Source: NDNY Poised to Charge Raniere and Bronfman in November

The great and glorious Vanguard not only stripped Clare Bronfman of scores of millions of dollars, he stripped her of her clothing and made her wear a jockstrap. Lastly, he stripped her of her freedom. She is going to prison soon.

According to a source who is highly familiar with the investigation into Keith Alan Raniere and Clare Webb Bronfman, the Northern District of NY [NDNY] is planning to indict the two leaders of Nxivm.

Raniere and Bronfman may be charged as soon as November, the source said.

Charges will include the four charges that were dismissed in the Eastern District of NY [EDNY] because of jurisdiction. The crimes occurred in the NDNY.

These charges are:

Sexual Exploitation of a Child – [Camila] – Keith Raniere.

Sexual Exploitation of a Child – [Camila] — Keith Raniere

Possession Of Child Pornography – Keith Raniere [He possessed nude pictures of Camila when she was 15 years old.]

Conspiracy to Commit Identity Theft – Clare Bronfman and others.

Other crimes, including immigration fraud, tax evasion, additional racketeering charges, and various sex-related crimes are still under investigation. Other defendants, such as Emiliano Salinas, Sara Bronfman, and Rosa Laura Junco are considered potential targets.

While it makes little difference to Raniere, who likely faces a lengthy sentence for the charges he has already been convicted of, if he faces additional charges, it may make a substantial difference to the future of Clare Bronfman.

Sentencing guidelines for Bronfman are 21-24 months for her conviction in the EDNY. She also paid a $6 million fine. With the additional charge [or more charges], her prison time may double.

Judge Nicholas Garaufis has postponed sentencing dates for all the defendants. They were originally scheduled for July and September. There is no set date for sentencing.

Our source tells us that the judge plans to sentence them in late October or early November – and that the postponements were caused by delays in getting the “Pre-Sentencing Reports” from the U.S. Probation Department.

It is believed the judge plans to sentence them in this order:

  1. Nancy Salzman
  2. Kathy Russell
  3. Clare Bronfman
  4. Allison Mack
  5. Lauren Salzman
  6. Keith Alan Raniere

They will not all be sentenced on the same date.

While they await sentencing, all of them are under home arrest [some can go out by day] except Raniere who is still in custody at the Metropolitan Detention Center.

He has served 15 months of his sentence, awaiting trial, during the trial and post-conviction awaiting sentencing. By law, the minimum sentence he can get is 15 years for sex trafficking alone.

Our source tells us that Raniere will likely be held at MDC after sentencing until he is charged by the NDNY.

In terms of sentencing, the judge has great discretion.

The “Pre-Sentencing Reports” prepared by the U.S. Probation Department and letters sent to him [both pro and con from interested parties] and his own observations at trial can influence his sentencing decisions.

There are also sentencing guidelines which he is not bound to follow. Optics might also guide him.

His sentencing decisions will be highly publicized.

Judge Garaufis won’t be publicly criticized if he gives anyone a harsh sentence, but he might be condemned if he lets someone off with no prison time.

Can the judge let Lauren off with no prison time? She may be the most likely to avoid prison since she was a star witness for the prosecution.

Lauren will almost certainly get a lighter sentence than Allison Mack even though they both pleaded guilty to the same two crimes – racketeering and racketeering conspiracy.

My estimation of sentencing guidelines:

Clare: 21-24 months.

Kathy Russel: 6-12 months.

Lauren: 24-36 months.

Nancy 24 months.

Allison 36-48.

Raniere 40 years.

The judge might also decide to be lenient. Probation reports can give him justification for exercising leniency.

.I predict it will work like this.

The lighter the sentence for the women, the heavier the sentence for Raniere.

Since he will likely be sentenced last, we will make the following predictions:

If all the women get sentenced within their sentencing guidelines, Keith will get 30-40 years.

If the judge goes upward on the women sentencing them to longer prison sentences than the guidelines, Keith will get 40 years.

If he makes a downward departure and sentences the women to less than the guidelines – and particularly if any of the women are spared prison time – then the judge thinks they are victims of Raniere and his sentence for Raniere will be 50 – 70 years.

Raniere will be 59 on August 26, 2019.


For readers who are just now catching up with news on Raniere, Vanguard Week has been canceled this year at Silver Bay.

As one devotee said, “When I study the message of Keith Raniere, I seem to find his face hidden within the universe of the words themselves.”


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  • There is some reassurance here that Clare Bronfman might face some justice that will actually inconvenience her more than being sequestered in luxurious, personal surroundings followed by a slap on the wrist. From her actions, she has shown herself to be a brutal hoodlum who devoted herself to crime for many years. Do not try saying that she didn’t notice.

    Yet her potential sentence so far isn’t even equal to the amount of years that Bronfman has spent tormenting people. Study her actions and she’s a hard case, not just some lost, homely old debutante. She has earned more charges. She’s poison with two legs and lots of resources.

    It isn’t difficult to profile her in a category smack between Leona Helmsley and the more lethal Santé Kimes. Menace to Society.

    Gee, I wonder if Legatus has caught the drift of what’s been reported here about how much more squirming is waiting at the bottom of her Cracker Jack’s box, for becoming obsessed with a false idol. Keith Alan Raniere, for crying out loud! This dimwit broke an ancient covenant by accepting and fostering the most base kind of idolatry. She is likely to have no idea about that.

    Not to overlook others who might face charges, but probably some are not going to really get caught by the law. Some are going to make themselves unavailable. Some already have their lies in order. Scientology freaks, when caught out, wait awhile and rename, restructure whatever got caught and just keep going. This is especially evident in how the group deals with it’s fake drug rehab facilities, really used for recruitment and not to save anyone’s life.

    • Nancy Salzman needs to be indicted in the NDNY. PRONTO!

      RE: Nancy Salzman
      – Aiding & Abetting
      – Alien Smuggling
      – Bank Fraud
      – Blackmail
      – Bribery Of Elected Officials
      – Bribery Of Government Officials
      – Bribery Of Law Enforcement Officials
      – Bulk Cash Smuggling
      – Coercion
      – Computer Hacking
      – Computer Tampering
      – Computer Trespass
      – Conducting Unauthorized Scientific Experiments
      – Conspiracy
      – Criminal Facilitation
      – Criminal Mischief
      – Criminal Nuisance
      – Defamation
      – Defrauding the Government
      – Encouraging/Inducing Unauthorized Aliens To Enter
      – Extortion
      – Failure to Issue W-2 Forms and 1099 Forms
      – Failure to Report Income Paid to Consultants & Employees
      – Failure to Withhold & Pay Employer Taxes
      – False Advertising
      – Falsely Reporting Incidents To Law Enforcement Authorities
      – Falsifying Business Records
      – Falsifying Evidence
      – Filing False Affidavits
      – Filing False Business Records
      – Filing Falsified Visa Applications
      – Forcing Staff to Kick-back a Portion Of Their Wages
      – Fraud
      – Harassment
      – Hindering Prosecution
      – Illegally Accessing Personal Information
      – Larceny
      – Mail Fraud
      – Money Laundering
      – Obstructing Governmental Administration
      – Perjury
      – Practicing Therapy Without A License
      – Providing False Documentation to Immigrants to Allow Them to Obtain Visas
      – Reimbursing Staff for Mandated Political Contributions
      – Retaliation Against Whistleblowers
      – Retaliation Against Witnesses
      – Structuring Bank Transactions
      – Tampering with Private Communications
      – Tax Evasion
      – Tax Fraud
      – Wire Fraud
      – Wiretapping
      – Witness Tampering

      Stop giving these NXIVM clowns breaks.

      The DOJ acts like Raniere is the only criminal in NXIVM.

      • She’s very good at fading into the background, but she was in on everything.

        Raniere was in it for the ego trip and the sex, but Nancy was in it for the money.

        She was a much more powerful figure in NXIVM than most people think. She was the only one who knew how to manipulate Raniere to her advantage.

        She walked out of the courthouse with a smile on her face after pleading guilty, because she was thinking, “I got away with all the big stuff, and two years in prison is NOTHING.”

        After that she will buy one way ticket to the Côte d’Azur, which will include a short layover in Zurich on the way

        She’s the Gran With A Plan.

        • Any DOJ investigation and prosecution of the NXIVM defendants that does not cover all of their financial scams leaves the door wide open to the revival of this criminal gang and in the future, they will be more discrete and clever in hiding their crimes.

          No more putting blackmail photos in Dropbox for any government investigator to access.

          The idea that this whole case can be wrapped up in a year or two is pure wishful thinking.

          NXIVM is an international criminal gang.

          • If you look at it all from the corner of your eye, it appears that Raniere and Allison Mack, as guilty as they are, are also a couple of fall guys. Everybody else will only do enough time in prison to catch up on the Jane Austen novels they’ve been wanting to read.

            I hope the NDNY doesn’t let that happen.

          • Paul:
            If Raniere and Mack had controlled their baser impulses and refrained from the branding and torture and pedophilia, the NXIVM scams would still be going strong.

    • What’s to trust about Nancy Salzman? Not a single thing. And if American justice doesn’t put a stop to her, mother nature will do the rest. No doubt. If it isn’t real for her yet, who she has let herself become, her readjustment is only going to get deeper and steeper. At least now she’s has a criminal record following her.

  • “Other defendants, such as Emiliano Salinas, Sara Bronfman and Rosa Laura Junco are considered potential targets.”

    The real test of the government’s determination to destroy NXIVM is whether it brings charges against these people and others.

    For example, the US government in the new charges against Jeffrey Epstein in the SD NY argues that any plea deal in the SD Florida does not bind them in filing other charges in other Judicial districts against Epstein and his pimps.

    The same can be argued by the NDNY.
    New charges can be brought in the NDNY against ALL of the NXIVM defendants even if they were charged in the EDNY and cut plea deals.

    • I do not know if Emiliano Salinas will ever have a day of reckoning in any federal, state or local court in the United States.

      I do know that every time Frank Parlato publishes that photo of “Emi”, a Harvard graduate and the son of one of the most powerful men in Mexico, in his green shirt leading a line dance choreographed to entertain Vanprisonguard, I laugh my ass off.

      Ludwika, any time you are ready to be with a real man I am ready to play hide the enchilada.

  • I want the maximum penalty for all of them.
    Victims they are not. All were adults and could have walked away at any time.

    And then some.

    Personally I would like Keith crucified so he suffers immeasurably.

    I want a clear message sent to Bouchey and sny other NXIVM who wants to resurrect the “best parts” of this vile cult.

  • A most festive kickoff to the holiday season, and certain to boost holiday book sales for the aspiring NXIVM literatti.

    And a nice holiday gift for Nicki Clyne, too, because with all these folks out of the way, it should streamline her ascendancy to the throne and tidy up operations in a most efficient manner. How is it that she has emerged unscathed in all of this?

    • “And a nice holiday gift for Nicki Clyne, too, because with all these folks out of the way, it should streamline her ascendancy to the throne and tidy up operations in a most efficient manner. How is it that she has emerged unscathed in all of this?”

      Didn’t I say that Nicki Clyne might be the Smartest Woman in NXIVM?

      “Here is my frightening thought to disturb your late night dreams:

      I believe that Nicki Clyne is probably the smartest woman in NXIVM. She is a devious Machiavellian woman. Sometimes smart people act the fool to disarm their competition.

      Nicki Clyne knows how to act goofy when she is really three chess moves ahead of the competition.”

      • I think you are giving Nicki way too much credit. She was very lucky not to be charged first round. She may still get charged second round. And even if not, she’s still highly immersed in this cult and it’s teachings. She’s lost her acting life. If you look her up on the internet, she is shamed because she is part of the cult. So even if she gets off, her life won’t be good or the same. She’s just a mindless drone like many of the others. She’s really not smart.

        • I did not quite say that she is smart.
          One must read between the lines.

          “I believe that Nicki Clyne is probably the smartest woman in NXIVM.”

          I did not say that she is a candidate for Mensa.

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