Guest View: Kristin Kreuk has a lot of explaining to do —and BTW Sultan is a white guy!

MK10ART's sketch of Girls By Design founder Kristin Kreuk

Editor’s Note: While this story will clearly risk invoking the wrath of the man who uses the moniker “Sultan of Six,” or, as some might say, aggravating his condition, it is an opinion that is shared by many.

Kristin Kreuk, many feel, will, at some point, have to explain her true role in Nxivm or questions will forever dog her. Now, naturally, this post will provoke Sultan of Six to make a valiant defense of the woman he adores from afar. [It remains unclear if Sultan actually believes Kreuk is aware of his existence.] In turn, various commenters will provoke him further, to which he will respond, which will keep Kristin Kreuk alive and well on Frank Report for more and more posts – gathering me even more page views.

However, I think it only fair to tell the commenters who are critical of Sultan, and often call him the “Smelly Brown Beetle” or the “Mad Brown Spanker,” that Sultan is not brown at all – at least not his skin color. Though he calls himself Sultan of Six, he is a white man.

As readers know Sultan has been ardently defending Kristin Kreuk for about a decade, ever since he first found out that there was a world willing to be critical of her. Indeed, he met with John Tighe in person and at least one ex-Nxivm woman entertained him at her house where he stayed overnight. Yes, Sultan came all the way to Albany to rescue Kristin Kreuk from Nxivm, ca. 2010.  He did not get to meet Kreuk, who probably was unaware that he even existed. So, please when referring to the Sultan, keep in mind that he is Caucasian, and based on his appearance, now aged about 40ish, and he has been described as not dissimilar to what some have called a “soyboy.”

Now, here is a guest view by someone who thinks – unlike the Sultan – that Kristin Kreuk has some explaining to do.


By Elephant in the Room

NXIVM is the big elephant in the room.

We don’t know if the other Smallville cast members were recruited by Kristin Kreuk or Allison Mack, though Erica Durance does know Mark Vicente, hint, hint…

Laura Vandervoort knows both Kristin Kreuk and Mark Hildreth. It is very unlikely she wasn’t propositioned by either or both to join NXIVM.

There are questions regarding Kristin Kreuk that she has not answered.

The fact is, she did stay a NXIVM member even after she and Mack were named in the Albany Times Union expose that went into disturbing details of Raniere’s pedophilia.

They were both named in a lawsuit regarding NXIVM crimes.

She is a known NXIVM member responsible for bringing in Allison Mack.

For her to have the organizers of comic conventions where she appears to warn people to not bring up NXIVM so that she can continue pretending nothing has happened, essentially hiding in plain sight, is not right.

It is not like it is only Allison Mack who has some explaining to do. Mack is hopefully going to jail. Kristin Kreuk receiving scrutiny from the press is a lot easier than jail time. She is a huge link in the DOS story too, for without her, there would not be a ton of women with the initials “AM” scorched above their vaginas.

Kreuk has shown zero remorse, but plenty of virtue-signaling about causes that have nothing to do with her. A lot of NXIVM morons are online, virtue-signaling about things, without even acknowledging the existence of the dirty cult. Virtue-signaling is hollow. The kind of people likely to be drawn to a pretentious-as-fuck cult.

People should bring up NXIVM at any event with Kreuk. Her weak Twitter statement was deliberately misleading and lacking information about her own role. She is only concerned with preserving her privileges.

If Kristin Kreuk thinks we are going to believe she was just involved with a “self-help group” and had no idea of anything wrong, from any source and only found out she was in a cult in 2017 when the branding story came out … think again.


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  • I don’t know why your commentors keep going on about sultan maybe masturbating over kristin kreuk, who cares if he does or not. She is beautiful and i would guess other commentors have as well but just don’t want to admit it. She has not been charged with anything so i don’t see the point in constantly bringing her up

  • Who is this ex-NXIVM woman Frank. Is her name known?

    Also, do you really think the spanker is white!? Some people of Paki origin have lighter skin tones, same with Afghanistan. He is of Asian origin, so cannot be white. A brown spanker he shall remain.

  • Problem with this “explaining to do” argument is that there really isnt much that has come out to further implicate Kreuk. So for the most part yes a comic con would be a weird place to ask all types of questions that dont have her linked.

    • Really SultanOfStalk? Are you still using this alias? What next, Karl Bassett, SoSalty, Scarrom, Anonymous For Kristin, Stu, Rowan? Did you enjoy your little stalk trip to Albany 😂

  • People should stop bringing the beautiful kristin into this, she made a statement that she didn’t know anything and she hasn’t been charged with anything, so all you people accusing her of things should leave her alone

    • We know she lied in her statement and deliberately misled. Questions unrelated to DOS have not been answered, hence why she is spoken about here. Most of the top NXIVM people haven’t been charged for anything. Doesn’t make them innocent or naive. Will someone be charged simply for staying loyal to a pedophile rapist, even after being named in the same series of articles that exposed the kiddy fiddling? Put away the lube you sad ass. There are real victims and this woman is not one of them at all.

  • She a feminist and she believes in the feminist thing of ” I can have it all “. The media is not all over her, i wonder why!?

  • Oh my God here he is again talking out his ass what does it matter what color the guy is it doesn’t matter at all do I agree with your opinions no do I care not really what I don’t like is when people take shots and other people but what color they are how old they are. And so what Kristen said what she had to say when this all first started for now that’s enough unless she gets charged with something let it go man Let It Go every night I log on here and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah shut up enough is enough

  • Sultan Of Stalk is crying like a bitch on twitter.

    What a worthless human. The useless creep thinks he can talk down to others after what we know about him. If he killed himself, no one would care. Not his dream spank Kristin Crook for sure. And the little bitch would still not go to paradise and receive 72 child virgins. Just rotting in the ground. Halal worm food.

  • Lets talks about who was in until the end of NXIVM and has never said a word to the press.
    Grace Parks Grace Parks Garce Parks Grace Parks Grace Parks Grace Parks Garce Parks Grace ParksGrace Parks Grace Parks Garce Parks Grace Parks Grace Parks Grace Parks Garce Parks Grace Parks Grace Parks Grace Parks Garce Parks Grace Parks Grace Parks Grace Parks Garce Parks Grace Parks
    Grace Parks Grace Parks Garce Parks Grace Parks Grace Parks Grace Parks Garce Parks Grace Parks

  • I find the Kreuk fixation very tiring – and even a distraction from more important issues.

    While it might be an interesting historical footnote to know exactly what happened as long as a decade ago on a TV set, I don’t see that it has much importance or relevance now. Sure it would be nice to see her own up to what she was involved in, but it’s also possible that she was clueless all along – and still is – and then what does it really matter, anyway?

    I’ve even seen doubts raised as to whether she was actually that key in early recruiting, including of Mack, or if it was really more the work of others. Now there’s a real question to be answered – particularly Edmondson’s involvement as leader of the Vancouver center, the story of which would shed much more light on how NXIVM operated – that doesn’t necessarily hinge on an attractive young girl-next-door type actress.

    Cults or high control groups that actually have operatives or apologists working to disrupt online forums used by critics or ex-members, typically use techniques of trying to steer discussions towards tangential controversies, and fomenting arguments among participants. I suggest trying to avoid anything that might even be seen as possibly succumbing those pitfalls.

    • The critiques of Kristin Kreuk are relevant and absolutely related to the full NXIVM story. Kreuk, who used her fame to recruit tons of people and legitimize the criminal cult of NXIVM, wants to be in the public eye, be privileged, while virtue signalling and refusing to face any scrutiny about her own behavior. How someone she recruited, went on to do DOS says a lot about Kreuk. Both were deep in the cult, what one did, knew about and participated in, the other did too. How did Mack become a branding sex slaver? She first had to ignore and/or accept other red flags that Kreuk had to know about too, as both were of equal rank. Had Kreuk not of moved to Toronto in 2013 for filming, she would of been more involved in the cult. She did not cut ties with the cult in 2013, she lied. Her arrogant refusal to admit her role in the cult, to cling on to her privilege, is why she is spoken about.

      • I would question assumptions about what “Kreuk had to know.” In my experience, such third-hand speculations are often turn out to have been way off.

        In general, I wouldn’t disagree about Kreuk – it’s just that there are at least a dozen who pretty much the same things could be said about, including one or more men. It’s the continued focus on her, fueled in large part by one person who is apparently something of an obsessed stalker, that is tiresome, and I think also a distraction from more important and broader coverage.

          • I had no idea of who she was before reading Frank Report. None. I had never heard her name or saw her face. And although she may have some explaining to do, I highly doubt she is receiving all that much pressure to do so. I doubt she reads Frank Report and there’s very few other media outlets so determined to call her out.

      • So Anonymous abusive KK poster,

        You know this information how?
        KK had only done a 5 day when Allison Mack came into NXIVM. She knew about the very hidden criminal enterprise how after 5 days?

        Hardly enough time to know much of anything of WTF was going on behind the training of Raniere criminal organization.

        You say she brought in tons of people. Ok, how many is a ton? Give us a number of how many she personally enrolled if you’re such an expert on KK actions?

        DOS wasn’t even around when KK left, you asswipe. Besides Mack was and is a grown adult and responsible for her own actions.

        If I ask a friend to a really cool bar I like and they have a few too many after I leave and get a DUI on the way home, am I responsible because I asked them to join me. Should I have stayed to babysit them? Come on buddy, stop being a moron.

        Do you have a Crystal ball or maybe a set of them? How do you know how much KK involvement would have been had she not moved? She could have easily flown to and from Albany or Vancouver if she wanted to stay involved.

        Thousands have left NXIVM and not said a word.

        What about all those who worked for Knife Media? What about Grace Park? What about Mark Hildreth?
        How about Esther Carlson? Esther was a Sr Proctor who brought in Kathy Russel who is now indicted.

        What about the Mexicans? Talk about some rich privilege people, Mexico had the most, actors, politicians, large business owners, etc.

        Poster just can’t let this go and Frank keep putting it up instead of being a real journalist.

  • What I want Frank to explain is why he doesn’t post about Grace Park anymore. She was in NXIVM until the very end? Why so many post about KK? Is it because she is better looking than Grace Park?

    Your posters are saying pretty much the same thing about KK each post they do. If I send you a post about Grace Park every day will you post it? How about Mark “Cuck” Hildreth? If I post a comment that says the same thing about Mark Hildreth every day will you do a post about him?

    Let’s talk about Emiliano Salinas Ocelli or Alejandro Betancourt every day. They are the real Mexican criminal within NXIVM. How about Emiliano’s wife Ludwika Paleta who was part of the NXIVM swinger club.

    Is it that you just are lazy now Frank and are letting people who were never in NXIVM and have some strange obsession with KK? Is it because she gets a lot of clicks from the weirdo factor visiting you blog and you make more ad money.

    Come on Frank, grow a pair of balls and get back to real journalism

    If it wasn’t for krclaviger doing the real reporting, this blog would be a crap

    • Are you “Pea Onyu”? Same avatar?

      Seeing as you made the effort to type and post that statement, why don’t you explain what you mean. Are you saying she had sex with Keith? Sucked his dick?

      • See, this is what all the KK accusers REALLY want to know. Details of KK’s sex with KAR.
        We all know you are as obsessed as Sultan is with KK and probably spank off on every mention of her.

          • Just want to point out that, while Beetles are brown, Sultan of Six is a white guy.

          • I love Frank!!!!!

            Frank objects to a racist term, not because the term is racist, but because the terminology is wrong based on the skin color of the individual the racist term is being directed at.

            Based on Frank’s own logic it is wrong to call a Japanese man a ‘chink’ but is okaty to call a Chinese man a chink.

            I am certainly glad Frank is staying on top of everything and keeping things politically correct.

  • Frank,

    In all seriousness did anyone try and help Sultan and point out the fact that he needs help?

    He seems like a nice guy, pardon the pun,
    With some issues.

    • Frank
      if Sultan is getting help presently please do not post my question regarding his treatment or this statement.

      I promise to self edit certain sensitive subjects in the future.

      I do not want to be ridiculing someone getting help or treatment for a mental health problem.

      • Sultan,

        Please get yourself some help. Just talk to a friend or family member. There are help lines for people. You can look them up online.

        I apologize for making a few jokes at your expense. Sultan you need to have a real relationship with a real woman not an unreal fantasy.

        Everyone has some screws loose. Just look at the comment section on this website or all the people that joined NXIVM. There is no harm in talking to a therapist. Talking to a therapist means you want to better yourself. It does not mean you are crazy.

        Your preoccupation with Kristin Kreuk is simple a distraction from being lonely. Just talk to someone.

        I wish you well!

    • Lol Snorlax,

      How many morons googled “Kristin Kreuk nude”, after you posted your comment. Snorlax you are a genius.

      …..and no I realized you were joking…

      I am the one that posted under an alias that Kristin Kreuk is secretly pregnant. I apologize to her fans, Sultan and Frank, but I could not help myself.

  • Frank,

    So Sultan really is a super, super fan.

    Thanks for the update!!!!!!

    Ps. Is it okay for Frankreport commentors to contact John Tighe for lodging when traveling in Upstate?

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