Is Dr. Danielle Roberts – the branding doctor – operating in Suffolk County?

I received this email today and am hoping some readers might be able to shed a little light on it. It was signed, but I am withholding the name of the person for her privacy.

Here it is:

“Hello! I am a concerned citizen of the Suffolk County, Long Island NY.

“I have been following Danielle Roberts’ story for a while and shockingly it has come to my attention that now she ran away from Albany – to Long Island, Suffolk County, NY to ‘start over’ and she might potentially be recruiting new clients into her disgusting cult-based program.

“Who knows if she learned her lesson or she will be branding women again?

“I am, for the lack of a better word, scared, as I am a mother of two daughters and I do not want them to ever end up in the hands of that woman.

“Aside from my family, I am against people like Roberts residing in my community. I am asking you to raise awareness among the citizens of Suffolk County. Thank you!”



Is the branding-doctor Roberts in Suffolk County? Does she deserve to be outed, possibly run out of town?

She seems to have avoided punishment. She does not seem to have lost her medical license. She was not charged by the feds — and the do-nothing bureaucrats at the NYS Department of Health in Albany, NY apparently do not plan to discipline her in any way.

It does not look like she is going to be charged.

She was part of a cult that lured women in, got them to give blackmail material to her leader, Keith Alan Raniere [now in federal pretrial detention on sex trafficking, forced labor conspiracy, child porn, and racketeering charges] and she has never said a word against him and the group.

What can one assume from that?  That she still supports the techniques?

That she thinks she can go on about her business – as a doctor – without ever once explaining her position?

If she was Sultan’s fantasy lover, he would no doubt say she has nothing to defend. If she left Nxivm, then that is all there is to it. Leave her alone.

But others might think differently. Women were held down naked on a table, by four other naked women, as the amazing Dr. Roberts held the white-hot cauterizing pen and slowly carved the initials in burning, painful letters on the pubis of women – K-A-R – as yet another women filmed it for their prurient leader.

What a lady. And what a doctor. I wonder if they could have done the branding without her?

Now she is still practicing medicine.  Who would want their young girls going to her?

Should she be found out and branded – as the branding doctor – wherever she goes or be allowed to practice quietly – the sooner we forget her past, the better for her financially?

Or should she speak out and tell us where she stands on branding and Raniere and what she did and how she feels about it now?



MK10ART depicts Allison Mack and Dr. Danielle Roberts at the branding table.
MK10ART’s painting of Dr. Roberts and her burning the Hippocratic Oath.


My own little photoshop version of the mad Dr. Roberts. She put women in danger as a doctor, but first and foremost she is a slave to Master Raniere. She took a lifetime vow of obedience.

The question now is what is her first duty – her Hippocratic Oath or her Vow to Master Raniere?  Doesn’t she owe it to her patients to say which?


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  • Methinks the defense will ‘find’ a few branding videos where the girls screamed out:

    “Brand me master, it would be an honor” (prior to being branded)

    That’s what they allegedly were told to say before each branding.

    It’ll be hard to claim ‘non-consent’ IF they’ve got those videos.

    The real issue isn’t the branding anyway.

    The real issue is the coercion for sex and forced labor using ‘blackmail’ material. That’s the real evidence. Not the branding.

  • Dr Roberts will always have the branding stigma attached to her which is probably why she should not have done it in the first place.

    No good Doctor would have done it and she knows this. Unfortunately for her, so does everyone else.

      • Erm, put her title and name in Google and see what you get back. People’s tongues are definitely wagging in communities; otherwise this web page would not exist.

        She is obviously not the smartest Doctor in the box either. If I was going to an event of “expert” speakers that I was paying for I might look on the net at who those experts were. Maybe before maybe after.

      • It’s not clear to me that all the women “volunteered” to be branded or cauterized. There are allegations that, as far as I’m aware, are unsettled at best, that at least some of the women were lead to believe that they were just going to be tattooed.

        Plus there’s the question of whether they knew, or were properly informed, that they were to be branded with the initials of their masters, and not just a “symbol.” Then there are issues as to whether some of those who nominally consented, may have been unduly influenced or even coerced (partly under the threat of “collateral” held over them), though I know that gets into murkier territory.

        It’s also not clear that she’s ever stopped recruiting for NXIVM and its front groups (the photo on the Navel Expo suggests she still is), and for DOS with its branding practices – and whether she might have been one of the recruiters of under-aged girls for sex with Raniere. So I think there’s a good case to be made that until she at least is willing to clarify the status of her affiliation with a group whose operations and practices have now resulted in criminal convictions, with charges of sex trafficking and pedophilia still pending, it’s hardly unfair for her to be dogged with questions.

        • Roberts isn’t going to admit to any crime. Just focus on giving her a hard time for what she did do. If the Feds have evidence of crimes, it’s their job to go after her.

  • Do
    ctors take an Oath to “Do Know Harm” and try to alleviate suffering.
    Dr. Danielle Roberts used her license as a Doctor to brand women as sex slaves.
    Dr. Danielle Roberts is nothing but a NXIVM Quack.

    Instead of using her professional judgment as a Doctor to decide what is best for the patient, Dr. Roberts took orders from a demented depraved degenerate Hollywood Harlot named Allison Mack.
    Where did Allison Mack earn her Medical Degree?
    Sado-Masochist State University/.

  • The argument she has a right to a private life and that branding is not illegal is bogus.

    We have a right to know who is administering medical care – and what their background is – so we can make an informed choice.

    Having worked in the medical field for decades, I can attest that doctors are no better, nor more saintly, than the rest of us.

    She should lose her license because what she did, with a medical tool, was outside the scope of medical care.

    She violated “first do no harm.”

      • Except, “EX-NXIAN,” the prosecution charged and the defense conceded that there was not “adult consent” in many cases; that, in fact, there was coercion and extortion in some cases.

        Whether the branding was “legal” under those circumstances or sheer mutiltion and torture remains to be decided.

        Dr. Roberts should surrender her “medical” license and hang a shingle for a tattoo and labia / Johnson piercing parlor. Or maybe take up topless calligraphy.

        • Agreed Heidi. Also, even if any of the branding victims consented beforehand, the fact that they were held down and couldn’t stop the procedure (and no doubt they would want it to stop) means that they couldn’t withdraw their consent.

  • Sr. Roberts is a good and competent doctor with healing abilities. She did not brand people as a doctor she did It as part of a sorority. Big difference. So what are you Frank Parlato going to hound her wherever she goes ? Lay off or I’ll come and punch you in the nose. She is my friend and she doesn’t brand people as part of her practice. The branding she never even mentioned. That was the sorority only. It’s ridiculous that this woman is afraid for her daughters. I knew Danielle and she never approached me to be branded.

    • I am with you on this one. She is a very good doctor and one of the most compassionate women I know.

    • People have a right to make informed decisions when choosing their medical providers. If it was just a “sorority thing” then she has nothing to be ashamed of and shouldn’t worry about the fact she Branded women while they were being held down naked and screaming for it to stop. Why she can put it on her resume and other ADS. I’m sure there are lots of sororities looking for this type treatment. NOT!!

    • Yep. Good doctor with a big heart, stuck in an unfortunate situation and one who is struggling to get her life back together and not become bitter.

      • to Ex-Nxian.
        If the “good doctor” informed her own patients that, in her private life, she was in a sex cult and that she, legally and with consent, cauterized a brand on dozens of women without anesthesia…how many of her patients would find another good doctor?

      • The only thing Roberts could get bitter about was she almost got the hang of cauterizing initials near womens’ private parts down pat and was then interrupted by the Feds. If she’s so “bitter,” she should file a complaint with the FBI/DOJ.

  • She’s just fishing stripe bass, while KK is fishing salmon up north. NY is same as Canada both empower women, so women get away with everything.

  • Danielle Robert’s is originally from Suffolk County, NY so all she did was move home. She should lose her license for the branding! I don’t understand how the New York State Health Department can overlook her actions!

    • Bullies like you are responsible for
      a lot of what’s wrong in this world, but I’m sure you never made an err of judgment in your life so why Not Ruin another life. Is that how you feel empowered? Feel better now? Manipulation comes in many forms, SOMEBODY, perhaps you should add a pitchfork to your stick figure as YOU cross the line.

  • I feel at the very least she should be outed in this manner. She should have her head shaved. A tattoo applied to her forehead which would read ” I brand women for a pedophiles sex cult. “

  • What disgusting cult-based program are you referring to? And why would she continue to brand more women now that NXIVM is finished?

    • Don’t you think her judgement in her medical practice might be skewed? She certainly hasn’t made the best decisions!

      • That’s a good example of the sort of thing that’s most relevant.

        Also, as noted in another comment, NXIVM is just dormant, with diehards trying to keep it together behind the scenes, and hoping to revive it. Roberts was shilling at expos for a NXIVM front group created to provide cover after the 2012 expose, so unless she renounces NXIVM and it is made clear that she is no longer involved in any way, there are grounds to suspect that

        And as far as remaining adherents, whether or not an effective successor to NXIVM arises, it’s likely there will be a number of offshoots, as there have been from Scientology, particularly if there is no strong and well-funded group to go after defectors and those trying to use pieces of NXIVM “tech.” Some of the Scientology splinter groups were worse in some ways, and I suspect that one of some sort, quite possibly Harry Palmer’s Avatar (which grew out of his Elmira, NY, Scientology mission after a schism), in turn passed Scientology ideas and practices on to NXIVM.

      • How does her skewed judgement mean that she is currently operating a disgusting cult-based program? The email implied that she is still involved in NXIVM.

    • NXIVM is not finished.
      NXIVM is dormant.

      Right now the cult is a loose network of friends clustered in Brooklyn and the Albany area and led by Nicki Clyne.
      But enough covert NEXIANS and powerful wealthy interests in Mexico exist to revive NXIVM with a new name around new, untainted leaders.
      Viva Executive Success.

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