Sultan lashes out at critics of wonderful Kristin Kreuk; ‘If I wasn’t here to defend her, you would be running roughshod over her!’

When Kristin Kreuk left Nxivm is been a subject of debate among readers.

Sultan of Six, the devoted defender of Kristin Kreuk responds to his critics.

One of them said, “You could write a book about NXIVM with a million words in it and make just one fleeting reference to Kristin Crook. If it’s remotely negative, there he is [Sultan of Six], in the comments section writing a huge novel. He is worse than Beetlejuice. Say Kreuk’s name ONCE and there he is.

“This is beyond that of super-fan or groupie. He thinks he has some spiritual connection to this woman. He thinks it is his duty to come to her defense like he knows what he is talking about. He thinks we should listen to him, instead of having the virtue signalling liar [Kreuk] answer questions and allegations. He does not realize that the more he does this, the more traffic comes to Frank Report and the more people will find out that Kristin Kreuk was deep in NXIVM and lied about it. His life is empty and without purpose….”


By Sultan of Six

I don’t care.

You’re a two-faced liar. You pretend to not care about Kristin and me when your words and actions only betray you to show to everyone that all you do is care:

“He thinks he has some spiritual connection to this women.”


Then you try to turn it around onto me and blame me for your own issues. You project onto others what you do yourself like the sociopath that you are, including never sticking to a single alias (Angry Canadian) and bringing up Kristin in posts that are irrelevant to her.

You don’t give a sh_t about NXIVM and its alleged victims. The group is just used as an excuse to bombard the real objects of your frustration with vitriol. You’re also a bigoted loser. My guess is you’re a rejected loser too. You’re likely a fellow Vancouverite who tried to get into the NXIVM crew and failed, likely even tried to hook up with Kristin.

I don’t keep bringing up Kristin. YOU PEOPLE DO. I’m merely REACTIVE in defense while you people are ACTIVE in your attacks. Look up the words if you’re ignorant.

If I wasn’t here to defend her, you would be running roughshod over her with your non-backed up claims asserted as truth, because you have the problem not me. Always blaming the other for your own problems just like sociopaths do.

Just look at Keith as your example.

If my life is “empty and without purpose”, yours is even worse for obsessing over someone you assert the same thing about. At least my obsession is based on attraction. Yours is based on resentment and hate.



Sultan was also good enough to through some criticism at me, in response to the post, “Sultan: Mark Vicente, Sarah Edmondson and Frank Parlato aren’t heroes; Kristin Kreuk did not slither away from Nxivm – she left five years before everyone else!”

The post was based on a comment made earlier by Sultan, which I held because I wanted it to be a separate post.

By Sultan of Six

Frank, you’re as bigoted as they come. I’m sure there is also plenty of legitimacy to the government’s tax case against you.

I wrote this comment almost two weeks ago. I know you saved another one of my comments too and didn’t post it either in response to Heidi.

I posted it over an ArtVoice already so whatever. When are you going to post that too so you can let the trolls out so they can hate on Kristin and me?

You’re lucky the #metoo movement hit at the right time and people from the cult who were truly victimized revealed information to you. Ironically, from an industry whose primarily liberal views you despise.

Otherwise, your blog would be an irrelevant quest to get the NXIVM litigation machine off of your back.

Use and throw away.

There are no unselfish heroes in this drama.

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  • We run rough shod over her anyway. If you weren’t there to defend her, things would be a lot less eventful. Keep responding. You make it worse. Of course, we know why you do: secretly hoping she will one day recognize your true heroism and throw herself at you. Pfff it’s funny.

  • Sultan, you defending her does not stop anyone from “running rough shod over her.” In fact, your defensive comments keep the ball rolling.

  • When expressing an outcome contrary to fact or as an unfulfilled wish, it should be done in the subjunctive mood, not the the indicative. Hence, “If I WEREN’T here to defend her…”, not “If I WASN’T here to defend her…”.

  • Kristen Kreuk is a grown-ass woman who is perfectly capable of voicing her own objections (or having her paid representatives voice those objections for her) if she finds the statements on this site to be harmful to her reputation. Sultan – you sound like a histrionic teen trying to look big for some girl you are trying to impress. Give it a damn rest already. You just keep calling people back to bait you every time you caterwaul here, and frankly, it is both boring and annoying.

    As a grown-ass woman who also stepped quietly away, someone like you and your creepy preoccupation would make me more nervous than anything else said here. You sound stalkerish, and you’re calling the attention of Raniere’s lunatic horde more strongly to the object of your obsession with your continual strident blaring about her. Get a clue; STFU; and go find a real relationship.

    • It’s funny that people who were in the cult are telling others what to do now. Didn’t you learn your lesson yet?

      • Wasn’t in the cult. Don’t make assumptions – just makes you sound like an ass.

        • Then what does “also stepped quietly away mean” then? Didn’t Ms. Kreuk also step quietly away from the cult? Why else would you use those words in the context of Ms. Kreuk, Sultan, and NXIVM?

    • Nice try. Making your fake story sound legitimate, but saying exactly the same things the trolls do was a dead giveaway.

      I’m not the one elevating comments into articles. I’m not writing about Kristin Kreuk. I’ve merely responded to what is posted of her. So, fuck off in blaming me.

      You’re like people who would blame the guy who came out to defend a woman from rape because of the clothes she wore or what street she walked down for the attempted rape itself.

  • Dear Sultan,

    “There are no unselfish heroes in this drama.”……

    ……There never have been any unselfish heroes since the dawn of human history.

  • Zzzzzzz why does anyone care about this woman???

    She has not been indicted and I highly doubt she will be indicted.

    Why is so much real estate devoted to her on the Frank Report?

    • There are lots of reasons why Kristin Crook is talked about so much, including:

      1. She is a semi-famous person;
      2. Who is currently in the acting spotlight, at taxpayer expense;
      3. Who was in NXIVM for several years;
      4. Who recruited Mack, who was indicted shortly after Raniere;
      5. Who keeps on “virtual signaling” on social media;
      6. Who started “Girls by Design,” a recruiting mechanism for Raniere’s sick, twisted mind;
      7. Who likely didn’t pay her taxes;
      8. Who made a lame statement and then went silent on NXIVM; and, most importantly;
      9. Who is being defended by Sultan, an obvious sycophant loser.

      There is nobody else on the planet who has all of these traits. I probably left some out, feel free to add to the list.

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