From Richard Branson to the Rat — MK10ART Helps Expose Nxivm [Rat Please Call Me]

The more I see of MK10ART’s work on Nxivm, the more I think she captures the scenes better than actualy photographs.

Here is some of her latest work.

See all of MK10ART’s works on Instagram

As readers know, Richard Branson endorsed Nxivm and that endorsement appeared online for nearly 10 years on the website of one of Clare and Sara Bronfman’s foundations, the


Keith Raniere in the pokey. Long days, longer nights.

Keith Raniere in the pokey. Long days, longer nights.

Where is Nicki Clyne and why isn’t she standing by her spouse Allison Mack?” asks a writer. Allisonmack (left) and Nicki Clyne (right) both actresses quit their lucrative careers to serve Nxivm cult leader Keith Raniere and slept with him multiple times. Allison even married Nicki (a Canadian national) so she could stay in the US with the Nxivm cult.


Mexican national Daniela was set to attend a prestigious Swiss High School on a scholarship when her parents gave her the NXIVM 16-day Intensive as a going away present…. She was even taught that Keith Raniere, the smartest man in the word, had come up with a mathematical formula for the End Times

Raniere with the help of Lauren Salzman kept Daniela imprisoned in a room for 100 weeks.

One of the many things Vanguard aka Keith Raniere will miss this August is Mexican national Emiliano Salinas singing him ‘Happy Birthday” in a Latinized version.

He can still watch it on youtube here

Maybe some of the Latinos at MDC may sing Happy Birthday to Keith Raniere or “Reñero” [Re-ñero] as he is known by in the Spanish speaking community. It is a play with words as Raniere and Reñero sound similar.

Reñero means “many ugly things together.” Ñero means you are obnoxious, vulgar, uneducated, mean and an A-hole. ‘Re’ is a prefix meaning ‘very/real/really.’

So ‘Re-ñero’ means ‘really, really-ñero’ .

Ñero is a quite bad word, and Raniere is quite a bad man.

Si, it is fitting that his new nickname in Mexico: Keith Reñero.

#jeffreyepstein was denied bail. Like the #mayflowermadame #heidifleiss #Nxivm #keithraniere #ClareBronfman Epstein has many rich + powerful people in his contact list. Will they help him get out or see that he doesn’t survive long enough to expose their sordid lifestyles?

Does Nicki Clyne realize that she will henceforth only be known as a former sex slave of convicted felon, deranged psychopath Keith Raniere? And that one day they will make a movie about Nxivm where a younger, more talented and better looking actress will portray her?

Nicki Clyne, acting as an agent for a company called Stinka LLC, [great name by the way] purchased a house at 9 Milltowne Drive in Clifton Park.

This house was intended to be used as a DOS sorority house and was to include a dungeon for the unruly, misbehaving sex slaves.

Allison Mack: The Gruesome Details of a Sex Slave Master – Part I “So, let’s see what we’ve learned so far about Allison Mack.

She’s an actor who walked away from her career in order to become involved with Keith Raniere and his Rational Inquiry™ training program.

She started a new program to train wannabe actors called “The Source”. She responded to a potentially suicidal woman by recruiting her to become a member of DOS.

She threatened to release Nicole’s initial collateral when Nicole announced that she wanted to quit DOS.

And she targeted Nicole to be another of Keith Raniere’s sexual conquests.”


The biggest mystery of Nxivm; How Keith Raniere, a man that looked like this, with an average IQ, fooled so many people for decades and slept with hundreds of women.

Many people think the NXIVM story is dead but it’s not. The cult still runs under many followers of convicted felon Keith Raniere like Emiliano Salinas and Rosa Laura Junco


Sara Bronfman – completely untouched, living in France with her millions, and her booby husband, starting a new Rainbow Cultural child abuse experimental center, using Raniere’s techniques, but changing the name. And she gets off the hook? She is as guilty as Clare and was not even mentioned by the EDNY as part of his inner circle.

Keith Raniere and Dr. Brandon Porter share an experience. It is not very well known to those who were not at V-Week-2016 – but hundreds of NXIVM students know it was real.

At V-Week 2016, an illness struck the students.

It was after Promotions and into the second week, when almost everyone got some kind of illness. It appeared to be food poisoning. Or perhaps it was a strange flu. People began projectile vomiting and had diarrhea.

Parents gave it to their children. All the children got sick, and some of them passed it back again to their parents. All of Rainbow was wiped out. Even some of the Proctors got sick.

But Keith Raniere aka The Vanguard and Nancy Salzman a/k/a The Prefect and the “higher ups” did NOT get sick. Lauren Salzman and Emiliano Salinas, who had taken over the MC duties because Clare Bronfman was not there in 2016, seemed unfazed by the illness that seemed to spread everywhere.”

Something happened to Kristin Snyder. Maybe Keith Raniere is at the bottom of it. There are reports that Snyder said she was pregnant with Raniere’s child at the time of her disappearance.

Dear Rat, whoever you are, please come forward. My phone number is 716-990-5740. My email is I protect my sources. Your identity will remain secret. I want to know more about Gina Hutchinson and Kristin Snyder. Call anytime, day or night. I will be expecting to hear from you.


This last part is sincere.  Rat give me a call. I will protect your identity….

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  • I love the Mk10ART – it’s one of the best things about the Frank Report. It truly captures the sleazy essence – shudder – of KAR, the world’s smartest man.

  • Here is an article that talks about how police used IP addresses (eventually) to catch the real criminal….though the article is mainly about the botched police investigation, a vengeful narcissistic sociopath ex, and wrongful imprisonment.

  • Rat, if you’re reading this…

    Please be careful since I find it hard to believe that Frank Parlato would keep your identity/info secret from HH.

    Frank is friends with HH and I just don’t see him remaining silent when HH asks him to spill the beans.

    Be careful rat. Protect yourself.

    Before phoning Frank, make him sign a confidentiality agreement.

    • Hi Retard, we all know you that you ate loser having no life, spending all your time in front of your computer screen insulting HH. Capitalist very often produces parasite like you. But I think HH knows very well Rat’s identity. She even know her personaly before she tried to hide herself as the Rat. Go back to your mommy and take your meds man.

    • Cock,

      Are you HH’s ex husband,J.Apple? Or are you just a nasty POS – paid or unpaid, OBSESSED with kicking someone we all know is suffering her own set of difficult circs atm?

      Frank keeps all his sources secret and safe. This FR would not be the effective site it is, without that. Even your bullshit id is safe, lil’ cock.

      • Hi friend.

        Always good to see another newbie take the bait and get their panties in a twist.

        Do you ‘sit’, ‘bark’ and ‘roll over’ on command too? 🙂

        Sit Rover, sit. That’s a good lil’ doggie. 🙂

        • Cock,

          ….”Do you ‘sit’, ‘bark’ and ‘roll over’ on command too?” Bangkok.

          Bangkok summed up just a few of the commands he knows.

          Bangkok’s favorite is “doggie style”.

          Yes, Bangkok,, much like his station in life, is bottom.

  • “Where is Nicki Clyne and why isn’t she standing by her spouse Allison Mack?”

    As a matter of fact Nicki is standing by her spouse and still supports Allison.
    Nicki regularly posts on her private Instagram.
    She is up to 129 comments.


    129 posts
    389 following
    for fiends + framily
    in the absence of ego, there is only alter

    And writing as Yolanda Cortez Nicki Clyne had this to say:
    Yolanda Cortez
    July 31, 2019 at 1:05 pm
    Vanguard has failed us but Allison is our queen sent from above. Her light shines brighter than ever. Don’t listen to the lies of the media.

    “At V-Week 2016, an illness struck the students.

    It was after Promotions and into the second week, when almost everyone got some kind of illness. It appeared to be food poisoning. Or perhaps it was a strange flu. People began projectile vomiting and had diarrhea.”

    Maybe people got sick after hearing Allison Mack’s syrupy rendition of “I Love You More than You’ll Ever Know” in honor of the Vanguard.

    • Shadow, maybe you can make a new IG account and pretend to be a fan, and convince her to accept your request to follow….😄

      But If that doesnt work out, I’ve found that the “criminals” who use IG are fond of changing the settings from public to private constantly. At least the ones who I have experience with tend to do so, (especially after I mention it.)

      So come on ,Clicky, change your settings so we can see what’s going on!

      • LOL, there you go again talking about your experience with imaginary ‘criminals’ — who largely exist only in your own mind. Eh, Flowers? 🙂

        That’s why the RCMP’s Vancouver office has never found any of these supposed criminals that you keep reporting to them. That’s why the RCMP has likely refused to take your phone calls. 🙂

        Look Flowers… You’re simply too old for any criminal to give 2 shits about you.

        I seriously doubt that any criminals would stalk a nearly 50 year old paranoid cat lady who phones the RCMP monthly to report imaginary criminals.

        It sounds like you’re so desperate for attention that you ‘invent’ criminals and stalkers out of whole cloth, to make yourself sound more desirable than you likely are.

        Enough already. We’ve spent the last year hearing your criminal stories. Time to put that fairy tale to bed.

        • Lol, Bangerboy
          I only called RCMP twice, and mainly it was because I wanted them to check on the safety of one of these stalkers ( see what a nice person I am…)

          If you’re interested, that particular criminal (who did switch her IG to private a few montbs later) told police she had admitted herself to the psych ward at the Richmond hospital (where she claimed staff were using their cell phones to attack her with DEW’s 🤣)

          I don’t invent these crazy tales, Bangie, I only investigate them. And I gave Frank her name, too, in case he had heard anything about her.

        • Bangie, I forgot to add, this particular criminal is actually quite pretty…and so you might be interested in her, despite the fact that she’s a nutty cult45 member! Ask Frank for her name and send her a message. I hear she’s single.

          • Sounds to me like the tard is sweet on flowers and that flowers feels the same.
            Sounds like a match made in heaven.

      • “But If that doesnt work out, I’ve found that the “criminals” who use IG are fond of changing the settings from public to private constantly. At least the ones who I have experience with tend to do so, (especially after I mention it.)”

        Sounds like Flowers spends way too much time stalking IG accounts to know when the settings change. And who is the criminal?

        • So, you think monitoring criminal activity is a criminal activity itself? I’m quite positive the cops will not be showing up to arrest me for looking at a fake SM account that keeps posting fake BS.
          Not sure why Frank even posts abusive comments such as yours.

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