Prison Rumor: Anthony Weiner May Be Headed Back to Fort Devens Federal Prison

Most prisons include highly efficient rumor mills that operate on a 24/7 basis.

In part, that’s because information is a very important commodity in prison. It can even be the difference between life and death for some prisoners.

The other reason is that most prisoners have enormous amounts of “free time” on their hands with absolutely nothing to do.


Anthony Weiner May Be Headed Back To Prison

At Fort Devens federal prison in Ayers, Ma, the rumor mill is rife with news that Anthony Weiner has violated the terms of his probation – and will likely be headed back there sometime soon.

Fort Devens Prison – is Anthony headed back there?

Although not every probation violation results in a return to prison, that is usually the case when the violation is serious or repeated.

Most federal prisoners serve a probationary term of at least three years after they are released from prison and they’ve completed their Halfway House stay.

A serious violation – or a repeated violation – can result in a return to prison for some/all of whatever probation time a prisoner still has left.

In the case of Weiner, he was released from Halfway House on May 14, 2019.

That means he’ll be on probation until May 13, 2022.


Anthony Weiner strolls with a young lady.

Yet Another Girl May Be Reason For Weiner’s Return

Weiner’s supposed violation occurred when he communicated with an underage girl.

It is not known if the communication included the exchange of any pictures of either of them.

Weiner was originally sentenced to federal prison after he pleaded guilty to sending lewd pictures to a 15-year-old girl.

After serving his term at Fort Devens, he returned to New York City – where he registered as a Level 1 sex offender (That’s the lowest possible level).


Marriage Status Unclear

Although Weiner is apparently still married to Huma Abedin, a former top aide to Hillary Clinton, the status of that marriage has been the subject of much speculation.


Huma Abedin [l], Anthony Weiner [c], and Hillary Clinton [r]
Abedin originally filed for a divorce just hours after Weiner pleaded guilty to the charges that resulted in his imprisonment back in 2017.  The couple subsequently “voluntarily discontinued” the case.


Weiner Has Recently Been Out And About

Weiner was recently spotted by a New York Post reporter having brunch with a young woman at Westville, a Wall Street restaurant, on a Saturday in June.

Although he originally appeared friendly and relaxed, he tensed up a bit when the New York Post reporter was seated at an adjoining table.

Shortly after that happened, Weiner and his guest abruptly left the restaurant.

Anthony Weiner At Westville Restaurant (Photo Credit – New York Post)


Parole & Probation Violations Keep Prisons Filled

Parole and probation violations are one of the main reasons that state and federal prisons continue to be filled despite recent efforts to reform the criminal justice system by reducing the number of people sent to prison and the length of their sentences.

A recent report by the Council on State Governments indicated that 45% of all state prisoners are there because of parole or probation violations.

In twenty states, that figure was above 50% – with Utah leading the way with 79%, followed by Missouri with 77%.

Only two states – Arkansas and Massachusetts – attributed less than 20% of their state prison admissions to parole and probation violations.

At the federal level – where the term “supervised release” is used in lieu of the term “probation” – the percentage of prisoners who are incarcerated for such violations is approximately 40%.

Regardless of what system you’re looking at, prisons – just like hotels – do not like empty beds.

Empty beds can lead to prison closures, a reduction in the number of guards, reduced revenues for unions – and all sorts of bad things for the prison industrial complex.



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  • Yeah, Anthony was quite the idiot & dick wad. Looking forward to Roger Stone’s day in court ,too

  • Krclaviger,

    Excellent reporting!!!!

    I applaud your tactic of sandwiching an important issue like probation/prison incarceration in between the saga of Mr. Wiener and his wiener.

    There is a man named Wiener who loves to show his wiener…..

    I doubt that it’s possible for anything to be more ironic.

    • BTW my use of the word ironic is in lack of a better word in the English language.

      The other ironic thing about Anthony Wiener is he looks like a dick…..

  • Be careful of statistics gleaned from the Counsel of State Governments. They offer consultation and training services that are mostly liberal leaning, and their statistics of parole and probation violations are a bit misleading and purposely vague. There are a number of parole violators incarcerated who committed new crimes and are awaiting trial or sentencing which skew the statistics.

    For example, a person is on parole for dealing drugs and is living in the community. He subsequently gets arrested for dealing drugs again. His Parole Agent/Officer then arrests him for violating a condition of his parole, which would be that he must obey all laws. Now he’s sitting in a prison as a parole violator. Statistically, CSG is making this out as a miscarriage of justice in that this poor parolee was brought back to prison on a parole violation. However, a new arrest for dealing drugs suggests that he has not successfully re-entered society. And by drugs, I’m not referring to marijuana. You talk to any probation or parole officer in a metropolitan area, and they rarely do anything about marijuana violations. I’m talking about dealing meth, heroin, PCP, crack, cocaine, etc.

    As the saying goes, “Liars figure and figures lie”.

  • Good article up to the “Parole & Probation Violations Keep Prisons Filled” section and the partisan opinion of prisons is included. That part added nothing to the topic of Weiner and his current situation.

  • 45% of 1st marriages and 60% of 2nd marriages end in divorce?
    Dudes can’t keep their cocks in their pants.

    Men have a big problem but do they talk about it? No, not really. Not here. It’s easier to blame the obvious fuck-ups like Raniere, Weiner, Weinstein, Clinton and Trump than look inside oneself and talk about the problem.

    • …and if he could have, New York City might have been spared its worst. mayor. ever., the lazy, corrupt and incompetent Bill deBlasio.

      • no no no bill deblasio was the REBNY chosen once {you know wilhelm from Boston} once Christine Quinn was refused by the people {you know the one who was gonna hand st vincents over no sweat and had THAT secret slushy fund she set up with bloomberg for this very purpose}

        New Yorkers are never spared but it really would be nice NOT to have a bostonian running new york for a change {look how bloomberg RUINED broadway}

        • Shadow I will put it in terms you can appreciate: Allison Mack’s chances of resurrecting her acting career and winning an Academy Award are much better than deBlasio’s chances of being elected POTUS. There are record numbers of homeless people on the streets, he has alienated the NYPD, his put his wife in charge of a mental health program that made hundreds of millions of dollars disappear……..

  • If nothing else, he should be institutionalized for going on a date while dressed like my ten year old.

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