The woman who met Allison Mack at MDC tells more about Allison there

By Anonymous

I’m the woman who met Allison at MDC.

Allison seemed a little sad and like she was in shock, but she was very nice and friendly to her fellow prisoners. (The food at MDC absolutely sucks by the way, it’s seldom cooked properly and they always give us this brittle rice that is hard enough to break your teeth.)

I didn’t immediately recognize Allison. I just remember walking out onto the recreation deck and seeing this tiny blond woman sitting on a gym mat, squashed in the corner. I thought she looked familiar, but I didn’t know why. When I went back to my bunk, one of my friends announced, “The Smallville actress is here!” And then it clicked and I said, “Oh that’s why she looked so familiar to me, I used to watch that show all the time!”

Someone had loaned Allison a grey sweatshirt and it was much too big for her, so her tiny body was swimming in it. I don’t think anyone really discussed the details of her case with her, but we were watching it unfold on the news while she was there. When she made bail, she was blowing kisses to all of us as the guards escorted her away. If a women’s empowerment group is truly what she is seeking, prison is actually an unexpected place to find it.

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