Lauren Salzman Pleads Guilty – to one count each of Racketeering and Racketeering Conspiracy

Lauren Salzman heads to court
Lauren Salzman

Following in the footsteps of her mother, Lauren Salzman has decided to plead guilty rather than go to trial in the case of the U.S. v. Raniere Et Al.  But whereas Nancy only pleaded guilty to one count of Racketeering Conspiracy, Lauren pleaded to one count each of Racketeering and Racketeering Conspiracy.

Lauren’s plea was apparently done “under seal” on Monday,  March 25th, in order to keep the details from becoming known by the other defendants in the case, some of whom are also engaged in plea deal negotiations.

But the Scheduling Order for her sentencing – which will take place on September 11th – was just posted on PACER.

It was only a few weeks ago that Lauren’s mother, Nancy, pleaded guilty to one count of Racketeering Conspiracy. Although whatever sentence Nancy receives will be solely determined by U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, the Federal Sentencing Guidelines call for a sentence in the range of 33-41 months.

Based on the second superseding indictment in the case, Lauren was facing four separate felony counts – and a variety of underlying predicate acts. The actual charges she was facing were as follows:
Count One: Racketeering Conspiracy

Count Two: Racketeering
 Racketeering Act Nine
– A. Trafficking Of Jane Doe 4 For Labor And Services (Keith Raniere, Lauren Salzman & Others)
– B. Document Servitude Of Jane Done 4 (Keith Raniere, Lauren Salzman & Others)

 Racketeering Act Ten
– State Law Extortion (Keith Raniere, Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman & Others)

 Racketeering Act Thirteen
– Forced Labor Of Jane Doe 9 (Lauren Salzman & Others)

Count Six: Forced Labor Conspiracy

Count Seven: Wire Fraud Conspiracy


The two counts to which Lauren pleaded guilty each carry a maximum sentence of 20-years. Just like her mother, however, Lauren will likely receive a much more lenient sentence than the maximum.

With Lauren’s plea now in hand, there are only four defendants left in the case: Keith Alan Raniere, Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, and Kathy Russell.

Bronfman is definitely known to be in plea deal negotiations.

And Mack is also reportedly discussing a plea deal.

At the hearing where she pleaded guilty, Nancy Salzman sobbed as she read the following words from her prepared statement “I am deeply sorry for the trouble I have brought to my daughter”.

According to several former members of NXIVM/ESP, Lauren was barely of legal age when Nancy started encouraging her to “spend time” with Raniere.

For a time, both mother and daughter were part of Raniere’s harem.

Raniere reportedly promised Lauren more than 15-years ago that she would bear his first-born child. That promise – which he supposedly also made to several other women – fell by the wayside as Raniere fathered children with at least two other women while Lauren remained childless.

Lauren spent her entire adult life working for NXIVM/ESP – and rose through the ranks to become one of its highest-ranking members.

In addition to serving on the NXIVM/ESP Executive Board, Lauren also was the cult’s Director of Education.

Lauren was one of the early recruits for the secret society within NXIVM/ESP that is known as Dominus Obsequious Sororium (DOS) – Master Over The Slave Women.

But even though she had been involved with NXIVM/ESP – and with Raniere – for a much longer period of time, it was Allison Mack that Raniere chose to be the head of DOS.

So, Lauren ended up becoming one of Mack’s slaves before she put together her own block of slaves, one of whom was Sarah Edmondson.

Now in her early 40s, it is unlikely that Lauren will ever experience the joys of motherhood.

In addition to possibly being past her child-bearing years by the time she gets out of prison, it is unlikely that Lauren will ever become an adoptive parent.

It’s hard to think of anyone other than Lauren who sacrificed more – and ended up with less – in the service of NXIVM/ESP.

Viva Executive Success!


Two documents:

Salzman letter that she pleads guilty

Scheduling order for sentencing 


How long her sentence will be is entirely up to Judge Garaufis — but based on the sentencing guidelines and some of the relevant factors that we already know, we estimate that Lauren will get a sentence of 4-6 years.

Ironically, Lauren pleaded guilty on March 25 [KAR-ma Eve], just one day short of a year when her Vanguard was arrested. With this new development – and with her likely testimony if the case goes to trial — nearly all hopes for Lauren to have Vanguard’s avatar baby seem now to be extinguished.

And so, her 25-year dream of having a child with Keith comes to an end…


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    • I wouldn’t be surprised if Mack takes a plea deal. The dominos are falling, and she can hear them. Her lawyers are telling her the others taking deals will testify against her and discussing the evidence the Feds have on her. The pressure is building….

  • I hope they all plead except for Raniere. Then they all can testify against him. Would make for a great trial!! KARis the one who really needs the book thrown at him, IMO.

  • Thank you for keeping this up to date Frank. Thank you for keeping after NXIVM to bring it to this point. I know we can not know the personal price you have paid and “Thank you” sounds hollow next to such a cost but “Thank you”. You will always be in my prayers. Daily. Thank you. God bless in Jesus name

  • […] Lauren Salzman reportedly pleads to racketeering in the NXIVM case, possibly meaning she has turned …. It would explain why Bronfman stopped funding everyone else’s defense and is now blacking out in court from amygdala hijacks. […]

      • Frank,

        I completely understand why you do not want to post the text above.

        Scott never gave me permission to contact his producer and cohost.

        I will not contact the crazy Texan directly in any form because of legal reasons.

        I will drop it and try to ignore the fact that he attacks people without provocation and in the worse way possible.

        Scott’s attacks on Heidi involving her sister’s suicide are incredible disgusting to me. If Heidi was a guy I would still be equally offended and still be giving Scott crap. Scott Johnson is a low life.

        The suicide thing really gets to me. I actually have never acted so ridiculously on an Internet forum. Scott’s attacks strike a raw nerve. I am sure you can guess why.

        Congratulations again on bringing down Raniere and seeing all of your hard work come to fruition. Your vindication is at hand.

  • It’s a sad reminder, that Lauren virtually grew up in NXIVM, was essentially sacrified to Raniere by her mother, and has lost what should have been the best years of her life.

    On that basis, a case could be made that she was perhaps more of a victim herself, than any of the other women. I don’t buy that, except perhaps as a minor mitigating factor, but I’d challenge those who are trying to make similar arguments for Mack, for instance, why they shouldn’t really be adopting Lauren as their poster child for sympathy – except, obviously, that she doesn’t have a cute youthful face, or a fan base.

    • AnonyMaker,

      Lauren had graduated college and spent the summer traveling Europe. She was way beyond the age of consent as some would like to point out before she started to work for her moms new business.

      Lauren could of made other choices for her life but didn’t.

      Her mother traveled a lot while Lauren was growing up and Lauren stayed with her father. He lives in Albany and is a medical doctor. She could have easily gotten a job with him when she returned home from her post college adventures.

      Lauren was an adult when she got involved in NXIVM. Lauren is and has always been lazy. She followed in her mother’s foot steps because it allowed her to earn big money and power with little effort. More than if she had gotten a “real job in the real world”.

      Lauren abused a lot of people with the power she was given by Nancy and Keith.

      AnonyMake yrou must be an outsider and never experience Lauren’s torturous mind games. Had you, you would not be calling her a victim. She was a top lieutenant in the NXIVM criminal enterprise.

      Lauren is getting off easy with the jail time she will spend. If she has the guts to explore the damage she has done to others, it will take her years to heal the real damage she cause to those at the hands of her abused.

      If she hasn’t taken the Fall and completley lost her conscience, she will have time to reflect on what she has done.

      Nancy Salzman could only see the damage to her parents and her daughter. She has two, what happened to Michelle? Nancy only hoped she had done some good beyond that.

      Nancy Salzman either can’t are won’t see beyond her family the damage she has done to those who trusted her. Has she taken the Fall?

  • Geragos was reported as having said that he and Avenatti were not negotiating a plea deal for Bronfman, so I’m not sure what to make of that. I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if she weren’t using them to put out feelers to see if she might be able to work a Jussie Smollett type deal.

    Thanks again for the reporting and analysis.

      • Chicago has 50 aldermen.
        Three of them are in deep trouble.
        Willie Cochran
        Another Chicago alderman pleads guilty to corruption charges
        3 days ago – That’s 30 Chicago aldermen convicted of corruption since 1972.

        Alderman Juan Solis has been wearing a wire for the Feds.

        Alderman Ed Burke, a 50 year veteran of the city council and former cop, has been indicted for trying to shake down a Burger King franchisee.
        “Want to remodel your restaurant? Hire my law firm to handle real estate matters.” Ed Burke

        The Chicago city council has zero Republicans


    • From the information that we have obtained, it appears that Geragos and Avenatti were trying to negotiate a Third Party Cooperation Agreement whereby an unknown party (but probably Avenatti’s client who was willing to blow the whistle on Nike) would provide information about a crime to the feds – and the feds, in turn, would give Clare credit for that information.

      I think it’s pretty safe to assume would involve Clare about $25 million to Avenatti – and that money being split up as follows: $22 million to Avenatti, $22 million to Geragos, and $1 million to the whistleblower.

      It looks to me like this was Avenatti’s Plan B if case he couldn’t work out a deal with Nike’s lawyers. But Plan A blew up before Plan B could be implemented.

      • Thanks, Claviger. It blows my mind that something like the Avenatti/Clare Bronfman deal in the works you describe above is even possible in the U.S. Justice system.

        Does this trick apply to anyone or just Pimp attorneys like Avenatti and billionaire heiress crooks who can afford them?

        If I find a whistleblower the Feds can use to nail a more serious criminal, can I get out of a speeding ticket?

      • Krclaviger,

        In the scenario you are describing would Clare Bronfman be classified as a confidential informant?

        Can you provide a link please to the laws that cover the deal Avenatti was seeking to make for Clare?

        Besides myself I think most of the Frankreport visitors/guests would be interested in learning more information regarding the laws covering criminal defendants and the prosecution making such deals.


      • Do you think Geragos and Avenatti are double dipping and sold the same information in the Jussie Smollett case?

  • So much for stand by your VanMan.

    I was in a group with Lauren Salzman and there was a question posed; if you were at a railroad track and a train loaded with explosives was headed towards a town and would destroy the entire town but you could flip a switch and it would kill a loved one instead (fill in the name) what would you do.

    You could not change the situation to kill yourself or anything else. It was the town or your loved one.
    Lauren was asked the town or her Vanguard. Lauren could not kill her Vanguard. Lauren Salzman was willing to kill an entire town of people to save her Vanguard.

    When asked why, her answer was because of all the value he was building in the world.

    BARF. Still feel the same way, Lauren? If so, while your in prison you can write a book “The Value My Part Time Lover Built Before He Got Me Arrested”.

    • Stupid is what Stupid does: My answer to such a question would be, “I will not waste my time wondering about a hypothetical choice that has zero chance of happening in real life.” Then I’d go have lunch.

    • Interesting anecdote, thanks for that.

      Versions of the train and switch example, are a classic exercise in demonstrating utilitarianism, or the greatest good for the greatest number – generally interpreted as picking the option that results in the least loss of life, including willingness to altruistically sacrifice one’s own interests or even life for others. But in extreme utilitarianism, or ends-justifies-the means thinking, that is twisted around in one way or another – typical of the “ethics” of high control groups and cults in various respects, based on some notion of supposed greater goals or purpose.

      Lauren’s response is thus in its own way a classic example of the indoctrination of a diehard loyalist. Was she held out as an example, and was the exercise used to try to reinforce similar willingness to sacrifice for other participants? Raniere’s Ayn Rand inspired philosophy of self interest, very similar to Hubbard’s Scientology as well, would put the individual (or the leader, organization and ideology) above others.

      • The differences are:

        1. Lauren was on the track opposite of Raniere and the other defendants;
        2. She has had plenty of time to consider the evidence against her; and
        3. She is getting input from her lawyer.

        These are not small differences.

      • This is a poor analogy. A better one is the FBI/DOJ train is coming down the tracks, slowly, and Lauren is tied on the track opposite Raniere. The obvious decision she made was to flip the switch so the train would run over Raniere, a very easy choice to make.

      • ‘Ends justifies the means’ philosophy might be the most evil of all, because it can be used to justify anything.

      • Most people in a realistic train dilemma experiment ignore the alarm and don’t do anything, much like most people not speaking up about NXIVM, Amway, and many other MLM and non-MLM scams. You get what you deserve by your inaction/inadequate action.

  • Congratulations to Sarah Edmonson and husband, Nippy. Sarah you did this! You exposed Lauren for the manipulative torturer she is and today we know she will be permanently off the street for a long, long time. You were publicly flogged at times for your bravery, and berated by a lot of haters, unjustly.

    Know this – you saved lives and you have great courage and strength. Good luck to you in your knew life. I hope all good things come your way.

  • The evidence is overwhelming. And the Defendants are caving under the pressure.

    It is too bad that it only cost Clarebear $10 Million.


    • Don’t be so sure on that $10 million figure – and rest assured that the civil suits that will be filed after the criminal case has bee fully resolved will put a good deal more of her fortune at risk, Unlike opera, this case won’t be over until the skinny lady cries!

  • Quote from Lauren Salzman

    Secrecy is a super important thing in this process.
    It protects us in case shit goes down.
    The fact that no one knows who is involved is what will allow the group to stay intact.
    It could also keep people safe depending on various things.

    Another NXIVM tough “bad ass warrior b!tch” turns out to be a powder puff.

  • If Kathy Russell ends up doing more prison time than the rest of the defendants, it will be a sad pathetic day for the American Justice System………

    Excuse my language but I believe it is a fucking joke that Frank Parlato is currently in court after all of the false charges previously filed against him were dismissed. He should get some kind of pass.

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