Judge Decides DOS Slaves Will Use First Names Only – Jury Impaneled – 8 Men – 4 Women – Trial Starts Tomorrow

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis

Things are moving along.

A jury has been impaneled for Keith Raniere  – 8 men and 4 women.

The task was neatly done by late Monday morning in Brooklyn Federal Court – as about 55 potential jurors were winnowed down to 12 plus 6 alternates.

Judge Nicholas Garaufis also ruled that the identities of women who claim to be have been DOS slaves will be not be made public.

Judge Garaufis apparently handed down the sealed ruling over the weekend but announced it on Monday. The details of his ‘anonymous witnesses’ order is not entirely clear, but, according to the New York Post, Garaufis alluded to some aspects of the decision in court ahead of final jury selection.

According to the Post the judge told prosecutor Moira Penza, “Just do first names, that’s easy.”

The judge “also agreed that witnesses would be allowed to have a ‘cheat sheet,’ as Penza called it, to make sure they’re properly identifying other witnesses during their testimony,” according to the Post.

At one point, the government had proposed using fake names for each witness.

In his argument against that, Raniere’s attorney Marc Agniflo wrote,  “DOS had upwards of a one hundred members, at least thirty of whom may be discussed at this trial. Is the government really proposing that we assign a fake identity for each one? Short of providing the witness a glossary of which actual person goes with which fake name, the government’s proposal will not work as a practical matter and presents massive Sixth Amendment implications.”

As he furthered his argument, Agnifilo cited the Frank Report and other media for the reason that no anonymity was needed.

He wrote, “[D]ue to the massive press in this present case, including The Frank Report, which has published the names of countless numbers of DOS members, the true names of the witnesses are either already widely known or can be known in matter of seconds through a simple search of that website.

“Moreover, a number of the government witnesses and DOS members

“(1) worked together with Frank Parlato to smear Mr. Raniere and others on his blog, The Frank Report,

“(2) made themselves public by choice in The New York Times and several other news organizations, and

“(3) have been interviewed in the upcoming HBO documentary on this case.”

The trial begins tomorrow.

Viva Executive Success!

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  • Frank,

    Thanks for the update!!!! And congratulations on Marc acknowledging the Frankreport once again!!!!!

  • It is easy to tell the other Yolanda Cortez is not me. Everyone knows we were branded in the front not the back.

    • Loreta Garza Davila – from Personal Assistant to CEO, A NXIVM success story-

      Here is some information I found doing a quick internet search on Loreta Garza Davila.

      She is running Rainbow Cultural Garden – Making Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars/Year
      No Education in Child Education, Not a Licensed School, not a Licensed Child Care Center in Albany, New York or other places in the United States.

      Keith Raniere is a very good friend of Loreta’s. He is an expert writer as well as an expert in many, many other things, she says.

      From the Comments section of this story

      I have a sneaky suspicion that like the Russian Oligarchs, NXIVM moved cash brought across the borders and it was laundered into real estate that was purchased for cash.

      Allison Mack is known to have purchased 7 Generals Way and 127 Grenadier CT in Knox Woods. Frank Report has reported she also cosigned Brandon Porter’s house on 45 Oregon Trail because the “doctor/scientist” didn’t have good enough credit to afford it on his own. She also has/had an apartment in Brooklyn (unknown if that was a rental or purchase). Allison lived in 127 Grenadier for a while (conveniently located across from 1-3 Flintlock) and it is also where India Oxenberg stayed at least for a while when she came to Albany. The current inhabitant is a skinny dark haired girl who sunbathes outside all summer and currently has a bunch of Christmas trees up and a Buddha outside.

      Another commenter said:

      Watch for news about this enterprise — Kidnapping children to sell to foreign buyers, for whatever use – is a very common thing in Mexico — as Garza mentioned. It’s also very lucrative – makes the sellers literally overnight millionaires. Authorities MUST BE TOLD. This Garza female has ZERO qualifications for this enterprise, which I sincerely doubt is legit given that she has no educational and other credentials that are commonly required by federal and local government agencies in order to set up this sort of business.

      • Shadowstate,

        Actually, ISIS allowed a 9-year-old girl to marry adult me. Sharia is wonderful….. not. It’s god damn disgusting!

    • Real Yolanda,

      I agree with you I can totally tell you both apart using the subtle differences between you and the fake Yolanda……

      ……the fake Yolanda is not Batshit Crazy Troll….

  • I have used many fake names on this blog and it has not been an issue for commenters to keep them all straight. Mark needs to stop whining.

    • Loreta Davila Fka Yolanda Cortez
      May 6, 2019 at 4:34 pm
      I have used many fake names on this blog and it has not been an issue for commenters to keep them all straight. Mark needs to stop whining.

      Fake names like what-
      Pea Onyu-
      Legatus Pro Tempe-
      Yolanda Cortez-
      Loreta Davila-

  • I can’t believe he is not seeking a plea deal. In the face of everything, I don’t think the “Everything was consensual” defense is going to carry the day. Does anyone-

    • OCD,

      Raniere plea deal allegedly is a 20 year sentence, for a 56 year old man in federal prison it’s a death sentence.

      Why not follow go to trial and fight.

      Krclaviger pointed out the same point before. Either way Raniere loses.

    • Nothing will surprise me. Since the payoff would be solid, I’d drop a few bucks on “hung jury”. It just takes one… Then he’d get bail. Rinse, repeat.

      And I’m predicting that he takes the stand. He won’t turn down this opportunity to pitch his BS story. If he can figure a way to get off, he’ll be coming back for vengeance. And, of course, he’d be spinning the trial as a positive as he regrows his harem/army.

  • I’m astonished we have actually reached the point of a trial.

    Hoping justice is actually done. When I consider the trial along with all the people who have cut deals, it shocks me how light a hand the government has shown so far. The fact there is only one defendant facing trial seems inadequate given the gravity of the charges.

    One of the important things that could emerge in this trial is precedent on what constitutes coercion with regards to human trafficking charges. I realize the defense could to cross examine witnesses to on the issue of collateral and the impact it had on their decisions.

    I’m hoping coercion doesn’t stop with that, and the prosecution looks at the full spectrum of NXIVM’s activities – the social pressure, the ostracization, the elaborate mystique, the deceitful promises of wealth / power, and the sunk costs on the part of victims as part of their formulation. It is essential to establish the facts of how these contributed the coercion of victims so it can be recognized and punished in the future.

    On the eve of the trial, something that occurred to me is the origin of the name NXIVM. Romans had a form of contract called Nexum, which allowed people to put themselves and their family members up as collateral for a contract. They would have to serve in bondage until the debt was paid and would often be subject to humiliation, physical punishment, and even death as a result.

    This form of contract was outlawed around 300 BC, mostly out of recognition that it was too barbaric even for the Romans. The fact we have to continue to stamp out this abomination under the guise of “consensual decisions by adults” speaks to a darkness of the human spirit, an ability to substitute one’s self with the quality of a good or service. The idea that anyone – on either side – could enter willingly into such an arrangement, or that such a confederation could be tolerated in a civilized society, is horrific.

    Let justice be done, let the fact prove what happened, and let the penalty fit the offense for everyone involved. NXIVM is more than a weird sex cult, it is an intellectual assault on human dignity and freedom. The punishment must stand as a warning to any who might consider doing the same in the future.

  • HBO interviewed me for their documentary. I had to show them the brand on my butt cheeks.

  • And may you go down in the burning flames. If you don’t defend yourself, what have you been fighting for all these years- I know it just looks like a lavish lifestyle with underage girls and women galore, but beyond the obvious lying perverted monster that you are: Please defend yourself and be a true Vanguard, willing to stand up to the system and defend your beliefs. You’re sure to get a couple more followers out of it at the least. And you’ll be stronger than those other women who pleaded out and left you alone. Show us how brave you are! All of that promiscuity and lying and ownership of slaves, murders, all of that was just collateral damage for your true mission. Please tell us all about your vision, your goals for humanity. At least you won’t look like a coward for a short time.

    • Someboy,
      Do you realize that in Islamic law it is legal for a man, a grown man, to marry a six year old girl and consummate the marriage when she is nine years old-
      The Prophet Mohammed, Pea Be Upon Him, himself married a six year old girl and consummated the marriage when she was nine.

      As America’s demographics change over the next several decades we face the tragic possibility that Raniere may in fact be the Vanguard of America’s future.


      Now that we’ve established that Islam allows husbands to engage in sex with their child-brides, let’s move on to Muhammad and Aisha. The Islamic source materials state that Aisha was 9 when they consummated their marriage.

        • Don’t complain about Raniere when the entire Islamic world thinks sex with children is appropriate.

          And this particular Judge, Nicholas Garaufis, has gone out of his way to block President Trump’s enforcement of immigration laws.

          BROOKLYN, N.Y. (CN) – A federal judge called out President Donald Trump’s “recurring, redundant drumbeat of anti-Latino commentary” on Tuesday at a hearing on the immigration program his administration abruptly terminated.

          Noting that Trump’s remarks on the campaign trail and on Twitter could be “construed as having confirmed the bias of the leadership,” U.S. District Judge Nicholas Garaufis said the comments could come into play when he rules on the case

          With about 94 percent of all DACA recipients hailing from Mexico or Central or South America, Garaufis found Trump’s comments about immigrants from these countries highly relevant.

          “This isn’t ordinary,” Garaufis told the full courtroom. “It’s extreme, it’s recurring, it’s vicious. It’s not what we see from our leaders, hopefully.”


          With Judges like Garaufis it’s “Adios, America, Hola Mexium.”
          Expect the new NXIVM to be run by Mexico.

          • Every House Needs a Door with Locks.
            Every Country Needs a Safe, Secure Border.

            Border, Language, Culture.
            Border, Come Here Legally
            Language, Learn English
            Culture, Assimilate into American Culture.

          • of course perhaps all of this was by design to knock out the weak links and come back stronger in a country that looks the other way and like RBG thinks 12 is appropriate age {insanity to justify the unjustifiable {9 ….scumbags} and dont think for one minute that NYS doesnt want all the payola spinoff so yeah business as usual once they over the bump}

      • It’s much more relevant that fundamentalist groups like the FLDS promote similar ideas, based in the Christian “source materials,” right in this country. They generally operate in “conservative” areas of the country, and are given political and even legal cover mostly by the right wing. A surprisingly large number of US states, mostly but not entirely rural and conservative “red” ones, still have no absolute legal minimum age for girls to marry, and follow the same precept as Sharia law – it can be decided by a judge.

        The actual “source materials,” even for Islam, are the Old Testament, based on the practices of the ancient Israelites, with betrothal at about age six and consummation permitted by nine. Those continued to widely practiced in early Christianity, even into the middle ages and later – and such “Bible-based” practices are still found in remote corners of places like Utah, Arizona, and Texas.

    • Somebody,

      You do not seriously believe Yolanda is anyone then an outsider troll, do you-

      Somebody you usually are the voice of reason and common sense. Usually…….

  • Please Keith, no plea. Take the stand and explain your new age ideas to the world. We are all eager to learn from you.

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