Criticizing Epstein, Wexner or Bronfmans Is Not Anti-Semitic

Les Wexner & Jeffrey Epstein

A writer who uses the moniker Jane Rose raises a question that should be answered.  First, I will publish Jane Rose’s comment, then I will give my answer.

Her comment originally appeared on the op-ed article Were Wexner and Epstein Working Together to Blackmail for a Good Cause?

By Jane Rose

Once again, Mr. Parlato, you have given a forum on your blog for a conspiracy theorist to publish the most wild, false, unsubstantiated and anti-Semitic allegations.

Where is even a shred of evidence cited by this author? Given your sole editorial discretion to print or not print any article on your blog, what is your responsibility in giving this kind of calumny a public airing? The answer is, the buck stops with you, so shame on you. You bear sole responsibility.

As to the specific allegations, this is classic guilt by association: because Mr. Wexner apparently had a close friendship and business relationship with Mr. Epstein, he must, therefore, be /blackmailing politicians. What? That’s a big leap.

Cite even one piece of evidence. You can’t. And the author doesn’t. The article is also guilty of raising the classic anti-Semitic trope of a Jewish cabal a la the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, the fictional anti-Semitic publication of the 1920s which falsely purported that wealthy Jews were engaging in a secret, evil conspiracy or plot to manipulate world events. Tsk Tsk.

The world saw where that kind of hatred led less than 20 years later with Hitler.

The reason that the United States of America supports Israel is that Israel is the ONLY democracy in the mid-east and a staunch and strategic ally of the United States. It doesn’t take any more analysis than that to explain the United States’ support for Israel. The relationship between the two countries is not based on “blackmail” as this author purports.

Mr. Parlato, for all the good work you have done in exposing the charlatan Keith Raniere, you, unfortunately, continue to repeatedly give a forum to anti-Semites. You have repeatedly maligned the deceased Edgar Bronfman (Clare’s father) who was the ONLY person with a high profile who 15 years ago very publicly and boldly stated about NXIVM “I think it is a cult’.

And for that statement, he paid a high price: It gave fodder for Raniere to turn his daughters against him, to the degree of one daughter allegedly spying on him by spyware. Despite his integrity in speaking out, you have allowed all kinds of conspiracy theories to be published on your blog about Mr. Bronfman, including one author who accused him of “criminal activities” because his father was apparently a bootlegger.

P.S. Edgar Bronfman was four years old when Prohibition ended.

Do you suppose that at the age of three or 4, he was running a “criminal enterprise”? The same author implied that the Bronfmans and another wealthy Jewish family, the Rothchilds, founded a secret group, the “Illuminati” that engaged in “human sacrifice.”

Mr. Bronfman can not defend himself from these wild and false accusations from the grave. Again, shame on you.

What is your motivation in publishing this kind of material? Is it just for more ”clicks”? Or, do you agree with the authors? What are your own feelings towards people of the Jewish faith? Are you a “hater”? Are you an anti-Semite? If not, why flame the fans of hate? One must wonder. What say you, Mr. Parlato??


Here is my response to Jane Rose:

An opinion editorial, Were Wexner and Epstein Working Together to Blackmail for a Good Cause?, suggests that Wexner “might” be a member of the “mega-group – a group of wealthy Jewish-American businessmen who strongly supported Israeli causes and lobbied American politicians to do the same.”

The author admits this a “conspiracy theory” – dating back to the 1990s.

The author posits that, in light of the Epstein scandal and Wexner’s strange involvement with the noted perv, that the 90s conspiracy theory might have some basis in truth. The author points out – and I will reiterate – it was stated in an opinion piece – that the peculiar relationship between Wexner and Epstein might be explained by something other than the current and widely assumed conspiracy theory that Epstein was blackmailing Wexner because he had evidence of statutory rape, etc., possibly set up by Epstein.

The author suggests it is possible that instead of Epstein blackmailing Wexner, the two men might be working in tandem, blackmailing others, possibly in support of some deep-state organized Israeli-based causes.

Keep in mind that it has been widely suggested on other websites that Epstein might be an Israeli intelligence agent who used statutory rape blackmail as part of his bag of tricks, which was handy since he himself seems to favor statutory rape [or sexual contact] with girls under the age of consent for his personal entertainment.

The author also says Wexner isn’t senile, as some have suggested, as the reason for his seemingly extraordinary financial relationship with Epstein.

Leslie Wexner and Jeffrey Epstein have an extremely curious relationship. Probing that relationship is not anti-Semitic.

The author asks for a continuing investigating into Wexner’s involvement with Epstein. And concluded “Let’s see if those “conspiracy theory” folks were right back in the 1990’s”.

The reason I published the opinion piece is that he does not say the “conspiracy theory” is true, he merely says let’s investigate.

Compared to the potential “calumny” already heaped on Wexner by the NY Times and other media, I cannot agree that “giving this kind of calumny a public airing” is necessarily wrong.

I also do not see where the author mentions anything about, “the classic anti-Semitic trope of a Jewish cabal a la the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’, the fictional anti-Semitic publication of the 1920s which falsely purported that wealthy Jews were engaging in a secret, evil conspiracy or plot to manipulate world events.”

I think that is a bit of a reach on your part, Jane Rose, although that is a well-known conspiracy theory. I have never supported this conspiracy, but I have noted that Raniere has used this theory to deflect from his swindling of the Bronfman sisters and other dupes he was cheating.

I do agree in large part with your statement that, “The reason that the United States of America supports Israel is that Israel is the ONLY democracy in the Mideast and a staunch and strategic ally of the United States.”

I do not believe the author ever said the “relationship between the two countries is based on ‘blackmail'” Nor do I believe that myself.

I fully, 100 percent endorse the USA’s support and strong alliance with Israel because it is the one bastion of freedom in a largely tyrannical region. While I appreciate the beauties of Islam, it’s lack of separation of religion and government, wherever it seems to thrive, and hold a majority of the people in a given country, makes it problematic for lovers of human freedom.

It is a shame that the Koran has been so widely misused. But this has been the case with fanatics of other religions too.  What makes Islam unique is that in every nation where it holds the majority, the leaders wish to impose their view of the religion and their desired rules on the populace without regard to human freedom by the use of force. Not unlike the worst of communist countries.

In my opinion, Israel has the complete right to exist and thrive and must exist as a strong and independent nation amid the numerous anti-freedom Muslim nations and despite the fact that its all of it enemies – surrounding it – some of whom we have made rich through our dependence on their oil – would gladly seek to destroy it and eliminate Israel in as ruthless a manner as Hitler did to all the Jews in his path 90 years ago.

The desire to destroy Israel is a threat to humanity.

I also feel that if we lost the contributions made to the world by Jews, the world would be immeasurably poorer. If I had to guess which race or tribe or religion on earth has enriched the world all out of proportion to their numbers,  I would name the Jews.

However, that does not mean that there never can be a Jew that ever did anything wrong.

Calling old Sam Bronfman a criminal is not quite the same as calling his son Edgar Bronfman, Sr. a criminal.

I disagree completely with you that because I criticize the Bronfmans or their family’s original source of money, that I am an anti-Semite. You also falsely write that I have “repeatedly maligned the deceased Edgar Bronfman.” I would like you to show me an instance of that.

I have not, as I recall, ever maligned Edgar Bronfman Sr. In fact, I am very sorry that he went to his grave feeling the pain and suffering and perhaps the prescience of their peril – that his evil, stupid daughters caused him.

However, I stand by my earlier statements, that the original Bronfman family fortune – created by Sam Bronfman [not Edgar] – was based on bootlegging and criminal activities, not excluding murder and most likely the sale and/or importation of drugs. [I do not think bootlegging in and of itself is criminal. What was a crime – against human dignity and freedom – was the making of alcohol, a beverage enjoyed by humanity for untold thousands of years, a crime in this so-called land of the free. It thankfully had to be repealed by the jury in this country – as a thousand juries nullified the law by refusing to convict people who sold or used alcohol.]

However, I don’t think calling old Sam Bronfman a bootlegger or even a criminal is anti-Semitic.

I believe it is fair to say the Kennedy family fortune was based on Joseph Kennedy’s similar activities – bootlegging and true crimes –  though I don’t blame Jack Kennedy and I don’t think it is anti-Catholic to say it.

Finally, you ask, “What are your own feelings towards people of the Jewish faith? Are you a ‘hater’? Are you an anti-Semite?”

No, Jane Rose, I am not. Merely allowing an author to suggest an alternative theory of alliance between the odious Jeffrey Epstein and the uber-wealthy Leslie Wexner – or suggesting that the origins of the Bronfman fortune were rooted in crime – does not mean I am anti -Semitic.

Is it possible that you are overly sensitive or are you trying to make an issue where there is none?*

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  • I have been to Seattle and every fortune was made by alcohol, prostitution and that’s it. Go to the underground city and check it out. And BTW starting a discussion on this blog about Judaism… really???? What’s next??? Jenny craig? Cmon give this blog the seriousness it had and focus on ndny and what it will bring ahead.

    • Don’t even bother to address the antisemitic smear. Follow the evidence. If it leads to jews as the core power players? Tough. Let them prove otherwise. We must stop giving credence to this universal crime shield ‘antisemite’ bull and STAND UP for the TRUTH. Let these cowards find another get-home-free card to play. The pivotal key to their getting away with swindling and destroying America? WE LET THEM. We should be banding together and suing THEIR asses off for fraud. Start w/ Fed Reserve-IRS and its utter illegality.

  • A P.S. Interesting how Mr. Parlato’s article has brought the haters out of the woodwork. Since I last posted a comment to this article, several comments have been made which beg a further response. “Anonymous” #1 implies Israel is not a democracy because it bulldozes Palestinian homes…too bad that he/she fails to note that homes that are bulldozed are either (1) harboring terrorists or, (2) built illegally and taken down subject to proper legal process; He/she also extolls how wonderful Assad is to his people. Yeah, President Assad is a really great guy: he murders his own citizens, innocent men, women and children with mustard gas and chemical weapons. Tortures people who speak out against him. Anonymous #2 ’s comments are interesting. While conceding that Arabs are represented in the Israeli Knesset (parliament) i.e. he concedes that they are democratically represented, he purports that Israel Arabs are second class citizens…..why don’t you ask the Druze Arabs who live in Israel if they feel they are second class….they proudly serve in the Israeli army. Israeli Arab citizens have the most freedoms and rights of any Arabs in the middle-east: by law, and in fact, they have the same rights and freedoms as Jews in Israel. How do you think the Jews living in Arab countries were treated, by comparison? So well, that nearly all of them have fled for their lives to Israel.

  • Bravo, Frank! Excellent response to a knee-jerk, false and really slanderous accusation.

    What a foul attempt to spread hate and hide behind this hateful “anti-Semite” shield Keith RUN – EERIE, ET AL and YET AL still uses against the Jewish Girls (especially) he always despised — starting with those from his Yiddish hometown of Suffern, NY in the US to the Albany-lured, Sephardic sisters among the “elite” of Mexico…

  • Mr. Parlato,

    You have eloquently, and I believe sincerely, clarified that you yourself do not harbor anti-semitic feelings. And for that I am relieved, as I otherwise admire all you have done to put the menace that is Keith Raniere in a place where he can not hurt others again.

    Nevertheless, I still take issue with several things that you stated in your reply. Let me number them for my own organization:

    1. Your reply to my comment is entitled “Criticizing Epstein, Wexner or Bronfmans is Not Anti-Semitic.” This is an eye-catching, but misleading headline, for nowhere in my comment did I say that criticizing anyone who is Jewish for their individual failings, misconduct or certainly criminality is anti-semitic. We Jews (yes, I am Jewish) have our “bad apples” just like every other religious, ethnic or minority group on the planet. And when someone Jewish breaks the law, or acts unethically or immorally, they must be held to account just like anyone else. I would be the last to say otherwise. Agreed that Jeffrey Epstein is “odious”, and I would add pathological and criminal. So, to be clear, that is not what I take issue with. Rather, the “opinion piece”, without even a scintilla of evidence, posits the possibility that two members of the Mega Group, “a group of wealthy Jewish-American businessmen” have been blackmailing public officials for the benefit of Israel. That is a very serious accusation to make, particularly as to Mr. Wexner who stands accused of nothing, and certainly one that should not be made without at least some evidence to back it up. I don’t think it takes you off the hook to simply say “The author suggests it is possible that…..”. Again, the author simply engages in pure speculation and guilt by association. Reputable media would never publish that kind of piece without some evidence to support it. I have noticed that you now consider yourself an investigative journalist. I think you could be successful at it. But to be a journalist, you have to abide by journalistic ethics. This means publishing facts substantiated by multiple reliable sources and evidence, not merely repeating scurrilous material found on conspiracy theory websites. And not fantastical false claims whose only source is in the mind of the author (see point 2. below). I understand that you did not write the piece. But you published it, and there have been similar articles on your website in the past, and this is what made me question where you are coming from, and by publishing it without comment, you may be understood to at the very least believe it has some merit.

    2. Second, claims that smack of a “Jewish Conspiracy”, particularly involving wealthy Jews, are in fact an old anti-semitic canard, centuries old in fact. This is a theme that was used to justify murderous pograms (sadistic and deadly attacks against innocent men, woman and children of the Jewish faith) in the old Russian Empire, and was certainly employed to maximum devastating advantage by Hitler. The piece by “Jeff Bacon” (an interesting choice of moniker, assuming it is one), plays off of that same theme of a nefarious Jewish conspiracy. Similarly, the article you published on December 8, 2018 by a “Jamo Lorswal” implied that the Bronfmans and Rothchilds (i.e. wealthy Jews) engaged in “human sacrifice” and that the Rothchilds held a ball in 1972 “photos of which show “referenced to cannibal dishes.’” Mr. Parlato, this is all too reminiscent not only of the Jewish conspiracy canard (of which the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are but one example), but also the anti-semitic “blood libel” canard, i.e. the claim that Jews killed non-Jewish children and made matzahs with their blood. Perhaps you are not familiar with these infamous anti-semitic libels, but it would be interesting and worthwhile to google them. You might then better understand why most Jewish people would read this kind of thing and take great exception to it. And I do recall that I was not the only reader of your blog who made a comment that Mr. Lorswal’s (cuckoo) article was in fact anti-semitic in its content.

    3. Perhaps you’ve forgotten, but Mr. Lorswal, in his anti-semitic conspiracy piece also (falsely) stated that “Edgar Bronfman” was “involved in criminal activities” and “hid behind philanthropy.” If that is not attacking Mr. Bronfman, then I am missing something. Granted, Edgar’s father Samuel Bronfman was apparently involved during Prohibition in illegally importing into the U.S. the liquor that he legally manufactured in Canada. I am sure he dealt with some rough characters….criminals….the underworld… the chain of distribution into the U.S. Does that make him a murderer? You’ve leveled this charge. I googled his name and nowhere did I read that he was ever charged with murder or anything of the sort. Where do you get this from? I’d be interested to read a fact based article from you on this specific point (i.e. murder). In any event, I hope you do not believe that the “sins of the fathers” must be vested upon their children.

    4. Bottom line: respectfully, I believe you are capable of better than this and that you can hold yourself to a higher journalistic standard. I look forward to continued interesting reading on your blog. Keith Raniere will be but a small footnote in history in the end, as much of a menace as he was to those who unfortunately fell into his orbit. The much more significant story, which I know you are pursuing, is: how was this rascal allowed to get away with his misdeeds for as long as he did? Keep shining the light on this question.

    p.s. Thank you for correcting my several typos in my last comment. I should have better proofed my comment.

  • Israel is the only democracy in the middle east? And they bulldoze the houses of those who are unfortunate enough to live in Palestine? Syrian President Assad and his wife can walk around in public with people pressing up against them ….maybe it is because Syria has free health care, free higher education, no national debt, 100% literacy rate, and retirement for men is 55 and women 50. Maybe not a democracy, but it would be nice to have some benefits from our tax dollars like they have. And the evil dictator Gaddafi………take a look at the benefits his people had under him…..they are being sold as slaves now that we bombed them for democracy…..(Evil dictators must be sharing oil wealth?)

    • Were is your Vatican and all the protection for Christians around the world? The Vatican supports leftists like Maduro. He has all his money at their bank, also Kirchner, Evo Morales and your lovely leftist osama, sorry I meant Obama. Kudos for the catholic Vatican and all it’s been doing for the world. Ohh and p.s. lots of priests like Keith and the others ROFL maybe he learned it at church??? Yeah but blame it on Israel and the Jews it’s easier right?

  • How is Israel a democracy? It is repeatedly classified as Jewish state. It’s only a “democracy among the Jews”. While some Arabs may participate in the Knesset they are a tiny, insignificant minority, and Palestinians are treated like second class citizens. It is a democracy in name only, a term repeated constantly to ingrain in people the idea that it is actually one.

      • You’ve obviously never been to cites like Dubai.

        There’s many cities in the oil rich Middle Eastern countries like Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, and even Saudi Arabia where it is clean and safe, and Westerners live comfortably with servants, drivers, large houses, and do so tax free. Even in Iraq pre-911 under Saddam Hussein, they lived like this. Many live there for several years saving their money and come back to America or Europe and pay cash for houses back home. Some stay. When I visited Dubai fifteen or sixteen years ago, I met a white surfer guy from California who was married to a Lebanese woman and had been living there for over a decade and he really liked it there. He was a salesperson at a tile store and he said he lived in a house the size of which and had the amenities that he could never afford back home.

        Get that southern state ignorance out of your head.

  • Bravo, Frank!
    Your reply deserves a round of applause.
    The only quibble that I have concerns the part where you state “It is a shame that the Koran has been so widely misused.” I don’t know if I could describe it as misused. Perhaps abused or taken advantage of would be more accurate. Extreme Islamist groups read exactly the same words in the Quran and other Islamic texts as ordinary Muslims. I believe their argument seems to be that they follow the book implicitly and that the ordinary Muslims are less religious because they ignore the many bloodthirsty passages of the Quran. The Bible can be bloodthirsty too but how many Christians would follow all of its teachings? The world has moved on since these religions were founded but unfortunately, some followers have not. How many young idiots went to join IS, not for their faith but simply because they could kill and commit sex crimes with impunity?

  • I simply try to state what people have done or are accused of doing without talking about their ethnic background.
    Although Jewish people are reputed to be smart I must say that the Bronfmans, the Salzmans and Pam Cafritz are particularly dumb.
    And its an inescapable truth that Wexner and Epstein are Jewish.
    Basically all human beings have rights because they are human beings not because of their ethnic or religious group.

    • But you only identify certain people by ethnic and religious background. Why just those particular groups?

      What about Raniere’s apparently French surname, for instance? Has anyone ever remarked on that, or the characteristics and connections it might imply?

      • Raniere is actually Italian.
        But you should note that I have never really made a point of the ethnic/religious background of the Bronfmans and Salzmans.
        There is so much more to attack them on.

        And I suppose most Jews are ashamed to see them as co-religionists.

      • AnnoyMaker,

        Good luck trying to appeal to the Frankreport Whack Pack crowd with llogic.

        Most Frankreport readers are normal people from a mix of backgrounds. Not so with the Frankreport’s Whack Pack commenter’s group.

        Rationality is an aberration for the Wackos of the Frankreport.

        Mary is their queen.

        Side note:

        Dear Mary &Anonymous

        Not all Jews are Zionists. Over 10,000 Jews currently live in Iran and have done so for-over 40 years plus. Thie group of Jews could leave anytime they wish.

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