New Book on Trump Accuses Frank Parlato of Trying to Become Leader of Nxivm

I wanted to be the new Vanguard, according to author Anthony Todd Arnold.

His book, “Hoodwinked: An American Tragedy in the Era of Donald J. Trump” compares Trump’s alleged duplicity with the American people to my alleged efforts to take over Nxivm.

The author posits, just as Trump does to Americans, I “hoodwinked” the leaders of Nxivm.

Arnold says I became a whistleblower in order to seize control.

The book is published by Archway Publishing from Simon and Schuster.

From the advertisement for the book:

“To hoodwink means to deceive or trick, to cover, or to provide a false report to gain the advantage for a desired goal.

The word is also textbook Donald J. Trump, who rose to political prominence when he questioned whether Barack Obama was born in the United States of America.

Trump learned racism from his father, Fred Trump Sr., who also taught other family members to live by the doctrine of white supremacy. In fact, Trump’s racist, bigoted, and sexist view of the world were all taught by his father as decisive character traits in building his financial dynasty.

Throughout his career–including as President of the United States–Trump has also relied on an adept talent for propaganda, which Adolf Hitler devoted three chapters to in his 1925 book, Mein Kampf.

Discover how Trump’s racist agenda has driven his career and re-examine the way you see yourself and those closest to you with the insights in Hoodwinked.”

In offering those insights, Arnold, who evidently is a pastor, gives examples of people who hoodwink others, from the classic Greek story of the Trojan Horse, to apparently mild-mannered and friendly serial killer John Wayne Gacy, to accomplish their various ends.

Among the cast of hoodwinkers is none other than myself. I appear in chapter one.

Rev. Arnold acknowledges that Nxivm is a notorious cult and admits I was a whistleblower but ascribes a decidedly self-centered motive to my role in exposing Nxivm.

He says my quest was rooted in a desire to become, in effect, the new Vanguard.

Author and Pastor Anthony Todd Arnold has written a book about the racist Donald Trump who hoodwinked, he says, the American people.

After discussing some of the ugly details of Nxivm, Arnold writes:

“Certainly, people of all ages should pay attention to the many informative lessons made known in this gruesome account of events. Granted, those accounts don’t reveal all the motives of those involved. Nevertheless, what is known is that people with an entirely different agenda will collaborate to gain the advantage to achieve their desired goal.

“For example, undeniably former Nxivm publicist and whistleblower Frank Parlato’s motive to ‘blow the whistle’ is not based on a sudden epiphany, [a sudden intuitive perception of or insight into reality]. Truth is, his true motivation for ‘blowing the whistle’ is for self- aggrandizement, to avoid prosecution, and ultimately take over Nxivm summarily.

… Parlato … used the subterfuge known as the Trojan horse to gain the advantage for his intended purposes.”

[Next, the author tells the story of the Trojan horse, where the ancient Greeks offered Troy a gift of a wooden horse while hiding warriors in its hollow belly. Once inside the gates, the warriors came out of the horse and opened the gates to let in the Greek Army to conquer the city of Troy].

Arnold continues:

“Frank, the ‘whistleblower’ Parlato’s plan was to present himself as a gift to the Nxivm founders to achieve his desired goal. Deceitfully, his strategy was to convince the leadership of Nxivm that he was a faithful, devoted, dedicated, and loyal subordinate. Nevertheless, Frank Parlato’s true goal was to take operational control of Nxivm, to elevate his status, to increase his authority, and to implement his sexual perversions.”

The author also says I co-founded the Ethical Science Foundation in 2007 – a fact I had not previously known.

To purchase the book, visit; Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W) Price: $11.99; Casebound Hardcover(B/W) Price: $28.95; E-Book Price: $3.99.

Rule or ruin? Could Frank Parlato have been the next Vanguard?  


Accept no inferior substitutes: Keith Alan Raniere will always be known to those who love Nxivm as its first and only Vanguard.

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Frank Parlato


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  • So, is Frank going to share his collateral picks with his loyal fans here at the FR? And we’ll want detailed analysis of your first threesome. Also interested in what your brand will look like.

  • Obviously this Pastor isn’t doing his job correctly if he has time to write a book, however badly researched, biased and opinionated. Whatever happened to writing sermons, ministering to your flock and working in the community?

  • Parlato,

    I have always known you were up to something. You evil son of a bitch!!!!!!!

    …..With a bunch of Vanguard’s former concubines….. specially trained by Illuminati and the Vatican….. into an army of La Femme Nikitas you can take over the world!!!


    Seriously though, you should be honored!!! This means your famous!!!!!!
    You are now a public figure!!!!!!

    The publisher and editor know public figures can’t readily sue for defamation, slander, or libel!!!!

    The publisher and editor allowed the good Pastor to write a bunch shit knowing you will not likely win in a lawsuit…

    Congratulations!!!!! You’re famous!!!!

    I do not believe anyone with a degree of common sense would ever believe the ridiculous allegations in the pastor’s book.

    Unless an individual comes forward like the Frankreport’s Shadow. Then you are completely fucked.

    Have a nice night Prefect Parlato!

    • Just because someone lies about someone else doesn’t automatically make the person being lied about famous. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to sue anybody for libel/slander. Frank has never hogged the limelight, so it’s highly questionable whether he would be treated as a famous person in a trial. I think he has an excellent case, which could be leveraged to bring even more attention to the Frank Report.

      • Scott,

        A public figure or person is viewed/treated differently by the courts than a normal ordinary private citizen.

        Scott, please get a clue……

        …..As Shadowstate1958 so pointedly commented, Amway had been scamming morons for over 20 years before you were ‘scammed’.

        You allowed yourself to be scammed.

        No one held a gun to your head!

        Scott, no one had collateral on you. No one threatened to dump you in the middle of nowhere with nothing.

        You freely allowed yourself to be “whored out” for years for the promise of future wealth!!!

        Scott, you were like a bowling ball for over 6 years…..

        ……You got fingered thrown in the gutter and you kept coming back for more.

        In other words, Scott, you are the dullest blade or dimmest light bulb choose whichever metaphor suits you….

        Have a nice day!

          • Scott,

            The onetime you did not bring up Amway…. Congratulations!!!!!!

            …..What do you want a medal or a cookie?

  • Frank
    Hard to know… blowing your praises just a couple of articles ago…
    Then your correspondent, “Shadow”, posts 3 full Alison kills kittens articles…
    Makes me realize… You have an agenda…
    Despite that, your work achieved a lot of good…
    But that very comment sounds deja vous (B.B)

    • “your correspent “Shadow” posts 3 full Alison kills kittens articles…”

      I don;t control the timing of these posts.
      Some of these posts are comments that have been put in moderation and then are released at the editor’s discretion.
      All that said look at the indictment issued by the DOJ against Allison Mack.

      Do you think the DOJ issued an indictment like that against Mack because they did not like her acting on Smallville.

      The FBI determined that Allison Mack is a blackmailer, extortionist, racketeer and sex trafficker.

  • Perhaps this dickhead ‘author” is a super fan of cowardly NXIVM coach Kristin Kreuk, or one of the other NXIVM actresses who has been called out on Frank’s website. Perhaps he is a beetle spanker too…

    And all this “white supremacy” bullshit… The only people who use that term are retards who hate white people, especially non-liberal ones who don’t hate themselves. If you eat dairy, you are a “nazi” too!

    • ——–“white supremacy” bullshit… The only people who use that term are retards

      White supremacists use that term…so I guess you are right.

      • What a retard!

        You took this:

        “The only people who use that term are retards who hate white people”.

        and claimed this:

        “White supremacists use that term…so I guess you are right.”

        So “white supremacists” (who don’t exist) hate white people!?

        What a stupid cock sucker you are!

        No, “white supremacists” don’t use that term because “white supremacists” don’t exist. Literally, no one but self loathing white liberals and jealous non white racists use that term.

        You smell quite, beetle-ish.

        Sup spanky?!?

          • No, YOU, can’t read. YOU indirectly said “white supremacists” hate white people because you are a stupid little bitch.

            You took this statement:

            “The only people who use that term (white supremacist) are retards who hate white people”.

            and claimed this:

            “White supremacists use that term…so I guess you are right.”

            No, nobody uses that term to describe themselves you yeast infected cunt. Only liberal pricks and foreign fucks who hate white folk, use that term to describe “straight white men” who don’t hate themselves.

            Therefore, you are claiming that “white supremacists”, who don’t even exist, who do not self identify by that term, hate their own race, white people.


            *mic drop*

        • Wow. You’re still at it. Calling me out whenever Kreuk is mentioned in a response to some comment of yours in which you mention her. You gonna play this “illusory truth effect” game ad infinitum?

          Not me you but you already know that you blathering jerk.

          Grow up.

          By the way, white supremacists clearly exist. They existed during slavery in the American colonies and clearly remnants of their ignorance still exist in some of the present day descendants of those who owned them. Any person who thinks and displays attitudes and behavior that even remotely suggest that their “white” skin makes them superior to those who have skin of darker tones whether directly or tangentially, is by definition a white supremacist. Any person who humiliates or degrades another person due to this via stereotypes and/or absurd generalizations, e.g., by telling them to go back to their non-white third world countries or overemphasizing their skin tone and/or religion in every vulgar response, is a white supremacist. It doesn’t matter how small or large such a feeling is. As long as it exists, it classifies you as one. And if this feeling causes one to discriminate against others based solely on it – a form of injustice – you are by definition also a racist and bigot.

          • There is no such thing as a white supremacist. Not wanting to be replaced in your own country is not “supremacy”. And whites are better than everyone else. Not just because of skin tone (which varies from pale to olive tones), but because of accomplishments, culture, history, laying the primary foundations for modern civilisation. Whites rock!!! Don’t be jealous beetle boy!!!

            Muslims owned black and Christian slaves, centuries before a few white nations bought black slaves from the muslim slavers. Muslims kept these slaves even longer than whites ever kept blacks. Muslims wanted black slaves as they were not “people of the book”, though they still enslaved Christians.

            What asshole muslim supremacists! Believing they are better than everyone else because of their skin tone and toxic religion!

            No other race on earth is tolerant like whites! Asians, Arabs and all other non-whites are not tolerant like whites! They want full supremacy in their own countries!

            What scumbag bigots!!!

          • —There is no such thing as a white supremacist…And whites are better than everyone else.


            Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

          • Men typically have higher IQs than woman. Pointing that out is not “male supremacy”.

          • The Sultan of 6 has commented.

            Check yourself before you break yourself!

            Just one rebuke from SultanOfSix will bring a 12 years of bad luck!!!!

          • You can take all the rationalizations for your celebrity cliques, NXIVM cliques, white supremacy cliques, liberal cliques, conservative cliques, and any other ‘I can treat you like shit because I think I’m better than you’ cliques and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

            Oh, and fuck you “niceguy”

          • Warning:

            The following comment is grossly immature. Reader discretion is advised.

            Attention everyone & even SultanOfSix!!!!

            SultanOfSix is a white guy.

            How many F-ing times does Frank have to mention it.

            I personally have brought the wrath and rebuke of SultanOfSix and will now suffer 12 years bad luck.

            SultanOfSix just getting a “fuck you”, from you is worth more than gold or a free ice coffe and pack of cigarettes at Dairy Barn.

            SultanOfSix you are smarter than Scott Johnson, more noble than Bangkok and only 1/2 as delusional as Shadowstate.

            Some simple advice for SultanOfSix….

            ……remember no more stealing celebrity garbage unless it’s left on the curb not on the driveway. The criminal justice system always wants to split hairs!!!
            Trespassing and property theft are so thinly defined.

            I informed my wife last night that I now answer to a higher being…..
            Prefect Parlato!

            My wife wants to know what’s wrong with me that I am still commenting on the Frankreport. I informed her that 90% of the commentors make me look sane.

          • Oh STFU “niceguy”.

            You and the trolling racist anti-KK “brigade” who pretends to be more than one person and constantly repeats himself in an argument by repetition for an “illusory truth effect” have got to be the most useless posters on this site and the biggest whiners on the planet.

          • “pretends to be more than one person and constantly repeats himself in an argument by repetition for an “illusory truth effect””

            Speaking of:

            SultanOfSix, Scarrom, WasabiSteak, SoSalty, Stu, Rowan, Anonymous For Kristin, Seriously, Hmmm, Karl Basset, Carl Basset….


          • Dearest SultanOfSix,

            Getting a STFU is sublime my Chi and aura are now in sync.

            The illusory truth effect is what allows you to believe you have shot with the famous and sexy 1/2 Asian that hails from the great white north known as Canada.

          • Speaking of nothing.

            Just because you’re paranoid and a projecting freak and repeat this shit over and over again doesn’t make it true. Just like you repeating the same shit about Kristin over and over again doesn’t make it true.

            The only person I admitted to being was scarrom and SOS and I posted as them prior to using SultanOfSix with SOS being the abbreviation of it (duh).

            This constant recycling, regurgitation, and repetition is nothing but what I said it is. Rational people know it and aren’t fooled by the socioapthic, degrading, self-esteem diminishing, and gaslighting ways of people more like the VanFake than they would ever admit – like you. The fact that you call me “Beetle” or “Spanker” sounds just like India being constantly referenced as “The Princess” or Nicole as the “Brat”. Who the fuck do you think Allison learned such things from?

            And “niceguy” you are a fucktard. Having a shot with Kristin is a fucking red herring to everything and anything I have ever posted, and it has nothing to do with the “illusory truth effect”.

          • Which alias/person do you speak of beetle spank!? You stupid fool, anyone who reads Frank Report knows you are a lunatic. You have pissed off so many people. Stop stroking that thin salami, wash your hands with disinfectant and get a life.

          • SultanOfSix,

            The very fact that you addressed me in the first person is an honor above all others.

            I feel blessed and rejuvenated tenfold!!!!!

            If Kristin Kreuk is a red herring then I am a monkey’s uncle….

            Sultan you, as a superfan, attempted to rescue a B actress from a cult.

            I use the term ‘rescue’ generously. Not to cut hairs, but normal people would call it kidnaping.

            SultanOfSix do you still drive a Lexus?

  • Wow, well at least we have a real conspiracy theory, that explains everything. Though I wish it included shape-shifting reptilian aliens, they’re my favorite….

  • Oh God! He’s a pastor/priest/swindler, what do you expect Frank?? How ironic, someone deeply enmeshed in promoting and profiting from humanity’s most widespread and longest hoax is finger pointing to someone who’s deconstructing the effects a sexual predator/Satan-like creature has been inflicting on society. The nerve and impunity priests/pastors/scumbags have been eternally displaying and enjoying respectively, never cease to amaze!

    Let’s not forget, this guy preaches to an audience idiotic enough to believe anything he says, so he’s knows he’s not wasting time. He can jerk off on a coffee cup saucer and serve the fresh produce back to them daily and they”ll think he’s their alleged saviour incarnate!

    It’s 3.99?? I would have bought it for 2.99, sorry! That is a more appropriate price!

  • Anyone who is really smart enough to serve as the Vanguard does not want to be the Vanguard.

    Or as William Tecumseh Sherman said, “If nominated I will not run; if elected I will not serve.”

  • Frank

    What he is saying is you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing, that your motives are not altruistic and you are seeking some other gain from the situation.

    It would be great to hear your response. What say you, Frank?

  • Libelous or not? Who and what sources did Arnold use as the basis to print his opinion about Mr. Parlato? Yes, I am calling what Arnold has written Arnold’s opinion.

    • Shivani,

      You are asking an identical question to religious/cult follower asking his priest for Jesus’/ Budda’s/David’s/God’s/etc phone number, after the priest’s announcement that he rang said “holy entity” and was told to tell his parishioners to jerk off more often.

      • Yes. “Et tu, brute” could’ve been enough, since Arnold proposes to be a helpful sort of a pastor. You know, the sort of a man who would be likely to thank Frank Parlato for speaking up about sexual abuse, extortion, mind-control techniques and the perv who ran the ship. One would think the Christian pastor would find value in Parlato’s active determination to do the right thing.

        There is no way to be certain, however, that Pastor Arnold has worked out the distinctions between fact and opinion. Since he presupposes to be inside Parlato’s head and to know of his motivations for exposing Nxivm, etc., lemme see the where Arnold got these presumptions.

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