Alllison Mack pleads guilty to racketeering; avoids sex-trafficking charge; ‘I thought Keith Raniere was trying to help people, I was wrong’

Allison Mack pleads guilty

Allison Mack pleaded guilty today before Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis to Counts 1 and 2 of the second superseding indictment: Racketeering and Racketeering Conspiracy.

In conjunction with her Count 2 plea, she also admitted to racketeering acts 10 and 13: State Law Extortion and Forced Labor (Because these were predicate acts rather than separate counts in the indictment, they do not carry a separate sentence).

With each felony count comes a possible 20-year maximum sentence. There is no minimum sentence.

Given her lack of a previous criminal record and the applicable sentencing guidelines, however, she will probably land in the 3-5 year sentencing range.

She will be sentenced on September 11, 2019 at Noon.

Her plea deal is exactly the same as that of Lauren Salzman. And this is a tremendously fortunate plea deal for Mack since she will avoid all sex-related charges, charges that could have landed her in prison for more than 15 years and required her to register as a sex offender when she was released.

Although no such agreement was announced, it is expected Allison will be a cooperating witness against the remaining defendants in the case – which, at this point, include Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman, and Kathy Russell.

Our correspondent Village Diane was on the scene and reports on Mack’s allocution:

Miss Mack started out by saying, “I’m here to plead guilty.” And then she broke down and started crying, enough so that the judge asked her if she wanted to take a moment, to which she said “No.”

She was still in tears as she spoke about the past year of her life. [She was arrested on April 20, 2018]. She spoke of the past year, as “a year of introspection.”

After seeing the second superseding indictment, she realized she was mistaken in who she placed her trust with and who trusted her.

She said, “Looking back at what I have done the past 10 years,” she said, “I have come to the conclusion that I must take full responsibility for my conduct and that’s why I am pleading guilty today,”

She said she met many “wonderful people and some of whom, I now realize, were not” and she joined Nxivm at a time when she was lost and wanted a community.  She believed the people she was with were trying to be better people.

She said she was trying to help herself and others.

“I joined NXIVM … to find purpose,” she said. “I truly believed I found a group of individuals who believed as I did.”

She thought Keith Raniere was trying to help people, but now she realized he wasn’t.

“I believed Keith Raniere’s intentions were to help people,” she said. “I was wrong.”

She participated, she admitted, in criminal conduct resulting in her agreeing to support a criminal enterprise from 2016 to April 2018. She was aware of the criminal objectives of the enterprise.

She admitted she withheld property from Jane Does #5 and #8. She admitted that she committed acts that made women fearful she would release their collateral if they did not do what she demanded.

She admitted she made false representations regarding DOS – and concealed Keith Raniere’s role as the leader of DOS.

“I was a member of a secret society,” Mack admitted.

She said she obtained “collateral” on several women so they would go along with NXIVM’s demands.

As she continued to speak, her voice grew stronger.  She said she had many months to reflect on her actions.

“I must take full responsibility.”

Then she started crying and said she was very sorry for the harm she caused and apologized “from the bottom of my heart.”

She apologized to the judge and the prosecution and to victims.

“I’m very sorry for the victims of this case,” she said. “I’m very sorry for who I’ve hurt through my misguided adherence to Keith Raniere’s teachings.”

She said, “I know that I am and will be a better person because of this.”

Her lawyers put their hands on her back afterward.

Village Diane had these additional observations:

Miss Mack is definitely off the Nxivm diet. She had rounded hips and a woman’s body now [another sign of her break from Raniere.] She had on a cream colored long sleeve shirt, with loose fitting black pants. She wore leopard sneakers. Her hair was tied back in a messy bun.


Mack and her lawyer declined to comment outside the courthouse.


Photo by Village Dianne
Photo by Village Dianne

K.R. Claviger adds to our report:

The third seat on The Plea Deal Bus has been claimed by Allison Mack.

The erstwhile actress, who played Chloe Sullivan on the TV series Smallville, has decided to cut a deal with the feds and avoid going to trial in the case of the U.S. v. Raniere Et Al.

Per the terms of her plea deal, Mack will plead guilty to Racketeering and Racketeering Conspiracy.

Based on the terms of the second superseding indictment in the case, Mack had been facing the following charges:

• Count One: Racketeering Conspiracy

• Count Two: Racketeering

• Count Six: Forced Labor Conspiracy

• Count Seven: Wire Fraud Conspiracy

• Count Eight: Sex Trafficking Conspiracy

• Count Nine: Sex Trafficking Regarding Jane Doe 5

• Count Ten: Attempted Sex Trafficking Regarding Jane Doe 8


Although Mack will almost definitely end up serving time in federal prison, the exact amount of time she will serve – and the other penalties that will be imposed on her – won’t be known until she is sentenced on September 11th.

The two counts to which she pleaded guilty carry the following maximum sentences:
• Racketeering Conspiracy – 20 years
• Racketeering – 20 years

But just like the other defendants in the case who have pleaded guilty to various charges, Mack will undoubtedly receive less than the maximum possible sentence.

Mack was born on July 29, 1982 in Preetz, West Germany. At the time of her birth, her opera singer father, Jonathan, was performing there.

Since her indictment in April 2018, Mack has been living in her parents’ home in Los Alamitos CA under home confinement (The home was part of the $5 million package that Mack had to post in order to be released on bail).

Mack has a brother named Shannon and a sister named Robyn. It is not known if Mack ever tried to recruit either of her siblings into the NXIVM/ESP sex slave cult.

As part of her collateral that she gave to Keith Raniere, she wrote a letter to social services in which she claimed her nephews were abused (Raniere personally held all of her collateral).

Mack’s involvement with NXIVM/ESP began in 2006 when she was recruited by her Smallville co-star Kristin Kreuk to attend classes at the cult’s Vancouver Center that was run by Sarah Edmondson.

Almost immediately after they began taking classes, Mack and Kreuk were targeted by NXIVM/ESP leaders because of their “star power”.

Mack moved to Clifton Park, NY to be closer to Keith Raniere and basically abandoned her acting career at his direction.

She rose quickly through the ranks in NXIVM/ESP – and became one of Raniere’s favorites.

As evidence of his close relationship with Mack, Raniere allowed her to set up The Source, a “school” for wannabe actors.

Potential recruits for The Source were brought to wine and cheese parties, shown a 90-minute video of Raniere, and then told that he could jump-start their acting careers. Then they were asked to sign-up for a $10,000 introductory course.


When Raniere decided to create Dominus Obsequious Sororium (DOS), he chose Mack to be its leader – which was a significant slap-in-the-face to the somewhat older Lauren Salzman who been promised an “avatar baby” by Raniere.

Things came full circle when Lauren Salzman recruited Sarah Edmondson into DOS. According to Edmondson, she was initiated into DOS – and branded with Raniere’s initials on her pubic region – in a ceremony that was conducted at Mack’s home in Clifton Park.


Mack was with Raniere when he was arrested by Mexican Federal Police on March 26, 2018 – and she was one of the women who jumped into a car and chased after the Mexican Federal Police as it transported Raniere to the U.S./Mexico border.

And so, Allison Mack completes the transition from semi-successful Hollywood actress to failed human being…

Viva Executive Success!

Allison Mack heads to court to plead guilty

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  • Holy crap. Shannon Mack? The high school choir teacher Shannon Mack is that pervert’s brother? Holy crap.

    • Nobody can prove that, Nicole and Allison knew each other for a LONG time , they were spending tons of time together.
      They have tons of pics together and Allison was still baring her engagement ring up until now.

      I Don’t think anyone can prove anything about this (true or not).

  • Imagine if it was Kristin Kreuk on the stand pleading guilty, a round of applause would be heard all over the court room aand beyond. No wonder the FEDS don’t want more than two actress, I thought frankreport mentioned that in the past.

    No wonder the figure holding the scales of justice is a woman. It’s because justice is ” Feminist “, i dont really buy the greek mambo jumbo idea. Laws are made to rein men in power for the sake of the world. Understandably so, evil corrupt men in power can kill millions in the blink of an eye.

    The one who wields absolute power behind NXVIM is not KAR, KAR is depending on someone else, someone who has tons of cash. Also, NXVIM is design so beautifully, incorporating feminist ideology binding it with corporate conglomerate and criminal enterprise equals a massive evil juggernaut unstoppable in its tracks. The devil is more effective in the women’s body.

    In the west laws are equal to everyone, hollywood always put the notion that – the smallest atom is investigated for the sake of equality, heads of state speak the same tune. However, this is contrary to reality, western law leans heavily on money and who possess it more. Those who possess money, power and fame at the same time will get away scot-free, murderers become victims of the court of law.

    NXVIM is a perfect criminal enterprise and is also a flawless corporate enterprise. One day this sisterhood will rival the power of nations enough to devour weak nations into her evil ways. The world tolerates the west and the hypocrisy ways of the west. The world will tolerate phenomena like NXVIM more than it tolerated the west.

    The result was not surprising, this is a common incident. Female teachers who has sexual relationship with underage boys ( that boy is lucky ) gets rewarded by staying at a work free education building facility so they can collect their pension cough* my bad, ask the teachers union i guess. Male teachers who commits into underage sexual relationship with the student, gets it !!! Literally.

    It seems like when women is in power the world rots faster than expected, by tradition men hold the responsibility naturally, the blame goes to men. As the world looks into the west for guidance, the west is at their decadence. Asking and following their footsteps is a backward idea. Everybody knows this but everyone keeps a blind eye. I like the way the world has evolve, the way we tolerate evil makes sodom and gomorrah a reality rather than fiction. I just hope that i won’t be here when retribution from heaven comes, i only wish to imagine the bitterness of the outcome, i do not want to experience it.

    • I’m with you Kal-El at. It wanting to experience the “cleansing” from above. I’m 42 now. I’d like to live out my days on this evil planet and die peacefully rather than be alive when the shit hits the fan.

    • Your inaccurate and fallacious generalizations are really tiresome.

      Let me guess – you live in the West….because wherever you came from, was unlivable. I know from long experience and observation that the certain number of immigrants who like to complain about how the new home that they came to is not like the “old country” and its “old ways” that they left behind, have rationalizations about how that contradiction somehow makes sense, but that’s all of no interest here.

      NXIVM is not necessarily representative of Western, or American, culture; in may ways, it’s because it’s an aberration, that it’s now a subject of fascination – and of being held to account under our laws, for violating our norms.

  • Just blew past Barb B’s number of comments, this story now has two pages of comments. Speaking of which, where are Barb, Toni, Heidi, etc.? Are they concerned the Salzmans and Mack squealing on them as well?

    • Dear Scott,
      No, I’m not concerned at all. Why? Because there is nothing for them to squeal about in regards to my involvement when at NXIVM. Not only did I NOT know about their corrupt activities, but I did not participate either. Perhaps, you might want to reread the court submitted transcript between myself and Kristin Keeffe from late 2015 in Albany Criminal Court; wherein, she shared with me these activities? You can find it here on the FrankReport and or you can simply google “Kristin Keeffe and Barbara Bouchey Transcript.” As you read it, you will note that Kristin informed me of these corrupt activities five years AFTER I quit and did so because she KNEW that I was not aware of any of it, nor participated. Of course, you might doubt that Kristin is telling the truth, as you doubt many things, and those of which I have said as well.
      Kind Regards,

  • Why is sentencing not until September? Do they purposely wait until after the trial, and does the outcome of that have any effect on the sentences?

  • and the mex? Do you know that rainbow is still functioning?????? I can’t believe that while this is happening @USA in mex things are still “normal”

    • Of course NXIVM is still operating in Mexico. It took two decades to do anything here, and Mexico is a sh!thole country, sending drugs, illegal aliens, diseases, human trafficking, etc. Salinas is in charge. What did you expect?

  • I have a theory that Thomas Sekera(53) is here amongst us on the Frankreport. He could be anyone. My hunch is that he is hiding behind an alias with a deep-seated hatred and loathing for Allison Mack.

    If anyone one notices anything suspicious about any of the commentators and postings on this site please contact Frank Parlato at your earliest convenience.

    • Sure. Don’t forget Yosemite Sam, Bugs Bunny, Cleopatra, Ben Szemkus, Tanster, and Mike Hawk.

      They are all here too.

      If you spot them, call 1-800-DUM-BASS

      Phones will be staffed 24/7. Operators are waiting for your call.

      • Thomas Sekera is Shadowstate. Why else does he hate Princess Cankles Pimp?

        How could Shadowstate possibly resist her succulent fatty ankles and her monkey feet with matching bunions on both feet?

        Scott Johnson trembles and sweats at the mere mention of Allison’s monkey feet.

      • huh huh, you don’t have the right to say that now…she isn’t condamned for this anymore…And it might have took a year to her but how long will it take you to discover what a fool you are?

  • Allison Mack claims that she believed Raniere was trying to help people.
    What a line of BS.

    Catherine Oxenberg in her book describes a scene where Raniere comes into a social event accompanied by Allison Mack and Raniere literally French kisses every woman in the room.
    Allison Mack is the female version of Pinocchio.
    One blonde in particular reached him first, threw her arms around him, hugged him full body, and kissed him on the lips like a lover. I’d noticed her when we first arrived but didn’t know who she was. Someone whispered, “That’s the
    actress from Smallville,” but I’d never seen the TV show, so I didn’t recognize her —her name was Allison Mack.

    After he finished kissing Allison, he tended to the others. One by one, he gave each a tight, extended hug and a kiss on the lips—long, lingering, deep kisses, with plenty of penetrating eye gazing. It was bizarrely intimate.
    Allison Mack is a LIAR and the government is buying into her lies.

    And Allison Mack went on to abuse Catherine Oxenberg’s daughter India.
    How was it helping people for Allison Mack to abuse India Oxenberg?

    • I fully agree shadowstate 1958 and add that Allison was fully aware of the lies, but totally in love with KAR.
      She fully identified with him and fully supported him in his criminal activities. She was not only a support for
      him, but a full-fledged accomplice.

    • And you and Catherine are the only ones who know the thruth of course…

      If instead of almost suffocat bitting your tongue, you would read her plea , She said “I believed Keith Raniere’s intentions were to help people,” and then she said. “I was wrong.”

      See the word believed, you can see it?…no, put your glasses, it’s right there.
      And i’m not an expert in English but i believe that she said it in …..a past form !

      Now before you hurt yourself with your mental breakdown, calm down!

      BTW you can repeat anything you want, it doesn’t matter anymore old man…it’s not up to you (a bystander, i remind to everyone…not related to any victims or anything).
      Deal with it.

  • While we are talking about Allison Mack pleading guilty after one year of “introspection” the actress Felicity Huffman, who was only recently charged with using bribes to get her daughter into college , has plead guilty to one count of mail fraud and one count of conspiracy.

    Why did it take dumb Allison so long to figure out she needed a plea deal?
    Why did it take dumb Allison’s Guru to be caught in a sex tape scandal to convince dumb Allison to give in the ghost?

    Parents’ plea: Hollywood star Felicity Huffman and 12 other parents charged in a massive college admissions cheating scandal have agreed to plead guilty in the high-profile case. One of the coaches involved in the scheme has also agreed to plead guilty. The 13 parents and the coach will each admit to one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud, prosecutors said. (Boston Globe)

    Felicity Huffman among 13 parents pleading guilty in admissions scandal

    • Another better question: Why does it take you so long to finally shut up.

      If you are like that when away from the screen…my oh my, you definetaly need some mental help.

    • Allison as an actress can play ad hoc emotions like crying, she doesn’t need KAR for that, she could do that before.

      • Are you sure she didn’t come to Raniere to learn how to cry on command? She wasn’t a very good actor before she joined NXIVM, and he promised to teach her how to be a better actress.

    • Just like your mouth is a Scapegoat for your lack of a brain Scooter.

      When are you coming on Nice Guy’s radio show? Or are you too chicken?

  • An example of the National Media’s interest in NXIVM—–the Los Angeles Times reported Ally Wack’s guilty plea in the Entertainment Section.

  • Keith Raniere is a profoundly stupid man with a serious lack of self-control enabled by equally stupid women.
    And look at the damage he was still able to commit.
    Now imagine a reconstituted NXIVM in the hands of a smarter, more disciplined leader with more intelligent followers.

    NXIVM is still a potentially dangerous organization.
    And NXIVM Mexico has smarter people with more business sense and discipline than Raniere and the Bronfman sisters.
    Plus their home base in Mexico lacks the government willpower to rein in NXIVM Mexico.

  • Dear Frank,

    You may want to call the police department and ask them to do a wellness check on Shadowstate1958 this evening.

    By the look of his posts my dear friend is not taking the Allison Mack plea deal very well.

    It may be time for an intervention.

    • Yeah I was afraid this was going to happen. All the warnings to the defendants about the harsh sentences that awaited them and I was thinking some here better brace themselves for the light to moderate sentences that may actually be levied upon them. It’s my opinion that not a one gets twenty years or even a decade except Keith. Heads here will be exploding

  • Look at all the criminal conduct chronicled in the Frank Report before June 2017, when the branding story broke.

    And the local authorities, even the NDNY, did absolutely nothing.

    Without the branding, ordered by Keith Raniere and carried out by Allison Mack, Raniere would still be reigning in Clifton Park with a proud Allison Mack by his side and a beaming Clare Bronfman looking on.

  • Rumor has it Clare Bear mum was at the hearing today.

    What a way to spend.your 40th birthday with your mum, drag her ass through court hearings, jury selection and have dinner delivered to your apartment.

    • Only to return home to a husband that hails from British legal aristocracy as he is the second son of Sir Michael Havers (later Baron Havers), who was a barrister who became a controversial Attorney General for England and Wales and, briefly, Lord Chancellor in the Conservative Government in the 1980s. His paternal aunt, Baroness Butler-Sloss, his grandfather Sir Cecil Havers and elder brother Philip Havers QC also had prominent legal careers.
      At least she turned up (eventually)

  • Justice is really about protecting and vindicating the rights of victims.
    Justice was not served today.

    Indeed the RICO law is designed to destroy long term criminal enterprises.
    Most of the people in NXIVM will remain untouched by these indictments and guilty pleas.
    The only person receiving long term punishment will be the sex-crazed Raniere.

    The many other crimes of NXIVM:
    computer hacking
    money laundering
    tax fraud
    immigration fraud
    corruption of local officials
    will go unpunished.

    Indeed if Raniere had been more restrained and discrete in his sexual peccadilloes he would never have been caught up in this sex slave case and would be planning V Week 2019.

    • You are right, there is a crazy guy from Chicago that still roam free despite his obvious crazyness.

      You do understand (i doubt) that you are pretty much sounding like an apologist for Raniere ?

      Justice is not yet served.

      First, nobody can know the final sentence for any of the plea deal.
      IF they are receiving the time estimate here (3 years Nancy, 5 years Allison and Lauren), it fits the crime they committed. There is no need to add more time just to please YOU.

      and if you want to blame anyone, blame the AUSA that you were ass kissing up until now.

      You really have no clue on how the judicial system is working…

      It’s also funny to note that you weren’t that shocked when the plea deal was about Nancy or her daughter.

      Raniere is the one behind EVERYTHING , it’s only fair that he is the one who get the most.

      Those ladies (even the Salzmans, i’ll admit) would never have been in this situation without KAR.
      He is the one that should be the target (and for the real victims, he is…only the bystanders who have nothing to do with the case aim their hatred at others)

      • The aggravating reasons have not yet been sufficiently taken into account in this case.
        This is a matter for Judge N. Garaufis, but I think that the sentence that has been discussed
        so far is too small and Judge Garaufis increases the penalties.

        • Hmm no, in the case of Allison, the plea deal include 2 victims and 2 years of participation…20 years is the maximum and that Something that aim at someone who did way more than that.

          And what aggravating reasons? in Allison’s case, she could have argued she was herself Under pressure (her collateral are quite damning).

          Why everyone consider that these ladies deserve as much as Raniere? He is the real bad guy. And i’m pretty sure that most of the victims aim to see HIM punished.

  • She will be sentenced on September 11, 2019 at Noon…… OMG ! THAT CAN’T BE GOOD FOR OLD ALLIE !!

  • Allison Mack’s statement
    She said she met many “wonderful people
    She believed the people she was with were trying to be better people.
    She said she was trying to help herself and others.
    “I joined NXIVM … to find purpose,” she said. “I truly believed I found a group of individuals who believed as I did.”

    Read between the lines!

    Allison Mack attacks Raniere but does not attack others in the cult by name.
    Allison Mack is protecting the NXIVM cult leaving the door open for its reconstitution and her return to the fold under new Salinas leadership.

    Expect Clare Bronfman and Kathy Russell to follow suit quickly leaving Raniere to twist in the wind.

    But NXIVM is not being destroyed.
    It is too valuable to too many powerful people.

    • LOL Shadow. Uh, NO. You and Scott Johnson are both out in leftfield on this. Basically, the opposite of your worry is true. NXIVM is negatively impacting many powerful people. They want it bye bye.
      The criminal part of NXIVM was Keith. WIthout Keith, there is no criminal stuff. You want some “continue NXIVM” conspiracy? At best you’ll get a bunch of dorks sitting around the table talking about self improvement modules that were stolen from Scientolgy, Landmark, Ayn Rand, Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins, and whoever.

      • “WIthout Keith, there is no criminal stuff.”

        Nancy and Lauren were up to their eye teeth in criminality as were the Bronfman sisters.
        NXIVM will come back under a new name and new leadership.
        It will be more discrete and avoid open sex trafficking and blackmail.
        There will be no branding and no children.
        All those were hallmarks of Raniere’s madness abetted by gullible female followers.
        But NXIVM will survive.

        • Good point.

          Nancy Salzman was involved in Medicare fraud before she ever met Raniere. Who knows how many others also had a background of doing illegal things.

          It may be that some never would have done anything wrong, or seriously wrong, had they not gotten involved with Raniere. But it could also be said that some might have gotten involved in other frauds or crimes, and perhaps found other ringleader gurus.

          As someone pointed out, Raniere seemed to be very good at picking out people who would bend and break the law under him; the question is how many were just those might have been good people who were easily manipulated, and how many already had criminal tendencies.

          I’m not so sure NXIVM will survive, though like Raniere’s CBI, it may evolve into or spawn other frauds or abusive groups in its wake.

          • Ok so Following your logic, let’s arrest everyone in the world because they COULD do crimes…

            You are really a piece of work mr know it all.

          • No, that’s not my logic – perhaps you’re missing the subtle points of English.

            I’m just pointing out that it’s false to make assumptions, such as that people wouldn’t have ever done anything wrong had they not joined NXIVM and fallen under Raniere’s sway.

          • Excuse me but those people had a perfectly clean record (except Nancy) before they met KAR, That means that we have basis to comment on the fact they wouldn’t not be where they are without Raniere.

            That’s a fact, not Something i pulled out of my ass like you do with all your comments.

            You sound more and more like Shadow, you try to find excuse to Raniere and say “he isn’t that bad, they were probably like that since the beginning”
            Despite the fact that (except Nancy) they all were Walking straight.

        • Scott – I did read it and it is a good explanation of MLMs regrouping. NXIVM wasn’t your typical MLM. It was a secret MLM that actually mostly sold product. While I agree that some of the hardcore MLMers in NXIVM will probably go join some upstart MLM, I believe the criminality of NXIVM will be go as Keith goes.

      • Nutjob,

        Scott Johnson is contacting the FBI? WTF?
        Check link below


        We have given each other a lot of shit but honestly I think it is a very bad idea for you to contact the FBI. Do you want to be the next Richard Jewell? Or worse?

        Scott if you have any history of anything your life will be put under a microscope. Do you understand? No drama, just the reality to come…..

    • I advise you to take a rendezvous with a professionnal as soon as possible because nobody can help you….

      You should stop listening to your sick brain…there is no between the lines.

  • With A. Mack pleading guilty, it makes me think that Keith Raniere will not face all charges he has been indicted on; it will be a travesty of justice if A. Mack and the Bronfmans are given short sentences. I weep for all who were victimized and have no sympathy for any of Reniere’s followers.

    • Shadowstate1958,

      Jeffrey Epstein did 13 months. If Mack had plea bargain earlier she probably would have done less than a year or no time.

      Mack did not murder anyone.

      We should all be happy that Keith Rainier is going to prison and quite frankly I’m shocked that Allison ended up not taking an earlier plea bargain and will be doing time.

      Shadowstate there is not a lot of justice in the world. We live in an unjust world.

      • I doubt… If the Sex trafficking would have been removed back then too, she would have the same other charges.
        The Sex trafficking part wasn’t solid enough for the trial while the rest was really solid (no dispute that she collected the colaterals)

  • Soon Allison will have something to talk about with Wesley Snipes …..maybe they could do a remake of Bonnie & Clyde ??

  • Expect Clare Bronfman and Kathy Russell to quickly follow suit with plea deals to leave Raniere the pervert as the scapegoat.
    And all of the criminal behavior of NXIVM, behavior that goes far beyond sex trafficking, will be swiftly swept under the rug.
    Leaving open the opportunity for the organization to be reconstituted another a new name and run by the Salinas gang.

    Leaving Clare Bronfman and Allison Mack, in the twisted theology of NXIVM, to be considered martyrs in the cause.

    • You are definately crazy…Pooooor Raniere, the scapegoat.
      He didn’t do anything of course. it’s the wicked Allison mack and Bronfman…and all this for what? to destroy the good Salzmans syndicate.
      Who was behind it? the reptilians?
      Get help, please for the sake of FR readers.

      • The women who enabled Raniere will avoid most of the responsibility for their crimes.
        Had those women stood up for the rights of their fellow women Raniere would have been a raging impotent King Lear.

        But Allison Mack, Clare Bronfman, Lauren and Nancy Salzman and Pam Cafritz betrayed their fellow women.

        • And you betray your fellow men by blowing your BS and show how stupid you can be.

          I do have to admit that there is 1 positive note in your message, you finally don’t aim at 1 of the défendant but all of them.Nice job, see you can do it!

          But you still make a fool of yourself trying to diminish Raniere’s role in all this. so i’ll give you a D-

    • WTF are you talking about… Raniere scapegoated…..he is the mastermind and animal behind the whole thing. You really are a fool.

      • This is my problem with Shadow. He thinks Keith and his harem all shared in the criminality. He doesn’t understand that Keith gave orders and everyone else executed the orders. If you didn’t do as you were told, you weren’t there anymore.

    • Raniere is no scapegoat. He excelled at making others scapegoats. It’s time for him to pay the piper.

  • Like the typical bully Allison Mack i’s also a coward.
    Her only regret is at being caught.

    And no where do I see Allison Mack agreeing to cooperate in any future government investigations of other people in NXIVM.
    In fact reading her “confession: she says that there are plenty of wonderful people in NXIVM.
    In other words once Mack gets out she is laying the groundwork to join NXIVM 2.0.
    Ultimately all of the sins of NXIVM will be laid at the feet of Raniere.
    Forget the crimes of the Bronfmans and the Salzmans.
    Forget the crimes of Emiliano Salinas and Alex Betancourt.
    Forget the crimes of Dr. Brandon Porter and Dr, Danielle Roberts.
    Forget the crimes of Nicki Clyne and Rose Laura Junco.

    A plea deal without an agreement to cooperate is worthless.

    However the NXIVM DOS slaves can use Mack’s guilty plea to file a RICO civil law suit against Allison Mack for the the harm she;s done.
    And RICO civil law suits have treble damages.

    • She is accusing (sort of) Raniere to be behind this…She ‘s pretty much cooperating just with her plea deal.

      And no, they can’t, she is already punished (or will be) and wasn’t an executive but a pawn…
      It’s not that easy to obtain anything (especially when the person YOU would aim is pretty much broken financially).

      • “She is accusing (sort of) Raniere to be behind this…She ‘s pretty much cooperating just with her plea deal.”

        Raniere was dead meat the day he was arrested in Puerto Vallarta.
        The Feds don’t need Mack’s cooperation.
        The Feds barely need the Salzmans’ cooperation.

        • Tell that to the feds and AUSA…Apparently they Don’t agree with you.

          Now how about you get a life?

        • Hmm not really the way it’s working there scoot…And if you knew you would get your earnings taken from you (while she already lost everything to this cult), would you work again? I wouldn’t.

          • That would be great if she never worked again, she doesn’t deserve to make money ever again. Let her live in poverty after prison, that’s a good thing.

  • I’ve seen her fake emotional act. This is a crock. The tears are self pity. She’s an actress. It’s a scene played for the judge not remorse for her twisted actions. Let’s hope she isn’t another white, privileged criminal shown leniency.

    She was in the cult for over a decade with numerous allegations of manipulating, fleecing and extorting people for her own aggrandizement and benefit. Plus, she was a busy recruiter preying on younger women. Judge, please give her at least 10 years in prison to locate that soul she’s searching for.

    Why did they need her plea to nail Raniere? It would seem there would be enough from the Salzman deals and victim testimonies.

    • Because of course, you know how she feels inside…

      From the word of one of her fellow actor colleague, she wasn’t good at all at crying and couldn’t cry on command. But after 10 years working with her, what does he know…

      • LOL. You lost me at “fellow actor colleague.” Read closer. I’ve seen the false emotion up close. It’s why she was a very effective recruiter. Feigning interest in others, love bombing, little innocent girl act though a 35 y/o woman, etc. She is a highly manipulative person who does what’s necessary to get what she wants. Needs constant validation. She is a hollow predator in a semi-pleasing outer package. Not buying the remorse act.

        • Yeah , whatever you say…once again, you just go on your own opinion, not on the fact.
          You know Nothing about how she feels Inside.
          And you had me at LOL.

        • And how about you stop playing the smartass and instead of talking without knowledge, you remove your finger from …well you know.

          I’m not your secretary.
          Someone who has worked with her 10 years and did an interview after her indictment…I know it’s probably a challenge to your slow brain but come on, i bilive in you…

          I don’t expect you to Believe that interview either (seeing how you play smartass). And to tell you the thruth, i couldn’t give less of a care.
          I know were my knowledge is from but do you even know where your hatred is from?

      • so anon she pulled a nose hair old actors trick she should be listed as a sex offender she offends me!

        • Why would i lose time to try to explain anything to someone like you…Join the Shadowstate club and forget about what i said.

          You haven’t said 1 thing meaningful or based on something that isn’t hearsay or your own perception.

          And the AUSA Don’t seem to believe she should be listed as a sex offender… Sadly for you , nobody give a crap about who offends you. and certainly not me

  • I suppose that the feeling of having no faith whatsoever in Mack’s revisionist “integrity” is my problem, not Mack’s. I feel nauseated. However, I’ve lived quite awhile and am used to the feelings of nausea borne of I justice.

    • A genuine plea deal involves cooperation in any future investigations.
      A plea deal without an agreement to cooperate is worthless.

      Nowhere does Mack state any intention to cooperate in any investigations or prosecutions of other people in NXIVM.
      Mack played the DOJ for fools.

  • Everyone who spent time in NXIVM wanted community and believed they were working to help themselves and others become better people.

    Very few NXIVM members were ever tested by the NXIVM criminal enterprise to see if they would step over the line and commit crimes for the NXIVM Criminal Mafia.

    Raniere was careful who he’d scoped out for such behaviors. He had a knowing who would and wouldn’t be one of his criminals. Allison already had criminality in her when she came to NXIVM. She like highly risky behavior.

    How can Allison Mack say it took her a year after Raniere’s arrest to realize her actions were wrong and illegal? Was she raised by wolf’s in the jungle?

    How was it she didn’t know when she was doing the behavior, it was wrong on so many levels? Honest people know if they stick their hand in a cash register at a store and pull out money, that’s a crime.

    Allison Mack is trying to convince us she didn’t know the difference between legal and illegal behavior? Give us all a freaking break Allison Mack?

    Your fake tears for “your past behavior”, your grand confession of “upon reflection, I’ve done wrong” and I will become a better human being because of this, only leaves one word to be said. BARF

    Do you think your victims care that your statement in court was mostly you. What about the countless victims your actions have harmed. How are you going to heal that Allison Mack?

    My hope is the Judge throws the book at you since the DOJ has let you off the hook so easily. Madam Mack.

    May you have to spend many years in prison as punishment for the have caused. Maybe you will have enough time to honestly reflect on your actions and your victims will have their JUSTICE.

    • Oh no Ms Pea Brain,
      Your gonna need to go to the ER. So many betrayals in such a short amount of time.

      Your sweetheart VanDaddy is most likely not going to get out of lock down any time soon.

      When one stops the daily kool-aid, one starts to realize they dont want to spend 20-49 years in prison.

      No worries, Ms. Pea Brain you still have time to stand by your Vandaddy. Go to the EDNY office and turn yourself in. Admit to your crimes and you can replace Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack.

    • Yolanda Cortez: Please elaborate. Tell us more about how you feel.

      Did you also take a vow? If so, how do you feel about that vow now? How do you feel about Keith now?

      • If i was you , i wouldn’t give too much credit to this person, It’s probably a troll, the same as Pea …Nothing she (or pea) said would convince anyone sane that they have anything to with Nxivm.
        Up until now, that/those troll(s) are blowing things when it’s accessible to anyone to know. Nothing said by those trolls are “exclusive” in a way that it’s only known by DOS members.

        Ugh, i feel bad having to explain this.

  • Allison Mack has just confirmed Kristin Kreuk is dirty too:

    – “Looking back at what I have done the past 10 years,” she said, “I have come to the conclusion that I must take full responsibility for my conduct and that’s why I am pleading guilty today,”


    She joined in 2007(?) after Kristin Kreuk brought her in (and still is too cowardly to admit it).

    Frank broke the story in 2017. That is ten years.

    Kristin Kreuk was in first and brought in Allison Mack. The same things said about Kristin Kreuk apply to Allison Mack:

    * Being named in the February 2012 Times Union expose that exposed the pedophilia (and more) of Keith Raniere.


    * Being named in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit for the crimes being investigated today. Crimes that Allison Mack knows about.


    * Being exposed as being on the secret Necker Island trip where John Tigue named individuals engaged in criminal activity (those people were ALL named in O’Hara’s lawsuit) and where he claims they plotted how to move and hide huge amounts of NXIVM money, including hiding money in the Caribbean.

    “Well, once the board was hashed out and hurt feelings stroked, about who was in and who was out, the attendees began to plot the massive logistics of moving massive amounts of money around the globe to avoid taxation.

    NXIVM had been using an inefficient method of transferring large amounts of cash across the border into the US. The Mexican operation is almost always conducted in cash and in US$. The money, once across the border, was then simply sent by mail to a series of PO boxes in the capital region….

    [Name redacted] was given the task of emptying these boxes each week, but the sheer volume of these pickups was starting to draw attention.
    On the Canadian side of the operation, Siobahn Hotaling, NXIVM head trainer from Albany, is an alleged Canadian bag lady who was making weekly trips to Canada, she then tells border guards that she is visiting friends in Canada while it is alleged that her true mission is teaching NXIVM classes {which is illegal under Canadian Law as she is registered as a tourist with no work permit} and then transporting the tuition fees collected for the NXIVM courses taught in Canada and to pick up payments in cash from the Vancouver operation.Obviously, both these operation are amateurish and fraught with peril. Attendees brainstormed about moving funds to various Caribbean locations. I am afraid that many of these conversations were held away from prying ears.
    Participants, having set up their new power structure and with new money laundering ideas being batted around, went back home to preach to the masses, the very rich masses or young masses that is.”


    Allison Mack admitted that she bares responsibility for what she has done in the TEN YEARS of her NXIVM activity.

    If she admits that, then Kristin Kreuk has to be held responsible too. She must take “full responsibility for her conduct” too.

    These same criticisms of Kristin Kreuk 1000% apply to Allison Mack and vice versa. These are the things Allison Mack knew about and accepted, just like Kristin Kreuk did.

    DOS was created in 2015 and was exposed in May-June 2017.

    Just TWO years. Allison Mack said she bares responsibility for TEN years of her NXIVM career.

    Allison Mack did not just become a collateral collecting, woman branding, sex slaving scumbag, having believed she was just in a “self help group”. She had to be a supporter of the other shit too.

    Just like Kristin Kreuk.

    The press need to seriously read Frank Report. These things have been discussed here before. Can you imagine if the New York Times wrote about it?

    Will Allison Mack talk about the cowardly woman who recruited her in the first place?

    A bad smell and a pile of shit go hand in hand.

    • “Allison Mack admitted that she bares responsibility for what she has done”

      Viva, I know your anger is unrequited and burning a hole in your soul, but do you really think–considering how many crimes these leaders of Nx will NOT be convicted of–that the Feds will now spend time and money to indict KK–and the 100+ plus others mentioned in O’Hara’s case) for what you say they KNEW?!

      Wet Dream On!

    • One problem with your post, ejac. Why would NXIVM tell Krisin Kreuk about all of their dirty schemes? They didn’t need her to get her hands dirty. (they had redacteds for this) They needed her to help recruit the Allison Macks of the world. They needed her celebrity to give them credibility. Letting KK in on the criminal part of NXIVM had no benefit to Keith. But letting her in on the dirty secrets certainly had a chance of scaring her away.

      Keith knew the personalities of the members more than they knew their own personalities. Even Barbara Bouchey wasn’t in the loop on the criminal aspects of NXIVM because Keith knew she wouldn’t be cool with it. Unless someone with insider knowledge tells about how Kristin Kruek was inner circle and performed crimes, I’m not buying it. Makes juicy message boards, but lacks legs. And her being on an island with Richard Branson doesn’t count.

      • Nutjob,

        Why would Nxivm tell Kristin Kreuk about their dirty schemes?

        My friend you need to think outside the box and read between the lines around the box.

        Allison and Kristin planned the whole thing out and framed Keith Raniere who happens to be reincarnated from Gandi.
        Ben Zimakas is in actuality is Krclaviger illegitimate son he fathered with Barbara Bouchey.

      • She didn’t have to know all the dirty deeds. The point is, if Allison Mack went on to become the leader of DOS in 2015, she had to at least be aware of other things first. Kristin Kreuk who recruited her was in just as deep and spent many years there. She too must of been aware of bad things. If your name ended up in a lawsuit, you would surely not be happy about it. John Tigue stated that illegal activity was plotted on that island. All those involved were named in O’Hara’s lawsuit. To believe Kreuk only found out NXIVM was bad in 2017 is as ridiculous as Allison Mack saying today she now realises NXIVM was bad.

        Also, you said letting Kreuk in on dirty secrets could scare her away. That would contradict her own statement that she “never experienced any illegal or nefarious activity”.

          • I used to “think” Keith was banging everyone. It was (with careful wording) explained to me that paying taxes was for marks. Did I personally experience illegal and nefarious activity? I’d say no, but I wasn’t down with the wierdness of it all and ejected.

            I’ll now say it without careful wording. Kristin Kreuk didn’t know jack. Richard Branson didn’t know jack. The Dalai Lama didn’t know jack. Allison Mack slowly became inner circle and was spoon-fed the criminality. If Keith thought Kristin Kreuk wanted in, or he thought she could handle it without wigging out, she would have also been spoon-fed. But unless someone with actual facts tells stories about KK being a crook, I think she is closer to Richard Branson than Allison Mack.

      • Nutjob, were you in as deep and as long as Kristin Kreuk? Probably not.

        The point is, for Allison Mack to go full retard, she had to of been buttered up first, knowing about unethical things. Seeing as she and Kreuk were both in deep, for a long time, of equal rank means what Allison Mack knew about prior to 2013, Kristin Kreuk must of been at least partially aware of.

        That Necker Island series of articles. The whistleblower said those on the island discussed money laundering. Kreuk and Mack were both there and both were named in a lawsuit. This was before DOS existed. Three years after being named in the lawsuit, Mack did DOS. It is beyond unreasonable to believe Kreuk didn’t know money laundering was a practice of NXIVM. No way she didn’t know she and Mack were named in the pedophile expose either.

      • “Well, once the board was hashed out and hurt feelings stroked, about who was in and who was out, the attendees began to plot the massive logistics of moving massive amounts of money around the globe to avoid taxation.

        NXIVM had been using an inefficient method of transferring large amounts of cash across the border into the US. The Mexican operation is almost always conducted in cash and in US$. The money, once across the border, was then simply sent by mail to a series of PO boxes in the capital region….

        [Name redacted] was given the task of emptying these boxes each week, but the sheer volume of these pickups was starting to draw attention.
        On the Canadian side of the operation, Siobahn Hotaling, NXIVM head trainer from Albany, is an alleged Canadian bag lady who was making weekly trips to Canada, she then tells border guards that she is visiting friends in Canada while it is alleged that her true mission is teaching NXIVM classes {which is illegal under Canadian Law as she is registered as a tourist with no work permit} and then transporting the tuition fees collected for the NXIVM courses taught in Canada and to pick up payments in cash from the Vancouver operation. Obviously, both these operation are amateurish and fraught with peril. Attendees brainstormed about moving funds to various Caribbean locations. I am afraid that many of these conversations were held away from prying ears.
        Participants, having set up their new power structure and with new money laundering ideas being batted around, went back home to preach to the masses, the very rich masses or young masses that is.”

        • We all know this.

          Just because Kruek and Branson were on the island, it doesn’t make them a part of these secret discussions. if I’m wrong, someone who isn’t throwing shit at the fan, please correct me. But it doesn’t make sense for them to have included everyone in these discussions. Only people who had been vetted, tested, and were trusted would have been invited to money laundering planning sesssions.

          • Both Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack would of known their pictures on Necker Island were online. Fans were posting them, acknowledging they were on Necker Island while ignoring all the criminal stuff in the articles. John Tigue named two women involved with money laundering, Mark Vicente’s mother and Sihoban Hotaling, both in O’Hara’s lawsuit. Everyone named in the executive board, in the lawsuit. Almost everyone on Necker Island, named in the lawsuit. No way either woman didn’t know what they were a part of, what their names were attached to. The Times Union expose, the lawsuit and these Necker Island articles all came out in the space of one month, Feb 2012. Neither woman cared. Mark Hildreth was on Necker Island and named in the lawsuit too. Like he didn’t know anything either.

          • The lawsuit has been discussed on FR. Everyone was named in the lawsuit. You can’t think that being named in the lawsuit means you were involved in money laundering?

            Keith had a well planned out explanation for any bad press. He got ahead of the game by starting his defense before there was any bad press.

            When people like KK slowly left NXIVM, it is my belief that most tried to quietly leave because they were no longer down with Keith and wanted to avoid the harassment that came with leaving.

          • Kreuk said she “never experienced any illegal or nefarious activity” as opposed to never KNEW about any.

            Also, Kreuk did not slowly leave. She was filming a television show in Toronto between 2012-15 and the top people in NXIVM in Vancouver said she hadn’t left. She was still coaching in Vancouver two years after she claims she left, right before filming the final season.

            What ever bullshit Raniere may of said, whether Kreuk believed it or not, she stayed on. The branding story broke in June 2017 but Kreuk may of already found out from Sarah Edmondson or others. She has downplayed her involvement as she knows she is not naive to what was happening and what the accusations were. Allison Mack didn’t care either. She still doesn’t. Kreuk pretends she just took classes and Mack is saying it’s all Raniere’s doing.

            The same accusations regarding Kreuk apply to Mack too. They are both stupid.

          • You keep saying that KK is not fully admitting her involvement in Nx.

            What information would FULLY satisfy you, so that you would never ask for even more information?

            Also, what do you think would happen after that, to her career, reputation and life—and would she deserve it?

    • Um…. ya you should reconsider law school and take up sell publishing fictional stories

      Keep your job at Jack in the box, you might be broke selling your crappy shit.

  • Apparently the attorneys aren’t the only winners here. They all are. Fame and money wins. Just a light little slap on the wrist. Thousands of lives destroyed. Destroyed. And for those not murderered, a long life of trying to rebuild themselves after NXIVM wreaked havoc. The branded women will forever be literally scarred for life. And the monsters get a little “talking to”. “Now don’t you ever do bad things again, Allison. Nancy. Lauren. Kathy. Clare. Even Keith.” “You have been given a stern warning!! Now go and sin no more!”

    What a shit show abuse of criminality and law breaking at its highest form. You each get a little slap on the wrist and…that’s it.

    I am fucking pissed. This is BULLSHIT. No one is going to have to pay for what they’ve done. Clare and Keith too. Just watch. A little slap on the wrist. I want to puke.

    • You can say that after the sentencing, if true. There are many other crimes the NDNY and NYS can go after, and then there’s the civil lawsuits. The hell has just started.

  • As we watch this whole thing wind down, it is becoming largely uneventful. Fame and money wins (just ask Jussie Smollet). I can now see Allison and the others getting a couple years of even that, and Raniere maybe 5-10, and that’s being optimistic. He’ll probably get less. What a shit show. This case is pissing me off and now I am regretting following it so closely.

    • Are you a victim of this cult? no? then you should not be pissed off and carry on with your life. Only the victims have that right

    • Somebody, don’t give up yet. I doubt Raniere will plead, or that the prosecutors are interested in offering him a deal. All this means is that the odds are getting stronger and stronger that he will go down, at trial, big time. It’s going to make for a great book sometime.

      I wonder if EDNY is so hot on this case because of what the NDNY ignored for DECADES.

      Don’t forget the NDNY now has been handed the opportunity on a silver platter to go after Raniere separately on child porn and other crimes committed in their jurisdiction.

  • Hey Frank.

    This is the time for you to commission a new article — written by Claviger — to discuss how these 3 plea deals might affect Clare Bear’s situation and her chances of winning at trial.

    Claviger is a defense attorney so he knows what Clare’s chances of winning are.

    How can Clare Bear be holding out and not cutting a plea deal?

    No sane attorney would think they can beat every charge against her, especially in light of these new plea deals.

    Her attorneys can’t possibly be telling her they expect an acquittal on all charges, right?

    Or am I missing something?

    I’d like to know how Clare Bear will likely proceed and her realistic chances of winning. How would Claviger advise that bitch to proceed.

    Why is she waiting to be the last person on the plea deal bus?

    Can she truly get a better deal by sitting down last?

    What the fuck is she thinking?

    Tell us.

    • That’s a good suggestion – and it’s a topic we’ve been discussing ever since Nancy pleaded out. Look for it later this week.

      • My guess is that Clare expects to use all her financial resources to wage a complex legal fight that challenges even the resources of the EDNY, and to come out better than she would have otherwise, whether it’s an eventual acquittal or dismissal, or at least a whittling down of the charges based on challenges and technicalities. In that respect she seems to me to be following in the footsteps of the mobsters like Capone who her bootlegger grandfather did business with, and Scientology, which Raniere emulated in various ways and whose use of lawsuits to harass critics he copied using the Bronfmans’ money.

        I’ll look forward to your analysis, and comments on topics such as that.

  • Allison Mack is a small time, has been actress. And yet even she, escapes justice. Mack tortured, scared women physically and emotionally. She raped many women and led to be raped by others. Law enforcement had all the evidence they needed to convict her.

    But Mack is given a sweet deal when law enforcement didn’t need her to flip on Keith Raniere.

    Who wins? Mack and many celebrities and powerful politicians who engaged in illegal activities with the NVIXM cult.

    • Wow, you sure know the case…I’d advice you to read about the case but i assume you would not understand a thing about the court documents…
      She raped many women…whatever you say!

    • Allison Mack’s Plea Protects Her And Others

      You are precisely right.
      Mack’s plea deal does not require cooperation and it allows NXIVM to be rebuilt and run by new owners.
      The Salinas family.

  • The justice system is flawed. It’s frustrating. She’ll get a couple years if we’re lucky. And NOTHING for the criminal sex shit. Not even have to register as the pervert she is. She should have been given no plea deal. She should have to stand and be sentenced for all of her crimes. Just like Nancy and Lauren. This is so messed up. There is no justice.

    • Nancy and Lauren did not plead guilty to all their crimes. Nancy pleaded to one count of Racketeering – and Lauren to one count of Racketeering and one count of Racketeering Conspiracy, the exact same as Allison.

      I was somewhat surprised that the feds let Allison off without making her plead to a sex-related crime. Hopefully, her plea deal will include testimony against Raniere on the sex trafficking charge.

      • I’m not surprised. the leak point on her case was the sex trafficking part…It needed to be proved without a doubt and that’s Something quite difficult.
        They aimed at the undisputable charge , that’s it.

        As for testimony , i do hope she is cooperating and seeing that she didn’t hesitate to say “my misguided adherence to Keith Raniere’s teachings” , I’d say that there is a high likeliness for her cooperation.
        She is seeing him as a fraud now.

      • I kinda have to laugh. Many on here were predicting long prison stays and life in prison. Comparing NXIVM to Manson Family and the People’s Temple. NXIVM isn’t even known by most people on the street. This story is big with Frank Report readers.

  • Give her a break. I don’t think anyone joined Nxivm with the intent to commit a crime. It’s all on Raniere and the top leadership. They were following his directions and trusting that what he was telling them was legal.

    What a terrible waste.

    • You can’t use the excuse you were just following someone’s direction. It didn’t work in Nazi Germany, either. All of the defendants are the top “leadership.”

      • Scott – You are right in that it did not work in Nazi Germany and shouldn’t be able to work here. But just because it doesn’t work as an excuse, doesn’t mean it’s not true.

        “It wasn’t me” may work as an excuse, but it’s not true. I’ll side with the truth and let the law do as it will.

    • I agree, and for me, i Believe she was sincere in her apologies. Must be noted (althought someone already did it) that she is the only one who recognized the victims…the salzmans didn’t apologize.

  • Three of the initial charges against Mack were CHILD sex trafficking. Supposedly Mack was naming names and fully cooperating last Spring.

    • Allison was never charged with any child sex trafficking crimes. Here are the counts from the original indictment that I think you are referring to: Count Four: Sex Trafficking Conspiracy (Keith Raniere, Allison Mack & Others); Count Five: Sex Trafficking Regarding Jane Doe 5 (Keith Raniere, Allison Mack & Others); and Count Six: Attempted Sex Trafficking Regarding Jane Doe 8 (Keith Raniere, Allison Mack & Others).

      • You are talking for nothing unfortunately… These accusation MWeather made are related to the conspiracy theories (like Pizzagate and other stupid stuff).

        They were harassing everyone over Twitter with this, “Allison is singing”…Even after the first plea deal was off, they continued to repeat that stupid thing.

        You won’t convince any of them that child sex trafficking was not part of her indictement and they’ll probably make up a story about the democrats being behind the fact the charges have “dissapeared” (although they never existed at first and were based on a typo on the pacer website).

  • It’s hard knowing exactly what anyone “deserves” but if those pleading cooperate fully in shedding light on this cancerous organization, and help put KAR behind bars for a long, long time, they will be partly redeeming themselves, IMO. Would any of them been where they are today if not for Raniere? Would they have independently set up other criminal enterprises on their own? I doubt it. Not that they shouldn’t be held accountable for what they’ve done, but you have to consider that, I think.

    IMO Raniere and Clare, using her money to harass and destroy, are the most heinous of the group.

    • I mostly agree except the last sentence, i believe that even if she was not a good person, Clare was just another tool of Raniere and the Salzmans.
      People keep telling how much she gained from this but in reality, to whom the crime profited really?

      The Bronfmans were wealthy and lost a lot of their fortune to Raniere, Same for Allison who lost all her money.
      The only persons who profited the crime is a short guy who had a high IQ (in his dream), a nurse living in a 2millions dollars house and her daughter.

      Bronfman was probably not the monster she seem to be now…atleast not until she met KAR

      • Probably not. But she gladly made everything possible for him, and funded all the horrific litigation. I don’t know if most here have any conception of how life-destroying it is to be aggressively sued. You lose everything you have ever worked for. You lose your life as you knew it. She helped KAR intervene if people’s BANKRUPTCIES for God’s sake! There she sat with her millions, just grinding the “little” people into dirt with her heel. It’s despicable. She is the definition of abuse of power. I for one will be glad if she can’t buy her way out of this mess, this time. I would rather the others (excepting Raniere, of course) get lighter sentences.

        Remember how she “forgot” to disclose her interest in her Fiji island, because it was being “renovated”? Sickening.

        • It’s hard to say the contrary…But how long was she under his spell?

          I doubt she would have done anything like that if he didn’t influence her.

          Still I tend to agree that in term of responsibility, she is quite responsible.

          But if we compare her to the Salzmans, i maintain that for me the worst (after Raniere) are the Salzmans.

          They enabled pretty much everyone and are with Raniere the ones that profited the most (Financial) of the crimes.

          But i agree, she isn’t a role model.

        • I agree with OCD on this one. Bronfman takes a kind of joy in financing litigation to destroy people’s lives. I have mentioned I was sued and had just 3 appearances. It sucked. I can not imagine what Toni, Frank, and all the rest went through over the course of years.

          Imagine Litigation over the course of years knowing your financial wellbeing is at stake and the legal bills piling up. It’s pure torment.

    • I doubt Claire would be running around suing people of her own accord. She sounds pretty shy and quiet and probably prefers horses to people.

      She’d probably be overseeing renovations on her island while languishing in the sun. Gosh what a terrible waste.

  • “Then she started crying and said she was very sorry for the harm she caused and apologized ‘from the bottom of my heart.'”
    “She apologized to the judge and the prosecution.”

    Its a start. Correct me if I’m wrong — this is the first sign of remorse or contrition from any of the NXIVM miscreants. As paradoxical as it seems, she likely believed “Raniere was trying to help people” — make the world a better place — peace, happiness and rainbows and yada, yada.

    Convicted criminals exhibit two kinds of “contrition.” One is the ubiquitous “jail house contrition” – everyone convicted of a crime is “sorry” that they were caught, and now must suffer severe consequences. The second type of contrition is a genuine, heartfelt remorse for the human pain and suffering your actions have inflicted on the victims, their families and society. Mack “…apologized to the judge and prosecution” would seem to fall under the first variety – with her sentencing in mind. The women she lured into sex slavery under a pretense of empowerment, enlightenment, rainbows etc. will suffer permanent physical and emotional scars that last a lifetime. They are the ones she should be concerned about.

    • The victims weren’t in court, but I’m sure Mack can cry some more when they are present at sentencing, and hopefully get to make victim impact statements.

    • Mack is also the only professional actress.

      Lauren Salzman showed more apparent self-reflection than her mother in her allocution. Mack’s seemed even more contrite. I’d like to think that people are realizing the error of their ways – and hopefully will be willing to make amends – but I think we have to see a lot more over time, before we really know how much they have come to terms with what they did, and were involved in.

    • The walk of penitent is the most heartfelt and sincere when it is private and personal. Public proclamations confessions of guilt just confirm social solidarity and the functional workings of justice. In contrast, redemption is personal and earned by spiritual price. Restitution and reconciliation are making peace to the hurt/offended without the payment of a public blessing.

      In sum, you can go quiet for a time and do a talk show or take the long, hard road.

    • When we finally get around to having Frank Report merchandise made up, you will get a free hat and t-shirt for this suggestion!

        • Not until Raniere’s trial or plea bargain.

          I all ready ordered my Krclaviger keychain and my Frank Parlato bathing suit pictorial calendar. July and August is of Frank wearing a banana hammock and G-string respectively!!!!

  • She is young, cute, most importantly – white. She will serve little jail time, be released write a book, go on an “it wasn’t me” tour to play innocent and eventually get back into good graces, on the big-screen or small screen (or a streaming service) …as nothing ever happened!….

  • Does anyone know what Judge Garaufis history is with sentencing? Is his hardass? Will he allow victim impact statements? I really hope they all have to take the stand. I want to hear from them of who did what to who. At this point I think 3 to 5 years is way to easy on them.

  • She won’t do more than 6 months in prison. We all know it. It’ll be a country club prison too. Sad. She’ll be on Oprah by Sept. 2020 promoting her new book on how she was brainwashed , but fought on to become a true survivor. Ughhh!

  • IMO these scumbags are all getting off too easy for the pain and differing they all leave in their wake. My only hope, at this point in time, is that the Hon. Nicholas Garafus gives them the maximum sentence allowable. The first time offender bull should be discounted considering the volume of crimes and the length of time they all perpetrated these crimes.

    All these defendants are emotionally and morally bankrupted individuals. Now I hope the courts will see to it that they are divested of all assets to the point where they are financially bankrupt! A fitting end for an organization that was joyous to bankrupt former members who dared to leave and warn others of the evil Nxium/ESP was.

    Allison there is no Academy Award for your performance in court today.

    “A year of introspection”? Or a month of, if I don’t get a seat on the plea bus I’ll rot in prison for the next 20 years?

    As you watched your friends take a plea you realized you were not going to take one for the team!

    Allison, how does taking property from JD5 & 8 and threatening release of collateral translate into “I was trying to help myself and others?”

    Making false representations regarding DOS, Allison isn’t that just a nice way of saying I lied. Please explain how lying is ethical?

    Allison what does the word consensual mean? How do you demand someone obey your orders and instill fear for compliance?

    Lastly, Allison you could not possibly be sorry “from the bottom of your heart” because you do not have a heart. You are evil to the core and sold your soul to Keith Scum long ago.

    May you all rot in prison for a long long time!

  • Wait how is she able to avoid the sex trafficking charges? Can they still try her for those in the trial? That seems unreal that such serious charges would get pushed to the side..

    • As far as i know , they won’t. First, because you can’t judge twice a case and also because the point of prosecution was to get jail time for her (which they did)…there is a budget to respect and if they can avoid prosecuting something, they do it.

      As for the serious charge, it was actually the weak point on her case. 1 victims to whom she did not asked to have sex with KAR, no money involved…In federal case, you need to prove beyond reasonable doubts.
      The attempt charge is even less solid as they name a CC2 who was the master of that slave but then removed her.

      The rest was quite solid.

    • Because she plead guilty to the RICO charges, the remainder of the charges have been dropped and she can’t be tried for them at the federal level. I don’t know about the state level. The prosecution has a guaranteed win and can focus their resources on other cases.

  • Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman and Nancy Salzman are now in a position to inform the government about Kristin Kreuk’s true level of involvement within NXIVM, before she left the group.

    They would know details, times, dates and locations — as well as possible nefarious actions.

    They would be in a position to say whether Kreuk was honest in her denial of knowledge about nefarious actions within NXIVM — or whether she wasn’t being honest.

    These 3 ladies now have nothing to lose and everything to gain (i.e. lighter sentence) by offering up every tidbit of information possible about every fucking person — including Kreuk — to the EDNY.

    Perhaps these 3 ladies will even ‘compete’ against each other —- to see which person can be most helpful to the EDNY and receive the greatest recommendation of a downward departure from sentencing guidelines.

    BTW: I’m also guessing that Sultan of Spank is probably shitting his panties right about now.

    Perhaps these 3 ladies can even offer up ‘evidence’ of crooked NY state troopers who acted in cahoots with NXIVM personnel to harass or frame innocent people into being indicted.

    Then again, maybe they’ll just do the bare minimum required and not incriminate anybody else.

    • Nancy Salzman’s attorneys specifically said that she was pleading, with no deal to cooperate, so that may leave just 2 – and we have yet to hear details of what Mack may or may not have agreed to.

      And if I recall in Lauren’s case, much of her surreptitious plea was redacted, though presumably she is providing significant cooperation.

      • Nice to see an intelligent reply here for a change. Yes we do not know what cooperation these defendants are giving to get these deals. There are much larger fish out there to be caught and singing canaries can certainly help bring down the much bigger evil birds. Mack may have been of some major assistance to the mapping of the NXIVM inroads in the Los Angeles area. Parlato may know a little about that.

    • My sources at EDNY say the focus always was to get the defendants to flip on Kristin Kook–to prove when she actually left the cult and make public her collateral sex pics.

    • “Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman and Nancy Salzman are now in a position to inform the government about Kristin Kreuk’s true level of involvement within NXIVM, before she left the group.

      They would know details, times, dates and locations — as well as possible nefarious actions.

      They would be in a position to say whether Kreuk was honest in her denial of knowledge about nefarious actions within NXIVM — or whether she wasn’t being honest.

      These 3 ladies now have nothing to lose and everything to gain (i.e. lighter sentence) by offering up every tidbit of information possible about every fucking person — including Kreuk — to the EDNY.”


      Of course Kristin Crook knew about nefarious activity. Kreuk and Mack had an equal rank. Kreuk could not of spent as many years in the cult as she did and not know anything at all.

      Remember, knowing about criminal activity and continuing on in the cult, as Kreuk and Mack did, means you are supporting a criminal organisation and you accept the bad behaviour.

      Ally Wack was brought in by Kreuk. Does Mack wish she never got involved with NXIVM?

      Expose the woman who brought you in Allison. The woman who so far has walked away from facing even a little scrutiny, while you are all over the press. The woman who supported a pedophile in real life, who took huge amounts of other people’s tax dollars to portray herself as the saviour of teen girls on television, fighting a pedophile on television, when the branding story broke – and stayed silent about it all. Three seasons of tax payer funded hypocrisy while you get 3-5 years in prison.

    • How about you get a life…Who are you to ask for any kind of sentence. 3-5 fits with the crimes she committed.

  • Woo Hoo! This is truly remarkable. Of course, you nor I would not be out walking around if we faced the same charges.

  • Justice was not served today. There is a group of abused women who are disappointed in the EDNY DOJ for letting Allison Mack “off the hook” for the role she played in the Raniere Crime Enterprise.

    So far, three of the six have gotten the “Grand Tour of NYC Bus Plea Peals” and will most likely serve very little time for the harm and damage they have done to hundreds – thousands of souls.

    We can only hope at this point that Judge Nicholas Garaufis will see beyond the tears, the “I’m sorry” and see the real damage this criminal enterprise has done over the decades to those they have abused.

    Nancy Salzman, Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman, your reflections mean nothing. Your ‘Grand Confessions” to the Judge mean nothing. Now you can wait for the civil suits to hit your asses.

    • they’re all walking free too…out on bail acquiring ” time served ” to be shaved off

      • The only credit that Allison will have accrued for “time served” is for the day she was arrested and processed – and for the few days she was actually incarcerated at MDC while her bail package got put together.

        Clare, Nancy, Lauren, and Kathy will all get 1 day of “time served” credit for the day they were arrested and processed.

        Raniere will get credit for every day he’s been in custody.

    • Hopefully anyone with an interest in this, especially victims, will push hard for the NDNY to pursue the sex-related crimes. Mack was implicated in at least one of the original counts that were dismissed; could a new and broader indictment include more charges against her, particularly if new victims or witnesses came forth?

      Also, on a note of legal technicalities, how constricted would the NDNY be in indicting people like Mack for crimes that might have been the basis for the EDNY counts not dismissed, but that didn’t go to trial? Are, for instance, only crimes specifically mentioned in the indictment counts covered, or do they have to give a wide berth due to double jeopardy issues?

      • What, if any, legal jeopardy Allison and Lauren may have with respect to the other charges in the second superseding indictment will depend on the terms of their respective plea deals. But there are all sorts of other charges that they could each be charged with in the NDNY. Whether that will actually happen remains to be seen.

    • “Justice was not served today. There is a group of abused women who are disappointed in the EDNY DOJ for letting Allison Mack “off the hook” for the role she played in the Raniere Crime Enterprise.”

      A civil RICO law suit can be filed against Allison Mack with triple damages.

  • Three down, three to go. Looks like the DOJ’s collateral (evidence) is trumping the NXIVM collateral. For those who ate crow when the Salzman’s copped a plea, it’s dinner time again! LOL

    • I hope so… The way Allison talked at the hearing today seem to show that she accepted he was a fraud (finally). That could be a good sign for her cooperation.

    • He was fucked without Allison Mack’s testimony. I’m shocked the DOJ let her off with no sex related charges.

  • Thanks Frank, FR and Diane. You heard it first on Frank Report!

    Looks like the only hope of ANYONE going down for the sex trafficking or child exploitation now is NYND DOJ or the corrupt law enforcers and law makers of the Evil Empire State.

  • What could be up with Kathy Russell? She appears to be the least guilty and yet no plea deal.

    • I agree, It’s sad that she still hasn’t had a plea deal…
      I trully hope she get less than Nancy.

    • Good question. Is it because she’s the one who is most still under Raniere’s sway? Or did she end up under Raniere’s sway, just because she tends to be in denial about the situations she is in?

      She could, I suppose, also be afraid that any testimony she might have to give as part of cooperating, would further implicate her in crimes related to NXIVM’s businesses including money laundering and tax evasion.

      And isn’t she the one out of all the current defendants, who is probably most truly a victim? All the rest actually did things to harm others, while as far as I’m aware Russell was only directly involved in the economic crimes of the business, at the behest of Raniere and other leaders.

      Also, let’s not forget, where is Karen Unterreiner in all this?

      • It’s been a question of mine for a long time. The only explanation that makes sense is that she’s cooperating behind the scenes. She may even have some personal protection.

        A lot of the speculation here, over what kind of sentences will be handed out, and which testimony the prosecution “needs” to nail their main targets, is amusing. There is so much that is simply unknown at this point. All we can do is speculate, and you see how often that goes wrong.

        We should all be thanking God every day we get closer to trial and that KAR does NOT get a plea deal. As far as who testifies, the more the merrier.

  • Village Diane and KRClaviger,
    Thank you for the excellent news!

    I am reminded by today’s news of some wise words an ex-con once shared with me…

    ….”Everybody’s fucking sorry when they get caught”.

      • Bangkok Johnson,

        Your usually so busy between your job at Wendy’s and obsessing about a woman’s feet; I’m honored that you found time to insult me.

    • True, nice niceguy. And usually they are only sorry after they have tried to weasel out of it first, and no one believed their lies. Showing remorse is their last option, and its hard to know if the remorse is genuine or not.

      • Flowers

        Allison Mack seems to be able to control her emotions like a light switch account to based on her emotions inside and outside the court room.

        I don’t think the Salzmans are remorseful at all.

  • “With each felony comes a possible 20 year maximum sentence. There is no minimum sentence. Because of her lack of a previous criminal record and sentencing guidelines she will probably land in the 3-5 year sentencing range.”

    i take it this 3 to 5 years will be concurrent with time served credit for her stay at home…house arrest
    in the end ….about a year ???
    “please tell me i’m wrong here ”

    i never understood how house arrest could be considered…time served

    i guess this actual trial will be quick now as most of the plaintiffs have plead out
    so they’ll be less defense lawyers dragging this out ???

      • House arrest on bond does NOT count toward time served. Whatever sentence Allison gets, she’ll end up serving about 85% of it unless she loses some of the “good time” she’ll otherwise accrue while she’s incarcerated.

      • I actually think Allison is sincere with her apology because she realizes she was mislead about Raniere and his intentions regarding DOS and NXIVM itself. She is the first to apologize to the victims and to say she was wrong about Raniere–that’s huge and shows she is no longer under his sway.

        Good for her for doing the right thing for the victims and herself.

          • Come on, if it was about anyone else but Mack, you would be the first to buy the bridge…

          • I think I can honestly say that today the biggest victim in all of this has been your keyboard!

            Calm down, sentencing will be this year, then more for the Northern District to look in to afterwards. It is a good day for the victims who have been mind f****d and also left with lots of debt.

            The Frank Report does not just revolve around you and Scotty btw.

    • Yeah, i have to say it’s the first thing that i noticed here.
      Nancy apologized to her family but not to the victims, Lauren didn’t apologize at all…

      It’s still sad it had to go to this but it’s nice that at least, she take responsability (finally?)

  • I hope the women who had to take plea deals are allowed to give victim impact statements if he is convicted

  • Good. Now she can pay for her crimes, and hopefully grow into a better human. Maybe she can come out of this wiser and more humane.
    I hope that she learns to build honest relationships with her family and others.

    • Right on! They would still be in business in Clifton Park NY if Sarah Edmondson didn’t show her brand on the front page of the NYT and Frank Parlato had not exposed their crimes and branding on the Frank Report!

      They are only interested in saving their own ass!

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