Spanish group warns me to take down images of Nxivm’s Mexican Attorney

Mexican attorney Ruiz Duran was retained by Alex Betancourt,,but Clare Bronfman is claiming privilege with him. They say he is a real animal in the courtroom.

Just days before the New York Times came out with their bombshell story about the branding of women – about four months after I first broke the story on Frank Report and Artvoice – I published a story of how a desperate Keith Raniere was trying to silence victims with Mexican attorney, Ruiz Duran.

I wrote, “Another day, another lawyer, and another threat. Alex Betancourt has retained another Mexican attorney to prosecute those who speak about DOS or say anything bad about Keith Raniere, NXIVM, or Executive Success Programs. He is Diego Ruiz Duran of Mexico City.

“NXIVM’s new lawyer, Diego Ruiz Duran, sent emails and certified mail to a group of Americans and Canadians yesterday….  Mr. Duran says his client, Mr. Betancourt, wants to put everyone in jail in Mexico for 36-hours or longer….

“There are 20-plus ‘suspects’, Americans and Canadians, Mr. Betancourt says, who aligned in a ‘destructive conspiracy’ to damage NXIVM etc.

“Here is the email … [His email address is included in case you want to write him.]:

“From: Diego Ruiz Durán <>
“Subject: State Attorney Directive
“Date: October 11, 2017 at 8:24:51 PM PDT
“To: [name redacted]

“Dear: [name redacted]

“My name is Diego Ruiz Durán and I am an attorney whose services have been engaged by NXIVN (sic) Mexico. I took the liberty of writing to you to let you know that the State’s Attorney´s Office in Mexico, has issued some directives against you and another individuals. Attached please find such directives which will also be presented to you via certified mail. You should know that I also took the liberty to translate such document to English for your understanding.

“Best regards,

“Bufete Ruiz Duran S.C.
“Andres Bello Numero 10 Piso 6
“Col. Polanco Del. Miguel Hidalgo
“Mexico D.F. C.P. 11550
“Tel. (52 55) 36010726, 5553 0223, 5286 0018
“Fax 36010601”


In reporting the threats of Ruiz Duran, I searched for some pictures and I found a gold mine of good ones showing the awesome lawyer in a variety of poses.

Naturally, I posted all of them – thinking a little comedy gold was in order – to lighten the mood of the threat and make those who were being threatened a little less frightened.

That was October 2017.

It is now March 2019 and I had not heard another peep from Ruiz Duran – no threatening letters, not more worrisome notes that he was going to haul me from the USA to Mexico and incarcerate me for 36 hours etc.

Then on March 18, 2019, Ruiz Duran crept back into my life.

It was on that day when I received a warning email from a one D. Alvarez of the Eliminalia Group, a company that will, for a fee, “delete your past” – on the internet.

The Eliminalia Group contacted me because of the posts I published about Ruiz Duran.

Here is the email. Although D. Alvarez said he wanted his email to be “off the record”, I see no need to keep anything secret when it comes to Ruiz Duran – the lawyer for Keith Raniere.


Dpt. Legal <>Mon, Mar 18, 2019 at 9:01 AM


(Off the record)

Dear Mr. Parlato,

First of all, thank you so much for your webpage that mixes music and art. But, nevertheless I contact you for a different history:

I’m writing regarding your webpage:

with the following URL:

From December 2018, this information exposes Mr. Diego Ruiz Duran and his image to the internet without consent.

For all this the information and personal image published in this URL it:

– infringes the rights of any person or which is unlawful in any other respect

-is abusive, defamatory or obscene or which will harass, distress or inconvenience any person or which might restrict or inhibit the use and enjoyment of Webpages, or any Communities by any person

-anticonstitutional, threatening, abusive, damaging and offensive

-promote physical harm or injury against any group or individual

-inconsistent with the generally accepted practices of the Internet community

Please, we ask that in this URL, can be erased from your webpage because your webpage has no place for any content transmitted, distributed or stored on your webpage net, hateful or offensive.

As  the information located on the URL following:

For all this we ask for the removal of this URL, or in case this is not possible, the removal of the photo of his social network because this NXIVM judicial process is exposing his personal data in internet and may be suffering undesirables messages. (Note that the NXIVM webpage is inactive). For all this we ask for the cancellation of this URL or in case this is not possible, the substitution for the name and surname for initials,

All based in the core principle controlling the compliance with the privacy protection law system, which has to be spread all over the users of internet, specially in this democratic and constitutional country:

“Any processing of personal data should be lawful and fair. It should be transparent to natural persons that personal data concerning them are collected, used, consulted or otherwise processed and to what extent the personal data are or will be processed. The principle of transparency requires that any information and communication relating to the processing of those personal data be easily accessible and easy to understand, and that clear and plain language be used. That principle concerns, in particular, information to the data subjects on the identity of the controller and the purposes of the processing and further information to ensure fair and transparent processing in respect of the natural persons concerned and their right to obtain confirmation and communication of personal data concerning them which are being processed. Natural persons should be made aware of risks, rules, safeguards and rights in relation to the processing of personal data and how to exercise their rights in relation to such processing. In particular, the specific purposes for which personal data are processed should be explicit and legitimate and determined at the time of the collection of the personal data. The personal data should be adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary for the purposes for which they are processed. This requires, in particular, ensuring that the period for which the personal data are stored is limited to a strict minimum. Personal data should be processed only if the purpose of the processing could not reasonably be fulfilled by other means. In order to ensure that the personal data are not kept longer than necessary, time limits should be established by the controller for erasure or for a periodic review. Every reasonable step should be taken to ensure that personal data which are inaccurate are rectified or deleted. Personal data should be processed in a manner that ensures appropriate security and confidentiality of the personal data, including for preventing unauthorised access to or use of personal data and the equipment used for the processing”.

Thank you for everything and please, respond to us as soon as possible,

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need further information,

Yours faithfully,

Legal Department

Eliminalia Group – We erase your past-
Consult all our technology solutions in

Phone: +34 932 422 656

Avinguda del Portal de lÀngel 36

08002 Barcelona (Spain)



And now – for the delight of readers everywhere – in this constitutional and democratic country and anywhere else, here are the offending pictures of Mr. Ruiz Duran.

The captions are mine, not his.



Diego Ruiz Duran is said to be a real ‘animal’ in court.


Diego Ruiz Duran is known as one of the [roughly translated into Spanish:]  ‘rippin’est roarin’est  fightin’est’ lawyers old Mexico has ever known.
From the cool-glasses on his face to his Mickey Mouse shirt and the heels of his silly-shoes, Diego Ruiz Duran is ready to take away the freedom of certain Americans and Canadians to travel to Mexico. Unless, of course, they’re willing to say good things about Vanguard.


With an eye like an eagle and as tall as a mountain is Diego Ruiz Duran. With nice silly-shoes too.


Look, I did not have to search hard for his pictures. This is the lawyer Alex Betancourt picked to intimidate ex-Nxivm members. Don’t blame me if he scares the hell out of you.


Diego Ruiz Duran is brave, he is fearless and as tough as a Tule tree. Selected to frighten defiant Americans, he is NXIVM’s Mickey Mouse lawyer.


Now, of course, I am not trying to be cute, but this Eliminalia Group which “erases your past,” and “guarantees my right to be forgotten”, I hope will not try to erase my future and help make me forgotten.

They probably don’t have any connection to Carlos Salinas – even if Ruiz Duran represented his son.


Carlos Salinas is also good at securing the rights of people to be deleted and forgotten. In fact, it is said he has a high turn over in friends – one day he meets a guy and then he never sees him again.


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  • This lawyer is as big a crybaby as KAR. What a pile of gobbledygook. (Yes I know it’s translated, still…)

    “Please, we ask that in this URL, can be erased from your webpage because your webpage has no place for any content transmitted, distributed or stored on your webpage net, hateful or offensive.”

    Has this fool never been on the internet? “Hateful and offensive” is everywhere.

    • Raniere being out soon may put him in more danger than being locked up. And being locked up isn’t exactly safe. Lots of people with lots of money have lots of scores to settle with Raniere.

  • By sending these letters, which clearly show a specific intent to intimidate or harass another person/s because of that/those person’s actions driven by a legitimate search of justice (or any other sort of action), this so called lawyer (Betancourt’s puppet) is already committing a legal malfunction. His faults can also be classified as uttering threats and extortion by the criminal code of Mexico. This stupid asshole could go to prison and be federally-fucked for some pretty good 35 years. The US Embassy in Mexico will help with the legal terms and procedures.

    Dieguito; ¡Eres un imbécil!

    • The sternly threatening letter is from a lawyer with a Barcelona, Spain address. It doesn’t matter how illegal the threats are, under eitner US or Mexican law. He will be in practice untouchable.

      But by the same logic, he is in practice a joke. Ignore the threats. As Mr. Parlato is clearly doing.

  • Please take down those offensive pictures. This is a distinguished and respectable lawyer and this shows up on a web search. It’s not right

    • Modest Seniorita, assuming you’re not being sarcastic, without looking, im pretty sure these photos were gotten off the internet, probably social media. Get over yourself.

  • This seems like a typical NXIUM approach, cloud reality and be aggresive.

    Does everyone wonder why you now get asked by every website you visit if they can leave cookies/store data?

    That is because of GDPR. Every European is protected by it thanks to the pact Mr Obama signed a while ago. It is worldwide online protection of EU citizens so a company located in Spain (in the EU) asking for a Mexican to be protected is trying to use the GDPR framework as a threat when it cant be used unless our friend here is an actual EU national.

  • From what I know, if you post pictures on the internet, and they are NOT registered, they are for public use…. anyone can use them…..

    • You don’t know much. Pictures, or text on the internets, even if copyright protected, can be posted if it is in a manner that is a critique/critical of the person/program. That’s why NXIVM lost their case against Rick Ross. He wasn’t trying to reuse it to make money, he wrote a scathing critique.

  • Too funny!!!

    “First of all, thank you so much for your webpage that mixes music and art.”

    GTFOH. You mean, your website stops CRIME and promotes PUNISHMENT.

    El pinche pendejo puto poopoo Diego Ruiz Duran no vale verga.

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