Fred: Ramtha Wine Ceremonies — Vomit, Child Molestation and Rape Reportedly Abound

J.Z. Knight as Ramtha, a 35,000 year old ghost.

Frank Report is looking into the Ramtha School of Enlightenment. It is led by J.Z. Knight, a woman who claims that a ghost named Ramtha enters into her body and speaks through her to her followers.

Of course, most outside people listening to this claim might think it to be nonsense. But we are interested in the truth.

I see seven possibilities [there may be more] as to what J.Z. Knight is doing:

1 Dangerous Cult

Knight leads a cult, whose followers will do destructive things if Knight [pretending to be Ramtha] suggests it.

2 Harmless Fraud

If idiots want to believe in her phony Ramtha spiel and spend their money, it doesn’t matter. They aren’t going to hurt anyone. It’s harmless nonsense.

3 Con Artist Fleecing People Out of Money

Knight achieved wealth by lying to followers eager to believe her Ramtha story. It’s an act to get money and live a lavish lifestyle. While the risk of violence is low, she is still fleecing gullible people. The folks who believe her phony act can, for the most part, afford to pay the fees she charges.

4 Knight’s Fraud Has Higher Purpose

There is no Ramtha. But Knight has a noble purpose for pretending to channel a ghost: Knight can teach higher spiritual teachings. In the end, Knight’s followers are helped to obtain higher states of consciousness. It is a little like telling children that Santa Claus is real. It helps them to believe in the magic of Christmas.

5 Knight is Insane

Knight really believes that the ghost of Ramtha speaks through her when it is, in reality, a product of her delusional mind. Still, though mentally ill, Knight sincerely thinks her words are Ramtha’s and will truly help people.

6 Knight is Legitimate

Knight actually does channel this wonderful enlightened ghost – Ramtha, who is what he says he is. He was once a Lemurian warrior, born 35,000 years ago on earth, and is filled with great wisdom for those wise enough to learn.

7 Knight’s Ghost Is Lying

Knight actually channels some other ghost who is pretending to be Ramtha. In other words, Knight is not the charlatan, the ghost she channels is the charlatan. If ghosts can inhabit people’s bodies and speak through them, who’s to say they won’t lie? The ghost inhabiting Knight’s body might be a murderer or buffoon creating the fictional identity of Ramtha for devious pleasure. I could well imagine the ghost of Keith Raniere coming back and inhabiting some [slender] women’s body and claiming he was Jesus or Buddha or some wonderful Avatar.

So with that said – let us hear from Fred and his views on J. Z. Knight as Ramtha and her wine ceremonies. These wine ceremonies are part of the culture of Knight’s Ramtha School of Enlightenment and Knight [as Ramtha] gets sloshed and so do her followers.

Guest View By Fred

—J. Z. Knight’s “wine ceremonies” have been described in various blogs and are now featured on Frank Report.

From a story in the South Thurston Journal:

According to ex-Knight followers, rape was not that unusual at Ramtha School of Enlightenment [RSE], particularly after wine ceremonies.

The article details procedures for investigating rape at RSE, led by RSE member Mike Wright:

“Diane,” a woman who stated that she was raped at RSE [was] dragged through Wright’s … [internal rape investigation] procedures… Wright … states that his investigation required interviews of fifteen witnesses… to a reported rape [as RSE rape investigation protocol.]

He doesn’t appear to require witnesses to have actually seen or heard the crime. They just need to have an opinion about it.

Diane [the alleged victim] told me that among Wright’s fifteen “witnesses” was an RSE student who said that, since Diane was a lesbian, she should experience sex with a man under any circumstance – even rape.  The rape had been Diane’s only such experience [with a man].

The requirement for 15 “witnesses” is interesting, even the Jehovah’s Witnesses only require two “elders” to testify about cases like this…  How many other spiritual groups have an official “rape protocol”?

Teens at Wine Ceremonies?

Teens are allowed to participate in Ramtha wine ceremonies with the consent of their parents, according to RSE’s rules:

“Ages 13-20 WITH a parent: These teenagers may participate with wine during the ceremonies according to the stipulations of the Consent Form as long as it is signed by their parent(s) only and the parent must be in attendance at that event….”

Pedophilia Rampant?

This site provides eyewitness accounts of what happens during wine ceremonies:

—The students were so drunk from “wine ceremonies” that there were actually pedophile instances…. drunken men who were caught attempting, or actually molesting children. It is unlikely that students or staff ever called the police. Students are very “secretive” about the teachings and …. they have signed the gag order [confidentiality agreement] that they must not divulge what occurs at the events because it is “sacred”.

— There was a bonfire set up outside and “toasts” with red wine went on for a few hours. After it was over people got ill and started throwing up all over the place. They were endeavoring to stumble back to the arena. Later the arena was filled with the stench of vomit.

—I have heard many times, that the dancing/drinking led to many sexual interactions of all combinations of genders. Babies were born; and someone I know, awoke from a drunken stupor to pain on their leg … because some “couple” was upon her leg, unaware, and guess what they were doing?

— J. Z. Knight has apparently boasted of the babies that were conceived at wine ceremonies.

—This debauchery is bizarre in the extreme, and places all of Ramtha’s teaching in question. The fact that these wine ceremonies are very frequent and secret (‘sacred’), is the absolute truth…

Another perspective on wine ceremonies:

—They seemed fun at first. People getting absolutely wasted chugging red wine. After a while, the fights, sex in the woods, puking, hangovers, bullshit become a complete bore.

There were times when I remained sober and watched the chaos around me. I was completely sober with 1000 of the most inebriated people I have ever seen. It was a bit intimidating. For the most part, they are a good-willed group but there are a number of wackos. —


Another site provides similar stories: This is from “Tree”:

— Abuse of children during wine ceremonies, especially when children had to go pee.

— My son was accosted by an ex Vietnam vet in the hallway to go pee (he was supervised by his other parent at the time). Nothing was ever done to this man, who was a known alcoholic….

I was next to a woman who got punched in the stomach by “R”. At the time, my critical thinking was not intact, and I thought, “she deserved it”. (God, I am so sorry lady. I will not reveal her name.) —

Other comments on the same site:

— Tree’s is only one story of rapes that occurred during wine ceremonies.

— It was a despicable display of hostility and it provided J.Z. with powerful feedback on how much control she had over “students.” She wanted to know if “students” would do what “Ramtha” said even if it meant going against their own basic instinct. This is the essence of mind control.

This issue of control and doing whatever Ramtha says is exactly what makes me fear that this cult is going to implode with a grand Kool-Aid moment. And if you take on J.Z. Knight with any of this, you face barrages of lawyers and maybe worse.

Virginia Coverdale posted the infamous Ramtha rant about Catholics, gays, and Jews, among other offensive comments. This revelation had repercussions for her, including the following:

J. Z. Knight channels the ghostly presence of Ramtha, she claims. One day Knight [as Ramtha] said of the Jews: “Fuck God’s chosen people! I think they have earned enough cash to have paid their way out of the goddamned gas chambers by now.”
— According to court documents, Coverdale allegedly posted on a Facebook group that she had spoken to a woman who claimed her husband murdered someone in Tenino, allegedly at the request of J.Z. Knight. This is not a cult you want to mess with.

Thanks again to Frank Parlato for providing one of the very few forums where these issues can be properly addressed. He has shown the way in dealing with the creepiest of creeps crawling out of the woodwork in this strange season.



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3 years ago

If you lack critical thinking skills, you will believe JZ Knight and Donald Trump. 😂

4 years ago

To Anyone with free time:

Watch the JZ Knight television interview with Merv Griffin.

Just 5 min. will leave you with a OMG WTF LMAO moment.

Link below to interview.

JZ Knight [acting] channeling Ramatha on tv is on par with Elizabeth Berkley’s notorious pool scene in the movie,”Show Girls”…..

……..It’s something that has to be watched to be believed!!!!!

JZ Knight’s acting is more forced than Melanie Trump faking her last orgasm!!!!!

4 years ago

There’s another alternative explanation as to what’s going on with J.Z. Knight and the Ramtha School of Enlightenment: it is a long-running CIA psyop. You can find more than one video where Knight claims links with the CIA. She tells of one agent who was left alone in a room at the agency, and checked out the “top secret” material in a desk drawer. It was all Ramtha books, and she said that top CIA agents are given Ramtha material in their training.

Now, even if this is true, it is an extremely simple deception, to get an “insider” to believe that Ramtha material is genuinely given to CIA agents. I’m not sure if I believe a word of it; nonetheless, she openly boasts of connections with the CIA. And perhaps we should take her seriously on this point.

She also boasts of having lengthy periods of “lost time”, when she wakes up after hours and has no idea where she has been. Lost time of this nature is a clear signature of mind control, the kind of stuff the CIA has worked on for decades. She may have indeed received advanced CIA training in mind control and hypnosis techniques, in order to learn the Ramtha script that she then spews.

I have been given various documents by the Ramtha followers I know. Some of it is channeled stuff from other “entities” and is completely untestable garbage to my eye, but they believe it implicitly. Aliens are busy “fixing” the Sun, is one such theme. However, I’ve noticed one thing about all this material: not a single item has any real provenance or objective validity. It’s *all* in the realm of “woo”. Here are two examples:

“Alien Interview” claims to be the transcript of a dialogue between a nurse and one of the aliens from the Roswell crash. I was mailed the PDF by a Ramtha follower, there are various places you can download this for free, but I can’t vouch for any of them. Here’s one site that gives a little background:

The story it tells, of a vast cosmic battle between The Old Empire and The Domain is so like the Star Wars script, that one has to wonder. The transcript is convincing in many ways, but there is absolutely no way its authenticity can be corroborated.

Another document that the Ramtha people latch on to, is the so-called “COMM 12” briefing, which appears to be some kind of “white hat” document circulated among a group within US intelligence, keeping an eye on mind control techniques and plans of a nefarious cabal within US secret agencies called Aquarius Group Operations. There is much interesting information here, including details of the Kennedy assassinations. There is reference to CIA projects that are now public knowledge, and information on everything from Jonestown to the use of cellphone towers to control and if necessary kill people, and things like “electronic dissolution of memory” or EDOM. You can check this out for yourself:

Again: there is no provenance at all, no one knows where this document comes from.

Nonetheless: there is obviously quite a sophisticated operation going on in the background with Ramtha, feeding them endlessly with conspiracies that cannot be verified, but give them the feeling that they “know” what’s going on. Not one single document I’ve seen from them is of the slightest use to anyone who wishes to avoid publicly espousing conspiracy theories, like myself.

If you read the COMM 12 document, you’ll see that mind control does not work well on people who use marijuana, or who meditate properly. I recall seeing a video where J.Z. Knight as Ramtha castigates a man for using marijuana, and he hangs his head in shame. I am certain that there is spying that goes on in the community, so she can be told secrets about people and appear to know things about you that you’ve never told her. I find it interesting that a cult that gets hundreds of people blind drunk, cracks down so hard on someone who uses marijuana. This is just another tiny hint that this may be CIA mind control.

How does a cult like this flourish for 40 years, with all these abuses going on? In my experience, it’s literally unthinkable that *some* spook agency or another is NOT involved. Just look at the history of Jonestown, for example, and how Jim Jones sponsored Democratic politicians in California, just as J. Z. Knight has done in Washington state, until she suddenly went ape for Trump and the Q Anon conspiracy. And of course conspiracy theories are what the Ramtha cult has wallowed in for decades.

So: is the CIA preparing a Kool-Aid event for the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, as it did with Jonestown? What will happen if the authorities investigate these multiple claims of rape and child abuse? Let’s hope this school of “enlightenment” can be wrapped up and consigned to the scrap heap of cult history before it implodes in flames.

Scott Johnson
4 years ago

I’m glad you people enjoy the extreme stories of small cults like NXIVM and Ramtha, while large-scale MLM scams continue to rip off people. It would be a shame if you woke up and started to think.

4 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

OK tell us how dangerous the LOC cult is Scott. Let’s here the stories of branding, drunk sex molestation parties, limited diets, illegal enterprises, pimps, tax evasion, extortion etc.

How about getting some of you Ex-Amway members to write some stories on the FR about the horrors of being in the cult of Amway and get them together for the great take down.

4 years ago

Good article Fred!

Ramtha actually seems worse than Scientology or NXIVM by a magnitude of 10 to the tenth power.

I doubt Mark Vincete has the energy to help take down another cult or does he?


I do have trouble believing all of this article true because I honestly don’t think Marc Vincete would belong to a group like this.

Understanding from the Frank report articles regarding Mark Vincete is he is somewhat righteous and very intelligent individual.

4 years ago
Reply to  niceguy

Intelligent cultists are totally aloof.

4 years ago

This makes me think of what Rajneeshpuram turned into, the compound of the Bagwan Rajneesh (Asho) in Oregon infamous for intrigues in the the surrounding community including a mass poisoning, as chronicled in the recent documentary Wild Country* – self-indulgence for baby boomers under the guise of spirituality, drinking or dancing or whatever.

* Wild Country was actually told from a rather sympathetic perspective. There are key insiders they failed to interview, who have written some illuminating accounts about what life in a high control group or cult is really like, that are worth searching out.

p.s. I still think that the chance that “Knight is Legitimate” and Ramtha really is what he says he is so infinitesimal that it should be listed dead last, along with some additional note that there no verifiable evidence, and a backstory completely in contradiction to all established science from geology to cultural anthropology.

Yolanda Cortez
Yolanda Cortez
4 years ago

Ramtha is a fake. Keith has so much to teach us all

4 years ago
Reply to  Yolanda Cortez

” Keith has so much to teach us all”

Yolanda, didn’t Keith teach Alex Betancourt that he is the reincarnation of Mussolini and that he is gay?

“Someone should take this “data” and evaluate how one man could persuade another man that he was formerly Benito Mussolini – and then persuade a heterosexual man to be his gay lover.”

4 years ago
Reply to  Yolanda Cortez


You and Pea Onyu deserve some kind of prize for maintaining your troll character aliases for so long. You or you both deserve a prize.

It’s nothing short of amazing………

4 years ago
Reply to  niceguy

“It’s nothing short of amazing………”

Nicki Clyne is an amazing woman.

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