What Prison & For How Long? Likely Sentences For Nancy, Lauren and Allison Mack

As Frank Report readers are well aware, three of the defendants in the case of the U.S. v. Raniere Et Al – Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, and Allison Mack – have already entered guilty pleas.

Nancy pleaded guilty to one count of Racketeering Conspiracy – and apparently did so without entering into any sort of “Cooperation Agreement”…

Lauren and Allison both pleaded guilty to one count of Racketeering Conspiracy and one count of Racketeering – and both entered into 10-page “Cooperation Agreements”.

So, what’s next for these three damsels-in-distress?

What kind of sentences are they likely to receive, where are likely to serve their prison time, and what kinds of issues will they need to deal with once they have completed their sentences?

Nancy Salzman is facing a grim future

RE: Nancy Salzman
Nancy got the first seat on the Plea Deal Bus back on March 13th – and, even though she has no “Cooperation Agreement” in place, she will likely get a better deal than Lauren or Allison.

To begin with, she only had to plead to one felony, rather than two like Lauren and Allison.

She also admitted to two predicate acts:
(1) that she obtained passwords and user names to monitor some of NXIVM’s “enemies” (The names of those enemies have not yet been revealed); and

(2) that she had others destroy videotapes memorializing the teachings of Keith Raniere (These videotapes had been subpoenaed in the Rick Ross case).

Per the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, Nancy will likely be facing 33-41 months in federal prison. As is also true for Lauren and Allison, the actual amount of time that Nancy will serve will be solely determined by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis.

Assuming that she provides complete and truthful testimony against whatever remaining defendants choose to go to trial – and, at this point, that looks like Raniere for sure and maybe Clare Bronfman – I think Nancy will likely get a sentence of 24-30 months (Assuming she does not lose any of the “good time credit” she’ll earn while she’s incarcerated, Nancy will be around 67 years old when she gets out).

And she’ll likely be assigned to the federal women’s prison in Danbury, CT – which, incidentally, is the inspiration for the Orange Is The New Black TV series.


Lauren Salzman will be sentenced on September 11, 2019 – after the full extent of her cooperation with the feds is known.

RE: Lauren Salzman
Lauren got the second seat on the Plea Deal Bus on March 25th when she entered into a plea deal that was originally filed “under seal”.

But, several days later, a redacted version of the transcript from her plea hearing was released at the request of the prosecution.

Like her mother, Lauren pleaded guilty to one count of Racketeering Conspiracy – which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years. In addition, however, she also pleaded guilty to one count of Racketeering – which also carries a maximum sentence of 20 years.

She also admitted to three predicate acts:
(1) that she participated in the document servitude of Jane Doe 4 – which led to that woman being confined to a room for almost two years;

(2) that she compelled and induced Jane Doe 6 and Jane Doe 10 to turn over “collateral” to her by threatening to release other “collateral” that they had previously provided at the time they became part of DOS (This “collateral”
included, but was not limited to, “sexually explicit photographs and videos, credit card authorizations, and rights to assets”); and

(3) that she obtained the labor and services of Jane Doe 6 and Jane Doe 11 by causing them to “believe that if they did not perform such labor and services, they would suffer serious harm”.

Because she entered into a “Cooperation Agreement”, it is quite possible that the prosecution has already agreed to recommend a certain sentencing range for Lauren.

But, in the end, it will Judge Garaufis who will be the sole decision-maker when it comes to how much time she’ll spend in federal prison.

Assuming she provides complete and truthful testimony against any remaining defendants that go to trial, I think Lauren will likely get a sentence of 48-60 months (If she does not lose any of the “good time credit” she’ll earn while she’s incarcerated, Lauren will be around 47 years old when she gets out).

And she’ll likely serve her time in the same prison where her mother will be residing.


Allison Mack heads to court to plead guilty

RE: Allison Mack
Allison Mack got the third seat on the Plea Deal Bus when she entered into a plea deal on April 8th (Her deal also included a “Cooperation Agreement” that may have some impact on her sentence).

Just like Lauren, Allison also pleaded guilty to one count of Racketeering Conspiracy and one count of Racketeering.

And she also admitted to two predicate acts:
(1) that she compelled and induced Jane Doe 5 and Jane Doe 8 to turn over “collateral” to her by threatening to release other “collateral” that they had previously provided at the time they became part of DOS (This “collateral”
included, but was not limited to, “nude photos and other things of value”); and

(2) that she obtained the labor and services of Jane Done 5 and Jane Doe 8 “under threat of serious harm, including (the) release of their collateral”.

Even though Allison entered into some sort of “Cooperation Agreement”, it will still be solely up to Judge Garaufis as to how much time she spends in federal prison.

Assuming she provides complete and truthful testimony against any remaining defendants that go to trial, I think Allison will also get a sentence of 48-60 months (If she does not lose any of the “good time credit” she’ll earn while she’s incarcerated, Allison will be around 40 years old when she gets out).

If Allison chooses to maintain California as her home state, she will likely end up serving her time in the federal women’s prison in Dublin, CA.


In addition to their respective prison sentences, Nancy, Lauren, and Allison will also have several other penalties imposed on them.

These will include, at a minimum, the following:
• Up to 36 months of “supervised release” after they have fully completed their sentence (Note: This means after prison, Halfway House and/or home confinement).

• A fine of up to $250,000 or twice the gross profits of the NXIVM criminal enterprise, whichever is greater;

• Restitution in the amount of each victim’s losses as determined by Judge Garaufis (He will also decide who is a “victim”);

• A $100 special assessment for each count they’ve pleaded guilty to; and

• Criminal forfeiture (This is spelled out in the “Cooperation Agreements” that Lauren and Allison entered into).



But wait, there’s more…

Many people are unaware of the fact that all felons in the U.S. also have additional penalties imposed on them as a matter of federal and/or state law.

Some of these additional penalties are as follows:
• Loss of voting rights (This varies by state but most states now restore voting rights upon the completion of the original sentence);

• Loss of the right to possess any firearm (Some states also restrict the possession of any electronic defense device);

• Loss of the right to serve on a jury;

• Loss of the right to be employed – or licensed – in certain professions (The specific restrictions vary by state but typically include the following: architects, attorneys, barbers, chiropractors, dentists, doctors, hairdressers, massage therapists, nurses, physical therapist, security officers, social workers, taxicab drivers, etc.);

• Loss of eligibility for certain public benefits;

• Restrictions on adopting or becoming a foster parent; and

• Loss of the right to travel to certain countries (e.g., Australia and Canada).

Viva Executive Success!

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  • What Prison? That is the question. Shadowboy and Thomas Sekera and other Mack obsessed cucked fanboys eagerly await the answer. Then they will hold nightly candle light vigils outside the prison to be near the object of their devotion.

  • Quick question. We are now seeing that Jane Doe 2 had been having sex with Keith since she was 15, is Mexican, and is still in NXIVM. According to the original indictment, she was an actress from Los Angeles, joined in 2016, and left in 2016. Am I missing something?

    • If the celebrities involved in the college cheating scandal end up going to jail (which I feel like they will, even if it’s a short stay), so will these women.

  • Halal Summer Sausage for 2.45 on the commissary list, kooi-Aid Punch 2.15, carmex Lip Balm 2.80 do you think she’ll get fat sitting in prison?

  • There are two types of people incarcerated in prison…

    The people that we are mad at…
    …..and the people that we are scared of.

    Raniere is the only scary member out of all the defendants. Keith Raniere is a evil psychopath that needs to be kept out of society.

  • “• Loss of the right to be employed – or licensed – in certain professions ”
    “massage therapists”

    If the stories are correct Allison Mack was already working as a massage therapist with Raniere and her female slaves.

    • Shadowstate: If the stories are correct, then it’s like that old joke, where therapist is spelled, the rapist.

      • “Shadowstate: If the stories are correct, then it’s like that old joke, where therapist is spelled, the rapist”

        For a therapist to have a relationship with a patient is more common than one might think and it is totally unethical.

        Marilyn Monroe, at the time she died, was seeing a therapist named Ralph Greenson.
        It is also believed that Monroe was having an affair with Dr. Greenson and that Greenson helped cover up evidence pointing to Monroe’s murder.

        “There has been much conjecture, by investigating officers, press and the public, about Greenson’s involvement in a possible cover-up concerning the circumstances of Monroe’s death.[1]”

        Greenson had also been told by Monroe of Kennedy administration plots to murder Castro.
        And Greenson had ties to the Communist Party that made it risky for Greenson to have knowledge of US government plots against Castro.

    • My guess? (Which is worth nothing…) The Feds really want to get Raniere, first and foremost. Plenty of harm was done by others, yes, but KAR was the source of it all and the pleading Defendants’ testimony will be a plus.

        • The Feds wouldn’t have charged the others if they wanted Keith only. Hence the RICO charges against the six defendants. Raniere had to have help from many others to do what he did. Stop playing the female “I’m just a victim” card. It’s disgusting as Raniere.

          • Who said anything about playing the victim card? I just said that Keith was their main target. You’re the one who got sucked into Amway, not me. Do you call yourself a victim, or an accomplice? You should have done your own homework before joining stupid Amway. The money was the lure and you took the bait.

          • I said you played the victim card by saying the Feds were going after Raniere ONLY. You said Raniere was the ONLY target. Your word. Poor little women, they should be “secondary,” even though Raniere couldn’t have done but a small fraction of what he did by himself. Boo-hoo, feel sorry for me, because I’m a woman. BS.

            Millions have been sucked into Amway, yet you keep focusing on NXIVM, which was based on Amway but was never nearly as large as Amway and it’s now essentially shut down. I joined Amway in 1993, BEFORE the internet, so there wasn’t a reasonable way to do my homework. Even with the internet, Amway is still scamming millions. People are told the internet is similar to a highway truckstop bathroom wall, such as your comments. It’s also because many of them are minorities, so they don’t have as much access to the internet, wouldn’t understand it if they did, either because they’re illiterate or don’t understand English. They also stick together in ethnic groups, so when one of them joins, many of the rest follow. I and many others were victimized, but I don’t see myself as a victim. Victims don’t fight back. I do. Nor was I an accomplice, that’s just plain stupid.

            Do you think all money is pure evil?

    • Because Salinas and Boone hid their tails and ran like little school girls at a haunted house, the US DOJ would have to work on extraditions.

      Since the Salinas family has strong times to an organization in Mexico that does not hold rich people accountable, it’s unlikely either of them with be brought up on charges in the US.

      They are now a Mexican problem.

      It is possible that warrant for their arrest are in place if they attempt to cross the boarder.

  • Allison Mack as extra punishment should be forced to study all of Shadowstate’s writings about her like they are the Torah.

  • 20 years for one, 20 years for other and they end up with 2 to 3 years? How does that happen? Good work Frank on this case.

  • Allison Nancy and Lauren should be sentenced to 20 years each. If I were the judge I’d order capital punishment. You ruined it for so many. I hope you rot in prison Nancy.

    • Yolanda Cortez: As always, I greatly value your comments. You say that Allison, Lauren and Nancy ruined it for so many. Could you go into greater detail about that?

      Also, as much as we would like to see a just sentence for these defendants who pleaded, I don’t think the Judge sees things from quite the same perspective as you do. And I think capital punishment is pretty much out of the question.

      • “You say that Allison, Lauren and Nancy ruined it for so many. Could you go into greater detail about that?”

        Village Dianne:
        I believe that Yolanda is upset that she will be denied access to her Vanguard solely because of Nancy, Lauren and Allison.
        Yolanda even compared Allison to Cain from the Bible.

    • Awe poor Pea Brain,

      You need to take blame and responsibility at least ten times and get twenty EM.

      Maybe a good sourcing of deciphering your delusion would help also.

      We all know it was your part time lover Vanturd who ruined everything.

    • Jesse Smellett is also black and homosexual, two favourite pets of pretentious sanctimonious liberals. Trump was found innocent and the establishment didn’t want to give two victories to conservatives by throwing that spoilt brat cocksucker in jail, so they let the little cunt go, knowing full well he was guilty. He was supposedly getting $60000 an episode for doing absolutely nothing. He wanted more privilege and he knew the environment is anti White male, anti Trump, so he did his disgraceful behaviour. Privileged as fuck. Does Kristin Kreuk want to lose her privilege by admitting she knew she was a part of a criminal organisation and is not a naive little flower whose farts smell like roses? What about Olivia Cheng, Mark Hildreth or any of the other lowlife d-list morons in NXIVM?

      • Sanctimonious conservatives have their own pets, just different types – often ministers and pundits who get excused and let off the hook for immoral, unethical and illegal behavior, often having to do with drugs and/or illicit sex, even sometimes including homosexuality (quite a few of the leading voices in “family values” and “gay conversion” turn out to be trying to deny their own homosexuality, and failing to avoid acting on it). Political orientation has nothing to do with the real issues here.

        Somewhat actually relevant to the topic at hand, Cynthia Kisser, when she was head of the now defunct – well, taken over by Scientology – Cult Awareness Network (which Raniere also tangled with in his early days), said that political parties were like cults. We can indeed see cult-like thinking in extreme partisans.

        • There is nothing sanctimonious about being “conservative”. Conservative means to conserve. For most of human history and in most countries today that don’t have PC culture, the people are conservative. No pandering. Conservatives don’t want to be pandered too, nor do they have or want “pets”. Man/woman, family, country, masculine men, feminine women, working for what you want, little government interference, freedom to speak your mind, ability to defend yourself from oppressive militias, governments and general criticisms. Liberals are the most destructive creatures in the West, pretending to be the keepers of morality, ethics and intellect, just like the freaks in NXIVM. Most of these people were/are pretentious virtue signalling ideologues with their “jump for joy” bullshit and quoting Ghandi. Sad. The left throws all the degenerate gauntlets down and force it down everyone’s neck. Those who oppose are dubbed “facist” “racist” “bigot” etc. You can’t win with facts so resort to blanket insults with zero meaning. I would love for liberals to try that shit in non-white countries. Everything liberals try to force on people can be debunked with statistics, history, science and common sense. For fucks sake, don’t bring up global warming or religion to try and counter. All the data conflicts with itself, is politised and nobody knows who and what to believe. Also, you can’t bash Christianity without saying something about Islam. And many conservatives are not even religious. And don’t pretend to care about science when you believe in “transgender” nonsense, that men and women have no biological differences that affects behaviour, blaming everything on the “patriarchy” (while never speaking ill of non white patriachal countries) and that babies in the womb are just “clumps of cells” and vegans are the healthiest people and all your other shit. Just be fucking normal. Not a pretentious know-it-all cunt. Up for the challenge? Doubt it. You live a comfortable life with running tap water, a fridge full of food, a toilet that flushes your shit away and wifi. No respect for the natural order. If you want “diversity” go spread it in Africa and Asia.

          • In the group we’re addressing here, Raniere’s philosophy is rooted in Ayn Rand – a darling of “natural order” types and conservatives.

            And DOS (and SOP) were based on promoting just the sort of view of gender roles that you are espousing.

            Like the “Moonies” of Rev. Moon – a Republican-allied supporter of “conservative” politics including through his Washington Times newspaper – notorious for arranged mass-marriages, NXIVM can in some ways be said to have been a sort of disguised attempt to get nominally progressive younger Americans to accept certain old-fashioned type, or even retrograde, values. Raniere’s polygamy hearkens back to the Old Testament – and of course what is still practiced among some more conservative and traditional Mormon groups, as well as Muslims.

            And, personally, I’m as adverse to the excesses of extreme liberalism, as to those of the “conservative” end of the political spectrum.

          • ????Paul Ryan would give his staff Atlas Shrugged as required reading

        • Not Ann Rynd, but thousands of years of evolution. If it has to be forced on the public by a minority in power, it is not natural and organic. If you have to convince people that men are men and women are women, then society has already been fucked red raw.

          Also, there is no such thing as extreme conservative. Literally no such thing. The natural human is a “conservative”. Liberals are modern bi-products of a deliberately manipulated society by the establishment. It started with turning women against men. Destroying the family. There would be no gay/tranny, anti white nonsense without that. The more extreme these new freaks called “liberals” behave, the more head strong and resistant “conservatives” become. A reaction. Liberals make people go further and further to the right, especially when they shit on you for a manipulated warped interpretation of historical events, ignoring other races behaviour, ignoring our concerns while pandering to those who hate us. It creates resentment, hence the election of President Trump, Brexit in the UK, a right wing wave throughout Europe etc. Liberalism/identity politics revolves around “straight white men” oppressing everyone and everything. You are not supposed to know how Native Americans kept an enormous number of African slaves and refused to give them up after the 13th Amendment was signed in. Nor are you allowed to state that in the US, whites outnumber blacks, yet more blacks kill whites then whites kill blacks. Nor are you allowed to tell people that blacks, less then 13% of the population commit 52% of all murders. Nor are you allowed to talk about the killings of police officers by blacks. Or any of these facts, without being called a slur by leftists. Or the fact that Muslims occupied and enslaved Europeans for centuries, including the Spanish who they would later sell African slaves to. They are a weak, emasculated, loser group who won’t leave people alone. “White nationalism” is nothing but a reaction and protest. When you acknowledge that “straight white men” are not oppressing anyone and all the accusations against them applies to other races that get protected from criticism, the whole liberal ideology falls apart. The Chinese are the most nationalist, anti-foreigner racist people on Earth. They invaded and stole Tibet, oppressing those people. Muslims treat women like shit. Whites are the most cucked, emasculated race on Earth, yet get 100% of the hate from cunty white liberals and non whites privileged to live in the west. Nobody calls Pakistanis “privileged straight brown males” for there behaviour at home.

      • Awesome Cheese Cutter,

        Your story line has got mold on it from being in the back of the refrigerator way too long.

        What is it about the actor bashing? No one has shown on shred of real factual evidence that Kristen kook had anything to do with NXIVMS criminal enterprise.

        Not one shred of evidence she sleep with Raniere or that she brought in teenage girls to be groomed as sex toys for Raniere.

        So where is the proof? Where’s the factual evidence? Not one person who will say who their real name is, from when to when they were in NXIVM and prove any rumors about Kristin kook is true.

        We know the proof is in the factual evidence with the six arrested. 3down and 3 to go.

        • The Feds have access to lots of factual evidence. What we don’t know is whether they will spread the net out more, now that three have flipped and are willing to sing like birds for lighter sentences.

        • Out of that whole post, you make it about Kristin Kreuk, with a strong hint of estrogen, chutney and desperation.

        • Give it a rest celebrity stalker. You are as big of a hypocrite as the dopey actresses you worship. Here is an example of the Hollywood elitist mentality.

          President Trump mentions about putting all the illegals in Sanctuary cities

          Donald J. Trump

          Due to the fact that Democrats are unwilling to change our very dangerous immigration laws, we are indeed, as reported, giving strong considerations to placing Illegal Immigrants in Sanctuary Cities only

          And here is an amazing but expected response from a perfect represenative of the brain dead left

          Which in turn outraged the bigoted and hypocritical Alyssa Milano.. She responded with her most moronic tweet to date.

          Alyssa Milano

          This is so sick and twisted

          So you want open borders, you want sanctuary cities, you don’t want immigration reform, and you’re mad about illegals going to sanctuary cities? These people are so dumb they don’t even know what they’re protesting anymore.

    • Let’s see what happens with the whole college scandal outcome. Apparently they are planning on making an example out of the celebrities involved to prove that no one should be above the law regardless of money or celebrity. Will be interesting to see if that mentality carries over with this case.

      • It is estimated that Felicity Huffman will get only about four months.
        She made a plea deal within one month of being indicted and of course Huffman was not branding women and turning them into prostitutes.

        Huffman is not only rich from being an actress but her family made a small fortune by owning a gunpowder mill in New York State.

  • I take pleasure in knowing that next year at this time the former DOS masters will be shitting where they sleep, and doing menial jobs like they forced their DOS slave labor to perform.

  • Sorry Claviger, pretty shitty predictions.

    There’s nothing in the law — or in the current plea deal agreements made by the EDNY — that says the judge must give the person who sat on the plea deal bus 1st a shorter sentence than the person who sat on it 2nd.

    Same is true for the person who sat on it 3rd.

    Your predictions assume that the judge will follow a straight line, from the 1st person to the 3rd person. That’s bullshit.

    The number of counts against each person doesn’t mean shit — since they’ll receive concurrent sentences for the 2nd or 3rd counts anyway. Nancy won’t inherently get a lesser sentence than Lauren unless she performs better on the witness stand at trial.

    What matters is their level of cooperation and the value of each person’s testimony, including their performances on the actual witness stand at trial.

    The EDNY is monitoring performance. They’ll base their prison recommendations on each person’s performance and overall VALUE during the trial.

    You can’t assume that just because a witness is ‘truthful’ that they’ll all have equal value, YOU FUCKEN RETARD.

    Fact is, whoever cooperates more fully (and provides the EDNY with the most critical info/testimony) will likely get the shortest prison recommendations by the EDNY. You earn your keep with Uncle Sam.

    You can’t assume a ‘straight line’ sentencing prediction based upon a metaphorical plea deal bus.

    The judge doesn’t give a fuck about the metaphorical plea deal ‘bus’ and who sat down first. Neither does the EDNY.

    The EDNY will only care about WITNESS PERFORMANCE and how valuable each person is during the trial. The judge will give weight to whatever the EDNY tells him about each defendant at sentencing.

    I predict that Claviger’s predictions will come up woefully inaccurate.

    • And what exactly are your predictions? Or would rather wait and take the safer option – and just agree with whatever Judge Garufis decides?

      • Krclaviger,

        BangkokJohnson sucks you in every time.

        Krclaviger you have a law degree and Scott has a GED….. maybe a GED I’m giving Scott the benefit of the doubt.

        *Please Note: I posted my original comment to you not to pay attention to Scott before you both posted.

        Can I predict the future or what ?

      • And krclaviger replys with exactly what everyone else was thinking. Maybe Bangcock already posted his predictions and Frank is sitting on the post until tomorrow morning. Let’s all get in our shots on Bangcock while Frank has him muted!

        • NutJob,

          How much do you want to bet that Krclaviger gets successfully trolled by Bangkok again?

          I am thinking Krclaviger can not help himself so I will give 10-1 odds that he will not respond. Meaning I will pay $10 on 1$ If you bet $1 against him responding I will pay $10.

          Slow night tonight…

      • Dude what the fuck is the point of predictions? Does it matter? Things will play out the way they do. There will always be a surprise or two. Too many a-holes here posting like they know shit from shinola. Rock on idiots, we’ll keep the watch from here.

    • There is also the value provided between the time they flipped and the sentencing date, not just during the trial, whether it’s against existing defendants or additional people who also committed crimes, assuming the DOJ is interested in expanding the net. There are a lot of unknowns, I think it’s stupid to make predictions.

    • And once again Bankock does his Jerkoff statement.

      Didn’t your mother tell you to clean your room and it’s time you should get rid of your Woody and Buzz Lightyear toys?

      Put your opinions where your brain is. If it’s not up your ass, why not tell us what your think about the defendants sentencing predictions.

      Maybe your brain is stuck on “how to be offensive mode, rinse and repeat.

      Is it a brain damage condition that causes sewage to spew from you? Maybe it that you dont have the IQ to think logically about this case so being offensive is your capacity.

      Its OK, Jerkoff, the short bus will pick you up on Monday for your special needs class. Your mommy will make sure you have your lunch in your superman lunchbox and that you get your medicine.

      She might want to talk to your doctor, they dont seem to be working.

  • If Lauren and Allison both receive 4+ year sentences, Clare Bronfman fleeing the country and forfeiting her bond.

    Clare Bronfman could not handle 4 years of high school how is she going prison?

    As always thanks Krclaviger !!!!!

    Do not believe Bangkok(Scott)!!!!!!
    You are a wonderfully articulate and intelligent man!!!!’ “My cup my runneth over”!!!!!!

    • I think Clare will use all her resources to fight in hopes of an eventual acquittal or dismissal on appeal, or else just wearing the feds down until they settle for a deal with no hard prison time, allowing her to get away with living in the US like she wants and suffering nothing worse than perhaps a bit of time under house arrest – with the backup of using her resources to flee, if it comes down to it. I noticed that her sister’s husband has ties to Qatar, which is a posh place to live that doesn’t appear to have an extradition treaty with the US.

    • They will probably all be sentenced on the same day. If found guilty, Bronfman will probably be put in jail immediately after the jury finds her guilty. There will be no opportunity to flee after sentencing.

  • I think these sentences would be just and fair. Just from poking around online, my guess was for slightly shorter terms, but I’m conflicted between a desire to see these people crucified and my better angel; it must be very difficult for a judge, passing sentence and determining people’s futures. I suspect even a couple of years in prison would be devastating to most people, a real life wrecker.

    I confess I’m awaiting with morbid curiosity the course of this trial. As details emerge– and if what I’ve read in the press is even approximately true, they are horrid details– I wonder what effect these facts will have on these three individuals’ sentences. They’ve confessed to Racketeering, so does the nature of the criminal racket figure in to the severity of their punishment?

    • Prison is more horrible than you can believe. Abusive COs breathing down your neck, lights on in your cell 24/7, shit food, everything regulated, poor medical care, fungi and viruses rampant.

      It takes humility to get through it. If you don’t have humility, you have the opportunity to learn to be humble. Prayer helps. Serving / helping other inmates by teaching GED classes or attending AA helps.

      I learned something there and I’m glad. I’m in a better place now than before I went so I hold out hope for anyone who is open and wants to improve their life.

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