Nixvm: The Rest of the Story

Keith addresses his devotees

A lot of people think the Nxivm story is dead. And maybe that is a good thing. For it will take some of the culprits unawares when I tell the rest of the story.

There are still a number of villains left in this saga that have yet to be exposed and prosecuted. And a couple of villains who were prosecuted but have not yet been fully punished.

Keith Raniere is finished. Sure. The leader of Nxivm is one of the worst scoundrels and one of the worst human beings ever, perhaps, to live.

As more comes out about him – and I have a lot more to tell – I think I can prove my assertion that he is indeed one of the worst of human beings. We haven’t even got to murder yet. [He has had people killed for his beliefs – and theirs, he said.]

Think about it. If Raniere had a few more Bronfman types, had his brutal master-slave plan for DOS succeeded, in his intent, how was he any better than a Hitler?

The only difference was his plans were thwarted. If he had succeeded. Had he more money and more brains and more Bronfmans and Salinas and more followers, mindless boobs, what would he have not done to humanity for his own self-aggrandizement?  If he had the power, what would he have done?

The Vanguard – Another splendid work of art by MK10ART.

Nxivm, had it expanded, would have been a vicious, frightening, Orwellian thing. Think of what he did to Cami, or Dani, or Gina Hutchinson in microcosm. Now imagine it on a grand scale.

Thankfully he was stopped. The EDNY stopped him, yes.  I and others exposed him.

I have much more to prove on that scoundrel. It probably won’t mean any more time in prison for the brutal rascal. But it will offer some lessons, so when we see his likes again [and there are others like him] we will quickly identify him or her and be on guard and take steps to prevent the growth of any cancer growing like him.

Nxivm should have been smothered in its infancy.

What is left to do is more than just exposing this singular villain, and his talent, his type of talent, the way he attracted various people, some good, and a lot of mixed up people, and some rotten ones too — that needs to be exposed.

MK10ART’s marvelous artwork of the Nxivm racketeers. Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack, Kathy Russell. There is more to say about them as they await sentencing.

We must expose the people, some of them now claiming to be heroes in this takedown of this sinister enterprise. Some of them are heroes, and some of them are posers, exaggerating their role, for glory and profit.  That too needs to be exposed.  The heroes to take their bows, and the fakers for their duplicity. No story like this can be complete if we don’t credit the heroes and expose the fake heroes.

There are a few – one woman in particular – but more than just one – who are wearing unearned medals like stolen valor.

Then there is the vast middle ground of Nxivm. Those who participated in the crimes of Nxivm, some knowingly, some not-so knowingly, and now want to be hidden. They don’t want their names to be mentioned. They want to disappear from the history book of Nxivm.

They come to me, one after another, and ask for one-sided favors. They want their names off this website that has recorded, in excruciating detail, the ugly history of Nxivm. Some of them had big roles. They supported the monster for years and his operations.

They want to be forgotten now. But history doesn’t work like that. They knew that Raniere and I were in the fight of our lives and happy enough to ignore all evidence of the truth. They knew he was hunting Kristin Keeffe – trying to destroy her. Lying about his child. Or planting evidence on John Tighe’s computer, or suing Barbara Bouchey or Susan Dones – their old friends. And they danced at Vanguard Week and cared not.

There was plenty of evidence. This needs to be explained. The type of person who can ignore all signs and notices – even from their own conscience and go on supporting a monster and his villainy. This type of person needs to be understood. How you could follow a monster and think he is all good, that he is a noble, saintly being?

There comes a time when even these will have to grow up. Weak little worms, male and female. Who had a hand in building Nxivm and waited until all the work of exposing the villain was done and would have been glad to remain with Raniere and Nxivm the rest of their days, but for the EDNY putting a stop to him.

Now they come to me, either directly or through their attorney, and ask me to take their names off this site. The same people who vilified me and called me a monster. The same people who supported the monster when he was trying to imprison me for the rest of my life.

And they offer nothing.  I ask them to help me expose the other criminals in this case. Or help me reveal the truth of various crimes still unsolved.  But they are too afraid. They are too much the little victim.

Raniere is in prison. That is where he will remain. But there is more to be done to finish Nxivm fully and I don’t care if cowards are outed. No help, no succor. Period.

Now, it is true, some people have come to offer help. And some have helped me immensely behind the scenes. And I protect my sources. Some of my sources, my best sources, I have taken down their names to protect them and to get the information and support I needed to do my work. I have done this for years.

But there is more to be exposed. I know not if the EDNY is finished with Nxivm. Or if the NDNY will ever get started.  But I am doing the work of an investigative journalist. There are more Nxivm crimes, serious crimes, some of them very grave, literally.

To those who have offered help, they will be protected. For the rest of Nxivm members, I have no interest in shielding you from your cowardice. Don’t bother to ask.  If you have nothing to offer, stop pestering me with requests to be taken off this website.

Unless you can demonstrate that something is untrue that is written here, don’t ask for a post to be taken down. So many have asked to have their names taken down, and I ask them, “Is it untrue?” and they say “no, it’s true. I just don’t want anybody Googling me and finding out I was in Nxivm.”

But you were in Nxivm. Either do something to expose the remaining villains and their crimes or leave me alone. Right now, I have a task to do and until it is done, I am offering refuge to none who offer no help.

Clare Bronfman, for example, faces a mere two years. And a tiny fine [for her] of 3 percent of her claimed net worth. For all the crimes she did  – and I am going to list some of them in subsequent posts – two years is hardly just punishment. She is a ticking time bomb. She is still in Nxivm. Still directing things. And once her time is up, she will blatantly go after people – unless she serves a lot longer than two years.

This varmint, by the way, is still suing me. Even after she was arrested – still pursuing me. She even hired Michael Avenatti to hound me – until he got arrested himself.

Clare and her sister Sara tried to put me in prison for the rest of my life – on lies, on total lies and fraud. You think it was a crime to alter a mere video in the Rick Ross civil lawsuit? That was just about money and the jury in the Raniere trial found that predicate act was proven as part of their racketeering.

How about the crime of perjury to put a man in prison? That’s ten times the crime. And it has not yet been charged against Clare and Sara Bronfman.

And I am just one of her victims. Consider all the people she hurt. Do you think for one minute that she is done? I am talking about real victims. She went to destroy people’s lives on false charges, put them in prison for decades? And she gets a mere two years? No. It’s not over.

She may have decided when to start the fight, but that doesn’t mean she gets to decide when to end it.

Then there is Sara Bronfman – completely untouched, living in France with her millions, and her booby husband, starting a new Rainbow Cultural child abuse experimental center, using Raniere’s techniques, but changing the name.  And she gets off the hook? She is as guilty as Clare and was not even mentioned by the EDNY as part of his inner circle.

Her crimes will be proven -one by one. She is not done. She is not sitting pretty. Maybe the EDNY and the NDNY may not want to touch her, but I intend to expose her.

This is the new phase. The first case is over. Now I have to make a new case and once again get the mainstream media interested in exposing crimes, and one of these is to see to it that Clare and Sara get charged for some of their uncharged crimes.

Then there is that ugly duo: Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt. They threatened to kill and imprison people. The dust has settled. Their leader is gone away. They think they can just apologize privately and get off scot free. It should not happen that way. I realize that Emiliano might ask his papa to arrange to silence me, but he has to be held to account for what he did.

Then there are the rich Mexicans still running Nxivm – Edgar Boone, Omar Boone, Jimena Garza, Loreta Garza, Carola Garza, [redacted] and others   – wealthy Mexicans who to this day have paid no price and continue to reap the windfall of the criminal enterprise.

Just the other day they threatened a source of mine so badly she feared for her life and was ready to flee Mexico. This must stop.

In the US, we have Esther Chiappone or, as she now goes by, Esther Carlson, running a new insurance racket – pyramid style – to fund the remaining Nxivm members up north, until they can get their act back together under a new name.  Jim Del Negro, Nicki Clyne, the Elliot brothers, Samantha LeBaron, Michele Hatchette, Danielle Roberts, Brandon Porter and a host of others. They’re not done. There are SOP meetings and readiness drills. And when the dust settles they will look to conduct human fright experiments and brand women again.

Dr. Antonia Novello, former NXIVM student.

True, both Roberts and Porter should hear any day now about their medical licenses, but I wouldn’t count on it being revoked. The NYS Department of Health was ‘infiltrated’ years ago by Nxivm, when Antonio Novello mandated that all aspiring DOH bureaucrats take Nxivm courses [at taxpayer expense].  Both of these physicians should lose their licenses. But don’t count on it.

They should at least be exposed. So that intelligent people can be careful about using their professional services. Why, if Dr. Roberts could, she would likely be branding your daughter tomorrow.

MK10RT – Your branding doctor.

As for Dr. Porter, whether it is human fright experiments, or failing to report epidemics which he might have a hand in creating, whether experimenting on cancer victims, fudging results on tests for children to support his master’s child experiments, or helping to figure out how to induce disease in an old, worthless harem member, this vile man should be known and understood for who he is.

He is a villain.

Mk10ART Dr. Brandon Porter and a subject of one of his ethical experiments.

Then there are others, whose names I won’t mention today, some of them public officials, who will be exposed, and hopefully charged for crimes they committed. Public figures, and public officers; lawyers for Nxivm. Officials in government and law enforcement in the Albany area, in Western New York, in California and Alaska.  They had curious roles. They need some daylight shone upon them.

Then there are the illegal marriages. The immigration fraud. The bulk cash smuggling. And more, serious crimes. Grave crimes literally. Deaths, suicides. Purported suicides. Swindles and extortion.

The first case touched the tip of the iceberg.  Only Raniere will be put away for any considerable time.  It was a good start.

In round one, of the Nxivm fight. We won.  There were a few who really did something: Kristin Keeffe, Catherine Oxenberg, Mark Vicente, Bonnie Piesse, Joe O’Hara, Sarah Edmondson, Susan Dones, and a couple of other ex -Nxvm members who helped behind the scenes.

And there are some who take large credit and did really little to nothing.  Some of them have completely exaggerated their roles in the actual takedown of Nxivm and under reported their roles in the creation of Nxivm. [I am not referring to Barbara Bouchey].  There are stories being told that do not represent the truth. I intend to expose that.

It is a wrong to close the book on Nxivm, with just someone telling made up stories about their role.

Or with just Raniere going to prison for life and some [but not all] of his coconspirators doing a few years of prison time.

Stay tuned.







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  • Why is the mini vanguard not charged or hardly even mentioned? James DelNegro is as evil a human as the rest. An evil chess piece waiting to make his next move. With his demonic grin. He fools everyone. Why you being a pussy? Are you scared of Del Negro?

  • “In round one, of the Nxivm fight. We won. There were a few who really did something: Kristin Keeffe, Catherine Oxenberg, Mark Vicente, Bonnie Piesse, Joe O’Hara, Sarah Edmondson, Susan Dones, and a couple of other ex -Nxvm members who helped behind the scenes.”

    How can you put the dirty names of Sarah Edmondson, Mark Vicente and Bonnie Piesse in the same category as those who were doing something about it YEARS ago?

    These three stayed loyal to the cult all through that. Only when they were personally affected did they leave and talk to the authorities to protect themselves. Susan Dones left in 2009. They left in 2017! Joe O’Hara even named Vicente and Edmondson’s cuck husband “Nippy” in his Feb 2012 lawsuit.

  • What I don’t understand is why bronfman ( I refuse to capitalize that name ) wasn’t charged with perjury. Unless I am missing something other than she is a ugly lying bully, could not the transcripts from the two trials where she contradicted herself (lied, committed perjury) be compared to prove she lied? Or is it not that simple?

    • You have to find a prosecutor interested in going after her. Part of Frank’s current lawsuit was dropped because of Bronfman’s (I’m going to capitalize the name for better readability) perjury.

    • Unlike Raniere’s clothes, prosecutions don’t just materialize on their own. You need investigators to pull together the relevant facts – and, most importantly, a prosecutor willing to indict and prosecute the guilty parties. The US Attorney’s Office for the Western District of New York is a lot more like the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of New York than the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York or the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York.

  • I keep seeing references on Frank Report (in this article and elsewhere) about ex-Nxians who are unfairly taking credit for the downfall of NXIVM, but I’m not seeing any names and a few quick Google searches are coming up empty, too.

    Who are these people who are out there publicly claiming that they helped bring down NXIVM when they actually didn’t? I’m not seeing a lot of ex-NXIANS doing the media rounds or anything.

    I guess I’ll have to keep tuning in to Frank Report to find out!

    Also, it’s been said before, but there were inner-circle NXIANS, there were coaches and those who weren’t ‘insiders’ but high in the ranks, and there were those that were just kinda garden-variety low-level NXIANS who stuck around for years, took the courses, and whatnot.

    And AT LEAST 90 percent of those people cheated on their taxes because that’s part of the curriculum, and it was easy to find lots of advice and mentoring from those who were more experienced in tax evasion.

    That was yet another way of keeping NXIANS from openly speaking negatively about the group. Who is going to run to the authorities when they have to implicate themselves as tax cheats?

    Susan Dones and Sarah Edmondson were able to speak without fear because they both claim that they always paid their taxes.

    • You are spot on with the name of the coffee house they frequented. Are they still there? I have heard they uncommonly went across the street…..

      • Not sure where they’re hanging out these days, as I moved from the area a couple of years ago. But yeah, not long ago, you could find at least 3-4 NXIANs at Mocha Lisa’s at any time of day, pretty much every day.

        • That is so unsettling! I’m local to the Clifton Park and Halfmoon era, and visit Mocha Lisas all of the time. I get shivers thinking about it! There is no connection between the owner of Mocha Lisa’s and NXIVM I hope.

  • Hopefully Kristin Keefe and her son are somewhere safe. If [name redacted] isn’t singing like a bird to state and federal officials, I hope she lives in fear of indictment every day. I also hope Brandon Porter and Danielle Roberts lose their licenses, neither is fit to practice medicine. They are terrorists. Neither has any concept of informed consent.
    I hope the MexNex crowd fears ever setting foot on US soil again. If Emi ended his father’s dreams of a dynasty, so be it. Hopefully Camila finally sees her worth and gets away from the MexNex crowd. Hopefully Mexican authorities will shut down the Rainbow Cultural Garden. It’s an experiment on children that has no basis in science or research.

    • I redacted the name mentioned in the comment for the simple reason that this individual is providing assistance to the cause of eliminating the scourge that is Nxivm.

  • While i really look forward to hearing more about these alleged crimes, I have to say that I think Frank is hyping it up a little to keep his readers interested. Afterall, if Frank has possession of evidence regarding additional crimes, why has he not presented the evidence to law enforcement?

    Frank, I really hope that your buddy Roger insn’t teaching you the tricks of his evil trade…

    Still, I know I’ll keep reading in hopes that Frank will be able to deliver on his promises.

  • Personally, I think you’re being foolish Frank.

    It’s one thing to take down a corrupt, immature group leader who is covertly practicing sexual predation within the greater body of a self-improvement organization.

    It’s quite another to revile, humiliate and socially ostracize 16,000 people who simply wished to learn more about life and make their existences more fulfilling and successful.

    I suspect many people laid low hoping you would stop the reign of terror on Nxivm after Raniere was convicted; that you’d let them get on with their lives.

    Now they have to face the fact that you’re coming after them for no better reason than they tried to improve themselves by attending some excruciatingly expensive classes.

    That’s going to backlash on the insiders who’ve been helping you – including the ones you’ve mentioned in your articles, – for drawing inductees into an organization that was detrimental to their reputations.

    Couldn’t you personally, also be assailed for creating a media environment of “guilt by association” where innocent people have their reputations and livelihoods ruined? God!

    And if just one of those 16,000 people who might be hurt, has a close family member with real financial or political power who takes up their cause, (which is entirely possible given the 6 degrees of separation model) you could easily lose control of the scandal. Then no one wins. Period.

    It’s a can of worms Frank. Personally, I’d just let it go.

  • This story is a breath of fresh air. Most of this article is exactly how I feel, particularly the part about hiding names of those who ask and didn’t raise a finger when they could have helped quite a bit (such as Park, as I stated in an earlier story) and those claiming more credit than they should. In fact, if more people came forward using their real names, we could overwhelm whatever NXIVM decides to do regarding harassment moving forward with the intimidation of shear numbers. This includes people making comments. Name those who trying to intimidate others as well. Expose ALL of them. Anyone who doesn’t want to use their real name should just shut up and communicate directly with Frank via email and/or telephone. If BB (or anyone else) wants to spout her side of the story, then she should answer the questions being asked as well.

    Here’s an oldie but goodie I tripped across, the first half is mainly about the main character of the story, the second half is mainly about NXIVM:

    Regarding Raniere killing people because of their beliefs, pages 25 and 26 of this document discusses that issue, and until more contrary evidence is provided refuting it, I consider Raniere a (physically) harmless wimp:

    • Scott – Page 25 – 28 of your second link is a lie. That is not what Keith was referring to when he said he’d had people killed. He’d been telling people for years that he’d had people killed – well before the documentary.

      Keith wanted people to be scared of him and to think that he’d had people killed. I’m not convinced that Raniere isn’t a harmless wimp. But I do know that he wanted people to think he had killed people and he’d do it again if you got in his way.

      I’d be willing to leave it here and move on – EXCEPT for the list of people close to Keith who have died under mysterious cricumstances and for him trying to lure his enemies to gruesome deaths in Mexico.

      • Here’s the vid if anyone is interested in hearing him say that. He states it at 7:03. The rest of the video is just him spitting out word salad nonsense….

  • I agree. If people were complicit then they remain gullty, even if persuaded into it by their cult. These were not people born into a cult and brought up in isolation. Even if aged 15 they had been on the outside world.

    • I wouldn’t go as young as 15, as they were still dependent on their parents, financially, physically, psychologically, emotionally, analytically, etc. I would draw the line at 18, as this is the legally recognized adult age.

  • To give one a flavor of the insidious reach of NXIVM just look at the three nations of North America:
    The United States
    and Mexico.

    In Canada Clare and Sara’s half cousin Stephen Bronfman is a major financier of the Liberal Party which has dominated Canada’s government since the 1930s.

    “Bronfman and his family came to prominence within Canada as key fundraisers for the Liberal Party of Canada. After the Panama Papers leak, many have questioned whether Bronfman has interfered with the work of government agencies such as the Canada Revenue Agency.”

    In the United States NXIVM has influence with New York’s Junior Senator Kristen Gillibrand, whose father worker for the cult and whose step-mother was once a member.
    And NXIVM’s Vanguard Pro Tempore Clare Bronfman, used NXIVM to funnel illegal campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Presidential campaign.

    In Mexico NXIVM numbers supporters from both the family of the ex-President Carlos Salinas and the ex-President Vicente Fox.
    Salinas is still a major force in Mexico’s long time dominant PRI party and Fox is a leader of Mexico’s rival PAN Party.
    Salinas also numbers the multi-billionaire Carlos Slim as a family friend.
    Slim is worth an estimated 70 billion dollars and owns TelMex, the Mexican phone system, as well as America Movil, the biggest cellphone company in Latin America.
    To top it off Carlos Slim owns an estimated 20% of the New York Times.
    Slim is also a friend of former US President Bill Clinton.

    Carlos Salinas is worth an estimated 17 billion dollars and has now reached the age of 71.
    In not too many years Salinas will pass the way of all flesh and reputedly two of his children are supporters of NXIVM.
    When Carlos passes away his two NXIVM children will each be billionaires.
    The Salinas family make the Bronfman sisters look like paupers.

    And the Salinas family has a history of brutality and violence against its enemies.
    Carlos Salinas’ brother Raul was indicted for murder.
    Raul Salinas has been implicated in both murder and money laundering.

    “In February 1995, Raúl Salinas was arrested and charged with masterminding the murder of José Francisco Ruiz Massieu, the deputy leader of the PRI ruling party. ”
    “In November 1995, Raúl Salinas’s wife, Paulina Castañón, and his brother-in-law, Antonio Castañón, were arrested in Geneva, Switzerland after attempting to withdraw $84 million USD from an account owned by Raúl under an alias. Their capture led to the unveiling of a vast fortune spread around the world and summing to hundreds of millions of dollars even though he never officially received an annual income of more than $190,000.”

    Alex Betancourt comes from a family prominent in Mexico’s banking industry as top figures in Banamex which was merged into America’s Citibank.
    Both Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt claim to have left NXIVM.
    Have they really left the cult or are they still working behind the scenes?
    Whilke thew heat is on Emiliano and Alex will play the game on the Down Low.
    But when they crawl out under their rocks NXIVM Mexico will have the financial resources to rebuild NXIVM across North America.

    Raniere made a big show of reading Ayn Rand’s works.
    Works that usually appeal to teen age boys of a Libertarian bent.

    To the extent that NXIVM had a political philosophy it appears to be more a form of Fascism or authoritarianism.
    Calling the leader a “Vanguard” sounds like the German Der Fuehrer or the Italian Il Duce.
    Week long birthday parties for the Vanguard that are more appropriate to North Korea than to a democratic country.
    The network of cameras to spy on people.
    The special telephones using the Telegram Operating System to avoid interception.
    The use of Orwellian language like “collateral” for blackmail material.
    All these NXIVM attributes give the movement a flavor of Fascism.

    And the icing on the cake is Raniere claiming that his followers were reincarnations of Hitler, Himmler, Goering, Heydrich, Lenin and other historical dictators complete the flavor of a cult that was and is really a threat to Democracy.

    The only thing that saved America from Vanguard Raniere was his own laziness, ignorance and sexual fetishes and the undisciplined sadistic nature of Raniere’s stupid followers.

    But that cult must be destroyed once and for all.
    Allowing the NXIVM cult to survive gives it the chance to metastasize and spread like the ugly cancer it is.,
    North America does not need Fascism.

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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