Betancourt was told he was Mussolini, then given gay lover under Raniere’s guidance

Alex Betancourt was told by Keith Raniere that he was Benito Mussolini in his past life.

I am not making this up.  Many people in NXIVM know this is true.

Mr. Raniere says he “knows all” – including the “past lives” of his followers. And he told Mr. Betancourt he was previously Mussolini in an earlier life.

In a sense, this was said as a high compliment because it showed Mr. Betancourt was formerly a world leader and had the ability to rule an empire.

It was also a warning since if Mr. Betancourt could wind up on the wrong side of a war and be toppled and executed brutally as Mussolini was – it could happen again if he was not more careful in this life.

In fact, Mr. Raniere assured Mr. Betancourt that it would be better if he remained a humble and obscure individual if he did not choose to follow a more ethical path.

Mr. Betancourt had taken many hours of Executive Success Programs’ training programs and spent many hours with Mr. Raniere. Mr. Raniere was “his” Vanguard.

Many people [past and present] in NXIVM know that Mr. Betancourt was told he was Benito Mussolini – and that Mr. Betancourt said he believed it to be true.

Mr. Betancourt discovered Executive Success Programs in 2002.

After he was told he was formerly Mussolini, he – a native of Mexico City – opened a center there for ESP in 2006. Today, it remains as one of ESP’s last thriving centers.

Around this same time, Mr. Raniere advised Emiliano Salinas, whose normal sexual propensities reportedly veer toward heterosexual, that he should have a homosexual relationship with Mr. Betancourt. The two men agreed and became more than business partners.

This is well known. Most of the inner-circle within NXIVM knew that Alex and Emil were gay lovers.

The outside world, however, was not made aware of this secret arrangement.

In addition to serving on ESP’s Executive Board, Alex became one of its qualified trainers. He and Mr. Salinas also operate a company called Prorsus Capital.

Someone should take this “data” and evaluate how one man could persuade another man that he was formerly Benito Mussolini – and then persuade a heterosexual man to be his gay lover.

If this all sounds like fiction, so be it. Like the saying goes, “Truth is stranger than fiction”.



Mussolini may or may not have been reincarnated as Alex Betancourt, but many people know Keith Raniere said it was so.



Mussolini had great ambitions.


Alex Betancourt did not know he was Mussolini prior to Mr. Raniere telling him, sources say.




Mr. Betancourt [r] with his lover Emiliano Salinas [l].


Mussolini with his lover Carla Petacci.


Mr. Raniere identified Alex [l] as Mussolini. He identified Nancy Salzman as Hitler. Who then is Emiliano Salinas? Was she Carla Petacci, Mussolini’s lover?


Everyone has a different perspective of truth and plausibility. While I find it personally implausible, many of the followers of Keith Raniere knew he said it and believed [or said they believed] it was true. They were reincarnated Nazis or Fascists and that Mr. Raniere had graciously come to earth to save them. Rather than merely laugh at the foolishness, consider Mr. Raniere’s ability to persuade people of things that most of us would have a great deal of difficulty believing.

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