Shadow: Allison Mack Testifying for the Feds Was Never in the Cards

Allison Mack will be heading off to federal prison soon.

By Shadow State

The idea of Allison Mack testifying for the prosecution was never really in the cards. It could not be. She’s too dishonest and, therefore, most impeachable.

Let’s examine Allison Mack’s reputation for veracity.

1.) Allison Mack fabricated out of thin air the false allegation that her nephew had been sexually molested by a relative. This was part of her collateral and shows how low she could go to support Keith Alan Raniere.

This type of blatant LIE by Allison Mack could both damage the life of the child and the life of the relative she falsely accused.

Allison Mack did not give a damn.

When the actor Jussie Smollett claimed to have been attacked for his race and sexual orientation, the cost to the Chicago Police to investigate this false charge was $130,000 dollars.

Allison Mack is a white female version of Jussie Smollett.

2.) To double down on her madness, Allison Mack falsely claimed that she herself had been sexually molested by her father.

Again, Allison Mack did not care about the consequences to the victim of her false allegations.

Any competent defense attorney could rip her veracity apart on cross-examination. and Marc Agnifilo is more than competent.

It is doubtful if Allison Mack understands and appreciates the difference between fact and fiction and why that difference is important in a criminal trial.

Besides Allison Mack – I suspect – in her heart and mind is still a True Blue member of NXIVM.  And NXIVM regards Allison Mack as a True Believer.

The Tribute Page to Allison Mack is still up and running and it is being regularly updated with new photos.


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Moreover, NXIVM/DOS, when one really examines it, is a sex cult for bisexual women into BDSM.

Last October, Slave Jane said as much to Frank Parlato.

Slave’ tells about her role in GBD, about Allison & Kristin Kreuk: “I never saw KK do anything illegal’

Jane: I think she (Kristin Kreuk) is fickle and claimed to be of BDSM and then the minute anyone looked, dropped us like a bad habit and shamed us. I do not feel anything KK did was illegal. If you claim to be a sub, you can’t suddenly make like you don’t know us when the Mean Girls are looking. Looking the other way when bad stuff is happening is disgusting but not illegal.

FR: What is a mean girl?

Jane: A mean girl is a feminist who does allow any other women to live their lives unless it agrees with her own choices.


Mk10Art’s excellent painting of Keith Alan Raniere and Allison Mack planning to photograph slaves nude.

Raniere Was Akin to a Queen Bee

Keith Raniere became a figurehead in his own cult.

NXIVM was really financed and run by the NXIVM women with a few males thrown in for variety.  Think of NXIVM as a beehive.

Keith Raniere was the Queen Bee who was serviced by the drone bees, the real workers.  And Raniere would pay off his workers, both female and male, by French Kissing them.

Lastly, when the prosecution said that Allison Mack and India Oxenberg had cooperated by providing two USB sticks, it was clear that neither woman would testify.

Other than the possibility of child porn charges against Raniere, don’t expect the NDNY to investigate or prosecute anyone else in NXIVM.

After laying low for a while, NXIVM will be able to rebuild with money from wealthy Mexicans.

The fix Is In.

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  • “Allison Mack is a white female version of Jussie Smollett.”

    Allison Mack is NOT white, but jewish. Please stop participating in the slander of white women that is all too common these days.

    For that matter, Keith Raniere and the Bronfmans are also jewish.

  • Shadowstate – Allison will never take a plea deal!

    Also Shadowstate – Of course Allison took a plea deal! She only cares about herself!

    Also Shadowstate – Allison will testify with fake tears and everyone will see how evil she is!

    Also Shadowstate – Of course she was never going to testify. She’s too dishonest!

    • some folks apply critical thinking …. sometimes that means taking both sides of an argument to weigh exactly where truth is balanced and sometimes comments can be taken out of context expecially as new info is disseminated and given idiosyncratic time delays as comments are approved

      shadowstate state of mind kinda fits with nys of mind tho {yuck i hate billy joel} ;0

    • Max:
      Those are not exact quotes and you do not link to any Frank Report stories.
      In the end Allison Mack only took a plea deal when she was implicatred in the Second Superceding Indictment with facilitating child molestation and the Legal Trust Fund money started running out.

      Note in 2016 when the witness “Jaye” tried to point out to Allison Mack stories on the internet indicating that she was working for a child molester Allison Mack lied with a Non-Denial Denial.
      “Do you think I would work for a child molester?”

      Yes, Allison you knowingly worked for a child molester.
      And you sought to impress this child molester with fabricated stories about yourself and your nephews being molested by a family member.

      So Max, you can stop drinking Allison Mack’s Kool-Aid.
      It comes out of the same punch bowl as Keith Raniere’s Kool-Aid.

      • Because you stay by the fact…You keep blowing false information while the court files and testimonies prove the absolute opposite…

        Child molestation of who ? moron! There is prove that she was not implicate in anything like that, no witness testified anything close to what you accused…
        I’m getting sick of you, old man! If you continue with your fake accusation based on your sick mind, i’ll put my word into action and transmit to authorities your accusations.

        You are a criminal too with those fake accusation.

        And no ,Allison didn’t knowingly worked for a child molester, the proof goes against this and if she knew, you’d have to accept that India, Vicente , Sarah edmondson and other “heroes” (aswell as the victims themselves) knews it!
        The fact is that nobody believed it (except those who were directly implicate like Salzmans and a few other) , Allison was not in the inner circle until the 2015 (that is clearly said by the witnesses) , the crime you accused her are from 2005 and prior.

        Worst yet, she wasn’t really in the inner circle as she was collateralized to come into DOS (the same think you accuse her of being mastermind)

        So Allison is the mastermind but:
        Is collateralized
        Is not authorized to make her own choices or décisions (see the court proof through “messages”)
        Is not gaining anything financially or socially (i remind that she (contrary to Lauren) was sleeping in the same appartment as the victims and in the same bed (and to your despair, she wasn’t doing anything sexual with the girl sleeping with her (Nicole)…All this for “Financial Reason”
        Is branded (with her own initial , if we Believe your lies)
        Is doing all of this freewillingly (despite, of course, the heavy collateral)

        you are an absolute moron! (and the beauty of this is that i (contrary to you who accuse Allison) Don’t have to prove it, you do the work for me everytime you open your mouth!

        • So your Golden Girl Allison is so innocent that she just forfeited a 200,000 dollar townhouse in a RICO case.

          Allison the Dunce knowingly joined an ongoing criminal racket and ended up becoming a Gangster.
          And you still defend her.
          Will you visit her in Federal prison?

        • All you ever do is shriek like a siren, then overuse the word ‘moron’ whoever you are trying to help, if you really want to do that, you should just stop. Go to school and try again. I’m thinking you can’t be very old and even if you are its never too late to get an education.

    • Shadowstate is basically a word salad blowhard like a few others on here. He and and a few others on here, crap all over the comment section because this is their outlet for attention. In everyday life nobody takes these goofs seriously.

      • Most accurate comment ever on here. You hit a grandslam home run, a hole in one and a 300 game in the same comment

        • PSSST, only you and a couple other of her stalkers actually give a shit about Mack. She lives rent free in your obsessed mind.

  • Seeing you continuously cited “sources” which all are proved fake (remember the “Allison isn’t branded, she just got a tattoo”? Well, the trial proved that this slave (who you quoted and said Allison was nice, BTW but this is severed when you quote) is a liar.

    So I’ll ignore most of your absurd moronic post (as it’s the same BS lies you always blow around here and the kind of lies that only someone stupid would believe).

    But this: “Lastly, when the prosecution said that Allison Mack and India Oxenberg had cooperated by providing two USB sticks, it was clear that neither woman would testify.”
    Excuse me?
    The first part of the allocution was clearly to show that she wanted to testify against Dickhead (Raniere if you prefer as you see to love him so much that you prefer to defend him and accuse Allison).
    The USB stick was also given early which shows she wanted to cooperate but Penza is not on a quest for justice…
    She is looking at her career and that’s it.

    Sending Allison to jail (nevermind she wasn’t implied in the crime she pleaded or that she was actually a victim) is good for her pedigree.
    Good for her career.

    Who is Raniere after all…(Sane people know he is the monster who abused a lot of the girls)

    When we read the comments here, most are against Allison and get way more excited against her because she used (allegedly) a crude language…But the inhuman treatment that Raniere did to her of the others… who cares, right?

    You are the most guilty of that , old man.
    That makes you at the level of Raniere (maybe even worst).


    • ” she wanted to testify against Dickhead”

      Allison only wants to cut down her prison time.
      “Sending Allison to jail (nevermind she wasn’t implied in the crime she pleaded or that she was actually a victim) is good for her pedigree.
      Good for her career.”

      Tell OJ Simpson or Robert Blake or Bill Cosby or Kevin Spacey how their legal problems were good for their careers.
      “nevermind she wasn’t implied in the crime she pleaded”

      In a courtroom when a defendant pleads guilty the judge always asks the person, “Are you in fact guilty of the crime to which you plead?”
      And the judge inquires as to the defendant’s mental state asking if they are under the influence of intoxicants or drugs.
      So under your theory why did Allison Mack actually plead guilty?
      Was she falling on her sword?
      Was Allison Mack auditioning for that new TV show “Orange is the New Mack?”
      “You are the most guilty of that , old man.”

      There is no such thing in America as being guilty of free speech.

      • “Allison only wants to cut down her prison time.”
        And this fact come from where? may i ask?…Oh wait, from your psychic mind because you (who knows Nothing about Allison) know it.
        I know as a fact that she wanted to talk but she was not invited.

        “Tell OJ Simpson or Robert Blake or Bill Cosby or Kevin Spacey how their legal problems were good for their careers.”
        Is good for Penza’s career , moron!

        “In a courtroom when a defendant pleads guilty the judge always asks the person, “Are you in fact guilty of the crime to which you plead?”
        You sure know about what you talk …

        Parlato and KRcalviger themselves agree that often someone who is not guilty will plead guilty because it’s the ONLY SOLUTION

        It’s not about sending a criminal in prison but about sending ANYONE in prison!

        The proof that it’s “workind” is that people like you prefer to attack someone who is far to be anything close to a main player (yes, she is just another victim and a little pawn, that is it…it’s a fact that this trial proved!))

        I never see you getting that agressive when it come to those who are really the monsters…
        I Don’t see you talking as much about Raniere or the Salzmans.

        The only thing you show here, old man, is how pathetic you can be!

        “There is no such thing in America as being guilty of free speech.”

        Old man, i advice you to consider to contact a lawyer because he will love to see your view of free speech and compare it to the US law.

        Freedom of speech is a privilege, it comes with responsabilities and blowing false allégations and accusations is AGAINST THE LAW!
        You are not guilty of free speech, but you are guilty of defamation!
        You accuse a Young girl proved to be Nothing but a small fish to be the mastermind and accuse her of crimes that the court NEVER ACCUSED HER TO BE PART!
        That’s a crime…Old man!

        Check the law, you are a criminal by defaming .

        And Don’t tell me you Don’t, you definately do !
        Like when you insist with charges that have been dropped …or when you accuse her to be know about child molesting.
        Something proved to be complete lie!
        I expect you to come with another BS source like Always.

        You are the most pathetic person i have ever read! and definately a criminal as you continuously accuse Allison of crime she never committed!

        • Anonymous:

          The US government devoted great resources to investigate the CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES of Allison Mack.

          In the end Ms. Mack plead guilty to Racketeering, Racketeering Conspiracy and admitted to being involved in blackmail and extortion.
          At trial there was ample testimony from witnesses “Nicole” and “Jaye” that Allison Mack was recruiting and training and grooming women as part of a sex trafficking conspiracy.
          You can rant and rave until you are red in the face but Allison Mack is a PIMP.

  • Did the defense request a missing witness charge ? I would think they should…. seems to me that a lot of the testimony was directed at Allison being the mastermind behind DOS. If the defense gets a missing witness charge, the Jury could infer that since the prosecution did not call AM, she would have given testimony that would not have been favorable to the prosecution. People were probably expecting her to be the witness who would link a lot of the activity to Keith. Without her testimony, how is the Jury to make that leap?

      • She worked closely with Tubby working out the details of DOS, and suggested the branding of members, so it wasn’t all Tubby. It Was mostly Tubby, but by no means all.

      • Good luck trying to get one clever reaction from people around here…Like you, I clearly see that the only one who was at the top was Raniere…
        The prosecution even showed (a few as they don’t want Allison to be seen as a victim) of the mail were he was giving the orders…

        But some fruitloops around here are fueled by hate against Allison and read only what they want…

        The Truth is that 90% of the testimony discharged Allison. And the few unnecessary comments she (Allison) made are viewed by some as she is evil while for sane people it is viewed as irrationality.

        Irrationality that could be explained by the treatments she was put through (confirmed by most witness including Nicole).

        But never mind, she was the mastermind…….This is showing you the level of intellect around this website.

        • “The prosecution even showed (a few as they don’t want Allison to be seen as a victim) of the mail were he was giving the orders…”


  • To whom it may concern,

    The Hemi Charger along with the Hemi Barracuda are two of my favorite cars.

    Please stop using the Hemi Charger 426 name as an alias! [the link above ^^^ is to the alias.]

  • Kinda doubt NXIVM will be able to rebuild or restart, even if KAR is found not guilty of all charges. The government is seizing all assets including the “technology”.

    • Remember the EO on forfeiture of assets for those found guilty of sex trafficking? The attack on their assets helps to make sure they cannot easily start this up again after they get out of prison.

      Allison Mack is a small fish in all this. She will get some prison time. Too many fools on here are obsessed with her.

  • Allison Mack is second only to Raniere in psychopathy.

    She loved having the power that DOS gave her over the other women. She loved punishing them, and blackmailing them. She loved the branding ritual that she created. She wasn’t just some woman who did Raniere’s bidding. She did what she did for her own pleasure. She did it all willingly and eagerly.

    I hope she gets a minimum of 20 years.

    • She didn’t “create the branding ritual”! There was an entire conversation recorded and used in court where Keith is literally creating the ritual and all Allison is saying is “uh huh…. okay…”
      Folks- she was not the mastermind. This is completely over the top.

        • Get help , old man…
          She followed orders like the victims did and yet , they are not charged.

          You are so ridiculously stupid with this whole thing.

          Like it or not, she was pushed to take a plea deal by the false accusation, stuck against the wall ,she pleaded for way more than what as been demonstrated against her…

          At best ,she “blackmailed” more like collected blackmail, anything else is BS.

          • The trial didn’t have to “demonstrate” Mack’s crimes, cuz she wasn’t on trial.
            She took the plea deal because of evidence the Feds already had on her and they didn’t need to demonstrate it at KAR’s trial.

        • Yes. I’m not saying that she shouldn’t be held accountable, but people are giving her way more credit and calling her a master mind and it’s ridiculous. She was a follower, not a leader. She was a corrupt follower, and a zealous follower, but you could hear it in all of the recordings, she wasn’t leading Keith on anything. No one decided anything or came up with anything on their own. Keith was the decider. I haven’t yet heard anything about Allison coming up with the branding idea– Other than what she told that reporter for NY Magazine or whatever that was, which already has been established as a lie she told to protect Keith.

          I may have missed it, but is there any concrete evidence that the branding was her idea?

          • “is there any concrete evidence that the branding was her idea?”

            She admitted it in a New York Times Magazine interview.
            Words have consequences.

    • Raniere deserves 100 years and Allison Mack deserves 20 years.

      Without willing helpers like Allison Mack, Clare Bonfman, Nancy and Lauren Salzman, Raniere is nothing.

      • I would say you deserve life for your stupidity but unfortunately, it’s your family who got it…

        I feel real sorry for them having such a nutjob around them.

        • “I would say you deserve life for your stupidity ”

          And Allison Mack who branded women like cattle and turned them into sex slaves is a genius?
          That Allison Mack crack you’re smoking must be pretty powerful stuff.

    • What a moron, you definately didn’t cared about the trial and didn’t read anything….
      Everything you said is actually proved to be untrue (and this is confirmed by material evidence and testimonies).

      At this level i can’t Believe that you are anything but a troll.

      • “Everything you said is actually proved to be untrue ”

        Then why did Allison plead guilty to Racketeering and Racketeering Conspiracy in cases involving blackmail and extrotion?

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