Agnifilo: ‘We’re Going to Trial’ – Bronfman and Russell ‘should never have been charged’

MK10ART painting of Keith Raniere on trial - testifying against him.

“We are going to trial,” said Keith Raniere’s lawyer, Marc Agnifilo, outside of court on Friday, following the guilty plea deals of Clare Bronfman and Kathy Russell.

“We don’t believe Ms. Russell and Ms. Bronfman should have been charged, and we are happy they’re out of the case,” Agnifilo said, speaking for both himself and his client Keith Alan Raniere.

As far as is known, Agnifilo did not say the same of Lauren Salzman, Nancy Salzman or Allison Mack when they pleaded guilty earlier this year.

In the past, Agnifilo said Raniere’s sexual encounters with women were all consensual, and denied the child pornography allegations.

He said of one of the predicate acts included in the recent second superseding indictment – the allegation of Raniere possessing child porn and his sexual exploitation of a minor – that they “serve only to taint the jury pool. If the charges were legitimate, they would have brought them a year ago” when Raniere was first indicted.

Prosecutors found sexually explicit images of a Mexican girl they allege was 15 years old at the time Raniere allegedly took the photographs. The images were found on a hard drive seized by the FBI from Raniere’s sex lair at 8 Hale Dr. in Clifton Park.

In previous filings, Agnifilo dismissed prosecutors’ accusations of Raniere engaging in relationships with underage girls as “hearsay.”

In recent filings, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said they intend to introduce the images of the 15 year-old girl as evidence at trial.

Agnifilo has repeatedly said, “everything was consensual” and that branding women near their vaginas is not anything to be overly critical of.

“There are well-known groups of men who brand themselves,” he said to NBC News some months ago. “A group of women do that and suddenly they’re victims.”

When pressed further about the branding allegations, he replied, “I’m not qualified to say what is normal.”

How Agnifilo intends to rebut allegations of Raniere both possessing and posing the girl in sexually explicit poses which he allegedly photographed with his camera, raises some interesting questions.

Raniere is not charged with child porn or sexual exploitation of a minor in the present case [though he may be charged for that later in the Northern District].

The prosecution is intending to show the jury the pictures to prove a pattern of racketeering – which pattern includes his slaves and harem women finding other women and girls for him to fuck.

If Agnfilo can cast doubt on the then-15 year old girl’s images – – if he can suggest she was older than she was – that the photos were allegedly taken in 2005 – he may be able to nullify the impact on the jury.

The then 15 year old girl – who is now 29 and in Mexico, reportedly still loyal to Raniere – is not expected to testify for the prosecution.

If Raniere can arrange for her to testify via closed circuit TV [a motion is pending] she may testify for Raniere. Indeed she may tell the jury she was older than the age of consent when the picutres were taken, The age of consent is 17 in New York.

Who knows she might even say [ethically] it is not her in the pictures.

According to our Mexican sources, the woman – referenced as Jane Doe #2 in the second superseding indictment – has been served with a subpoena by the US DOJ.

It is believed she has been advised by Nxivm leader [redacted] [who is her Nxivm ruler] and Nxivm leaders Omar and Edgar Boone, that the subpoena has no force of law in Mexico.

She is living in Guadalajara under [redacted]’s control and works for Rainbow Cultural Garden and Nxivm.

One of Jane Doe’s sisters is also a steadfast loyalist to Raniere and both sisters are part of Raniere’s harem – though it remains unclear when, if ever, he will have the chance to be with them again.

In any event, the jury cannot charge Raniere, and are not asked to charge him, for possessing or taking the photos of the girl.  It remains only a predicate act to help establish the kind of criminal enterprise Raniere allegedly operated.

Agnifilo’s statement that he is glad that Bronfman and Russell are out of the case, suggest that neither are going to be called as witnesses against him.

And while Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack will not be sentenced until September, both Russell and Bronfman will be sentenced in late July, which is probably shortly after the trial will be concluded.

This does not necessarily mean that Bronfman and Russell still stand behind their Vanguard.

It could mean that the prosecution does not need them, having more than ample evidence and witnesses ready to testify.

As far as we know, neither Bronfman nor Russell mentioned Raniere during their allocutions.

This is in sharp contrast to Allison Mack who repeatedly blamed Raniere for her crimes.

And it was in sharp contrast to Lauren and Nancy Salzman who both admitted that Nxivm – which Raniere ran – was a racketeering enterprise.

Neither Russell nor Bronfman pleaded guilty to racketeering and face the lightest sentences of the defendants.

This may be fair in the case of hapless Kathy Russell – who was a low level minion of Bronfman and Raniere, but seems a travesty in the case of the wealthy Clare Bronfman – who was director of operations and was in charge of most of the criminal operations of the enterprise.

It is unclear why the prosecution agreed to drop the racketeering charges against her.

Meantime, it now appears that Keith Raniere will stand trial – as the sole defendant and it should be quite a shit show.

We’ll be there covering it for readers.





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  • Hey flowerpot, your shrink has your meds ready. Stone and Manafort will be exonerated. Naturally you a typical leftist democrat supporter of evil would defend Bronfman. Of course she is a fellow demoncrap of yours..

      • Stone’s case will turn out just fine. His charges are going to be dismissed.As I said Manafort will be exonerated and his sentence will be commuted..

    • How am I defending Bronfman? What I said was that she has not committed nearly as many crimes as Manafort and Stone have, but I didn’t say she was innocent.

      Are you so sure that she is a Democrat? It’s been mentioned here before that Donald Trump
      has been a guest on the Bronfman’s private plane.

      • Yes she is a democrat. Of course she hasn’t committed as many crimes. Only in your vivid demonic imagination. Basically you don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Your stool shooter is always ahead of your fingers putting out crapola on the keyboard..

        • How do you know shes a Democrat?
          Why was she so friendly with Donnie if she is a Democrat? Did the Bronfmans also entertain the Clinton’s on their private plane?

          • Friendly with Donnie? Care to show proof instead of your silly warped demonic imagination. What a crackpot. Look at the Bronfman’s history with the Clintons. You always amaze with your foolish ignorance.

      • 1. Create a fake crime
        2. Launch investigation
        3. If you don’t defend yourself, you lose and stand charged with the fake crime.
        4. If you defend yourself, you lose and stand charged with obstruction.

        These are totalitarian techniques to accuse and convict with no crime ever committed, refer East Germany, USSR, PRC and the Democrat Party.

    • Oops. Sorry Captain. I didn’t notice that you had already posted this link. I’m suffering from sleep deprivation at the moment, due to the house full of Latvians next door partying, drinking heavily, singing karaoke and banging every door in the house day and night. It’s only Frank Report that’s keeping me sane right now. I now have an understanding of the effects of sleep deprivation and have some sympathy for DOS slaves.

  • I think it is fair to say that nothing has changed since the Middle Ages when it comes to justice……

    There is one law for the common man and another law for the nobility.

    Not as much has changed 800 years when it comes to the principle of justice for all.

    • Lots has changed. Just not quite enough.

      Justice hardly existed at all, back then – particularly for common men, who really were little better than slaves.

  • Get ready for Raniere to walk. All parties will get a stern talking to. Nothing more and nobody will serve a day. The victims will be asked for court costs. Welcome to American justice.

    • Well that’s good news.

      My main hope is that NXIVM is gone bust, or at least reduced to a pathetic crippled shadow of its former self. I can see some of the true zealots hanging on, desperately, to the remnants. But I have to think they’re going to have a hell of a time gaining new recruits.

  • Kristin Kreuk is doing a panel with other Smallville actors at a nerd event. The moderators warn the audience not to ask them anything about NXIVM and Allison Mack, otherwise the event gets cancelled (oh noooo!)

    Why is Kristin Kreuk being shielded from questions like she is not cut from the NXIVM cloth? Why is it only Allison Mack being ostracised and the one whose name they dare not speak? The branding story has overshadowed all other NXIVM activities so people seem only interested in that. DOS only lasted two years and was a cult long before that. It’s arrogance to hide in plain site.

      • It’s pretty arrogant of her. It means she would of spoken to the organisers and have them reassure her that she won’t get any scrutiny. They are probably paying for her flights, accommodation (probably five star), transportation (to and from the venues and perhaps a rented car), a huge “appearance fee”, geek dollars for a scribble on some paper and a photograph and on top of that, protection from NXIVM questions. Do they even know Kreuk was deeply in NXIVM? Instead, they are treating her like just another cast member with no dirt clouds above her head.

          • It’s not “making” money. It’s pathetic. Self indulgent celebrities with garbage bags full of money they didn’t earn and loser emasculated nerds handing over their money for the opportunity to sniff a minor celeb’s fart for a couple days wages. She should be made to explain herself, not be protected from questions that would make her butthole invert. If she wants to hide, don’t give her a platform.

        • The organizers don’t care that she was involved in NXIVM. All they care about is the money. That’s why people need to go to these events and ask her about NXIVM and Mack, to get the events shut down. That is the only thing that will wake up the organizers, because then the money issue rises to the top.

    • Anonymous wrote: “Kristin Kreuk is doing a panel with other Smallville actors at a nerd event. The moderators warn the audience not to ask them anything about NXIVM and Allison Mack, otherwise the event gets cancelled (oh noooo!) ”

      What are you talking about? This panel hasn’t even happened yet. The announcements forbidding questions about Allison were at previous panels involving Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum and some other Smallville cast members, had nothing to do with Kruek since she wasn’t at any of those. I remember seeing one with just Welling and Rosenbaum where Rosenbaum said right at the start that they wouldn’t take questions about Allison. But I don’t think that is unusual. I don’t think NBC wants Justin Hartley to be answering questions about Allison Mack when he’s supposed to be promoting “This Is Us” and don’t think Erica Durance wanted her interviews promoting her return to Supergirl to be derailed or overshadowed by questions about AM. ABC, owned by Disney, certainly didn’t want Grace Park answering questions about her videos with Raniere when she was promoting their heavily hyped new show last season. The interviews I’ve seen with Mark Hildreth don’t mention his long-time NXIVM activity. Even Sarah Edmondson’s interviews promoting her TV gigs don’t mention that she’s a former brainwashed, pussy-branded, sex slave recruiter, but that’s probably something Hallmark Channel feels it’s viewers would rather not know about. Interestingly Sarah is in some movie called The Sisterhood about a woman who joins a female empowerment group.

      • Kristin Kreuk is going to at least two con events. She will be doing a panel at at least one of them. At con events with Smallville actors, moderators warn people not to talk about Ally Wack and NXIVM. That means at the panel Kreuk is going to, the moderator will warn people not to bring up NXIVM. She has most certainly spoken with the organizers about this, as well as with the other actors, who most likely don’t even know her true role in the cult. She’s probably played the naive victim card.

        Nobody knows of other Smallville actors involved with NXIVM. Here is one: Kreuk recruited Erica Durance into the cult. The other known cult members like Mark Hildreth and Grace Park are cowards, like Kristin Kreuk. Difference is, she is the most famous NXIVM member who also brought Mack in and she will be protected from NXIVM related questions, as if her only connection to the cult was being on a television show with Allison Mack. Others know better than that. Do “cosplay” nerds read Frank Report? One of few websites with some balls.

        The Smallville actors unashamedly go to these con events all throughout the year, every year, to get easy money. Steven Amell has set up a business to get actors more money at these con events and he gets a huge cut. There are rumors of actors hiding the huge amounts of money they receive to avoid the taxman. Actors are known to seek franchise roles so that they get invited to these shits hows for easy dollars. Now Kristin Kreuk is trying to get a piece of that and doesn’t want to face any scrutiny. Money, yes, scrutiny, no. The loser actors answer the same loser questions from the same loser people who show up year after year. But they wont answer a single question about Allison Mack. Does anyone even ask questions about her television character?

          • It’s a Smallville panel. Allison Mack was a Smallville actress. As soon as someone brings up her Smallville character, they are bringing up Allison Mack. People shouldn’t tip toe on delicate egg shells in case Kristin Kreuk cries.

  • No the real show begins. Kathy and Clare proved their worth. They did not betray him.
    So funny the three beasts who betrayed him will pay in prison and the two who stood tall will see no prison time.

  • “Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my Presidency. I’m fucked.”
    Donald J. Trump

    Even Trump was smart enough to understand that an investigation into his actions would prove him guilty, but yet the smartest man in the world hasn’t figured this out?

    • Don’t you ever get tired of being a left wing demonic half witted lying troll. Your silly schtick gets old. The fucking Mueller report was a big pile of democrap shit. Trump is rolling on and justice is going to be served lame brain. FISA declass coming. Horowitz IG report coming. Huber investigation wrapping up. You filthy democrap shitstains and your evil goddess Hillary Clunton and Hussein Obama are now in the crosshairs, not that the phony Mueller blockade is finished.

    • Eat it dimwit

      John Huber is investigating Uranium one and everything Clinton; This has been going on for over 1 year
      Michael Horowitz is investigating everything that went down triggering the Russia investigation. This has been going on for nearly 2 years. This report is to be released in the coming weeks.
      Lindsey Graham reopened the Clinton email scandal investigations.
      WIlliam Barr acknowledges spying into the Trump campaign and is investigating
      Devin Nunes criminally referred individuals from the Obama administration
      Andrew McCabe was criminally referred by the OIG and is under investigation
      Obama’s White House Counsel was indicted as a result of the Mueller investigation.
      Michael Cohen was criminally referred for lying to congress
      Forensic financial investigators testify under-oath that the Clinton foundation is operating as an illegal slush fund
      The Clinton Foundation is under investigation by the FBI
      The Clinton Foundation was raided by the FBI/DOJ

      • Lol!!
        The only news we are hearing about is how Trump is royally fucked. I guess it’s just fake news, right?

        Manafort and Stone will get more jail time than Clare will….and they should. They are probably 1000X more “demonic” than she is.

        It’s hilarious how you all whine about Clare not getting a severe enough punishment, but yet think Roger “dirty trickster ” Stone is being falsely accused.
        What a pack of morons.

        • Aren’t you the same crackpot moron who said Stormy the whore Daniels and her boy Mikey Avenatti were going to take President Trump down? Guess you need to change your stale depends you demonic liar.

    • To Flowers—Except that an investigation into his actions— during which, by the way , he did not once use his Executive Privilege- (unlike his predecessor during the Fast and Furious investigations), still didn’t turn up a damn thing.

      • It is often posted here that Nx-ians should have left when there were lawsuits and daming articles about KAR and NXIVM, etc. But the reason is obvious. They live in a cocoon, listening only to the like-minded, and disbelieve anything that challenges their hard-wired opinion.

        Need an example?
        Read recent posts from Trump supporters. They say the Mueller Report “didn’t turn up a damn thing,” and ignore the testimony (under oath) of dozens of witnesses, scores of documented examples of malfeasance, etc, and instead only hear their NXIVM-like orders from spin-doctor Barr and “totally exonerated” Trump.

        Now before others say the obvious, let me. Libtards also see what they what to see. Of course only one side is right, but it is impossible to have an intelligent debate on a blog such as this, so such political posts here are stupid.

        • Sorry BUT no. Stay sleepy ole boy

          (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton made the following statement in response to the “Mueller Report” released today by the Justice Department:

          President Trump has been vindicated. The Mueller investigation failed to find any evidence to support the big lie that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government and failed miserably to prove any obstruction.

          We’re pleased that Attorney General Barr saw through the 448-page smear of President Trump by highlighting the simple conclusion that there is no collusion and no obstruction.

          Neither Mueller, the Obama FBI, DOJ, CIA, State Department, nor the Deep State ever had a good-faith basis to pursue President Trump on Russia collusion. Russia collusion wasn’t just a hoax, it was criminal abuse, which is why Judicial Watch has fought and will continue to fight for Russiagate documents in federal court.

          The targeting of President Trump served to protect Hillary Clinton and her enablers/co-conspirators in Obama administration from prosecution. Attorney General Barr can begin restoring the credibility of the Justice Department by finally initiating a thorough investigation of the Clinton email and related pay-to-play scandals and the abuses behind the targeting of President Trump.

          Judicial Watch has long called for the shutdown of the Mueller special counsel operation and has pursued dozens of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits in connection with the illicit targeting and other abuses of President Trump. Judicial Watch FOIA litigation exposed, for example:

          The Dossier-based Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant applications targeting President Trump
          Eleven FBI payments to Christopher Steele
          FBI firing of Steele
          Extensive DOJ (Ohr) collusion w/Steele, Simpson, Fusion GPS
          No court hearings by defrauded FISA courts before warrants were issued
          Anti-Trump bias by Mueller deputy Andrew Weissmann

          • Yes indeed…..some pertinent facts

            Just remember, it was Hillary Clinton and the DNC that paid for former British Spy Christopher Steele’s anti-Trump dossier through their attorney’s Perkins Coie. It was the embattled research firm Fusion GPS, with its founder Glenn Simpson, that helped spread the dossier and its unsubstantiated and false findings all over Washington D.C. They did so with help from senior officials at the FBI and DOJ. When Simpson and his crew couldn’t get it published they used their contacts at the FBI to leak to information to the media with them. They also had their anti-Trump friends in high positions of power within the Obama Administration like then CIA Director John Brennan, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, FBI Director James Comey and his then Deputy Director for the FBI Andrew McCabe to brief the most salacious parts of the dossier to Trump in January, 2017.

  • Absolutely agree that Bronfman and Russell should never have been charged. I don’t believe the women knew they were operating criminally.

    I hope the judge goes easy on them.

    In a cult, the people exist in an insulated world, where they are trying to perfect themselves or achieve some benefit through a system of self-discipline and structured behaviors, purportedly created by their leader.

    Whether the Nxivm system is original or not is questionable. (The phraseology from his texts ie. “body sexual” or “emphasis on Joy” is common in one of the major occult works of the century.)

    If the women accept he’s one of “the smartest men in the world” while trying to work his system and he tells them it’s alright to do something, they’ll just trust he knows what he’s doing and act as suggested.

    It’s frustrating to watch the consequences of their devotion.

    I’m not saying that all the women are completely innocent. But I definitely believe Bronfman, Russell and Mack were “well intentioned” and trusting enough to be easily taken advantage of.

    • I have to disagree with you on Bronfman. It made me sick to see the emails between her and Raniere, in which his was drafting threatening intimidation letters to be sent to his (defectors?) through attorneys in Mexico.

      She gleefully filed lawsuits galore at his request and knew she was destroying people’s lives.

      • I see your point.

        Yes, being intimidated by a lawyer is terrifying.

        Being in a cult is an insular experience. So much of what the leader says on the “Hook” up front proves correct that a person willingly puts aside their rational mind and accepts everything the leader has to offer afterwards.

        People in that frame of mind are too enamored with the new-found power to notice when the leader merges with the mission.

        But they will instictually believe that attacking the leader is attacking the mission and immediately circle the wagons and protect the leader, who is usually their only experience of empirical truth.

        It’s nothing personal, they think they’re right at the time, and only years later do they cringe and wonder “what was I thinking?” before beginning the long process of amends.

        Course it doesn’t make it any easier to bear at the time.

    • Have you ever heard the saying that ignorance of the law is not an excuse? Who doesn’t know that making false statements on government documents, particularly with regards to immigration, isn’t a crime? And what about the other charges that the grand jury returned for probable cause, that the prosecution conceded just to make a deal?

      I agree that Russell is a sad, minor figure who bears relatively little culpability and shouldn’t be punished too harshly. The sentence she faces seems about right to me. And if there are ever trials about other things that NXIVM did, we may find out more about just how much of the mundane dirty dealings and illegalities, like violating regulations and evading taxes, she was involved in, so it could turn out that she was indeed more culpable and will have to pay further.

      You could make an argument, too, that Raniere, as a deluded psychopath, didn’t know that what he was doing was illegal or wrong, and so should be let off….

      I think one of the places to draw the line, is where people start to really become perpetrators, organizers and leaders of abuses and crimes, particularly when that involves harming their fellow human beings.

      Bronfman was involved in the vindictive and even vicious pursuit of Raniere’s perceived enemies including former lovers, and used large amounts of her money over extended campaigns to harass and even ruin them, doing literally millions of dollars worth of damage to their finances, and hobbling their ability to get on with their lives and careers. She had a reported reputation as an arrogant and even nasty character, and so I suspect she may even have taken perverse pleasure in harming others, though that’s still not central to her basic culpability. She became a deeply involved perpetrator, and I’m glad to see her being held to account – and I suspect that she is really going to be found liable, and have to pay, when it comes to civil suits.

      I’d also suggest that we ought to consider our, and the system’s, tendency to view so called “white collar” criminals more like ourselves, as more sympathetic and less blameworthy, than those who come from other demographics and who often get the harshest sentences. Our system probably over-criminalizes and over-charges a lot of offenses, but even then, I think we still expect people guilty of even petty crimes and frauds to spend some time in jail, especially if they are repeat, long-term or egregious offenders.

      There are, for instance, probably at least half a dozen people who would rather have had their homes invaded one night, been tied up and knocked around a bit, and had their house ransacked and robbed of all their valuables, than been subject to the extended, excruciating and ruinous legal harassment that Clare Bronfman funded and had her lawyers and their minions (like private investigators) carried out. So why do we necessarily view Bronfman as so much more sympathetic and less culpable, than the home invader who carries out a simpler form of theft and personal assault? Would we excuse the burglar and assailant, if they had been doing what they did because they were part of a cult and their leader had directed it?

      I was trying to think of an historical parallel, and all that came to mind at first was that of the old (Asian) Indian sect that ritually robbed and killed travelers as part of their worship of the goddess Kali, the Thuggees – from which comes our modern word thug. But then it occurred to me, the argument could be made that street gangs are also a sort of high control group or cult, with members indoctrinated from a young age who believe that they have no other choice and that what they do is justified, and so any rationale for excusing members of a group like NXIVM for their misdeeds, could also be applied to gang members.

    • Totally disagree. All of them knew what they were doing, or should have known. As they say, ignorance of the law is no excuse, and these weren’t obscure crimes.

    • President Trump did not obstruct justice. The deep sate fabricating a dossier to use to illegally take down a duly elected President is not Justice. Notice everyone says “obstruction”, yeah obstruction of a coup against one of the best Presidents we have ever had

  • Im so sick of evil people and all their nasty wealthy friends. Theres always “street justice”. Since their all getting off so easy does this mean Keith will also?

  • “It is unclear why the prosecution agreed to drop the racketeering charges against her.”

    What is that old song?
    “Money Makes the World Go Around.”

    Let’s look at the scorecard.

    Clare will get about 21 months.

    Allison might get 36 months.
    Her victims will be scarred physically and psychologically for life.

    Lauren will get 36 months or a little less.

    Nancy will get 24 months.

    Kathy the 60 year old ballerina will get less than 12 months.

    Only Raniere, who is a stubborn mule, will get anything like ten years.

    And NXIVM will possibly get its very own President in the form of Kristen Gillibrand.

    In 2021 it will be pardons and commutations for EVERYONE!
    Everyone in NXIVM.
    Get your tickets for V Week 2021!

    There will be a Clare Day.
    And an Allison Day with a night time parade lit by glowing cauterizing pens used as torches.
    And a Lauren Day.
    And a Nancy Day.
    And on Kathy Day there will be a special performance of “Swan Lake” given by all 60 year old ballerinas.

    And the highlight will be a grand parade through Clifton Park topped off with a fireworks display paid for by Carlos Salinas.

    What will Carlos Salinas get?
    Control of NXIVM and open borders to flood America with illegal aliens.

    And the NXIVM Six will all be honored with statues erected in their honor.
    Something for the pigeons to defecate on.

    Let’s not forget all the public servants in Albany who enabled NXIVM’s crimes for years.
    All the police and prosecutors and judges.
    What will they get?
    Fat Public Pensions paid for by the taxpayers of the Empire State which is hemorrhaging taxpayers.

    Let’s look at the other side of the scorecard — the Victims of NXIVM..

    John Tighe, a man sent to prison for years under highly questionable circumstances.
    Can you say “set up”, boys and girls?

    Rick Ross got 14 years of endless litigation.
    Joe O’Hara got years of litigation.
    Frank Parlato is still in litigation courtesy of Cruella Bronfman.
    Beth Bouchey and Toni Natalie got litigation.

    A 12 year old girl got molested as did a 15 year old girl.
    There are two rather mysterious suicides.
    And two mysterious deaths from cancer but those cancer victims might have been pimps who knew too much.

    If America is not like the Weimar Republic of Germany in the 1920s nothing is.

  • On a reddit post about the HBO doc, someone wrote this about Sarah Edmundson on the CBC NXIVM podcast:

    During episode 2, at 47 minutes and 25 seconds they discuss Sarah becoming a master of three “slaves” and what she would make them do. The host questions her a bit and briefly notes her hypocrisy.


    • Off topic WTF: Yes, Sarah Edmondson was a DOS slave, and she had slaves under her, an arrangement that she never felt comfortable with. Edmondson also helped set up NXIVM in Vancouver, and she made considerable money from it. Her handlers used the fact that she had a leadership role in NXIVM, to manipulate and pressure her set an example for the others, and go along with the branding ritual. This may have been a factor that made the other women, who probably looked up to her, accept the brand as well.

      The reality is, whistle-blowers are often not angels themselves. None of us can go back and undo the past.We all have regrets. In my opinion, the important thing is she didn’t just slink away. She spoke out, and no doubt saved a lot of women from going through what she went through. Lots of people in Vancouver left NXIVM because of her.

    • Yes, Edmondson confessed that she had slaves, an arrangement she says she was never comfortable with. She also helped set up NXIVM in Vancouver, and made considerable money from this. But when Edmondson left, she got many people out with her. I believe the NXIVM center in Vancouver is no longer operating, and that’s due to Edmondson’s efforts, along with fellow ex-NX’er. Mark Vicente. Then she went much further. She spoke to The New York Times, and even allowed her brand to be photographed. I think that was the turning point for NXIVM and Raniere.

      If you think whistle-blowers need to be angels who have never done anything wrong, then grow up.

      • They are operating it old school out of members living rooms. Ask Lucas Roberts. He’s heading the operation.

      • This is how it works with MLM scams, and Raniere learned from the “best,” Amway. Think of a fraternity/sorority hazing. When a person is a freshman goes through it, then the next year they are hazing the freshmen. Get abused, abuse others. Rinse and repeat.

  • Thank you for all your work covering this. it is very motivating to see how far you have gone and how hard you fought. I would buy your book.

  • Didn’t Pea predict that Keith will be freed on April 20?
    That would be Saturday…one day before Jesus is “freed.”

    • LaLaLad: Yes, today is April 20th. It’s not just Holy Saturday, it’s the first full day of Passover, and it’s Hitler’s birthday. Christians, Jews, and Nazis are celebrating all over the world. On this portentous day, will Raniere symbolically resurrect himself? Will he bend the bars of his cell just as Moses parted the Red Sea, and will the prison doors magically open just as the stone was miraculously removed from the entrance of the cave where Jesus’ body lay? Will Raniere then lead a movement that will take over the world?

      Will Pea’s prediction come true? We shall see. It’s only 9 am in Brooklyn, the day is young.

  • Not surprised at “we’re going to trial” via Agnifilo. It appears that three have been spurned and two are clung to like barnacles. Follow the money. What other choice does the limp dick have?

    • While I agree with you, I believe he still does have choices. He could run his face into other inmates fist, Or lie down and let his head be used as a door mat, or volunteer to be shlocked to death.

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His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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