Christine Marie: in Defense of Barbara Bouchey

Some comments on this website prompted a reply from Christine Marie. One of the comments suggested a possible author of a an article. Christine Marie corrects the record and goes on to explain her views on Barbara Bouchey and others.

By Christine Marie

In reply to Hiding out. That’s incorrect. The author of the article is Judy Katz. It was posted on Barbara Bouchey’s new website by me, because I put up her website, and I needed an interim “About Barbara” piece because I wanted something on there right away.

The original article is here: I will clarify that on Barbara’s website.

No, I am not her media coach, nor anyone’s media coach. I do, however, have knowledge in personal branding. Everyone has a personal brand, whether they like it or not. It is important for all survivors to take charge and be in control of their online presence. This way, when there are misrepresentations in the media (like the endless misrepresentations about Barbara in the comments on this blog), there is a place someone can go for factual information.

Also, just to be clear, my motive in defending Barbara or Sarah Edmondson or anyone is not monetary in any way. (Yes, I defended Sarah – see, another web site I am working on.)

I cannot sit back and watch people I know be publicly humiliated and placed in a false light by anonymous Internet trolls or by licensed psychiatrists. Frankly, Barbara did not even want a website. I have been pushing her to do this for years! Furthermore, it is not kind to shame her for the photo editing that photographers did. She does not do photo editing! Nonetheless, it is a beautiful photo. I asked for the unedited photos, and they are just as beautiful.

I am the force behind trying to convince Barbara to reclaim her public dignity and personal legacy. Why? Because I know what it feels like to be publicly misrepresented, humiliated and victim blamed. For me, the public humiliation after the fact was far worse than the physical suffering I endured.

And by the way, Keith Raniere tried to get me tied up with a slave contract too – in 1998-ish. No one knows my story, but what I learned since then is why I reached out to offer support to Barbara when I saw her being attacked by NXIVM.

Susan, I am sorry for everything you have gone through, and for publicly calling you out. I just thought Barbara deserved an apology for being accused of writing a post she did not write. That probably didn’t help matters. I cannot begin to imagine what you have been through, or Kristin or any of you. Please know that I have also heard stories from Barbara which the public does not know, and her story matters too. What she has endured behind closed doors for so many years is also horrifying in its own right.

Barbara Bouchey

I do not know how she survived that, followed by an epic legal assault involving over 800 filings totaling 100,000+ pages, followed by the most brutal cyberbullying, online harassment and public misrepresentation I have ever personally witnessed.

THIS is why I respect her and defend her with the truth.

Every survivor deserves to be treated with dignity.

It is absolutely the right thing for all of us to do. We should focus on the predators, not on the flaws of the prey.

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  • Why does someone have to be all good or all bad? I prefer to view others as an adult. We are all mixtures of both, some 95/5% mixtures in one direction, some in the other, some 50/50%, etc. I want to read the good and the bad about everyone, so don’t try and sugarcoat everything about somebody and don’t make them look like the devil reincarnated (except for Raniere, of course, although we both like pizza).

  • I’m really disappointed the readers of the blog have to endure yet another post dealing with the justifications of this woman regarding Barbara Bouchey. I don’t really give a dam who wrote a story on her website or the Photoshop photos of her and your justification of them. It is having the opposite reaction you are looking for at this point and it’s time to stop this game you are up to. No one other than you, your friend you continue to justify for and a couple others seem to support your use of this blog for you agenda. Please move this to Ms. Bouchey website and those that wish to continue to carry on a discussion regarding this topic can do so. Please spare these stories.
    If Ms. Bouchey would like to share her stories of her time in NXIVM, her relationship with Keith, what she saw that was illegal, bad, or evil like other ex-members that is more what readers want to hear.

  • It better for all to keep post about members who are still in the organization. They seem like fair targets to share ones feelings about and no one feelings get hurt and their doesn’t need to be rebuttals after rebuttals written.

    Not many seem to want to come forward and defend their Vanguard and when they do, they get shot down pretty quickly. No one seems to care or called cyber bullies for doing it.

    Maybe it’s better to stick with to who’s fair game with the postings on the blog. I myself am tired of the Bouchey stories and would like to seem them be done with. If she has stories to share that expose things in NXIVM, I’m all for that, but this is not the place to work on improving her online image.

    • I couldn’t agree more ! You should move on and stop commenting . She hasn’t written about herself, others have. If you don’t like it don’t read it . There is plenty of other bs on here, I don’t see people yelping. Just ignore it like some of the other lame hero stories.

  • omg -it’s official ! This blog has become a victim shame club. I will not be reading it anymore. You people are cruel and indecent towards ex members. Its disgusting ! shame on you all. Ugliness would seem to be what you all took away with you. Ugh

  • Sarah Edmondson is a true hero, she came out of NXIVM, told the truth, showed her brand to the world and put an end to what was happening in DOS. Sarah doesn’t have or need people coming on the blog with post after post blaming others and defending her. She the one with real class and the real hero. Barbara stopped nothing when she left and only continues to complains when things don’t go her way through her friends. You are not doing anything to improve her public image with your posting.

    • yes you should use gasoline on yourselves and save other people the trouble. You all sound so enlightened . you must have learned it from Vanguard. Or maybe you need an EM or is that BM? Either way-here’s a match

  • Just when the posting of Barbara Bouchey was about to fall of the main feed, here comes another unnecessary post being a commercial for Bouchey and Marie. Toot the horns and for the next 8 posts we will be reminded of how wonderful these two women are in the world.

    It’s like watching YouTube but you have to watch the commercial first.

    Are these woman paying you Frank to sell their self-image? I think your readers have said ENOUGH, let’s move on? Have you run out of stories to write about? Is Christine Marie the only one sending you things to post?

    If so, I have some TV to watch and there is always Facebook, friends to catch up with but I’m done reading about Bouchey. Like its been said, she has her own website, if I want to be online with her, I can go there.

  • The two biggest ego of all times while I was in NXIVM were Keith and Barbara, in my opinion. Now it’s made it’s way to this blog. It’s appears that Barbara needs to, once again, be the center of attention and through conversations with her friends is doing a fine job of having posts done about her every 5 – 8 post of late.

    Well I’m sick of it too and this is the last post I’m going to write about if and the numbers on the blog are about to go down. I read the blog everyday and often post. Not if Frank wants to make this the Barbara and Keith blog.

    Christine Marie, you want to SHAME everyone for sharing their opinion if it doesn’t fit into what you want to see written about your friend by using saying we are being cyber bullies but at the same time you use the same tactic in reverse but calling people out when you defend Barbara. You become the bully, you just sugar coat it, but it’s there.

    Barbara is a big girl and can if she wants, defend herself. Your coming onto the blog selling what a “wonderful person” she is when not everyone feels the same way as you do nor have they been treated the same way by her as you have been during their time in ESP / NXIVM. They have just as much right to their feelings towards Barbara as they do Keith. Should people not be saying the harsh things they say about Keith? Is he being unfairly treated on the blog? Is he being cyber bullied? How about Allison Mack? Are you going to step up to the plate and defend her next? Where do you start and stop?

    You are also selling yourself and if I can see through it, so can others. Stop it, this blog is not about you or Barbara. Go sell yourselves somewhere else, only her fans really care and she has her own website now so she can put up all the great things about herself and her fans can pat her on the back all they want…. there.

  • Wow, I want to dump gasoline on myself and light myself on fire.

    I’m so sick of hearing about poor Barbara Bouchey. ENOUGH FRANK. If one more story show up about her I’m done with this blog. I will never visited it, I will never post a comment or share a story.

    • I’m with you gasoline, not that I’m gonna burn myself, I’m just done with the blog. Let’s get back to the important matters at hand. Christine Marie, how do you breath, darling, with you nose so high up her butt?

  • Thanks for confirming that Barbara’s photos were all photo-shopped. And why is it shaming to point out the obvious truth that her new photos are just as phony as she is? Wouldn’t a highly ethical person like Barbara want everyone to know the truth?

  • OMG…Just how stupid do you and Barbara think people are? Judy Katz is the PR firm that Barbara hired several years ago to represent her. So, you’re right: Barbara didn’t write the story on her new website; she paid someone else to do it!

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