Photos of Salzman’s House and Cash Seized – But Where’s the Other $300,000?

Some of the cash seized at Nancy Salzman's former home

Once upon a time, Nancy Salzman, known to Nxivm members as Prefect, lived in a nice house at 3 Oregon Trail, in the suburban town of Clifton Park – not far from the cities of Albany, the New York State Capitol and Saratoga Springs – famous for horse racing.

Nancy lived for years there in glory, as the wondrous Prefect.

Few ever dared to laugh at her because her leader, the Vanguard, had given her such a lowly name.  For a Prefect is usually just a senior student who is authorized by the teacher or principal to enforce discipline on the other more unruly students.

One of the things Keith Alan Raniere, who was the like the principal of Nxivm – they called him Vanguard – did was to allow Nancy to hold on to some of his cash.

So when the FBI raided her house they found a tidy sum – about $520,000 in cash.

Now this presents an intriguing problem. For one of my sources tells me that there was about $820,000 in cash from Nxivm stashed in under the table payments that Nancy had control of just prior to Raniere’s arrest..

What happened to the other $300,000 is anybody’s guess.

In any event, the Feds seized $520,000 and it won’t be returned to Keith or Nancy.

Here is a list of what the feds took from Nancy’s house:

A shoe box [with $390,180 in it]

Another shoe box [with $15,637 in it]

A red bag [with $109,727 in it]

A white envelope [with $2,770 in it]

A yellow envelope [with $700.]

Misc cash lying about: $1,923.

60,000 Rubles [$967]

100 Pesos  [$5.50]

$2,180 Travelers Checks

Bank Of America Check

Thumb Drives

Portable File Box With Numerous Folders [of bank records and other info as part of their spying on enemies]

Black Iphone

External Hard Drive [Silver]

Apple Airport Extreme

Kyocera Cell


Apple Mac Book

Sandisk Cruzer Glide Thumb Drive

Sony Recorder Micro Sd

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Cell

Apple Iphone

Hp Pavilion Line P/c

Dell Desk Top With Digital Editing System

Fujitsu External Harfd Drive

Mac Pro Computer

Maxtor Hard Drive

Lacie Hard Disk Drive

Maxtor Removable Hard Disd Drive

Western Digital Hard Drive

Blackberry Moble Device

Kyocera Mobile Device

Blackberry Nobe Devicde

Sandisk Thumb Drive

Imac Computer

Samsung Mobile Device

Maxtor Personal Storage


Dard Disk Drive

Hitachi Hard Disk Drive

Plumax External Hard Drive

Swann Hd Video Recorder

Adt Dvr

Seagate Backup Plus External Hard Drive

Western Degital Passport External Hard Drive

Toshiba 32g Thumb Drive

Staples Relay Thumb Drive

Apple Time Capsule

Airport Time Capsule

Logitech Thumbdrive

Verbatim Thumb Drive

Buffalo Drive Station

Apple Ipad

Nancy will not likely get any of these things back – except perhaps the empty envelopes.

But at least she should be able to keep the remaining $300,000 which was evidently not left on Oregon Trail. Keith is in no position to demand it back from her.

Nancy Salzman’s house at 3 Oregon Trail in Waterford NY. Some 51 electronic devices were seized by the FBI, along with some petty cash.

Here are the pics:


Viva Executive Success!



Cash was stored in the attic – which you will notice is nicely insulated.
Nancy – despite her high rank as Prefect – lived in a modest middle-class home.
A cheery kitchen.

A piano set aside for Keith when he would come over and play.
This cash was in a nice little bag.
Everyone has a junk room. Not everyone keeps $500,000 in cash lying around.

The FBI found cash at Nancy Salzman’s house in the darndest places.
A safe – and files on Nxivm enemies.

Workout room


Perhaps some of her cash was not particularly well hidden.

3 Oregon Trail was raided on March 27, 2018. [Photo courtesy Albany Times Union.] The gents gracefully carried out Nancy’s possessions and a load of cash believed to be stored there for Keith Alan Raniere, her Vanguard.

A Vanguard, by definition, is a person leading the way in new developments or ideas. Our Vanguard had a lot of new ideas. One was to brand women on their pubic region with a hot cauterizing pen to mark them as his slaves.

Another was a multi-level blackmail company using collateral.

Another was a female empowerment sorority secretly that featured a man as their master and women as slaves.

Another was a life coaching success training program that somehow made everyone who took it poorer except him.

Another was an expensive acting course devised by a man who never acted professionally.

Another was a multi-language child training program – devised by a man who could only speak one language.

One could go on and on in praise of the Vanguard and his unique ideas.

But what I want to know is where is the other $300,000?

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4 years ago

NXIVM is still open for Business

.”Now this presents an intriguing problem. For one of my sources tells me that there was about $820,000 in cash from Nxivm stashed in under the table payments that Nancy had control of just prior to Raniere’s arrest..
What happened to the other $300,000 is anybody’s guess.”

Here is an intriguing coincidence.
We have a missing 300,000 dollars from Nancy Salzman’s house.
On October 25, 2018, long after Raniere and his top Flying Monkeys were arrested, a person named Nicole Clyne, acting as an agent for a company called Stinka LLC, purchased a house at 9 Milltowne Drive in Clifton Park.
This house was intended to be used as a dungeon for the unruly, misbehaving sex slaves.
AUSA Moira Penza mentioned this house in her closing argument:

“And this is the testimony about the dungeon. 9 Milltowne Drive, the sorority house the defendant told his slaves to purchase. And you can see here the warranty deed dated October 25, 2018, with Stinka, LLC signed by Nicole Clyne. She is one of the first line DOS slaves.”

The house at Milltowne Drive cost about 358,000 dollars.
Here is a real estate website listing that house as having been sold on October 25, 2018 for 358,000 dollars.

Where did Nicki get that kind of scratch to buy a house?
From all of the Comic Cons she attended?

As for the company Nicki was representing in the purchase called “Stinka LLC” it is incorporated in Delaware but according to records from New York State its address to serve process is 557 Englemore in Clifton Park.

STINKA LLC is a business entity registered in the state of New York under the legal form of FOREIGN LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. It can be found in the register by the DOS ID 5410048. The company was established and set into the register at 14th September 2018 and its current status is ACTIVE. Company´s jurisdiction is in the state of DELAWARE in county SARATOGA. Process address of this entity is at 557 ENGLEMORE RD, CLIFTN PARK, 12065, NEW YORK.

Stinka LLC is listed as having the same process address as Rose Laura Junco’s mansion.
Rose Laura is Nicki Clyne’s old boss at the Knife Media.
Frank Parlato informed me that 557 Englemore is Junco’s mansion.
But a FrankReport correspondent claimed that Junco had left her mansion some time in late May or early June of 2018.

“Rosa Laura Junco has not tweeted since May 15, 2018. Take this for what it is worth – but I was told that she is not in the USA and is in Mexico.”

The scuttlebutt is that Rose Laura Junco, a top tier member of NXIVM DOS, is hiding out in Mexico and presumably is vulnerable to indictment in the USA.
Don’t expect Rose Laura to return to America voluntarily.

Here is the real estate site for the 557 Englemore mansion of Rose Laura Junco.
You can flip through the pictures to see the opulent interior.

Keep in mind as you view the interior of this mansion that in 2016-2017 this mansion was used to house young teen age girls from Chihuahua Mexico here in the USA to be “mentored” and groomed in the ways of the Vanguard.
Rose Laura Junco’s mansion supposedly served as both dormitory and class room for the teen age Mexican girls.
Several of those girls lived with Rose Laura Junco and others lived with Dr. Brandon Porter in a house Porter purchased with help from Nicki Clyne’s spouse Allison Mack.

Why in the fall of 2018, several months after Junco had fled the country, was a company (Stinka LLC) operating out of Junco’s Clifton Park house still purchasing real estate in the area?
Something still Stinkas in Clifton Park.

One of the teachers of the Mexican girls in Clifton Park was the eccentric Sahajo Haertel.
Sahajo is a German with a Hindi first name who was once a member of the bizarre Osho cult, a cult popular over 30 years ago that was involved in prostitution.
“Sahajo Haertal–Kozak, was a follower of OSHO”

Sahajo attended Raniere’s trial and presumably wanted to support Raniere but was handed a subpoena by the FBI and did not testify at the trial.

“Indeed it was fascinating when Sahajo came to court to stand behind her Vanguard, the prosecution reportedly issued her a subpoena.”

Sahajo was recruited into NXIVM by Sara Bronfman and coached by Allison Mack.

Sahajo Haertel-Kozak is a fusion tribal belly dancer.
Sahajo Haertel

referred by Sara R Bronfman Igtet
Clifton Park, NY
Yellow, 1 stripes
coach Allison Mack

That house on Englemore Road has a lot of history and if only those walls could talk.
Maybe Pea Onyu or Yolanda Cortez could enlighten us.

4 years ago

I don’t imagine that the FBI and the EDNY prosecutors would have let Salzman get by without accounting for all the money. So maybe it really was a lesser amount – Salzman’s leaving it laying around sloppily shows that its handling was a mess, and she may not even have known how much there really was in total.

The perpetrators of these sorts of schemes often have sorts of gambler personalities – Raniere reportedly likes to actually gamble, which is hardly surprising – and somehow keep on going in expectation that a turn of fortune will make things come out their way if not turn them into a heroes, and so it’s not in their nature to plan for adverse outcomes. Thus Bernie Madoff seems to have had no contingency for what to do if his scheme finally failed, and ended up in jail with his wife left virtually impoverished, and Epstein came back to the US rather than heading for some safe haven even though he apparently had picked up on some rumblings of a renewed investigation – and should have thought about the safe full of kiddie porn that he’d apparently been unable to part with, along with an incriminating fake passport.

4 years ago

Courtesy of the Albany Times-Union here is a 54 page PDF file of the overview of the NXIVM Village with inserts of the most important properties.
In the interests of decency for the long suffering people of Knox Woods and Clifton Park, please do not become NXIVM tourists.
Let their lives get back to normal.
Limit your visit to the neighborhood to perusing this PDF file.

4 years ago

From the website Livius: “The word praefectus means “the one who stands in front” (of others). The prefect was an official who was appointed by a magistrate, for a fixed period and a special task (mandatum). Originally, this was a military task; for example, the auxiliary troops were commanded by a prefect, and the praefectus castrorum was the garrison commander. Under the empire, the emperor was the only one who was allowed to appoint prefects… the connection with the military usually remained present.”

Interestingly, Pontius Pilate, the guy who ordered the crucifixion of Christ, was prefect of Judea.

Dolly grip
Dolly grip
4 years ago
Reply to  Actaeon

‘Interestingly, Pontius Pilate, the guy who ordered the crucifixion of Christ, was prefect of Judea.’

Nice. I can see Nan now, washing her hands “Out damn spot…who would of thought the old man to have so much blood in him..!”.. oh wait that’s in her other life.. as Lady Mac.. tsk.. can’t keep up with the costume changes..seriously..!

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  Actaeon

It really doesn’t matter too much what the actual definition is because to most people, the term “prefect” is not a familiar one. I think most people would think it is some sort of a leadership term. Most people are not going to look up what the various definitions are, and people in NXIVM knew she was the queen bee, and that’s all that really matters.

4 years ago

The Keith Raniere YouTube interviews must have been filmed at Nancy’s House, that’s the same fireplace.

4 years ago

“Another was a life coaching success training program that somehow made everyone who took it poorer except him.”
Excuse me but you seem to forget about Nancy and her daughter in the list…made everyone who took it poorer except him, Nancy and Lauren.

Nancy’s house is better than what she could have get for a nurse’s pay…especially in a 1parent family.
Let’s not forget that she didn’t get poorer here.She took advantage of the situation.
Lauren was also in that position, She was making 100000 a year, more than Allison (an actor) and this while doing pretty much Nothing (but destroying people lives for around 20 years)

The other got poorer…Bronfman lost probably the most (in term of money), Allison lost millions too , Kathy lost money too…so it’s everyone but Raniere, Nancy and her daughter.

4 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Yeah. I’d say Nancy and Lauren are just peachy about how it all turned out for them. They are the true winners in this.

Stick to your script. It plays better than this comparison tangent you’ve been going on.

4 years ago

Surely the feds will return that wonderful Lululemon bag. Those are the best!

Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies
4 years ago

who took these photos? If they aren’t the property of Frank Report, maybe the source should be cited?

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato

That means they are the property of the citizens of the country.

4 years ago
Reply to  Frank Parlato


I simply love the exquisite oil painting of Michelle Salzman hung in the living room.

Do you know if it will be sold at government auction?

4 years ago

Re: But Where’s the Other $300,000?

….And people do not understand why Nancy and Kathy Russell want permission to meet freely…..

…..In addition to having their ankle monitors removed.

I believe Prefect Nancy would never do anything duplicitous now (total sarcasm).

4 years ago

Good to see that money cannot buy taste in home decorating.

4 years ago

Nancy was in it for the money and only for the money. She left the court full of smiles after lodging her guilty plea. She knows that she will get a relatively short sentence in a nice cosy prison, for ‘ladies of a certain age’, and she’s got millions stashed away in places known only to herself. She’s not worried about her future. She was the knowing racketeer of the gang. She knew exactly what laws she was breaking, and she knew she was much smarter than ‘the worlds smartest man. She played a big part in transforming Tubby Keith into the Vanguard. She’s a Gran with a Plan. She will come out of the whole NXIVM affair better off than anyone else involved. There are worse things than retiring to the South of France.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago
Reply to  Paul

I doubt Salzman will have access to any money she has stashed away. The court will probably put heavy fines on her, so if she claims she can’t pay, they will keep a close eye on her. Her best bet will be to move to a country without an extradition treaty, which will probably be a sh!thole.

Daughter of Christ
Daughter of Christ
4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

France, Switzerland, Italy and Spain do not have the time to watch former American citizens nor does the CIA which is responsible for operations abroad.
I don’t like her and what she stands for but there is no way to stop her from moving offshore after prison and spending her gains. Foreign trusts are easily domiciled in Panama and the Cayman Islands and can make monthly payments anywhere in the world to another anonymous trust.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

It’s not so much a matter of watching her, it’s finding them her if needed. That’s what extradition treaties are for. I’m sure the CIA would get involved if told to do so, and Salzman, as the legal and thought leader of NXIVM, is obviously worth the trouble. She can try to make her Panama and Cayman Island accounts pay into the prison commissary so she can buy snacks and new underwear.

4 years ago

And right now the government intends to use RICO to track down and seize all of those ill gotten gains from Nancy and her co-conspirators.

The government has been aggressive about using RICO to go after NXIVM’s ill gotten gains but much of the money laundering probably occurred through NXIVM headquarters in Clifton Park.

NXIVM is notorious for operating numerous shell companies.
Each of these shell companies is an excellent vehicle for money laundering the proceeds of human trafficking, drug trafficking, gun running and other illicit operations.
Just yesterday there was a Frank Report story about STINKA LLC., a shell company designed to purchase a sorority house for the sex slave operation.

STINKA LLC is a business entity registered in the state of New York under the legal form of FOREIGN LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. It can be found in the register by the DOS ID 5410048. The company was established and set into the register at 14th September 2018 and its current status is ACTIVE. Company´s jurisdiction is in the state of DELAWARE in county SARATOGA. Process address of this entity is at 557 ENGLEMORE RD, CLIFTN PARK, 12065, NEW YORK.

It’s headquartered in a very nice Clifton Park home.
It must feature quite a dungeon for disciplining wayward slaves.

And here is the Zillow listing for 557 Englemore Road:

Altogether the US government has identified at least 90 shell companies set up by NXIVM, many for illegal purposes.

Other recent cases in the news show that the US Government is using RICO to find and seize an estimated 12 billion dollars laundered by El Chapo as part of his drug trafficking operations.

And the singer R. Kelly who was recently indicted in both the Northern District of Illinois and the Eastern District of New York faces RICO charges seeking all of the revenue from his singing career with the DOJ’s allegation that Kelly’s whole music career was used to lure young girls into a child sex operation.
Kelly’s most current address before these new indictments was in Trump Tower Chicago.

Since Allison Mack’s acting school the Source was essentially a front for a sex trafficking operation and witnesses “Jaye” and “Nicole” were being groomed by Ms. Mack as sex slaves, she should expect the US government to target all of her proceeds received from the Source.

And let’s not forget Bill Clinton’s old friend Jeffrey Epstein.

“A financial disclosure form filed by Epstein’s legal team said he has over $550 million in assets. In terms of bank accounts, listed are cash ($56,547,773), fixed income from bonds ($14,304,679), equities ($112,679,138), and hedge funds/private equity ($194,986,301.)”

Here’s What Could Happen to Jeffrey Epstein’s Fortune
” the indictment says that prosecutors can go after “any and all property that was either used in the course of the crime or as an instrumentality or proceed of the crime.”

4 years ago

A prefect is also a chief magistrate or regional governor. And at 3350 square feet, 3 Oregon Trail is hardly modest, at least for those of us who grew up in a time when houses were half that size.

4 years ago
Reply to  John

Remember that Nancy doesn’t OWN the house, Clare does. She had to move out after the FBI raid.

4 years ago
Reply to  anonymous

She downgraded to a townhouse. A nice one.i believe the same builders as Knox Woods. Very early 90s/super retirement area close to her former home and within a mile or so from Lauren. Quiet, nice lot if you overlook the swamp area, lol. I wonder who own it? Throw some dunks in that swamp after the hard rain, Nan.

Oh, and Kathy Russell isn’t doing her yardworkm anymore.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

Perhaps it was the FBI’s finder’s fee. How do we know they found all of the hidden cash? Did they lift every board from the floor? How do we even know the anonymous source knows what they’re talking about?

Are Arf
Are Arf
4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

Hopefully they used cash sniffing dogs.

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