Frank Report passes one million views in 2019; and thank you to the people who helped – including Keith and Clare

Yesterday, Frank Report broke the million mark in views for 2019.

And, as of this afternoon, Frank Report has 7,317,860 views since Frank Report began on Nov. 30, 2015 – 10 days after I was indicted in the Western District of NY, arising from a criminal complaint filed against me by Clare Bronfman.

It was back then that I decided to publish information on Nxivm, based on my theory that if Bronfman, who was then a member of the Executive Board of Nxivm, lied about me, what others lies was she telling? Who else was she hurting?

I had a pretty good idea of who was behind her lying. I doubt she would have filed a perjury-laden criminal complaint against me if Keith Raniere did not tell her to do it.

This was no ordinary perjury. These were dirty lies calculated to steal my freedom and have me housed in a cage for years. Ironically enough, she faces that same fate herself today. She was in no criminal jeopardy when she first filed the criminal complaint against me.

The history, year by year, of views at Frank Report, as of 2:16 pm, April 6, 2019, are:

2015 [started Nov 30.]  = 2902

2016 = 66,432

2017 = 1,146,777

2018 = 4, 994, 896

2019 [as of April 6] = 1,106,853

Total =  7,317,860 views.

The number of posts per year:

2015 = 55

2016 = 386

2017 = 902

2018 = 1278

2019 = 417

That’s a total of 3,038 posts written about Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman and the Nxivm cast.


Views from January 1st to April 6, 2019. Below broken down by top 10 countries.

My big break on Frank Report came in late May 2017, when Catherine Oxenberg called me on the phone, a stranger, to tell me her daughter had been branded. I broke the DOS branding story about five days later and it caused an upheaval in Nxivm – leading to scores of people quitting the cult and a number of DOS slaves feeling they could leave safely and did leave safely – now that the existence of the secretive and cruel DOS slave sorority was out in the open.

Some of these DOS women, I am happy to relate, came to me and I was able to urge them to tell their stories to the FBI – which some of them did. Some of them are witnesses in the case, identified as Jane Does in the indictment.

And Nxivm members, learning about the branding, helped to crater NXIVM. Vanguard Week 2017 had about 150 people attending – down from almost 400 in 2016.

Four months after I broke the branding story, it was reported in the NY Times – [which gave Frank Report credit for breaking the story] and that bombshell story, written by Barry Meier, directly led to the investigation by the DOJ and the subsequent arrest of Keith Raniere, Allison Mack, Nancy and Lauren Salzman, Kathy Russell and Clare Bronfman.

Prior to Raniere’s arrest, Frank Report broke the story of Raniere fleeing Albany to go to Monterrey Mexico and again, thanks to Nicki Clyne’s Instagram, broke the story of his shifting to Puerto Vallarta, where he was arrested by Mexican Federal Police.

Since it first began publishing, Frank Report has made a small name for itself in Nxivm circles and in some quarters as a model for fighting back against injustice.

There were many who helped expose Keith Raniere. L-R: Dr. Oz, Susan Dones, Toni Natalie, Rick Ross, and Melissa Moore

Of course, and let me make it clear, I did not take down Nxivm alone. It was the work of a team that was primarily made up of victims. I had a lot of help gathering information and help in sparking other media to take an interest.

Those who helped in the final take-down of Nxivm – that I witnessed – from the time I began the Frank Report until Keith Raniere’s arrest – were Catherine Oxenberg, Sarah Edmondson, Anthony Ames, Toni Natalie, Mark Vicente, Bonnie Piesse, Joe O’Hara, Susan Dones, Toni Zarattini, Alejandro Junco, Jen Kobelt, Christine Marie, Heidi Hutchinson, John Tighe, Mike Grygiel, Peter Skolnik, Rick Ross, a number of DOS slaves, a group of ex-Nxivm members in the US, Canada and Mexico, some family members of people still in Nxivm, some former consultants and other people who had stories to tell – people who don’t wish to be named.

There were others, after Raniere’s arrest, who came forward and helped in getting more information and helping to tell stories in the media.

Those who helped before Frank Report even existed

For years before Raniere’s arrest, there were various people who helped expose Nxivm, mostly because they were on the defensive. Chief among these were Toni Natalie and Joe O’Hara, and, of course, the Nxivm 9, who were Barbara Bouchey, Susan Dones, Kim Woolhouse, Angela Ucci, Ellen Gibson, Nina Cowell, Jan Heim, Sheila Cote, and Kathy Ethier.

And there was Kristin Keeffe, who blew the lid off of so many crimes, which she exposed after she escaped from the cult in 2014.  Her recording with Barbara Bouchey is a blueprint of Nxivm crimes. Her published emails warning Nxivm leaders of their criminality, and her revelations to Rick Ross’s attorney Peter Skolnik were also blueprints for Nxivm crimes for which their leaders were ultimately charged,

And Barbara Bouchey, in her legal defenses in multiple cases, from 2010 to 2013, her depositions, and testimony revealed many of the dirty secrets of Nxivm, particularly Keith losing $65 million of Bronfman money in commodities. She helped reveal that Nxivm was a dangerous group. She repeatedly tried unsuccessfully to get NY State law enforcement and the DOJ in the Northern District of NY to go after Raniere. It went nowhere. (There are some who criticize Barb for trying to take too much credit for the demise of Nxivm, and it is true that she had little to do with the final take-down effort. [It is not true that her attorney contacted the EDNY as some have falsely claimed. An unimpeachable source told Frank Report that her attorney, Pam Hayes, contacted NY State officials, not the EDNY, and, as we know, that went – because it was New York State – nowhere.] But Barb did a lot in the beginning and, after Raniere’s arrest, Barb did come out and appear in the media to tell more about the scoundrel she knew for some nine years.

Then there was the media itself – before Frank Report and the NY Times story – that helped create a decent, truthful, internet record on Nxivm and Raniere. Who knows how many people were saved from enrollment into Nxivm because of superb investigative stories in the Albany Times Union – written by James Odato, Dennis Yusko, and Brendan Lyons.  And devastating stories in Albany’s Metroland, written by Chet Hardin. And the New York Post’s Jeanne MacIntosh’s thumping anti-Vanguard stories.

And no one can forget Suzanna Andrew’s memorable story in Vanity Fair and Forbes groundbreaking story in 2003.

I can see Toni Natalie and Joe O’Hara egging on all those early stories, making phone calls to get reporters interested, encouraging sources to go on the record, sending documents. Ah, the little Vanguard – had he just left those two alone.

Of course, big credit, maybe the largest share of credit, has to go to the EDNY – and its crack team of investigators and prosecutors without whom nothing more than a bunch of news stories would have been written and Raniere would be romping free today – still chasing down enemies with Bronfman money.

While the NDNY and the NYS Attorney General and NY State Police had all the info of NXIVM’s criminality for years, they chose to do nothing. It was the EDNY tackling NXIVM that made all the difference.

Here are EDNY federal law enforcement officials who worked on the Nxivm case:

Assistant United States Attorneys Moira Penza, Tanya Hajjar, Mark J. Lesko, Kevin Trowel, Karin Orenstein; Paralegal Specialist Teri Carby;  FBI special agents Michael Weniger, Michael Lever, Delise Jeffrey, Kathleen Fiato, and Patrick Griffee; Task Force Officer, FBI/New York State Police – Charles Fontanelli; Homeland Security Investigations Special Agents Megan Buckley and Christopher Munster; and U.S. Attorney’s Office Investigator Richard Guerci.

Finally, perhaps the most credit for the take-down of Nxivm goes to Vanguard himself. We couldn’t have done it without him.

Here was a man who had it made.  He led a sex cult. He lived with two pretty women – both his slaves. He had a harem of another 20 or more women – any one of whom he could drop in on at any time and they would drop anything and everything for him.

He was backed by Clare and Sara Bronfmans’ hundreds of millions and Pam Cafrtiz’s millions. He had the son of the most powerful man in Mexico as his stooge and an open sesame in Mexico where cash flowed into Albany from some pretty rich people.

[I am certain there is a lot more than the $520,000 in cash found at Nancy Salzman’s house lying around somewhere- probably in Nancy’s possession – enough for her and Lauren to live for years to come. And they say crime doesn’t pay!]

Raniere was revered by hundreds of students, many of them trust fund babies and others, beautiful women – all of them believing his bullshit lie that he was the smartest man in the world because of some take-home IQ test he cheated on back in 1989.

Raniere never had to work, never had to be anywhere at any time. He could sleep when he wanted, get up when he wanted, play volleyball, fuck, eat and sleep with whomever he wanted. He had women who vied to drive him places or do his laundry or shop for him. Women who starved themselves to stay slim as he liked, or kept awake at night, week after week, year after year, sleep deprived, to show him they cared (while he snored away, sleeping half the day.) He even had women he was fucking – some of them beautiful actresses – going out finding other women for him to fuck – as if it was their duty to find women for him to fuck – like it was good for the other women.

One of his attorneys reportedly quipped (before the underage sex charges came to light) that Raniere was living the ideal dream life of every high school guy.

He took it too far, of course, committed crimes, went after underage girls, tried to put innocent people in prison, maybe even tried to kill or kidnap some of his enemies. That remains to be seen.

What we do know is he had it all, and lost it all.

Mostly because he went after some people who couldn’t back down. (He put them in a position where they couldn’t back down.)  The media that helped get the story out, and law enforcement folks who finally got serious about taking this scoundrel and putting him somewhere where he couldn’t keep hurting people.

So Frank Report has more than a million views this year, more than 7 million in three years, four months and a week –  because people are interested in reading about him and his women and how he came to be taken down.








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  • Congratulations are in order – Very Well Done, or VWD, as they say in another cult that was one of Raniere’s inspirations.

    This shows that with dedication to maintaining an active blog or forum, a nucleus of people can catalyze the exposure of information and the gathering of accounts from former members and insiders – even anonymous sources add to the story – that causes more and more people to come out, and eventually results in media publicity and action.

    If “Vanguard Week 2017 had about 150 people attending – down from almost 400 in 2016,” I think that gives us a good idea what is happening with NXIVM’s membership. They may have a hard core including well-known loyalists that has suffered fewer losses and defections, but it looks like they lost many of the most active participants, plus those who occasionally did courses probably never will again, and recruiting has probably ground to a halt.

  • Thank you, Frank Parlato.

    Claviger recently asked everyone in a post when we felt KAR’s (Et Al’s) crimes hit “tilt” so that they finally got caught?

    Was it who, where or what they branded? The collateral? The TV stars? What?

    I think the truth will eventually bare out that, sadly, KAR Et Al have gotten away with even more heinous crimes for some than the branding, than the sex and labor extortion, than even maybe the child exploitation.

    I’m certain their demise began when they fucked with brave souls who don’t give up like Joe O’hara, Toni Natalie and Catherine Oxenberg.

    But NXIVM really hit their “tilt” or “tipping” point the day Clare Bronfman lied to a grand jury about Frank Parlato, got him and his partner, Chitra, indicted and inspired them to investigate and write about Keith Raniere, NXIVM, and what once was one of the most vicious, well funded, potentially powerful, world-wide crime syndicates of its time — gone completely bust, obliterated for all time by the power of the Parlato pen…and the US DOJ, of course.

    Thank you, Frank Report! Keep it up, it’s working.

  • The headline’s photographs make them look like wax figures. Too bad they are real people, capable of EVIL, DECEIT, GREED and all kinds of PERVERSITY!

    • Maybe there should be waxwork dummies of Keith and Clare installed in the Chamber of Horrors at Madame Tussauds. Many people have had nightmares because of them.

  • There are also those of us who didn’t buy into the constant exaggerations and one-sided stories and comments and held those doing those things to account. You’re welcome.

  • Hi Frank I think your writing is fantastic. I look forward when i read them. I send to other people. this case is very close to me people say I’m obsessed. I am not only because allie was my neighbor not a nice one, but keith lived across from me and last year he was being very friendly. i did not know he was this bad, all my neighbors didn’t know this but he was so sweet to me, who knows. keep up the good work Frank. I would one day love to meet you

  • Hat’s off to Catherine Oxenberg.

    No one named
    Bronfman could intimidate her. They forgot she comes from some money and royalty. Try to tell her your better than she is, Bronfmans!!!!

    • Oh poor Pea Brain, do you need a bandage for your booboo.

      Maybe Prefect can give it a blow, kiss and super woman bandage.

      Poor Keithie-poo, so miss understood psychopath. Just knowing you will be there to give him a BJ when he gets out of prison can huve him hope.

      Now that Clare Bear has stopped adding funds to his commissary account. You can take over and buy him some hair dye and make up for court and his boyfriend.

    • So Yolanda Pea — do you think Donald Trump is also the victim of smear campaigns and witch hunts too? Do you think the New York Times printed lies about Keith but not Trump? If you believe the 16 some odd women who have accused Trump of sexual assault, why don’t you believe the numerous Jane Does accusing Keith?

  • Vanguard blew it. I agree with his lawyer.

    On top it all, he could do ANYONE, ANYWHERE, And ANYTHING whenever he wanted with
    The money of not one but TWO heiresses.


    • I wonder what Raniere’s smarmy lawyer would say about his “lifestyle” now. Probably not much, because it would either be a lie or get Raniere in even more trouble.

    • He blew it yes. But no he couldn’t do anything or anyone he wanted.

      That’s why he’s in jail right now.

  • Frank, Catherine, Toni, Joe and all involved with the take-down of Nxivm, stand up and take a bow. 👏👏👏👏You should all be proud of the hard work you put in. You can all breath a sigh of relief…EDNY has it now.

  • Keith was framed. Frank Parlato framed Keith and Kathy. And the others. #IStandWithKeithRaniere

    • Seriously NICKI CLYNE…are you posting again?


      Aren’t you the dottard that outed VanPedo’s location by posting your climbing pick on Instagram? Can you seriously be that stupid?

      What kind of a henchwoman are you, if you reveal your Crime Bosses lair thru photos? Seriously, you make the Minions look like Einstein.

    • Holy crap Keith framed? Poor guy locked up for being framed.Someone should just open his cell and let him free.

  • Congratulations, Frank and all who fought this evil organisation. I hope that the Feds will find proof that John Tighe was framed and that John will be able to stand alongside you in freedom in the future.

  • Keith Raniere deserves a new hashtag


    The ancient Greeks believed the worst sin of all was hubris or arrogance.Those who are too filled with pride or arrogance awake to a harsh reality.
    The ancient Romans fought against arrogance by having slaves whisper in the ears of victorious Generals, “Remember you are mortal.”

    Raniere went from his peak of power in August 2016 at his V Week celebration where he was worshiped by a fawning crowd to his ultimate downfall in March 2018 with the ignominy of incarceration.
    All within the space of 19 months.

    But a word of warning.
    Rich, powerful people in Mexico found NXIVM to be a useful tool for money laundering, human trafficking and tax evasion.
    These people have the resources to resurrect NXIVM creating a NXIVM 2.0.
    The worst excesses of Raniere will be eliminated or downplayed.
    No more sex slaves, branding or collateral.
    Perhaps some of NXIVM’s current leaders like Bronfman and Mack will be treated as martyrs for a noble cause.
    NXIVM is not down and out yet.

    Lyndon LaRouche’s political cult survived his conviction for mail fraud.
    Kim Myung Moon’s Unification church survived his conviction.
    Destroying cults is not an easy job.

    • Shadow you just can’t find it in your heart to congratulate Frank on his success and give him credit for his role in taking down I forgot you don’t have a heart.

      Frank should ban you from posting to Frank Report.

      This is not hubris or arrogance. The numbers don’t lie and Frank can express his pride on HIS FRANK REPORT.

      Shadow I smell envy!

      Go crawl back into the hole you came from.

      • Shadow didn’t direct his “hubris” remark to Frank, it was to KAR.
        And the warning that Nx could resurrect like other cults that lost their leaders doesn’t lessen Frank’s achievement.

        So…you think Frank should ban Shadow because you misread his comment???????????

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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