Did FBI Photos of Salzman’s Home Reveal Currency Counter?

Nancy Salzman
Several readers have had comments on FBI photos taken during their raid of Nancy Salzman’s house.
Salzman’s longtime residence at 3 Oregon Trial in Clifton Park was searched on March 27, 2018, less than 24 hours after Keith Alan Raniere AKA Vanguard was arrested in Mexico and deported to the USA.

Nancy Salzman’s house at 3 Oregon Trail in Waterford NY. 
One of our readers made this observation:
“Looking through posted photos of Nancy Saltzman’s house, I noticed what appears to be a mid-level, commercial-grade currency counter on the closet shelf.  A very odd piece of machinery to have for personal use.  Attached is the pic I’m referring to. I may be mistaken, but it looks like a currency counter to me.” 

Another reader made this sharp observation: “The Keith Raniere YouTube interviews must have been filmed at Nancy’s House, that’s the same [stone] fireplace.”

It’s true.

The Keith Raniere Conversation series features not only a handsome genius [see above left] but also this handsome genius logo [see below] used on the YouTube page.

Logo for the Keith Raniere Conversations series. Such a genius. How did it all go so wrong?

The conversations were filmed at Salzman’s former home at 3 Oregon Trail.

Today, all that is left of the Keith Raniere Conversations on YouTube are several conversations with Allison Mack. All the conversations with other notable followers seem to have been taken offline.

Keith Raniere appears with Grace Park in a series of videos that used to be available on YouTube. They were filmed at Nancy Salzman’s home. After the branding story in Frank Report came out – and before the New York Times story [i.e. between June and October 2017] Grace Park asked Nxivm leaders to remove the videos and Raniere agreed to take them offline.


Another reader reminds us that 3 Oregon Trail was not owned by Nancy Salzman, but by Clare Bronfman.

Another reader tells us that Nancy moved out of 3 Oregon Trail [after the raid]:

“She downgraded to a townhouse. A nice one. I believe the same builders as Knox Woods. Very early 90s/super retirement area close to her former home and within a mile or so from Lauren.”


A reader who uses the moniker, Nice Guy, who is really one of the nicest guys except when occasionally he’s not, is evidently also a connoisseur of fine art.

Nice Guy writes, referring to one of the pictures of Nancy Salzman’s home:

“Frank, I simply love the exquisite oil painting of Michelle Salzman hung in the living room.  Do you know if it will be sold at government auction?”

This painting does appear to be of Michelle Salzman and my guess is that Michelle painted it. Also, note that in the same room is a picture of Albert Einstein who some consider to be the world’s second smartest man. I replied to Nice Guy: “I don’t think the government is going to seize the Salzman painting. There is also another painting in another room of Vanguard. My best advice is to contact Prefect directly. She might be able to offer you a good price if you pay in cash.”

Image result for frank report vanguard day 2004

Closeup of the portrait of Vanguard hanging on Nancy’s basement wall.  Please note that, back in 2004, it appears there was only a single day celebration for the kingly one’s birthday. His birthday soon became – thanks to Barbara Bouchey – who has claimed credit for creating it – a 10-day celebration called Vanguard Week. It is not quite clear why a Vanguard week would be 10 days long. Most weeks consist of seven days. But there have been exceptions. 

 A 10-day week, called décade, was used in France for nine and a half years from October 1793 to April 1802.

Vanguard Week lasted about the same length of time. The last Vanguard Week was in 2017. Keith Raniere has been in federal custody since March 26, 2018. Vanguard Week was usually held from on or about August 21 to August 31.

It was held at the Silver Bay YMCA campus on the shores of Lake George in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. The cost to attend started at around $2,200. All followers of the Vanguard were expected to attend.

P [Prefect] and V [Vanguard] at Vanguard Week.

Speaking of works of art, this portrait of Sir Keith Raniere, which was sketched by Michelle Salzman, used to hang in one of the rooms at Nxivm headquarters on New Karner Road.  Sources tell me the painting has gone missing.

Toilet Covers Called Vanguard

Lastly, Dianne Lipson, who attended the bail hearing of Raniere’s brother in spirit, Jeffrey Epstein, tells us about possibly the worst ignominy to date that has befallen the Vanguard.

Dianne writes, “In the ladies room stalls at the federal courthouse in Manhattan. there were toilet seat covers dispensers. The brand name on the dispensers was ‘Vanguard.'”


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4 years ago

What about the ultimate mysogynist group SOP? Why are these grooming, enabling idiots getting a pass? I just do not get it. Vicente’s testimony! These men knew.

OK, Prefect seemed to be in on the game as she had her older mean girl crew, doing her EMs. And the EM was her thing. No one was delving into Prefect’s deep, manipulative relationships with the inner circle. Pam, Barbara, etc. Not to mention “the Michelle thing.”

But, really? Vincente gets away with knowing full well what a creep Vanguard was because Vanguard tore a paper towel in half? Not one other man taken down in this?

4 years ago

White goods for laundering: washing machine, dishwasher, currency counter…

4 years ago

Good catch on the currency counter.

A useful resource for looking up such things is eBay, where you’ll get listings for older models if you filter just for used items. I quickly ran across an one listed as an AccuBANKER Ab1100 UV, an older version that was made in beige colored plastic and looks nearly identical with the same curved sides as well, so I’d say that is definitely a currency counter and possibly even that specific model – now $60 plus shipping in used working condition; and it’s in Buffalo, so Frank you could run out and pick it up for yourself!

Also, interesting point about the Latin origins of the word Prefect as used in NXIVM – along, of course, with Legatus for Clare Bronfman. And if Raniere was using Latin as a source of terms for use in his group, then it’s all the more likely that the name NXIVM itself has Latin origins in the word nexi for those subject to the old Roman practice of debt bondage, or nexum – one of the declensions of which is actually nexium, that in archaic Latin could be written as nxivm without the initial vowel and with the then-typical use of “v” in place of “u.”

dianne Lipson
dianne Lipson
4 years ago

I have to give credit to eagle-eyed courtroom observer Julie for noticing the Vanguard toilet seat covers. I met Julie at the Raniere trial. She researches government and Hollywood ties to miscreants like Raniere and Epstein. Here is her Twitter:


4 years ago

The only way that charlatans Nancy and Lauren Salzman can make a decent living is by money laundering in a house featuring stacks of dollars, pesos and rubles.
Does anyone think that Nancy and Lauren cared where the loot came from?

When Nancy and Lauren get out of the slammer they will return to NXIVM or some other scam.
How else will Nancy and Lauren be able to afford BMWs?
How else will they make enough money to need a currency counter?

A typical currency counter from Safescan, which appears to be the top brand, costs 500 dollars although a top of the line model retails for up to 2000 dollars.

4 years ago

Frank, I have often wondered if the photos that the prosecutors used at trial of Allison, Nancy (who both look to be smiling psychotically), Lauren and a shocked looking Vanguard are their mugshots? If not do they get released?

4 years ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato

Thank you sir. I do think KR’s looks like a mug shot. I don’t know if even a food and sleep deprived Allison Mack would pull that sort of smile for the mugshot but what a great choice to show the jury!

4 years ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato

Having seen thousands of mug shots at work, some perps pose with a large grin!
Some are so funny we used to blow them up and tack them to the wall!

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

Counting money is not a crime.

4 years ago

Right, cos everyone has a currency counter yeah? I mean how does anyone cope without?

Son of BangKok
Son of BangKok
4 years ago

Fukc Nancy Salzman!

She’s was a fraud, an enabler of pedophile and a thief.

Without Nancy, there is no ESP / Nxivm.

Only 1 charge against her?! The government was asleep!

4 years ago

Yes, she had one. I threw it out.

4 years ago
Reply to  Justin

Own initiative? Or were you ordered to?

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