such research is:

          (1) Related to their status as wards; or
          (2) Conducted in schools, camps, hospitals, institutions, or similar settings in which the majority of children involved as subjects are not wards. …”

        • “There are no criminal threats contained in the Circus Blog”

          Sorry, but if someone who knows my home address and my workplace and posts photos of my children threatens to put a specific calibre bullet between my eyes, I would take it as a criminal threat.

          I’m not sure about the veracity of the FBI review you mentioned, but isn’t the state case still ongoing? We have yet to see if they will be ruled as criminal threats and if Boyne will be convicted of crimes for making them.

          By the way, to any unsuspecting readers, about 80 to 90% of the comments to this post are obviously written by Paul Boyne, the racist a-hole who writes the circus blog. Don’t be fooled into thinking he has a legion of supporters here (or anywhere). He doesn’t.

      • Which has caused more ACTUAL harm?

        The Family Court Circus website or family courts?

    • “A few people in Connecticut say the Family Court Circus guy purposely goes over the top because he thinks “shock and awe” is the only approach that will draw enough attention to blatant corruption in family courts.”

      Yes, and flying airplanes into the World Trade Center was the only approach that would draw enough attention to the terrorists’ dissatisfaction with the United States.

        • My point is that “shock and awe is the only way to get attention” is no excuse for making murderous thoughts on anyone. Paul Boyne is evil and doesn’t give a shit about changing anything. he just wants to harass people and destroy poor innocent mothers while he’s at it.

  • Tell the truth Richard… Did you write all, most, or some of Riordan’s new motion? It’s interesting how much the legalese and Latin has increased in her motions since you came on the scene.

    • You blame whoever is most convenient Chris. You should work on your own motions because they suck.

      Thirty pages of single spaced ramblings of your victimization. Trying to make money off of the truth instead of gaining legit employment- something you’ve been unable to hold onto since law school.

      The job hop— a career of hirings, firings, failed endeavors across many platforms and many decades.

      And now you resort to lawsuits as a means of earning.

      Don’t bother to exclaim you’re not Chris. Your the only one who gives a shit enough to analyze Riordan’s motions- but the tell is your accusations—

      Anyone who dates to expose Chrissy will suffer his wrath.

      I know. You’ve gone after me. Your list grows as your credibility shrinks with the rest of you.

  • Virginia State Trooper Sponheimer’s sworn claim of criminal conduct sort of fails, as the now-famous Blog is still up, no grand jury indictment for ebil speech, just another flying monkey with a gun, badge, no brains and hatred of the Constitution earning a public paycheck, doing the bidding of his masters.

  • Connecticut State Trooper Samantha McCord is still hunting for free citizens living in Connecticut who have contributed to blog, edited posts, provided information overheard in judicial chambers, basically a full fledged witch hunt directed by Judge Gold, Richard Colangelo, Lisa DiAngelo, Patrick Griffin, Stavros Mellekas, and of course the queen herself Joette Katz.

  • So strange the low criminals focus on the words of some common person and NOT the abject blatant crimes, denial of due process of mothers and continually life long damage to the children who are emotionally neglected by having their bonds with their mothers severed with no cause. Adelman is a criminal as is every judge and attorney listed in their article. Like roaches – these are the only ones seen. Don’t forget the attorney general knows all about these abuses over 20 years worth now- in heavy harm since the Roland Commission.
    Want to help cut the money- check out PUBLIC HEARING TESTIMONY
    Proposed H.B. No. 5763
    Session Year 2023
    They are trying to secure additional money to slaughter families under the guise of helping POC have fathers in their lives. Don’t be fooled: it’s billions to continue harm and enrich lawyers’ coffers.

  • Hahahahhaha!

    Crazy Karen is at it again.

    Does she really think that teaming up with domestic terrorist Boyne is going to get her a new trial?

    So I guess anyone could just make anonymous threats online toward their judge, and when the judge expresses any upset about it, then bingo! disqualify the judge from your case.

    Dream on, you terrorist.

    I think Boyne should be in jail and Karen should be locked up with him since she loves hm so much.

    • I am so thankful that the link to the anti-Boyne website was posted. I shared my own story and look forward to being contacted. That man is vile. It is NO surprise why he has no relationship with his children.

      • 5:05,

        You’re “so thankful” someone is telling total strangers to:

        “… Tell his Sister … Call his Parents … Tell his Brother in Law …” ?

        Why would you do that?

        • Because he deserves to suffer for the way his “journalism” has impacted the lives of others he has never met. His claims are without merit. You kind of have to feel sorry for him. What a pathetic existence he lives. Anywho, I’m looking forward to sharing my story with this task force and hopefully make his life as miserable as he *tried* to make mine. Not that my awarded damages would amount to anything since HE LIVES IN HIS PARENTS BASEMENT. 😆

          • Good for you anonymous. I hope Boyne does long, hard prison time. He can’t go around threatening to murder people. If he wants to call people racist slurs and and show everyone what a disgusting excuse for a human being he is, so be it, but he can’t threaten people’s lives while he’s at it.

            And Karen was on the phone with this brain-damaged guy 24/7 per court records. It also appears by the writing style that he was writing her motions (dozens upon dozens of frivolous ones that were all denied- AND her lawsuit against the governor). Karen basically sat there and acted as this evil man’s ventriloquist dummy while custody of her children was at stake.

            He takes advantage of vulnerable parents and destroys their chances of getting custody. That’s another reason I hope they lock him up.

          • 5:05 and 9:14,

            Um. You want the public to bother his sister, his parents and his brother-in-law “(b)ecause he deserves to suffer for the way his “journalism” has impacted the lives of others he has never met.”?

            Why prompt the public to bother his family? Isn’t that kind of creepy? Or, if it’s the official “mob mentality” approach, it’s sort of how provocateurs of the Chinese Cultural Revolution whooped everyone up into a frenzy, to get then to turn in their family members.

            Don’t you think a less incendiary approach would work better in our civil justice system? Good judges and good lawyers in fair courts is all it would take, right?

          • Good God Chris are you anonymously responding to your own anonymous comments? And who’s the crazy one again? Hysterical.

    • Seriously Chris, you look pathetic. Try as you might, Paul Boyne is the victim just as Karen is, and you my friend with the assistance of the family court criminals, are the perp. For a writer, you don’t seem to have a very good grasp on character roles. Why don’t you try sitting with the truth for a minute before your soul runs out of time. What if you only get one lifetime to get this right Chris? Do you think you are on target? Let those poor babies see their mama and just choose to be kind. Then everyone can start to heal including you.

      • “Good God Chris are you anonymously responding to your own anonymous comments? And who’s the crazy one again? Hysterical.”

        Probably not. But for sure that is what Paul Boyne is doing here with his array of fake names… talking to and praising himself. He belongs in a mental ward with his protégé Nickola Cunha.

  • You go Karen!!!! Fraud upon the court. Material misrepresentation of the facts. you are paving the way for justice for mother’s. May the modern day witch hunt in Connecticut finally came to an end!!!!!!!!;

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