Laura Bell responds to critics on horse rescues: ‘Go back to the HiCaliber playpen, Michelle Knutilla has your fireball pacifier’

For those who are interested, prepare for an inside look at the horse rescue world. A reader asked me to investigate the horse rescue world of controversial San Diego horse rescuer Michelle Knutilla and her HiCaliber Horse Rescue. Knutilla was likened to cult leader Keith Raniere insofar as it was suggested she had a cult like group of followers.

Before I even got started on my investigation, a lively debate emerged.

A horse rescuer named Laura Bell entered the debate. She was critical of Knutilla and seems to have provoked some heated responses criticizing her.

Bell suggests that it is HiCaliber supporters who are anonymously attacking her.

In a post entitled, Laura Bell: Michelle Knutilla at HiCaliber killed over 200 healthy horses, while her cult-like followers enabled her, a commenter, using the moniker ICU, had this to say about Bell:

“Laura Bell is hardly one to talk. She has a personal grudge against Romney Snyder and Michelle Knutilla [founders of HiCaliber Horse Rescue] because Laura Bell herself used to run the same scam with Romney. 

“Laura Bell was running kill buyer scams with Romney Snyder until Michelle busted her for neglecting and hoarding animals. Animal Control was involved with dispersing the animals at Laura Bell’s ranch, and we all know AC doesn’t move in easily.  Romney took her scamming expertise straight to Michelle, and instead of scamming straight from the kill pen, they scammed straight from auction and the kill buyer.
Laura has managed to put together some good info regarding HiCaliber and Michelle, but please don’t buy her book and let he prosper from her own abusive past. Disgusting.”

Laura Bell made a rebuttal to ICU:.

Who told you we had animals seized and dispersed?

By Laura Bell

In reply to ICU.  Poor, pathetic ICU (I know why you won’t use your real name: because ignorant, nasty, small-minded cowards never do, because if they have assets they’d be sued for defamation LOL). Your utterings are so inaccurate it’s laughable. If anyone should buy our book it’s you so that you’d not be vomiting misinformation and lies.

Who told you we had animals seized and dispersed? We didn’t and we continued to spend our own money taking care of horses the likes of people like you – who are shills for HiCaliber – would cheer Michelle Knutilla for shooting.

You also don’t seem to know that I called animal control to our property, not Michelle or Romney. We were fully cooperative in 5 1/2 months of being investigated. Our financials were gone over with a fine tooth comb and it was proven that we not only weren’t neglecting animals, we also spent thousands of dollars of our own personal money on the feedlot rescues (Romney was an unpaid volunteer, but Michelle made money on the transport of rescued feedlot horses in Nevada to their new homes in California) and we also continued to fully support the animals at our sanctuary, which we still do, by WORKING. That’s something your handlers at HiCaliber know little to nothing about (WORKING to earn money instead of living off donations).

After several months of investigation, we were exonerated and absolved of any wrongdoing (by the way, having a ramshackle property, that included pipe panels, shelters, etc, that we entirely financed with our own money with no one’s help, is not against the law). Michelle and Romney also collected several thousand dollars in donations, well before they were even registered as a nonprofit, to “save the starlight horses”, but they never did anything for our horses and KEPT all that donated money for themselves. (It’s called fraud in case you didn’t know).

If anyone knows who ICU is and cares to share their identity with me, please message me on Facebook, or email me at and if your info is accurate I’ll be happy to send you a free copy of our book that is getting awesome reviews regarding the rescue racket, false pretense seizures, extremism on both sides of the animal issue, etc. The proceeds go toward the care of our unwanted, unadoptable horses at our sanctuary that were saved from slaughter, and unlike Michelle, we don’t kill, or have them killed by a vet, just because we can’t use them for anything. They peacefully live out their lives with us with no expectations of performance placed upon them. We also don’t put up with ignorant freak-shills for HiCaliber spewing false, defaming bullshit about us because behavior like that is just plain nasty.

Oh, and ICU, I don’t do grudges, I do JUSTICE, as evidenced by the fact of what’s finally occurring with your friends Michelle & company.


In reply to MN, Laura Bell had this to say:

Go back to the HiCaliber playpen, Michelle has your fireball pacifier. LOL

By Laura Bell

Golly gosh MN (why are all you women so afraid to use your own name? LOL), where do you think Shedrow got their “info” about us? Yep, from Michelle, Romney, etc., when they were pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes. Shedrows’ “facts” came from the HiCaliber players and we have thousands of pages of factual evidence refuting it, which led to our exoneration. You really should buy our book so you’re not so sheeple-like. LOL

Sadly enough, you’re just another small-minded, nasty, petty woman (doubtful you’re a man because men don’t generally do petty, catty, nasty crap that anonymous cowardly women do) that was, and probably still is a true believer, enabler, follower of Hicaliber and Michelle. You probably also say you’re a horse lover, but that’s obviously a lie because if you were you’d not be acting like a gossipy POS and tearing down people like us who spend nearly every penny we earn taking care of horses with issues that you’d never care for for the rest of their lives.

Go back to the HiCaliber playpen, Michelle has your fireball pacifier. LOL


Finally, again, in the same post,  Laura Bell: Michelle Knutilla at HiCaliber killed over 200 healthy horses, while her cult-like followers enabled her, a commenter using the moniker MartyUK, mentioned that Laura Bell seemed to avoid mentioning a blogger named Shedrow, writing, “I notice Laura Bell didn’t mention Shedrow Confessions blog mmm I wonder why?”

Laura Bell wrote in reply to MartyUK:

By Laura Bell

Marty UK, I SHARE every, single Shedrow blog post in various places (although I do note incorrect info if/when I know it’s not factual because I only deal in facts), so what in the world are you talking about?

If you mean the one she wrote about us; since everything she wrote was “info” gotten from Michelle and Romney and we turned in all of our information to authorities when we were investigated, and we were exonerated, why would I mention a blog post that was not factual on many/most points?

That would be silly, right?

I would have been happy to speak to Shedrow, but I don’t deal with people that don’t identify themselves when we’re dealing with important information. I think it keeps people more honest when we know who we’re speaking with…..wouldn’t you agree Marty?

We do mention Shedrow in our book if I remember correctly, and not in a negative way, because even though they wrote non-factual stuff about us, by the time they engaged in May 2017 regarding HiCaliber, our concerns regarding the illegal shootings of horses at HiCaliber had been out in the public for 9+ months, more and more people were speaking up, with many more gaining courage in numbers and they were ready to speak up too. IOW, info could be fact checked through multiple people that had been burned by HiCaliber, in addition to those people we’d been in contact with since late-2013.

Now tell me Marty, are you another true believer, horse-hating, enabler follower of HiCaliber’s? You should be ashamed of yourself.

Animal Owners Under Attack is a book written by Laura and Rick Bell. They have been evidently at odds with HiCaliber Horse Rescue founders Michelle Knutilla and Romney Snyder.

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  • This is really pathetic. I can’t believe you drug the Bells up from the cellar. You made her the happiest woman on earth. She lives for these fights. She will go for hours upon hours, trying to prove that she is the smartest in every room. Been there, done that. Get a new source. The Bells are just as guilty as MK. And an FYI, everyone that speaks against them on this blog will be getting sued. LOL, right Laura?

  • Thanks for nothing Frank. There are serious abuses here. Fraud, neglect, even torture. You can continue playing with Laura Bell. You have lost all credibility. You are obviously after hits and not the truth.

  • Dear Laura Bell,
    I have no issue using my real name.
    Barbara Benson aka MN aka Hollywood Mole aka Blue Bottle lady (I know you read Shedrow, so, that is who I am)
    Small minded, nasty and petty ?
    Alright then.
    Maybe you and Frank should do their homework.
    See, Laura, one thing I am not (but you are and it is documented), is a horse abuser.
    You and your lovely husband should crawl back under the rock you came from, as you have no clue to who I am and what I do.
    I do know who you are though.
    Teaming up with you is embarrassing at best and all credibility on this page is just gone, if there ever was any.

    • In the meantime, the animals suffer at the hands of insane rescuers. Where is the justice for the sentient beings at the hands of bad rescuers. Where are the authorities and why don’t they have the power or will to protect the animals.

    • OK Barbara, are you really one of the true believer followers who helped enable michelles illegal killing via bullet of over 200 horses? Nothing to be proud of Barbie when groupie enablers facilitated so many innocent horses dying while michelle & company were living the highlife on the donor dollars.
      And then theres their disappearing of 100s more horses that were supposed to be “safe in rescue”. Do you have any idea, or even care where horses have disappeared to since late-2013? I know MANY people who have been asking questions about that for over 5 years, but michelle could always rely on people like you to run interference for her (you’re still doing it, which is really twisted in my opinion). I understand why you’re feeling guilty because you were snookered and like many people you just don’t want to admit you were used.

      And where is it ‘documented’ that I’m an abuser? In your ignorant 8th grader mind? Or let me guess, michelle told you. You’ll be able to bring factual evidence with you when I see you, correct? Great! LOL

      And contrary to spoiled, rich enablers, we’ve continued to work in order to care for many horses that the likes of hicaliber followers would have thought it was just dandy for michelle to execute with a bullet (or two, or…..), so I’ll have to pass on the crawling under a rock-thing sweetie. See you soon. LOL

      • You are adorable, dear Laura.
        Cute. Really.
        Also. For you. Barbara. I don’t think you know me well enough to have pet names for me.

        The starvation, exploitation and scam operation you and your husband ran is well documented.
        I mean. Everyone in advocacy has heard of Starlight. Wasn’t really much of a sanctuary for the horses.
        I am happy to provide links for you.
        Although I am sure you don’t need them.
        Wonder if your lawyer is out of prison by now.
        What was it again? Drug charges ? I am too lazy to google.

        I also don’t engage with the deranged, like yourself. So don’t bother to reply.
        I mean you can , but I am done. With you and your disillusions.

        I am going to answer some of your burning questions.
        * I sure as hell know what happened to the horses. It is happening in my backyard. Not yours. Where exactly are you hiding these days?
        * If you for one second think, I donated or got “ snookered” in, you are a bigger moron, than I thought.
        But hey. Always something to learn.
        * And just between you and I. I tell you a secret. I might have had a hand in getting horses out of there and into safe homes.
        Might. You know. Maybe. Maybe not.

        So. Laura. Take your crayons and go back into your sandbox. Looks like Frank is willing to play with you.

        Good luck with your book sales.

      • BB is not a HCHR fan LMAO How can you trust any conclusions you come to, Laura, when you managed to miss that? Just because someone doesn’t like you, doesn’t mean they are village idiots.

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