Correction: Raniere did not have a $40k piano at 8 Hale Drive — he had a $90k piano

Steinway Grand Piano

Yesterday, I wrote, “Keith Raniere seems to have acquired – or rather it just magically appeared – via Bronfman money – his town home on 8 Hale Drive around 2006-07…. Inside it was his $40,000 grand piano [magically appearing with Bronfman money].”

Now, I hear there was no $40,000 piano at 8 Hale.

“Some facts wrong about 8 Hale,” a reliable source told me, “The piano inside 8 Hale was paid for by Nancy Salzman (not the Bronfmans) for $90,000. It was a brand new grand piano from the New York City Steinway store. There was a second used piano (not a Steinway) bought for $40,000 that was put in Nancy Salzman’s home – purchased by one of the [Bronfman] charities.”

I don’t think it’s entirely wrong to say the $90,000 grand piano magically appeared from Bronfman money – for Nancy was pulling in a million per year mentoring the Bronfman sisters – [and Nancy spent her money exactly as Raniere told her].

But – to insult Raniere by suggesting he would have a $40,000 used grand piano at his 8 Hale Drive lair – is slightly embarrassing. I am deeply sorry. He had a $90,000 top-of-the-line Steinway Model D, 9-foot grand piano – normally used for concert level performances and in the homes of the wealthy.

Today, a new model D Steinway concert grand piano lists for $156,200.

So, for the record – Raniere had not one –  but two grand pianos – totaling $130,000 in cash – both magically appearing. The $40k used one was at Nancy’s house – where Keith would occasionally go to tinkle the ivories.  His good piano – where he would regale young and pretty creatures – slender and svelte – was at 8 Hale Drive. It was a Steinway – and for a Vanguard – he deserved no less.

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  • As a woman who has known Vanguard u can assure you he is a wonderful Piano player and his live making skills are enhanced by his dulcet voice and his skillful hands on both the piano the orchestra of the mind the heartstrings and the joyous body eclectic. You guys are just envious that you can never equal him and you women who never had his exquisite touch area jealous of women like myself. I she said it before I would rather have -1/20th of Vangaurd than 100 percent of a mundane man. My mother was a Tartar and my father was a Scandanavian and besides being beautiful and attractive to Vangaurd I have the right body type to bear his avatar child. Both my parents came from a heritage that polygamy is better than mongamy since there are more good women than great men and it is Bert to bear the seed of a great man and have sister wives then have selfish shallow seeds of mediocrity.

  • This picture is objectionable. Do not post anything like this again or you will be sued for defamation and diminiuation of internal representation.

    • No, its just funny. The pictures your client organisation extorted from it’s slaves were and are “objectionable” defaming and caused grave “diminution of internal representation.” Your clients are the ones being charged.

  • Frank, show some respect, that is Vanguard you’re talking about… He is the smartest man in the world, with one of the three highest IQ’s ever recorded! Talked in complete sentences by age one.

    • Nah. It’s written in the fine print of the tax code that if gifts magically appear and you either don’t know, or simply play dumb as to where they came from, you are not required to pay taxes on them.

      VanDouche truly is a genius.

  • Hey I’m not being cute. But is that a real photo of Keith playing the piano or is it photoshop. I think you should let people know if it is photoshop. Otherwise how can they trust your real photos. I’ve looked and looked and I can’t tell if it’s real or a photoshop.

  • With someone else’s money in which to mooch off of, nothing is too good for the VanDouche.

    If you want to become just as self-absorbed as the VanDouche, join his cult.

  • I always assumed the claim that KR was a concert level pianist was BS.
    Has any poster heard him play?
    How good is he?

    • The first time I met Keith I thought he wasn’t very intelligent. I heard he played piano on a concert level and was shocked when I heard him play at Silver Bay during Vanguard Week. it was nothing better than a mediocre kid that took some piano lessons.
      I have a trained ear and was raised by a dad that played piano professionally and have a daughter with 10 years of music conservatory
      I know when I hear a professional level musician.
      Keith achievements are a complete fraud. He excels at lying, pedophilia, abusing, women, gambling, narcissism, and sex addiction.

      • His repertoire was probably Moonlight Sonata with maybe a little Pathetique or Appassionata thrown in, right? Has he actually learned anything more over the years? Everything about him is a facade and a fraud.

      • Surprised he did not hire legendary piano-abusers Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard for parties. They can break that thing in in no time. For good measure, Richard could pkay “The Girl Can’t Help It.”

  • My name is Scott Johnson.

    I post comments on every story because I don’t have a life or a job.

    I’m just a lookey-loo that got sued by Amway and lost. I had to settle like a whiney little beach.

    That is all

  • Frank, you have been known to tickle the ivories, based on seeing you play in your VICE interview. I think it would be great if you bid on one of those pianos after the Feds seize it and sell it at auction. 🙂

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