Christine Marie: Insights on DOS and Help for DOS Victims

When Keith Raniere saw Christine Marie he said he knew at once she was the chosen one. She didn't agree and escaped back in 1998

Editor’s Note: Christine Marie Katas, MBA, MA, is an author, speaker, human rights activist and women’s empowerment advocate. She is also a survivor of cult-based sex trafficking and founder of Voices for Dignity, a 501(C)3 organization hat facilitates support, education and services for people who have survived coercive control groups and human trafficking.

She is a Certified Life Coach, Sexual Assault Victim’s Advocate, Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist (CCTS-I) and Sex Trafficking & Sex Industry Specialist (CCTS-S).  She lives in Southern Utah.

Christine Marie also has a personal connection to Keith Raniere. She dated Raniere in 1998 when he was launching Nxivm. She has told her story on Frank Report in the past.  Of her experiences, Christine Marie wrote for Frank Report on Dec. 29, 2017,  [this was before Raniere was arrested], “Keith Raniere tried to get me tied up with a slave contract.”

Clearly, Keith planned years before DOS to try to enforce female slavery to him using written agreements.

Christine Marie told Frank Report, “When I felt sick about signing that slave contract, [in 1998] Keith ripped it up, but held it over my head….. I never got sucked into NXIVM, but Keith normalized sexual slavery as just sort of a guy’s kinky fantasy play. Soon after, when I met a man with the same disposition, I had my guard down. I thought, ‘If the smartest man in the world was into this harmless kink, it can’t be that abnormal.’ But the minute I let my guard down, I found myself stuck in the lair of a predator similar to Keith – and that’s how I ended up as a survivor of human trafficking. Ironically, Keith knew about this guy. That is why I founded Voices for Dignity, and how I developed my human trafficking expertise.” 

Christine Marie deserves credit for practicing what she preaches. She was one of the first people to come forward in her own name and on the record for Frank Report to help expose Raniere. This was prior to his arrest when he was still at large and ready to spend a fortune to destroy his enemies. 

She also was one of the first to recognize elements of sex trafficking in early stories published about NXIVM and called authorities [who did nothing] because she said she wasn’t hearing the word “trafficking” come up in any articles about Nxivm. That is, she said, until June 2017 when Frank Report broke the branding story.

Today, Christine Marie regularly speaks on panels and at conferences on the intersection of cults and human trafficking. Here is her latest article for Frank Report.


By Christine Marie Katas

I am gratified to see that the EDNY has validated the crimes of human trafficking against these DOS women. In case some members of the public, and possibly even some members of DOS, do not understand how what occurred could be classified as human trafficking since it looks nothing like “typical” sex trafficking portrayed in the media, I want to provide a little more education.

After all, it appears that these women consented, right?


“Consent assumes a physical power to act and a reflective, determined, and unencumbered exertion of these powers. It is an act unaffected by fraud, duress, or sometimes even mistake when these factors are not the reason for the consent” (Legal Dictionary, 2014).

In other words, consent under duress is not true consent.  Did the DOS women truly consent?

In human trafficking cases where there is force, fraud or coercion, consent is irrelevant. In other words, a victim can consent at the beginning of a relationship, but the moment there is force, fraud, or coercion to prevent the victim from freely walking away without fear of consequence, the original consent has been invalidated. The fact that DOS women had to provide collateral before they even knew what they were getting into, in my opinion, nullifies consent from the onset. They were enslaved.

For those women who participated in DOS but were not in the trial, the verdicts against Keith may make them wonder if they were victims of human trafficking as well.

My answer is a most likely, yes.

I recommend you find out for sure so you can get the support you need right now.

For those in New York, I recommend contacting the Coalition Against the Trafficking of Women (CATW) at

In the Los Angeles area, you can go to If you are in another state or country, contact the Polaris Project 1 (888) 373-7888 or

You will be asked to explain what happened, be given a case # (ask for it), and it is highly likely that you will be accepted into their database as a survivor of human trafficking, making you eligible for services such as therapy, or group support.

Finally, you can always call me – 435-612-2444.

The United Nations (2004) has defined human trafficking as “the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons” (the act), “by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability” (the means), for the purpose of exploitation including “commercial and other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labor or services, forced marriage, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude, the removal of organs, or forced childbirth” (Trafficking Protocol, 2004, p. 42).

Only one act and one means must be present in order to define the exploitation as human trafficking.

Recruitment includes convincing, converting, enticing or manipulating the person. Clearly, this happened in DOS. Force can be accomplished through either physical or psychological means. Exploited children, such as Cami, do not need any of the ‘means’ to meet the definition of trafficking. Taking nude photos of a child [Cami was 15 when Raniere took nudes of her in 2005] is a form of sexual exploitation. As a child, she could not consent to that. Whether Cami realizes it or not, she would qualify as a victim of human trafficking according to the United Nations definitions.

For adults, consent is irrelevant if any of the above ‘means’ were used to accomplish the exploitation (Trafficking Protocol, 2004). Let’s review trafficking in terms of the adult members of DOS.

Act                                                        Means                                                 Purpose: Exploitation

Recruitment                                           Threat, or Use of Force                        Sexual exploitation

Holding                                                 Coercion                                              Coerced labor or services

Harboring                                             Fraud                                                    Slavery or similar practices

Transferring                                          Deception                                             Removal of organs

Transporting                                         Abduction                                            Forced marriage

Receiving                                             Abuse of power                                    Prostitution of others

Abuse of vulnerability                         Debt bondage

Receiving Payments or benefits         Other form of exploitation


One from each category above meets the definition of trafficking. I have underlined the obvious ones that I see in DOS, the Dani, and Cami situation.

Others may apply as well.

Human trafficking is primarily about exploiting vulnerabilities. A common misperception is that human trafficking only happens to foreign children, or that it requires physical force, abduction, being locked up, or being transported across borders (Polaris Project, 2014).

Actually, human trafficking does not require movement across borders at all, as the Raniere verdict shows.

It can take place within a single location and does not require an individual to be physically shackled or held in bondage.

Did you know that most trafficking victims are not physically locked up? Rather, they have powerful psychological chains that prevent them from leaving. Exploited individuals can have the ability to leave the premises, yet still qualify as victims of human trafficking.

Despite her jovial nature, was Allison Mack actually a sex trafficking victim?

“Many human-trafficking cases appear to fall somewhere between consent and coercion. Those who are willing are easier to coerce. Thus, trafficked persons often begin as voluntary” (Kim 2011, p. 461).

Was Keith Alan Raniere a sex trafficker – despite the so-called consent of the DOS women?

An example of this would be a woman who originally consented to being exploited, but later was forced or coerced to continue the program after she desired to quit. Once there is force, fraud or coercion to compel a woman to stay in her situation, she becomes a trafficking victim and her initial consent is invalidated (Farley, 2003).

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (2012), or UNODC, describes vulnerability as “those inherent, environmental or contextual factors that increase the susceptibility of an individual or group to being trafficked” (p. 15). Factors of vulnerability include poverty, inequality, discrimination, gender-based violence, precarious social status, lack of social networks, dependency, threats to disclose sensitive information, the abuse of an emotional or romantic relationship, and even religious and cultural beliefs.

The United Nations defines the “abuse of power” as “any situation in which the person involved has no real and acceptable alternative but to submit to the abuse involved”

In the case of DOS, threatening the release of collateral was the abuse of a vulnerability as well.

Furthermore, in human trafficking cases, it is common for victims to not even realize they are victims!

Why? Because often human trafficking takes place in the context of relationships to which the victims originally ‘consented.’ Relationships can be further sealed by ‘trauma bonds’ which are very difficult to break. Those in these precarious relationships where there is an imbalance of power may do what is necessary to make peace with their impossible circumstances, including making the best of their situations. This could include acting happy, or providing ‘evidence’ that they are acting on their own free will.

The reason this kind of evidence is invalidated as a defense in the courts is because the predator who controls the victim controls the creation of the defense evidence!

It is commonplace for traffickers to get their victims to create evidence like smiling photos, letters, videos, contracts – things they can use for their defense later. In the Raniere case, the prosecution wisely covered this. Even genuine moments of happiness and love in a relationship do not negate the elements of trafficking. They were recruited, coerced, and exploited – the three prongs needed to meet the definition of human trafficking.

John Little, a former slave in antebellum America, explained how they used moments of happiness as a survival tool, but this did not negate the atrocities against them.

“They say slaves are happy, because they laugh, and are merry. I myself and three or four others, have received two hundred lashes in the day, and had our feet in fetters; yet, at night, we would sing and dance, and make others laugh at the rattling of our chains. Happy men we must have been! We did it to keep down trouble, and to keep our hearts from being completely broken: that is as true as the gospel!”


John Little and his fellow slaves were as brutalized and abused as human beings can be, yet they tried to make the best of it so they could survive. No one could ever use that as evidence that they were happy in their slavery.

For those of you in DOS that might question whether you are really a victim of trafficking since you wrote letters expressing happiness or provided collateral, your brain did what it needed to do to survive. Period.

Please do not blame yourself!

This must be a very tender time for those of you who were in DOS, including Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack, and Dr. Danielle Roberts, who I have no doubt were also coerced to play the roles they did, and would also meet the definition of trafficking victims.

Dr. Danielle Roberts performed the branding with a cauterizing pen. Is she a sex trafficking victim herself?

Traffickers commonly coerce women (or men) to become the enforcers with severe threats against them if they do not comply. When a brain is under duress or threat of avoiding harm, it engages survival thinking, not critical thinking. Let us continue to focus the blame on one person: the trafficker himself, Keith Raniere.

Now, there is something all of you can do to help other victims in the future.

Please write to the various human trafficking organizations and ask them to include literature and photos that are also representative of cult-based trafficking. So often these organizations will have only photos of stereotypical international trafficking in their materials, making it awkward when a survivor of cult-based trafficking goes to the web site to explore whether to call them for help.

I have long been advocating for these organizations to acknowledge the role of religion and cults as tools of human trafficking, but change is slow.

I have compassion for you all and grieve for your life losses. Please feel free to reach out for help. And I invite all NXIVM survivors to come to Southern Utah by Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon for a healing retreat! My organization, Voices for Dignity, facilitates horse therapy, art therapy etc. How about a healing reunion in mid-August? Anyone up for this? Let me know.

Remember, I’m here for any of you even if you just want to talk 435-612-2444.



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  • How did she meet Keith Ranieri in 1998? She lives in southern Utah. This seems odd to me. Was there already a sort of network of these ” people” who agreed to be in these kinky situations,.. and they linked up? Marie is seen in everything from the FLDS documentaries on every possible network( Keep Sweet) ., to YouTube stuff, to A&E Escaping Polygamy, where she states lives in Las Vegas, ( helping victims of abuse).. but now hearing she was a girlfriend of Keith Ranieri?? . Think her credibility should TRULY be in question.. and her supposed college degrees..

  • I’m sure you are wrong on most of them, so why don’t you stop obsessing about him before you get an ulcer. really

  • “Despite her jovial nature, was Allison Mack actually a sex trafficking victim?”

    Is there any doubt?

    I mean she was going through the SAME treatment as the other victims…

    She was not making her own decision and she was pushed into collateralization for a LONG time.

    She is a victim of it.

    • Yes, there’s doubt – though obviously you and others have trouble coming to grips with the fact that the wasn’t the girl-next-door Chloe in Smallville, who charmed you.

      She was some sort of mix of perpetrator and victim that’s still not entirely clear, but she was definitely more of a perpetrator than any of the rest – which is why Raniere had her serving as his henchwoman, and she was was the only one solely from DOS indicted, and plead guilty.

      • Please explain how Allison is more of perp than NX President, Nancy Salzman, or her daughter Lauren when they recruited and mind-conditioned Allison much as they did Dani? Or how Ally is more culpable than the PRI party elitists who also trafficked the Chihuahuan teens to KAR’s lair?

        However it started, NX is a global sex trafficking, money laundering, Sinoloan drug cartel PRI party black op and KAR it’s latest psycho cult leader, pedophile fall guy…however guilty as charged.

        I’d stake my life on that but it appears someone already has!

        • Heidi, I don’t think she is more of a perp than those you mention – she just ranks near the top along with them, which is which she was indicted along with them. I’m responding to some Mack fan/apologist who keeps trying to claim that she was nothing more than just another slave, like India.

        • have watched, read and followed anything and everything about this case.. and I agree with your comments fully. the sex cult thing was what Dre the attention, ( sad that not the fraud money laundering, and other illegal activities were to enough). After watching reading everything I think Nancy Salzman was not a victim, she was a collaborator who should have gotten much more than 4 yrs..should have been life, and then some off for assisting the prosecution. It took a while to come to this. but listened to Susan Dones, e NXVIM center owner and her blatantly honest opinions on Nancy are frightening. According to her, Nancy was also a predator solicited sex from many of the ” clients’ women( her as well ) and men. Nancy also told her they received all money in CASh from Mexico to prevent paying taxes on it.. Still haven’t seen tax evasion charges yet

  • I am sad that none of you have connected her and all these other inbred blondes with SYNANON and SCIENTOLOGY.

    Christian Science.

    The pedophile machine that has been promoting slavery and polygamy since the 1920s.

    You are going to vomit when you notice how the English language has been manipulated to allow pedophiles access to the word ‘love’.

    These people are incapable of love and only exist to engage in slave sexuality.

    They will ruin the world.

    They manipulate the planet in the name of their diseased genetics.

    • If you REALLY care so much, Mr. Niceguy, then why not GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS and actually DO SOMETHING other than offer your sympathy, which doesn’t help one fucken soul. 🙂

      You remind me of the Hollywood crowd who screams about racism against immigrants and minorities, yet they all buy homes in the whitest and richest communities, far away from minorities. LOL.

      None of them want to live close to the very people they claim to love, cuz in reality they don’t love them. They just want to pretend to be virtuous.

      You’re not a Hollywood guy of course. In fact, you’re probably just a loser. But you’re still a guy who pretends to sympathize with victims — yet in reality you won’t do anything other than post a single comment to help them. Pathetic.

      Might as well attempt to bend over and suck your own cock. If we’re lucky, maybe you’ll break your own neck during the process. 🙂

  • I’m very curious regarding the reference “about signing that slave contract, [in 1998]”.

    Did Raniere try to get other early girlfriends, like Barbara Bouchey, to sign such contracts as well?

    I think it definitely suggests that the change of name from ESP to the obscure moniker NXIVM may well have been because that was actually an intended covert reference to Roman debt bondage slavery. It also foreshadows DOS – based on another bit of hacked Latin – and suggests it was more part of a long evolution, than something that suddenly came about. That raises further questions, such as did Raniere have master-slave relationships with Cafritz and Jeske, and after their deaths seek to replace them with the broader scheme of DOS?

  • Christine Marie!!! I am so proud of you! Don’t let ANYONE, not one single person!, take away what you have achieved – in life or with this article!!!! You are an outstanding individual! You empower women and children every day! Hands down is an easy win, especially in comparison to some of these absurdly ignorant comments. Unfortunately, people try to deflect attention from shedding light on the FACTS and truth. Don’t let that ever hinder you (which I know you wouldn’t) from publicly doing what NOT everyone was cut out to do. You’re saving so many by creating a source of information, such as this. I was blown away last night, reading this. You have been a blessing to know and for my own children to know. I can’t think of one thing I’d want changed in what you have presented! Chin up.. Stand strong, and KNOW you have MANY who are cheering you on!!!!

    • yup read this EXACTLY the same way soccermom fool walked right into a set up a real vengy set up …. someone who would be coached to say all the right things and behave all the wrong ways

  • “The United Nations (2004) has defined human trafficking as “the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons” (the act), “by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability” (the means), for the purpose of exploitation including “commercial and other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labor or services, forced marriage, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude, the removal of organs, or forced childbirth” (Trafficking Protocol, 2004, p. 42).” Forced childbirth, but not forced abortions? Sounds like the UN.

    Raniere wasn’t being prosecuted under UN law, he was being prosecuted under U.S. Federal law, so these globalists need to refer to U.S. Federal law or ride their horses off into the sunset.

    • “The United Nations has defined human trafficking as “the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons”

      What about when a bitch drags her man to shitty IKEA to look at curtains?

  • Christine is a fool. She has
    Offered to her one if the first Nexi and she fumbled. What an idiot. Then she went over to some ass clown when she could have been with Keith. What she didn’t tell you is he offered to her an avatar baby. Foolish, foolish Christine Marie. She could be the mother or an avatar instead of trying to comfort fake victims. Sad.

  • I love this. Christine Marie has been blessed with the gift of empathy and a desire to heal her own wounds through a direct outreach to others of similar circumstance. As a victim of trauma of a completely different sort, I can’t envision that those freshly loosened from the grips of this Nex cult would be ready to come together for a retreat in August…. But I do think it is very possible after a few years of individual recovery. However, I may be wrong. I know that people don’t always recover through the exact same methods. Kudos to Christine and anyone willing to offer their lifetime efforts to victim and trauma recovery!

    • You know Frank, when you choose to post comments like this, it’s no wonder people think your site is full of misogynists and you are one as well. This guy obviously doesn’t know Cepelinski or he would know her familial relations, so his name calling is based on nothing other than his own foul soul.

      • If you were in NXIVM and especially if you stayed in after the pedophile revelations in 2012, it is you who is the foul soul.

        So much dirty filth from NXIVM not held to account. If you followed a pedophile, you can fuck right off back up your virtue signaling sanctimonious ass.

      • Retarded?

        The definition of projecting right there.

        If you are defending morons from NXIVM, after they were correctly called hoes and cunts, which they are, you don’t get to call others retarded.

        If you yourself were in the cult of NXIVM, you are retarded, with extremely low self esteem and a Gandhi complex.

        Fuck off.

        • No I’m not, nor have ever been in NXIVM. But I know enough not to call women hos and cunts just because they were in NXIVM. Not every woman who was in NXIVM slept with Raniere, nor did they know what was going on.

          You’re retarded because you’re stupid enough to think that because someone shares a common middle name with a common last name of someone else in NXIVM that they’re related, a ploy you used simply as an excuse to cast your misogynistic slurs upon her. Any more questions?

          Fuck off you misogynistic prick.

          • They ARE hoes and cunts.

            Why bring the the genitalia of the NXIVM cult members into it? A cunt is a cunt irregardless of genitalia. Male or female. Look at Clare Bronfman. Is she immune from being called a cunt because she has one? No.

            And if any NXIVM member stayed with the kiddy fiddler after he was exposed as such, you are exceptionally cunty.

            I do have a question seeing as you asked.

            Are you an ugly female or a low testosterone soy boy dickhead?

          • Women do NOT get wet when you white knight them and call men “misogynist”, nor are you righteous for doing so. Stop being a pussy. Also, she was called a “hoe”, not a “cunt”. NXIVM cultists in general were called cunts. Rightly so.

          • Women also don’t get wet from you being a big dick on the internet as you try to compensate for having a tiny one in real life. Besides, what would you know about women getting wet? The closest you incels have got to a woman’s pussy is vicariously sniffing one via your computer screen.

          • “Incel” ha, do you have a less soy come back ? 😂 You cucks also like the words “bigot” “nazi” and many other “isms” and “phobics”.

            You got nothing to win with pussy boy.

          • I’ve been a meat eater since I can remember incel. It’s ironic that you think you can “win” something on the Internet. That’s a dead giveaway for an incel.

            Maybe if you scratch and sniff your monitor you’ll smell victory too like you do pussy.

          • “I’ve been a meat eater since I can remember“

            If that’s not a euphemism… eeewwwwwwww.

    • She was big in the Vancouver group. Her sister was an Albany Cult groupie for many years.

      Also close friends with Kristin Kreuk.

      • – “She was big in the Vancouver group. Her sister was an Albany Cult groupie for many years.”

        She and another with the same last name were in John Tigue’s coach list.

        Was the sister one of little Keithy’s cum-sluts?


        – “Also close friends with Kristin Kreuk.”

        Here are the two NXIVM dummys together:

        It has now been proven Kristin Kreuk was still with NXIVM in 2015, coaching with Mark Vicente and Lucas Roberts, two years after claiming she left. No doubt she could not give a flying halal sausage about Keith Raniere accused of pedophilia three years earlier. Stupid woman. They all are.

        • It hasn’t been proven that I’ve seen. There are just some social media tags that could be interpreted a couple of different ways.

          There should be actual witnesses or other conclusive evidence if she had remained involved, and not just the one intensive but other events as well. Instead we have Frank’s multiple sources saying she was definitely out in 2013.

          We seem to have a virtual little cult of people obsessed with Kreuk for some reason. Sarah Edmondson, for instance, would be a much more important figure to focus on.

          • FUCK OFF, “SultanOfSix” you third world dickhead.

            Now it is confirmed. It is you posting under this alias.

            You literally only post when ever this actress/cult member is mentioned.

            That, plus your unmistakable asbergers robotic bullshit.

            Nobody gives a fuck about these three anonymous sources you keep bringing up to defend your dream spank. Are they just bullshitting? Are they misinformed?

            Someone thanked Kreuk by name in 2015, along with two other coaches.

            They were not thanked for recruiting the guy. It doesn’t take three cult members to recruit someone, especially someone who is willing. The guy was willing as he said he “finally” did the course, meaning he wanted to do it earlier.

            What else was the guy thanked for? Getting three blowjobs?

            No, your dream spank was coaching.

            No worries spanky, it need not stop you from jacking off to her. You were doing that all through her cult days.

            I bet you are having an aspergers meltdown right now. Head in hands, rocking and chanting. Then you would finish off by giving yourself a little wanky woo.

          • At least we now see it exposed, that the obsession with Kreuk is visceral and irrational. I wish we could be done with her, unless something truly new and interesting comes up, but apparently that’s not going to be possible given the level of unhealthy fixation involved.

            I post on a wide variety of aspects of the case, and topics related to high control groups or cults. I knew nothing about Kreuk until some people started bringing her up repetitively, and find it tiresome and distracting.

            And I think it interesting to see culty thinking at work, even on a site that is supposed to be devoted to exposing and critiquing cults.

          • I also knew it was him (unless he has a sicko twin) Aspergers written all over anonymakers posts. Now with new charges pending spanky will have to come up with some more screen names. Now he is defending pedophiles in his true Muslim fashion. Remember he admitted on frank report to interactIng with young teenage girls on the Girls by Design website.

          • Just because you post about current events doesn’t give you credibility there spankster.
            Of all of the aliases you have used in the past, you always end up giving it away.
            Go back to twitter you smug pretentious asshole.

          • Hi beetle juice. Maybe if you spoke like a “gangsta rapper” , you would sound less… you. Stop wasting money on vasiline and grow some balls.

    • Sadly, because you don’t use proper English verbiage, it is not possible for you to truly communicate your feelings/opinions about this circumstance. It is a bit like when a child just screams and cries to get their way but they don’t use language to communicate. Have you noticed that obscene language is not used in legal documents? It has no meaning. I hope you will try again and use English.

      • Swearing has more bite to it then tip-toeing on egg shells like a little pussy.

        Fuck. Snatch. Shit. Cunt. Prick. Cock. Pussy.

        Can you feel it baby?

        Also, what kind of soccer mom are you?

        A sexy MILF, or one of those God awful feminist single moms putting their sons in dresses and letting them pick their own gender? Those bitches need a slap.

      • Unless you have been on the blog the last few years you may not under stand what we have been through dealing with this JERK “sultan of six” kristen Kruek groupie. He uses many aliases (18 to date) hates Frank, has pedophile tendencies, and lives here to defend his dream girl kristen kruek.. look back into early posts of his and you will see why many here greatly dislike him.

        • What a detective you are!
          Please name all 18 Sultan aliases. Show us what a smart obsessed dick you are.

          • What’s up spanky? Thought you said you were never coming back on this blog? It was pure shit just like everything else that comes out of your mouth! Go back to twitter groupie fan boy. Isn’t it time you go bop your baloney to kristen?

          • Scarrom, SoSalty, SultanOfSix, SOS, Karl Bassett, Rowan, Stu, Anonymous For Kristin, AnonyMaker….

          • Wasabi Steak, The Judge, Jesse, Seriously, Fubar Mitzvah, and a few more that don’t come to mind right now. The Spanker should let us pick his aliases!

        • I haven’t posted on Kristin in months here. Since March or so. My temporary Twitter account which was a temporary fake one was where I responded to your bullshit, until I got rid of that too about a month ago. I have a real one, but of course I’m never going to tell you it. You’re welcome to search all 250K of Kristin’s followers and try to find me there to satisfy your stalking obsession. You won’t because I don’t follow her. In fact, I currently don’t follow any *person*.

          Kristin appears to be completely free from any NXIVM bullshit, no matter how many times you try to keep bringing her into it. No one of relevance cares. Only you. And as one of her few fans who expressed concern about her involvement in it, I will happily take some of the credit for keeping her safe from any serious ramifications that could have come to her as a result of her involvement with NXIVM. I know it bothers the fucking hell out of you.

          But I have read some of the articles and comments here off and on and have seen how many times you’ve posted on Kristin and me calling out everyone and their mother who you think is me, trying to find any tenuous connection in any irrelevant article to her to throw her into the comments every chance you get. I never said I left. I said I wasn’t going to post about Kristin and I didn’t until now. I have the willpower not to respond to your constant bashing of me and Kristin. I’ve fasted the month of Ramadan every year for decades so I can easily hold out for several months not responding to your vulgarity if I really want to.

          Talk about insane fucking obsession – how you have to keep calling out everyone as me so you can have an excuse to blame me just to talk about Kristin and me. I see you’ve even called out AnonyMaker who is so obviously not me and has now – unfortunately for him although I don’t really think he cares – garnered your wrath due to your obsession with me as have others. He does appear to be intelligent so I’ll take that as a compliment even coming indirectly and unintentionally from you.

          At least my obsession with Kristin was based on something good. You’re just a freak.

          Your kind are a disease. NXIVM is a disease.

          Rumi said “Be with those who help your being.”

          None of you in this whole saga have helped my being. Even my fan-ship of Kristin hasn’t really helped my life.

          So fuck you.


          P.S. By the way, congrats to you Frank for getting much credit for helping bring the VanFake down, even if you were an asshole to Kristin for clicks and letting such idiots post shitty masturbation articles about me in the name of free speech.


          • Did your mommy bash you over the head with a curry pot when you were a child? You are one crazy bastard.

  • No where does Christine Marie Katas mention the real remedy for sex trafficking.

    The best way for DOS victims to get relief is to sue the people who ran NXIVM and DOS.

    That includes:

    Keith Raniere
    Allison Mack
    Lauren Salzman
    The estate of Pam Cafritz
    Clare Bronfman
    Dr. Danielle Roberts
    and all of the Tier One Slave Masters.

    Contact a New York State Lawyer experienced in Tort Law or Civil Rights Law as soon as possible.
    Don’t let the grass grow under your feet.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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