Missing woman – Faith Prescott disappeared from Clifton Park 7 years ago – was Facebook friends with Nxians

Missing woman, Faith Prescott -of Clifton Park. Missing for 7 years.

I got this message recently;

Hi Frank.  I live near Clifton Park and have been looking for a young lady who disappeared almost 7 years ago.  We just want to know if she’s alive and we’re curious if she was recruited by Keith Raniere.

Her name is Faith Prescott. 

She seems the type: hippie, love everyone type, lived right near him, struggling single songwriter. 

Sorry to bother you. She would have been 39 in January this year. 


I replied, “I have not heard of her but I will mention it to my readers.”

Faith, who has not posted anything on Facebook since 2012, was Facebook friends with Michelle Salzman and Tracy Christopher.

If they were her actual friends, they would have pitched her to join Nxivm.

Most of her 800 or so Facebook friends are not known Nxivm members.


If anybody knows the whereabouts of Faith Prescott, who also went by the name Phaethyn Faith, let me know.

It seems unlikely Keith Raniere had a hand in her disappearance but one cannot rule it out entirely.


There is also a Facebook page Find Faith Prescott.



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  • Tracy Christopher was a booking agent for a couple local music venues some years back, not sure if she’s still in that line of work. It’s possible that’s how they knew each other. Not sure about the Michelle Salzman connection. But it would seem almost guaranteed that, at the very least, she was approached and asked to take a NXIVM class.

    • That was a hang out of all of ours back in the day.. late 1990s early 2000s if you are taking about where I think you are .

  • It’s possible women were lured into Raniere’s web for his sexual experimentation that were not part of NXIVM bit hunted by his pimps.

    It could be that Tracy Christopher and or Michelle Salzman were attempting to recruit this women into JENESS. JENESS was pre-DOS.

    If Raniere got his grubby hands on her, only he or some of his closest followers know what happened to her.

  • I call bs. You google for more information on this and NOTHING comes up but the fore mentioned fb page and the frank report.

    • LMNop,

      There were over 60,000 missing adult woman in 2017, in addition there over 260,000 female minors missing in 2017.

      The press, state governments, and federal governments can not possibly keep up with all the missing people.

      It’s not at all surprising that a simple google search did not comeback with anything.

      I doubt it’s a hoax.

    • I am the one who asked him to ask his follower or if their was some confirmed victims list. Her sister has been looking for her for years. She lived in Clifton park. Searching through her Facebook with the list of 150 members posted her I personally found the two NXVIM members as her friends. What part of this is Bs. He said it’s unlikely Keith had anything to do with this. When someone is missing what’s wrong with chasing down every lead possible?

      • Vaed, what are the circumstances of her disappearance? Did she leave with her young child and the child also missing? Do the police have any reason to suspect a connection to NXIVM?

        • She is the only one missing .. the police have zero leads to my knowledge . Although I’m not close with the police case. We just want to know something..

          • Mothers don’t usually just abandon their young children.
            I see there was an apparently fake FB page opened in her name sometime after she went misding. If the profile pictures used on that page are really her pictures, the police should be able to obtain info on who created that page.

            The first person the police usually check in a disappearance like this is the ex-husband or ex-boyfriend. Who had access to those pictures of her (if that really is her picture?)

      • Please don’t listen to the assholes, Vaed. Everyone knows you’re only doing your admirable utmost to find your sister and this is a good venue for that, especially since there is a direct link — 2 of them so far — to top NX recruiters.

        If you ask me, the local police should be cross-checking every missing person and suicide or unsolved murder report that fits the NX victim profile over the past few decades for similar links to NX members.

        Do you mind if I repost to my FB Page? We have a ton of cousins in Clifton Park who can maybe help.

    • Faith is missing for years now. She was my friend. What are you calling bs? I myself Google periodically to see if there is any new information. That is how I found this ridiculous comment.

  • Thanks for doing what I suggested in an previous story in the comments section – coming forward with the person’s name.

    Look at her Facebook page. It was probably a struggle between the Essential Oil MLM (there are several of them) and the NXIVM MLM. One side decided if they couldn’t have her as a distributor, nobody would have her. Pull that string and you’ll get the answer.

    • To Scott,

      Scott you never do stop…..do you?

      The family and friends of Faith are searching for a loved one.

      Scott how can you make a mockery of other people’s pain?

      The most disturbing thing about you Scott is you do not even hide behind an alias…. your proud of yourself. You are proud to publicly ridicule someone searching for a loved one that may have been murdered or committed suicide.

  • Legacy.com obituary states Deborah Prescott passed December 2014 and Faith Prescott is listed as her daughter.
    This does not bode well for possibility of Faith’s whereabouts if she has not been seen since 2013 and didn’t attend her mother’s funeral.

    We don’t have definitive information of the arrangements surrounding Pam Cafritz death and her remains?

    Perhaps we have a pattern. I wonder if she recorded was ever as a student of Nxium? They did take a photo of every student enrolled on the first day of class. I hope there is a record of this in the data taken from Nancy’s house.

    I hope EDNY can shed some light on this.

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