Epstein: A Pedophile’s Tale, in Three Acts [Act 2] Investigations by the FBI

Paul Serran’s excellent “A Pedophile’s Tale, in Three Acts” serves as a primer for Jeffrey Epstein.  It covers the background behind the federal prosecution of arguably the world’s most famous sex perv. 

Epstein: A Pedophile’s Tale, in Three Acts [Act 1]


Paul Serran is a journalist, writer, and musician. He lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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By Paul Serran

Act Two: the Epstein Investigations by the FBI

In Florida, back in 2007, delays to the Epstein’s trial were caused by the Federal probe, and also by a Plea Deal in the making.


As we can see in the HEAVILY redacted material from the FBI Vault, FBI was actively conducting an investigation, following leads, making interviews etc.
The jury trial was about to begin in Florida.
And the Civil suits are beginning to line up.
Soon, the lawsuits were multiplying.
Finally, the news break: Jeffrey Epstein had pleaded guilty.
 While this seems like a good thing, wait until you get to know the details of this “sweetheart deal”.
Some of the terms: 18 months in Jail (actually 13, and he left jail to work), plus one year House Arrest. He will be registered as a sex-offender for life.
BUT: the Feds agreed to drop their investigation on him. This was BAD.
 The Palm Beach Post immediately detected how unfair the deal was to the victims.
Soon the calls started for the deal to be quashed.
The details of his jail privileges keep pouring out.
 By that moment, 12 suits against him were ongoing.
 Continued calls – if not for the quashing of the deal, at least for the disclosure of the details of the deal.
The `Palm Beach Post joins the fight for the release of the “highly unusual” and “unprecedented” agreement.
Meanwhile, Epstein’s team fights the suits with its characteristic brutality.
 Former Epstein’s employee is charged with obstruction of Justice, for withholding information that could have altered the fate of the case.

End of Act two.

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