Keith Raniere Guilty on All Counts – Faces Life in Prison

Federal Prisoner 57005-177

The jury was out for less than 5 hours when they reached a unanimous verdict. Guilty on all counts. Guilty on everything.  Keith Alan Raniere is guilty.

The lad was led into court by US Marshals.  Raniere probably knew – by the quickness of the jury’s verdict – that he was a gone goose. His usually smug countenance was filled with dismay and a discomfited appearance.

He failed. His case failed. The victim witnesses – Sylvie, Mark Vicente, Daniela, Lauren Salzman, Nicole and Jaye persuaded the jury. This was a monster, not a man.

Moments after the verdict was read, the US Marshalls, who have sat in court unobtrusively behind him in plainclothes, day after day, of the long 25 days of trial, slapped handcuffs on Raniere.

There is no more presumption of innocence. No appearance to keep up before the jury.

The man formerly worshiped by his followers as the illustrious Vanguard is now a convicted felon. He is 58. His birthday is August 26, 1960. The sentencing range for his crimes is from 15 years minimum for sex trafficking – up to life in prison.

During the trial, Raniere sat silently, always alert, often scribbling on sticky notes, oft times staring at the witnesses arrayed against him – most of them his former devotees.

Among those testifying for the prosecution were FBI agents and non-DOS victims such as James Loperfido and Rick Ross. There was the longtime confidante of the late Edgar Bronfman – Stephen Herbits – and an expert on sexual assault victims, Dr. Dawn Hughes.

But in the end, it was the women who sunk him. The sympathetic women who to a woman cried over what he had done to them – and how he had destroyed their lives.

Raniere did not testify on his own behalf and chose not to put on a case in his defense.  He will be sentenced in September. In the meantime, he’ll be residing at MDC in Brooklyn where he has been held, with other pre-trial prisoners, since April 2018.

But now he’ll likely be housed in the big boys’ section – where those who have been convicted are awaiting sentencing.

Absent some sort of appeal that results in the overturning of his conviction – which seems infinitesimally remote at this juncture – he will spend most of the rest of his life in prison.


Here is the jury charge sheet: The 12 men and women found him guilty on everything!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -X
– against –
also known as “Vanguard,”
and “Master,”
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -X

18-CR-204 (S-2) (NGG)


How do you find the defendant?
Guilty _________ Not Guilty _________

If you answered “Guilty” as to Count Two, indicate whether the following Racketeering Acts
were proved beyond a reasonable doubt. If you answered “Not Guilty,” proceed to Count

Racketeering Act 1
1A (Conspiracy to Commit Identity Theft – Ashana Chenoa)
Proved _________ Not Proved _________

1B (Conspiracy to Unlawfully Possess Identification Document)
Proved _________ Not Proved _________

Racketeering Act 2 (Sexual Exploitation of a Child on November 2, 2005 – Camila)
Proved _________ Not Proved _________

Racketeering Act 3 (Sexual Exploitation of a Child on November 24, 2005 – Camila)
Proved _________ Not Proved _________

Racketeering Act 4 (Possession of Child Pornography)
Proved _________ Not Proved _________

Racketeering Act 5
5A (Conspiracy to Commit Identity Theft)
Proved _________ Not Proved _________

5B (Identity Theft – James Loperfido)
Proved _________ Not Proved _________

5C (Identity Theft – Edgar Bronfman)
Proved _________ Not Proved _________

Racketeering Act 6 (Conspiracy to Alter Records for Use in an Official Proceeding)
Proved _________ Not Proved _________

Racketeering Act 7 (Conspiracy to Commit Identity Theft – Marianna)
Proved _________ Not Proved _________

Racketeering Act 8
8A (Trafficking for Labor and Services – Daniela)
Proved _________ Not Proved _________

8B (Document Servitude – Daniela)
Proved _________ Not Proved _________

Racketeering Act 9 (Extortion)
Proved _________ Not Proved _________

Racketeering Act 10
10A (Sex Trafficking – Nicole)
Proved _________ Not Proved _________

10B (Forced Labor – Nicole)
Proved _________ Not Proved _________

Racketeering Act 11 (Conspiracy to Commit Identity Theft – Pamela Cafritz)
Proved _________ Not Proved _________

Racketeering Conspiracy
How do you find the defendant?
Guilty _________ Not Guilty _________

Forced Labor Conspiracy
How do you find the defendant?
Guilty _________ Not Guilty _________

Wire Fraud Conspiracy
How do you find the defendant?
Guilty _________ Not Guilty _________

Sex Trafficking Conspiracy
How do you find the defendant?
Guilty _________ Not Guilty _________

Sex Trafficking of Nicole
How do you find the defendant?
Guilty _________ Not Guilty _________

If you find the defendant guilty as to Count Six, answer the following questions:
Do you find that the defendant knew means of force, fraud or coercion would be used
to cause one or more persons to engage in one or more commercial sex acts?
Yes _________ No _________

Attempted Sex Trafficking of Jay
How do you find the defendant?
Guilty _________ Not Guilty _________


__________________              ____________________________
DATE                                 FOREPERSON
Case 1:18-cr-00204-NGG-VMS


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K.R. Claviger


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  • I hope Heidi Hutchinson is Okay. I find it shocking that she has not posted anything during this monumentous occasion .

  • Anonymous

    June 20, 2019 at 1:05 am

    Personally, I didn’t doubt the other DOJ work but I don’t congratulate Penza…In the end, the part she played is insignificant. Especially against Raniere while the others concentrate on the testimonies that made the difference (i still think that without Lauren, the verdict could have been different…).

    Now, all that is left is a sentencing that’ll make sure he is not getting out (not in this life, at least)…

  • Hahahaha..

    ‘I don’t congratulate Penza…In the end, the part she played is insignificant.’

    Who TF do you think planned arranged and presented the witnesses and their testimonies?

    Are you one of those people whose shit evaporates into sweet smelling air, while the rest of us give thanks and praise to centuries of sewage engineers and workers? Twat.

    • I agree. I’ve dealt with a predator similar to Keith and the women he surrounds himself are as wicked. In fact they could claim he grooms them, but they are ready and willing. They will lie, cheat and steal for him for the power they have using him. Yes, he was used. Not that I feel badly for him. But he’s mentally ill, and so are the primary women. One woman said she held down other women while they were being branded and she wondered what she was doing. I’d say she had a moment of conscience of the fact that what she was doing she may very well go down for. I’m sure she knew those women did not know what was going to be done to them. That’s all. Being next to the predator gives them predatory power they enjoy and probably could not achieve on their own. They are accomplices of his. Yes, the women enlist others, usually younger, more vulnerable and very naïve. Simone Beauvoir to his Sartre, right? Intellectuals and elites just doing research while having some fun. Did you see Raniere’s patent filed on how to tell if a Luciferian can be rehabilitated. What does that tell us they are? Its very upsetting the primary women are going to get off the hook.

      • You know absolutely nothing of that case…At least 2 of the “defendants” were victims (while following the same logic that the DOJ used to make the victims be victims) so no, it’s not!
        The proof of this is how some of the persons that should have been defendants (1 cited in the indictment) were considered victims…yet her involvement is clearly demonstrated.

        What?! now Raniere is the victim? and I’m the one who says stupid things?
        The fact that he was behind everything didn’t come frome the testimonies but from the messages proving HE was THE ONE giving all the orders.
        OOoooh poor Raniere, The girls forced him to hit them, to have sex with other girl and to steal all of their valuables…
        Raniere is so so innocent! You are an absolute moron!
        But please continue to demonstrate your beautiful personality trying to prove that he played a minor role while most of us see the Truth.

        And as for what I said, I stand by it.
        Who’s trial was it? I remind you that ALL THE OTHER DEFENDANTS HAD PLEADED GUILTY and that means there is no need to try to prove their guilt to the jury!
        On the other hand, It was absolutely necessary to prove Raniere was guilty.

        Yet, Penza was pointing finger in other’s direction while it was about Raniere!

        If you don’t understand this, I doubt you have the required intellect to “deal with predator similar to Keith and the women he surrounds himself”.

    • “Who TF do you think planned arranged and presented the witnesses and their testimonies?”
      Where you there? you seen her doing it?

      What i saw during trial is that most of time when a good testimony came, it was not Her that was involved…

  • As for myself, the jury having found Keith guilty on all counts is a kind of justice done for all those who have been deceived, used and abused by cults of many kinds.

    There are over 5000 cults in the USA, not all religious, yet all deadly.

    Let us hope David Miscavige is next on the chopping block. More than just Leah Remini want Shelly Miscavige, among others, chained by Scientology, freed.

    By the way. Just as there is no good in NXIVM, there is no good in Scientology. Both need to be ground to dust and salted.

  • Thank you, Frank, for your steadfastness and all who stood for justice. It is a great day indeed. Now those that were involved w NX can get on with their lives. Bye, Bye Clare. You’re next.

  • KK posted today on Instagram—
    Now that “Vanguard” is incarcerated I finally feel safe to unburden myself: Through ESP/Nx Keith empowered me to overcome my shyness and use sex to advance my acting career–and all I got was a crappy show on the CBC!
    —viva executive success–

      • Why are you people still talking about Kristen Kreuk? Who cares? Was she even on the government’s radar? Did its representatives even interview her or find any evidence against her? People are still talking about her as if she matters.

    • If you want to read more about Kristin Crook, there is a discussion here in the comments about her.

      A Facebook post from May 2015 has cropped up with a NXIVM course taker thanking Kreuk, Mark Vicente and Lucas Roberts for their “encouragement” on his NXIVM course that week.

      Proof Kristin Kreuk didn’t mind supporting NXIVM three years after the pedophile revelations.

  • The sun’ll come out
    Bet your bottom dollar
    That tomorrow
    There’ll be sun
    Just thinkin’ about
    Clears away the cobwebs,
    And the sorrow
    ‘Til there’s none
    When I’m stuck a with day
    That’s gray,
    And lonely,
    I just stick out my chin
    And Grin,
    And Say,
    The sun’ll come out
    So ya gotta hang on
    ‘Til tomorrow
    Come what may
    Tomorrow, tomorrow
    I love ya tomorrow
    You’re always
    A day

    –but maybe not for you, Keith, for a while–

  • Thank God Thank God Thank God…. I have been speechless ever since the verdict announcement! It’s going to take time to sink in – …Thank you so much Frank Parlato, these simple words are not enough.. you are true hero. God Bless you –

  • I’ve been reading this site since I stumbled on it last year. Frank, you are a hero. From someone in California who sees people backdown when threatened, you didn’t. Unbelievable. What’s next? The show can’t be over.

  • I’m happily surprised. I didn’t think the jury would convict on all counts. After many high profile trials and juries finding not guilty when provided overwhelming evidence, I am impressed.

    I hope his co-conspirators get long sentences. Especially those that seemed to thrive on their power while inflicting pain. I’m not concerned with Lauren’s desire for children or the love bombing of Allison, Clare’s or Nancy’s desire to make a better world. Indoctrination only goes so far and personal responsibility for others abuse and victimization outweighs it

  • Today is a day for celebration. Justice has prevailed in a deserving case.

    Up ahead for Vantard are coming the guys of the Northern District with aditional charges.

    Felicidades Frank.

  • WOW. I hope the fact he was convicted on ALL counts will lessen his chances on appeal. As I predicted, he will be raising ineffectiveness of counsel as well. I think Marc did the best job he could, given what he had to work with. How fitting is it that Keith got the most excellent representation with money he conned out of others? Unlike most of us, he never worked an honest day in his life.

    I hope this is the start of healing for the many who were grievously hurt – life savings stolen, careers ruined, identities crushed, sisters lost, self esteem decimated, and children aborted, abandoned, or disowned. Not to mention those who were falsely accused, arrested, sued, and imprisoned. TO BE CLEAR, this was not simply about a guy who got a lot of voluntary sex and money from willing people.

    From another article: “According to him, it’s his former ‘bitches and whores’…who are causing all his problems. He talks constantly about being betrayed – and how none of this would have happened if he had been allowed to be out on bail before the trial started.”

    True – had he been out on bail, he would have pulled strings and fled, perhaps to Fiji or deeper into Mexico. KAR was never about accountability, at least not for himself.

    RICO was developed to target the bosses of criminal enterprises who cleverly kept their own hands clean. Someone ought to give a nod to Rudolph Giuliani, who furiously battled the Mafia bosses in 1980s New York.

    I wonder which lawyer will undertake Keith’s appeal?

    Keith, you have hurt so many. You deserve ever bit of this, IMO. I would advise you to take time during your imprisonment to self reflect, but that will never, never, happen. You will go on blaming others for the rest of your life.

  • I think Google has made it more difficult to find The Frank Report. It used to be at or near the top in results when you looked up NXIVM but now they’ve buried it under a ton of lame results from CBS News, NBC, the NY Times, etc. Other outlets can’t hold a candle to the coverage Frank has given this story from day one and he should be rewarded with a higher ranking in the search results. This is THE site for those interested in this story.

    • I’ve wondered about this….why these major media sites were always cited first rather than this excellent site or other anti and cult monitoring sites. What a racket Google has going on. The writing on this site is very excellent…serious and sarcastically funny with unimaginable focus creative geniuses and strong advocates for the vulnerable.

    • Hmm, with all their billions the Google duo felt they had to obstruct the activity of a site that was not only fighting for social justice but it did not hinder them one bit from raking in more and more billions that they can’t fucking spend! What are they going to do with another 100 billion? Set up another ISIS to kill what? Planet Earth??

  • I had never heard of NXIVM until I read Catherine Oxenberg’s book, Captive. Then I found the Frank Report and read every single post right from the beginning. So many people have been harmed because of this cult, and Frank never stopped. KUDOS to all who stepped up to the plate and had a hand in stopping this monster! I was floored when I saw the jury had already come back with a verdict! Amazing!!

  • I am wondering if Keith’s father attended any of the trial proceedings? Does he have a relationship with his son?

    I’m so thankful to the jury! They will forever be changed by these last 6 weeks.

    • Unbelievable, it would appear they are estranged. However, Mr. Raniere is well into his 80’s and we don’t know the state of his health.

      KAR or his father sued the other at some point – possibly for money lent and not repaid. The lawsuit cannot be found on the internet.

      James Raniere (father) was involved in Consumers Buyline and if memory serves was subject to the consent decree banning his and Keith’s future involvement in any MLMs. My boss, who was a vendor to CBI, met him and his second wife Sydney during the CBI days. KAR had everyone fooled. By reports, James Raniere has said that there was something askew about his son since an early age. And he defended Keith’s mother as a good one.

      He has perhaps washed his hands of KAR, or he could be too ill to participate.

      By all accounts, KAR had a good upbringing, no deprivation, and good schooling. This story is about the mystery of the origins of a sociopath. Maybe someday with digging, we will learn more.

      • Thanks OCD for the insight. I don’t wish dementia on anyone ever. But I truly sympathize with the father if he is aware, and pray that he isn’t fully aware. I can’t even imagine what emotion that man would feel. Can’t even think about it.

      • “…something was askew… from an early age.” Wow, surprised to read it. So, in this case the set of ‘virtues’ has hereditary origins almost entirely, as opposed to having been environmentally shaped.

        He was also going against his father legally? Our friend has always had the ‘take no prisoners’ approach. Can’t help loving him!!

        Satan incarnate! LOL

      • Ever since Cain and Abel we have had the good seed and the bad seed.
        Keith is the epitome of the bad seed.

  • This is excellent news Frank. I am banned from Twitter for a week, but I was able to see this. I hope he gets life.
    Congratulations & thank you for all your hard work

  • Lest any of us forget, this justifiable and well-deserved outcome for Raniere most likely would have never been the result had it not been for one man – Frank Parlato. When no-one else would speak up, Frank put himself at great risk to expose the truth. We all talk about speaking truth to power. So few ever do. Frank – you deserve so much admiration for what you have fought for and achieved. Justice is served because you had the courage to take on an evil machine. Hopefully, Pulitzer will take notice.

  • This should be a lesson of shame for all those idiotic “followers” of this monster who attended stupid midnight voleiball games and kissed him on the lips. Wack!!

  • What a glorious day! Justice has finally be served. I hope the victims can start healing now. Thank you, Frank, for your tireless work at bringing down this monster and to you and your reporters for all the timely updates.

    • According to this frank, Nicki was cooperating with the feds and was even going to testify. So, why would she think anything of him now? Unless frank is wrong which he is on some things as some things are only his opinion not facts

  • Here’s to you, Frank. A lot of today is the result of your dogged pursuit of justice. Because of you, an abusive man will go to prison. He will serve time for all the cruelty he dished out. BRAVO!
    To Toni Natalie, Joe O’Hara, John Tighe, Heidi Hutchinson, Dani Fernandez and all the victims this creep persecuted, congratulations! I hope you all sleep easy tonight.
    To Sarah Edmondson, Susan Dones and the rest of the NXIVM 9, Mark and Bonnie, congratulations for having the courage of your convictions and leaving so boldly.
    To Barbara Bouchey, girl, get some help. You were a successful woman well before you met this creep. Girl, let it go.
    To Catherine Oxenberg, you are the mother every child should have. Your tenacity saved your daughter, and a lot of other women. Thank you. India looks great! I hope she is healthy and happy.
    To Dani, Sylvie, Nicole, Jay, and (gasp) Lauren Salzman, here’s to your courage at speaking your truth.
    To the remaining DOS slaves, move on with your lives. There is no reason to keep living this obscene dream.
    Karen U., why haven’t you been charged? You’ve been there all along. If you aren’t cooperating with the feds, I hope you don’t sleep easy at night.
    Allison, prison might help unwind some of the craziness in your head. You need professional help.
    Mark Hildreth, you are a coward. You led women down this path to hell. I hope your career is done. Same for you Jim delNegro.
    To Clare, your day is coming. You spent millions terrorizing people. You stole years from them, and you did so gleefully. If you die poor, without family and friendless, justice will have been served. Sara, you are now witness to all the damage you and your sister have done. You are unworthy of anyone’s trust.
    To the Mex Nex, you’re rich and now infamous. Spend your lives doing real good, by feeding poor folks, and building shelter for the needy. That would be your redemption. The Salinas political dynasty that Carlos so badly wanted is dead. The Boone brothers should just stop. Rosa Laura Junco, that you would want to feed your daughter this vile, soulless miscreant speaks volumes about you. You are not fit as a mother.

    Justice has been served. And, it’s ice cold.

  • Great news Frank, thanks for bringing this important story to the world~!

    This is the beginning of the end for satanic ritual abuse on Earth~!

  • Not many people would have had the courage and bravery to see this fight through to its conclusion. Frank Parlato did.

    Congratulations to Frank and all his supporters.

  • To quote the words of someone who was convicted quicker than his Wikipedia updated itself…

    “There are no victims”

  • Keith Raniere now knows what is like to lose at a zero sum game when the stakes are your life.

    Tonight is going to be the first of many long nights for Keith Raniere…….

  • Justice has been served!
    Congratulations to Mr. Parlato: His bold statements led to plant in the public the doubts and concerns about Vanfraud and his so-called “Next great lineage of humanity”. This is a day to appreciate and remember the victims of this horrible and disgusting person!

    Looking forward to check if (during his confinement) he suffers the same fate as that of Sublime’s Date Rape Song LMAO…

  • KR Claviger – I know that cameras are not allowed in Federal Court. Is there an exception for sentencing hearings? Thank you and enjoy Vangone Day.

  • Lastly Congratulations to Moira Penza and the DOJ !!!!!!

    Thank you!!!!!!

    I apologize for being one of the morons that doubted your abilities.

    • Personally, I didn’t doubt the other DOJ work but I don’t congratulate Penza…In the end, the part she played is insignificant. Especially against Raniere while the others concentrate on the testimonies that made the difference (i still think that without Lauren, the verdict could have been different…).

      Now, all that is left is a sentencing that’ll make sure he is not getting out (not in this life, at least)…

  • What a great day! Kudos to everyone who spoke out against this criminal organization.

  • Thanks to the jury, brave witnesses, Frank, and everyone else who shined a bright light on the dark and depraved NXIVM cult. I hope the sentencing reflects proportionate punishment due for Raniere AND his inner circle of egotistical flying monkeys for inflicting years of anguish and lasting damage on so many young women. I hope all will recover in time and learn to beware love bombing predators who claim to have “all the answers” because grifters (the ones who don’t end up behind bars) tend to resurface in tweaked packages ready to con again.

  • After trail comment by marc agnifilo ” I was not all that surprised by the verdict” hahahahhahahajajahahahahahah!!!!!!!

    • Agnifilo felt he could no longer win the case after the defections of Nancy, Lauren, Clare and Kathy. I noticed a change in his affect and body posture at court hearings. He seemed depressed. One day after court, he spoke casually about his win streak coming to an end. I thought it a strange thing to focus on as I was expecting his focus to be on his client, not on himself.

      • THAT says a lot about Agnifilo. What a dick. Just worried about his win streak coming to an end. If he cared at all about his client, he wouldn’t have said that.

        • Surely there are clients undeserving of personal feelings of care. Agni did what he could within the bounds of professionalism. Double Anon – you are a Janus through and through.

  • Thank you Frank, Joe and all at Frank Report. Let’s hope John Tighe hears the news quickly and can go to sleep with a smile on his face tonight. 🎁

  • This bodes ill for the Allison Mack and Clare Bronfman.

    They will receive sentences measured in years, rather than months, as some have predicted.

    And so they should.

  • Words almost fail me. This is a glorious day. It took many people many years to get us to this day, but I’ll give a special thank you to you, Mr. Frank Parlato. You were the agitator, the warrior, and the key to putting Raniere finally, permanently, behind bars, where he can harm no one else. Frank, you did what no one else was able to do.

    Let’s hope it doesn’t end today. Here’s hoping for maximum sentences to the rest of the NXIVM gang who have already plead guilty, and more indictments for all the other flying monkeys who are still out there.

    Here’s hoping for continued investigation into the tax fraud, blackmail, lies, money laundering, threats, and suicides that are part and parcel of the vicious, harmful, cruel racket that was NXIVM.

    And oh, how I wish I could see John Tighe’s face right now, and may he be fully exonerated some day very soon.

    How long would it take to get a permit for a parade in Halfmoon, NY?

    Viva Executive Success!

  • As a victim of abuse. I am so happy the jury socked it to him in 5 hours. I have lurked here for years keeping up with this. Hell has a special place for you Mr. Raniere. And it will be in general population taking it up the ass. My faith in humanity was restored today.

  • Wow. Just wow. I am very pleasantly surprised. I truly hope all of those women (and men) affected and tormented by this monster will find healing and live their best lives. Justice has been done. Bravo to Frank er al and bravo to the jury 👏🏻

    But wait…I still have a prediction that I really believe will happen. It’s a morbid one, but I predict he will commit suicide. Vanguard does not want to go to prison for life. He’s over. His tyranny is over. Will he repent? He’ll no. He’ll take the easy way out and off himself.

      • I get where you’re coming from. I think it depends on a couple of factors. If the prison he’s sent to is tolerable and he can get a prison minion, write to Barb, Mariana, Yolanda, or even prison groupies, no. If it’s as bad as the jail he’s in, he has no friends, the guards are mean to him, he exhausts his appeals, gets sent to the SHU “unfairly” enough, or has life to serve without parole, yes, bet he necks himself.

        What if someone else has plans for his demise? He might not be safe for reasons we’re all well aware of. Bet even Sillybrand would like him Arkancided.

        • There is no parole in the federal judicial system. Whatever his sentence is, Raniere will end up serving about 85% of it – if, of course, he survives that long.

          • Thank you for the info re parole in the fed system!

            And, thank you for all of your work!

      • he doesnt have the balls to actually do the deed so no i dont see him being THAT noble at all {sorry somebody} but he may not last long in general due to someone else wanting him gone and a few bucks makes it happen just saying

    • I would like for him to save taxpayers all of the money it would take to keep him locked up, but I don’t think he has the guts. After all, he ran away and hid from Dani while playing volleyball and the Mexican police when they showed up to arrrest him.

  • On 5th May 2015 A guy from Vancouver called Mark Busse, posted to his public Facebook page a message about a NXIVM/ESP five day intensive he did that week.

    He thanked Lucas Roberts, Mark Vicente and Kristin Kreuk for their “encouragement.”

    Mark Busse
    May 5, 2015 · Vancouver, BC, Canada ·

    “Was feeling blocked and a bit off track lately, so I took Executive Success Programs five day intensive this week (finally).

    It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you think you have the mettle, and are looking for something to shake up your world view, this is worth considering. Happy to share my experience if you’re curious.

    Thanks to Lucas Roberts, Mark Vicente, and Kristin Kreuk for the encouragement.”


    He tagged all three NXIVM coaches in his post to their Facebook pages.

    The Facebook page for Kristin Kreuk was a joint page she shared with Kendra Voth, who she recruited into NXIVM.

    They set up that page during their Girls By Design days.



    Mark Busse was thanking Kristin Kreuk, not Kendra Voth.

    While the name “Kristin” was a link to her shared Facebook page with Kendra Voth, he also typed out her last name “Kreuk” which was not a link.

    If you look at the “likes” of that post, Lucas Roberts, Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson had “liked” it.


    In the comments, Lucas Roberts said: “Awesome watching you dig deep and bust through those blocks Mark! I’m inspired by your courage. Not everyone wants to self-reflect and question things as you did.”

    Mark Busse said: ” It was interesting. For realz. And yes, that’s how you spell mettle.”

    Mark Vicente “liked” that comment too.


    At the end of the month, Kreuk was back in Toronto filming the fourth and final season of Beauty and the Beast, which according to Wikipedia was filmed between May 29th 2015 and finished in November 17th 2015 :


    The pilot was filmed in March 2012, one month after the Times Union expose that exposed Keith Raniere as a pedophile, an expose Kreuk was named in.


    She was still coaching for NXIVM that year:


    The final season was filmed May-November 2015, with Kreuk coaching for NXIVM the same month filming began.

    Kreuk was coaching for NXIVM through four seasons of filming and way past 2013 and the pedophile revelations.

      • Rub a magic lamp and a geenie pops out. Bring up Kristin Crook and spanky takes a short break from rubbing his little lamp to spew his aspergers psycho babble.

        • Nope. Not Sultan. But you’re welcome to keep thinking that encouraging someone to take a NXIVM course is more than what it is.

    • Saw the post quoted in the links. Indeed, on the person’s Facebook page and Kristin Kreuk’s page, it is all there. Kreuk still coaching with Lucas Roberts and Mark Vicente. Top coaches liked the post. It’s real. Kristin Kreuk is a liar.

      • now that KAR is toast, time to put the heat on KK, she’s always been the more popular target.

        • Kristin Kreuk is interwoven in the NXIVM fabric. She is a big part of its history. It should be on record what her role was and the fact she undeniably publicly lied about it.

      • What do you think “encouragement ” means? These 3 coaches were involved with his 5 day intensive and we’re thanked for it. Kreuk still pro NXIVM 3 years after pedo expose.

    • I don’t see how getting tagged on social media means she was back coaching. Mark Vicente was also tagged, and he was the head of the LA Center – so is that supposed to mean that he was also coaching in Vancouver for some reason? And if she was coaching, why is there no corroboration other than dubious internet crumbs?

      Plus Frank’s multiple sources say Kreuk was out in 2013, and that ought to settle it:

      And I don’t get the obsession with her. If being called to account is the issue, there are more important people, who did more and know more, to call out.

      • Mark Vicente coached in Vancouver. Lucus Roberts confirmed in the comments he (LR) was physically there. Kreuk named alongside these two. Kreuk was also in Vancouver at the time.

        • That’s just stringing together suppositions in the absence of any solid corroboration that Kreuk was actually there, and in contradiction to what Frank’s reliable sources say was the case with her involvement. And why no similar, or better yet more concrete, indicators from the years before and after?

          If you want to hypothesize or even theorize, have you considered that maybe Kreuk just want back once to do something like get a friend out – or to gather info for the RCMP? That’s in the same realm of possibility….

          • Knew it was only a matter of time until Spanky showed up!
            Although you have made better salads in the past, this one is not too bad.

      • Three people recruited Mark Busse? Nope. There could be more than one coach at an intensive. Read the link. In 2012, Kreuk showed up on the second day of an intensive. Lucas Roberts said it was awesome watching him on his course. Kreuk was thanked alongside Lucas Roberts.

  • The axe came down hard and isn’t done swinging. This doesn’t look good for Clare, Allison, Nancy, Lauren and Kathy.

  • Justice has been served. Thank you, Frank, for the role you played in exposing this criminal and his criminal enterprise!

  • Sometimes the good guys win…..and oboy this is a huge one. I hope and pray all these woman can pick up the pieces and go on to live a fulfilling life. It’s been a pleasure being introduced to some real life heroes ie..Frank, Joe, Toni, Catherine, Dani and everyone who worked all these years to take this monster down. Frank, your day is next…the government needs to drop the charges against you. They owe you.

  • Thank you so much Frank Parlato for helping to bring this monster down. He won’t be able to hurt anybody now!! I hope you are celebrating now, you deserve it, congratulations from Germany!

  • Heidi – I’m sure this moment is bittersweet for you and your family, but congratulations for everything you have done and continue to do for Gina.

  • Many thanks to Frank Parlato, who worked for years to bring this man before the courts.

    Thank you Frank and congratulations.

    You won.

    • Thank you Frank! You’re a hero in that you both brought awareness and didn’t back down but instead provided so many updates that raised awareness; very awesome.

  • Justice has been done and this evil psychopath has been removed from society.

    He is not fit to move freely amongst us.

    He will never again be in a position where he can abuse anyone.

    Justice has been done.

      • From what I’ve read, her relationships with men have been dysfunctional, so it makes sense that she would be crying. But, those tears may also have some joy in them, too. The NXIVM 9 were vindicated.

    • It might seem odd that Raniere’s lawyer would congratulate Bouchey. However, my personal experience of Agnifilo is that he’s a “celebrity lawyer”. He craves attention He wants to be liked by everybody which is a good thing but also a bad thing. I wondered if he was there more for himself than for his client?

      However, his loss of the case cannot be put on his shoulders. Raniere had the opportunity to negotiate a plea deal. He did not take it.

      • I don’t think KAR was offered a plea deal. I think the EDNY knew they could convict him and there was no incentive. Maybe now that he is convicted he could work out something if he can help put the Mexican Mob away….

        • Surely, she was relieved. She has paid the price for her involvement. The past ten years of stalking and litigation abuses. Now she and others can begin to reassemble their lives.

    • According to all the regular press..she cried tears of relief and CNN interviewed her saying something to the effect that…. she was glad he was found guilty and that she won’t have to keep looking over her shoulder in fear.

      Personally, I was surprised by her words, I kinda expected her to be his first visitor.

      • Just read the CNN article, thank you.

        I had assumed the same. It’s great news to read it in context with the additional articles. I want Barbara to move on, feel safe and live her best life.

        Just can’t shake a feeling she’d be saying “no one is perfect but see, I told you, Keith is more good than bad” if he was found not guilty.

    • That fool had the nerve to say in front of the Judge “You can find it (Rainere) repulsive, disgusting and offensive. We do not condemn people in this country for being repulsive or offensive. Unpopular ideas are not criminal! Disgusting ideas are not criminal!”

      Can you believe that?

      • Martin, You are dead right but as you can see, “some” disagree. They would quickly agree however if you told them (rightly so) they don’t have all their marbles! But that’s the stupidity of the masses, we can never eradicate it. I don’t know whether to regard such humans on par with animals or just consider their lives valueless. 😀

        • Since you reacted to this so strongly, I’m genuinely curious as to what you think is wrong with Agnifilo saying this to the jury. Do we not convict people in this country based on whether they broke an actual law, instead of based on our personal feelings are for the defendant? The law is the law, but people obviously differ in their ideas about what’s objectionable, disgusting, etc. We have to therefore hold everyone by the same standard – that’s why we have laws to begin with.

      • He had no choice whatsoever but to say that. The jury was shown and given some revolting, disgusting evidence. The defense lawyer has to acknowledge that but focus on the criminality of the behavior, if any. His goal was to get KAR acquitted, not make him popular.

    • Like in Return of the Jedi, when the Evil Guards cry after Luke Skywalker killed the Rancor monster.

      Boohoo! Our favorite pet is dead. Boohoo!

  • Wow. Ted Bundy’s jury took 7 hours and 15 minutes to find him guilty in 1980.

    Vanguard’s took less than 5 hours.

    Viva Executive Success?

    Rather “Game Over”

    I hope anyone who has been a victim of this fraud gets all the support and help they need to turn their lives back round. Onwards and upwards to you all.

    Also, well done to all those who helped convict him.

  • Good news, indeed!

    And a tip of the cap to Frank Parlato, Sarah Edmundson, and all those who helped expose this criminal and his corrupt organization. Well done!

  • Champagne for almost everyone! At least have a Shirley Temple or a joystick. For the possessed who want to keep drinking the cowardly Raniere Koolaid, try the urine-flavored vat. Blue light special, formulated for slowly boiling frogs.

    Slam-dunk, Raniere and gargoyles. Your days of giving volleyball a bad name are over. Oh and people are just fine making love without any supervision from Keith Alan Raniere. Take that to the penitentiary and do the limbo rock for some floor room. It won’t be Avon calling.

    Today is a good day.

  • Wow, I never expected it to be today. So fast, glad the jury saw what a monster he is. He’s gonna sleep in a pool of tears tonight. If he *can* sleep. I hope this brings comfort to all he has deluded, mistreated, and used. He will most likely never touch a woman again, and that’s a very, very good thing. So much for being the smartest man alive.

    Um, Pee-Pee, your predictions fell flat with a hard thud.

  • Congratulations to all those that have been victimized by Keith Raniere!!!!

    I have never been so happy for a group of strangers in my life.

    I hope that this verdict gives all of you some measure of closure.

    I wish you all the best!!!!

  • Wow! Wow! Wow! I feel elated!!! At least the rest of this week I will feel better about humanity, about those of us increasingly part of a minority, that feels hard done by those at the helm, those sitting pretty at the pyramid apex.

    Snorlax and I have been proven SO wrong but I am convinced s/he’s equally happy to be so!

    Maybe not all hope is lost! We can thank the heroes who stared this satanic demon in the eyes unflinchingly, knowing his legal budget was infinitely larger than theirs but having faith in their powers to bring evil to a halt. I am starting to envisage the unthinkable: what if this relatively small group of brave humans will be able to even detonate evil??

    I feel regret for regarding jury members possibly not able to grasp case details sufficiently. Maybe there is still hope for us good humans in this world!

  • Woohooo! Im sure we all feel relief this monster is going away behind bars. I hope they monitor his mail so he doesn’t control women from inside the can. Thank you Frank and everyone else for your role in bringing down this monster. Waaaaaniere will never become humble or realize how disgusting he is. He is the permanent victim who will prove to anyone who can hear that “women have no integrity”. Goodbye you creep. Everything that is happening to you is just your “issue”!

    • I just watched a video ion the internet about him being found guilty and at the bottom of the video was a ” like” or “dislike” and there were 81 likes and 29 dislikes. The question is ” Who are the people that marked dislike on twitter that he was found guilty.
      They’re the ones we need to watch out for now.

  • I am sure he could have persuaded the jury if he had testified. He is, after all, the WoRLd’s SmaRTESt man!

  • Claviger you didnt get your 2nd Good Friday….but we all just got one hell of an outstanding Wednesday!!!!! BEST NEWS EVER!!!!! I almost cried for joy for the known victims. What a great day!

  • Poor (POS) guy. Will some of the readers bake him a cake? I learned from reading about the trial that he likes cake. And I am hoping that in prison he finally finds true love. Who knows, he might have a harem again. But they won’t be long-haired, slim, blondes.


    Thanks to all who fought this monster.
    I’ve taken a few liberties with the lyrics to the Kirsty McColl and Pogues song – Fairytale of New York.I’ll rename it

    Nightmare of Albany, New York.

    The day we waited for
    Longed for so many years
    That day has come at last
    Despite so many fears
    Here’s to absent friends
    Those lost along the way
    Let’s have a drink for them
    On this great Vangone Day

    The so-called smartest man
    The East Coast Judo Champ
    And in torrential rain
    He wasn’t even damp
    He lived just like a monk
    His ethics unsurpassed
    That was the legend told
    The lie could never last

    Any pleasure was fleeting
    While the branding was not
    Your patented sashes
    Were not worth a jot
    An avatar baby
    The wait was the worst
    And the sex disappointed
    Even when uncoerced

    And the truth was unfurled
    Wronged men, women and girls
    Those pursued through a court
    While justice was bought
    And the truth wasn’t pretty
    But the critics were gritty
    Thanks to all who had grit
    Proper justice has hit.

    For victims of the NXIVM cult
    The party’s in full sway
    And the cheers are very loud
    On Vangone Day

    And a fraud
    With a head like a gourd
    And your erection problems
    Exposed to the horde
    No more harem for you
    And you thought rape a blast
    Now you’re gonna be guarding
    Your own sorry ass

    For victims of tthe NXIVM cult
    The party’s in full sway
    And the cheers are very loud
    On Vangone Day

    Now  you’re convicted scum
    For smart you’re pretty dumb
    And when the cell door slams
    Your memories of the past
    Are all that you have now.
    So Vanguard take a bow
    For others, life goes on
    And you are now Vangone

    For victims of the NXIVM cult
    The party’s in full sway
    And the cheers are very loud
    On Vangone Day.

    • Bravo! Great song stylings. Thanks to Frank, Catherine Oxenberg, all the brave women who took the stand, and all the fighters for good out there.

  • HALLELUAH!!! He has ruined so many lives, it is great karma to see his life in ruins! Can’t hide behind the lies any longer!

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