Shivani: Ramtha, Maybe J.Z. Knight Is an Anti-Semite

J. Z. Knight channels the ghostly presence of Ramtha, she claims., Sometimes Ramtha, who has a fondness for wine, it seems, says some of the darndest things.

Why does it matter? J.Z. Knight has been claiming to be Ramtha for decades and apparently has avoided any serious problems. But is she a fraud? She has a large cult like following. Is she another like Keith Raniere who needs some robust exposure? Frank Report wants to find out. If there is a real Ramtha, it would be a fine thing to know him. On the other hand, if she is a liar, and this is her way to deceive

By Shivani

Here is a “Ramtha” quote often used to sum up J. Z. Knight’s “work.”

“Fuck God’s chosen people! I think they have earned enough cash to have paid their way out of the goddamned gas chambers by now” – J.Z. Knight

How is that quote for cruelty, divisiveness, scorn? This is deliberate ignorance, used to bring people down. Down! It condones the opposite of understanding and is blatantly uncompassionate.

Where is the least bit of kindness? Yet, beneath all of the ancient/new age “enlightenment-seeking” sold by Knight, here is the toxic underbelly.

Even Knight’s own group has been shaken listening to this stuff. She has also been witnessed being cruel to her own followers, as Knight continues, inevitably to degenerate.

Some who have left her circle want the world to know how bad it has been around Knight. That is exactly how come her sickening words have been brought to the public. It shows who Knight really is.

Mexican people, during this same quoted session given by Knight, are called “poison” and are described as people who” breed like rabbits.” One can easily trace these prejudices to Knight personally if you look at her own background.

J. Z. Knight appears on the Merv Griffin show in 1985. She claimed to be channeling Ramtha. Is it all a bullshit act?

Ramtha is her projection, her nonexistent EXCUSE. It is her marketing of herself and has been used by her to try to gain wealth and power and admiration.

All during the same “ritual ceremony” of boozing, she continues on to note her ill will towards anyone who is not heterosexual. She wants the audience to know that Catholics , as well as organic farmers seem to have offended her predujicial “sensitivity.”

J. Z. Knight says she channels a ghost named Ramtha who seems to have some bigoted viewpoints. Her followers adore her and believe that Ramtha is a real ghost who is telling the truth about his life and career on earth 35,000 years ago.

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  • Ha ha ha ha ha omg! Hilarious. Does she or anyone really believe her bullshit?? What is wrong with people??? So I can proclaim tomorrow to be inhabited. . . Is that the right word? Channeled by Sitting Bull and people will believe it? How the F’k do people capture that type of attention. And why does her face look plastic?

  • ““Fuck God’s chosen people! I think they have earned enough cash to have paid their way out of the goddamned gas chambers by now” – J.Z. Knight

    What’s remarkable about this anti-Semitism is that much of Ramtha’s funding came from the Oppenheimer family a South African Jewish family big in the diamond trade.

    Much the same way that the anti-Semite Keith Raniere was funded by the Jewish Bronfman sisters.

  • “Channeling” is just an illusory phenomenon of the mind, similar to supposed “past lives,” ??
    When I was a child we had a black and white tv set.
    The tv set had a channel selector, we used it, channel 3 for cbs, Ed Sullivan, Green Acres, Gilligan’s Island
    My parents liked Ed Sullivan, I didn’t care for it much back then, I enjoy it more today.
    Channel 8 for nbc, Bonanza, I dream of Jeanie.
    We did not have a “Ramatha” or “JZ Knight” channel thankfully.
    What do Nxivm and JZ Knight have in common ? Idiots, with no common sense.

  • “Fuck God’s chosen people! I think they have earned enough cash to have paid their way out of the goddamned gas chambers by now” – J.Z. Knight”

    I am guessing Mrs. Knight had dinner with Harvey Weinstein.

  • “Channeling” is just an illusory phenomenon of the mind, similar to supposed “past lives,” as revealed in detail by some pretty good research and experiments conducted especially in the 1970s and 1980s . Particularly since Ramtha’s supposed existence in Atlantis and Lemuria fly in the face of all the know facts of geoscience and anthropology, and no verifiable facts or revelations have ever been produced, it’s an example that is most certainly false, and merely the product of some aspect of the imagination, unconscious or conscious. Flat earth and hollow earth theories are equally plausible – or just as implausible.

    The only real question is whether Knight’s channeling of the imaginary Ramtha is a sincere delusion or a conscious fraud, or something that is a mix or an evolution of the two. And as is the case with most of these sorts of leaders, it’s hard to tell to what extent they themselves believe the things they claim, believe that they are deceiving followers in a way that is somehow justified as serving a higher purpose, or are just perpetrating a scheme that brings them power and wealth.

    p.s. I googled just for fun, and sure enough there are claimed entities being channeled about, or from, the supposed inside of a hollow earth:

    “Channelings of Djwhal Khul on the Hollow Earth”
    “ADAMA of the Telos Civilisation under Mt. Shasta, California”

    • AnoyMaker,

      “Channeling is just an illusory phenomenon of the mind, similar to supposed “past lives,” as revealed in detail by some pretty good research and experiments conducted especially in the 1970s and 1980s .”(AnoyMaker).

      How do you explain Thetans?
      (Just kidding).

      AnoyMaker those of us not on Prozac or Zyprexa know it’s not real.

      • Frank’s intro seems to allow for some possibility Ramtha might be real, and the guest commenter “Fred” also seems somewhat credulous. So I thought it worth reiterating that Ramtha almost certainly does not exist independent of Knight, and the only question is what she knows of the illusion she is participating in.

        It’s interesting to note as well, that the phenomenon is related to false memories, and the research shows that false memories can seem more vivid and “real” than actual ones. People who have experienced such phenomenon often believe in it, because it is so powerfully illusory – and obviously a fair number of people believe in such things including supposed mediums like Knight as well, though some of those people are even rabidly opposed to psychiatric drugs if perhaps in need of them….

  • I was fortunate to see 3, 20 minute videos from those wine ceremonies when they were originally posted on the site JZ claimed they were heavily edited, like someone spliced the words to make it look like she said those things when “edited” really means the clips were of highlights taken from 11+ hours of tape. Within there, along with what you’ve included, she pisses herself, vomits and spits in the direction of Linda Evans. When she wasn’t disparaging groups of people, she was championing herself and how great she is! She’s psychic, and so accurate that Fortune 500 companies pay her millions for her predictions!! A few years later she predicted Seattle to win the Super Bowl, did a press release to announce it…and they lost…a 50/50 shot…(Olympic eye roll). She doesn’t own a cell phone…she knows when you need her to call…and she’s VERY close to Christhood…(I can’t even…afraid my eyeballs will stay in the back of my head)!!

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