Heidi: It was always KAR’s plan to cultivate a squad of sexy assassins, blackmailers, etc.

Heidi Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

Terrific story, Shadow-Keith Raniere and Ervil LeBaron’s Bad Ass Warrior Bitches.”

Shocking as it is, I am not at all surprised. It was always KAR’s plan to cultivate a squad of sexy assassins, blackmailers, etc. — girls trained to use their natural sex appeal and acquired skills “mentored”’by Keith to do KAR’s bidding and “take the fall” or “the rap” for him.

This is really central to a lot of what went on with DOS — the “readiness” drills, the blackmail material on members, hacking, even the brands marking the girls as KAR’s weaponry — perhaps to distinguish them from other girls who would be owned by other masters after KAR “mentored” and Brandon Porter and/or Lauren et al. mentally conditioned them, IMO.

Funny, once last year dining in public with Frank and Catherine Oxenberg, I embarrassingly, rather loudly, blurted out something like, “Mothetfucker’s building a pussy army. He must be stopped!”

I was shocked when, rather than taking me for insane, Catherine immediately agreed just as fervently.

Now, this is all JMO but there are dozens of details over decades I could point up to affirm the veracity of my strong feelings on this matter and the more facts I learn, the more sure I am of it.


Rosa Laura Junco brought in about a dozen teen girls from Chihuahua Mexico to be mentored by Keith Raniere in 2016 and they left in May 2017. Were they to be trained as badass warrior bitches?



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  • I must say, Rosa Laura Junco along with whomever else may have been involved in importing the Chihuahua teens, just MAY have believed she was curing these kids of their disintegrations, healing and energizing them through enlightened sex with Vanguard, empowering them through Porter’s experiments, etc. as part of KAR’s advertised mission to “stop the violence in Mexico.” IMO.

    …So long as the Chihuahua’s weren’t put to sniffing Kristin Keefe and Gaelen’s socks to pick up their scent association while watching Porter’s snuff flicks. That should have been a dead giveaway, if so….And so long as Keith didn’t impregnate too many of them with his own Avatar babies.

    Btw, wasn’t Clare years into working with Frontier — Dennis Burke’s infamous immigration co. — when the Chihuahuas came around and, later, hastily departed?

  • The complexity to avoid or evade taxes was much too big for NXIVM at more than
    100 companies, concerning the own size or turnover/ profit of NXIVM. For tax avoidance
    strategies, there are much simpler ways and legal ones to reduce your tax liability.
    In terms of momey laundering, in terms of the company’s own revenues and profits,
    the whole thing is oversized for NXIVM. This means that if money laundering has not
    only been carried out for NXIVM, for whom else and how much?

    • Veeeery good question. Are you suggesting these Chihuahua teens were money laundresses (or in training) for other entities?

      Btw, typo 5th line from bottom money is spelled momey— Freudian slip? Lol, jk.

  • If branding was about developing character and making someone harder and
    more resistant, why was Allison Mack excluded? Why didn’t Allison Mack have
    herself branded first, after all it would have strengthened her character and
    enriched her with an experience? There is probably something slipped away from
    her in the justification of the branding. That means the whole argumentation
    of Allison Mack and the others is wrong. The intention and purpose behind it is
    different from what is claimed.

    • AGREE! A few alternative reasons spring to mind as to why Allison bears no brand, IMO:

      – AM, Allison Mack, was supposed to be seen as the sole slave “master” (someone already noted “mistress” was conspicuously not used by slaves for her title) if, when, the scheme was exposed. A role she has fully embraced. As such, she would not have a “slave” brand marking anymore than KAR would have one himself.

      In Pierce Anthony, and other, Sci-Fi Fantasy fictions, the masters and rulers wear clothes, aren’t branded, while the slaves are naked and ownership marked for example.

      – As the DOS “front man,” most prone to enemy capture, Allison might have been prepared to yank down her panties to prove the whole branding rumor was fake — a “product of criminal minds,” a fallacy invented by KAR’s personal enemies whom they attempted to (and DID in some cases) ensnare in some criminal activity.

      — Were Allison to ever turn up toe-tagged in a morgue, her body would have no tell-tale signs of KAR’s involvement in her suicide or murder.

    • To affirm as true something that has not yet been proven, there is no sense in the story that allison is not marked, it has not been proven true, so that only leaves you in the field of speculation.

  • What I will never understand is how Keith got all these people to go along with him?
    He impoverishes them, strips them of their professions, families, friends, even denies them food AND to choose to have the right to love whom they choose and to have a family.
    I could’t, wasn’t a good little cultist.
    What the hell is it, then?

    Heidi, you said you took NXIVM courses. Can you tell me just what it was that attracted you?
    Callum Blue knew right away it was bs and he told Catherine such.
    (By the way I loved Callum in Dead Like Me).

    • From someone that took courses, I thought they were a strange group and walked away. Mostly, I was not impressed with Keith especially his IQ. He came off as average at best.

    • g, not understanding how these people blindly followed KAR into ruin is so very important. It’s hard for people with confidence and the strength of their own convictions to imagine doing what these people have allegedly done. I think the ESP courses was the entry level and the methods used in those courses could pinpoint those who are most likely to fit into his plan.

      If you have listened to Sarah Edmondson’s interviews she talks of starting ESP in search of bettering her life and she felt she had found a home there. She rose up the ranks and was made to feel important. She has said she liked the handshake that showed she ranked higher than others. She was being groomed over a long period of time and she trusted Lauren Salzman when she was ‘invited’ to join DOS and began being a slave to her mistress; doing as Heidi outlines such as being always ready for that call in the middle of the night and having her day to day ruled by another. Who allows that to happen? Why submit yourself to someone else if you don’t believe there is going to be something in it for you? They must have bought into it and must all have similar personalities that allow them to want power over others but are also willing to give up their own to someone higher up the food chain.

      And KAR was at the very top with the others who will be sitting at The defendants table when the case goes to trial. These people created the system and chose the people to recruit and then started pulling the strings for their own financial gain and entertainment.

      Heidi could be right that he was creating some find of army willing to do whatever he asked; whenever he asked.

        • Little tidbit: Karen Unterreiner, who was brilliant and not all that homely really, had very low self-esteem, IMO. She always referred to herself and the early acolytes as “misfits” — or as only “belonging in the land of the misfit toys” — a reference from “Rudolph.”

          Gina also had poor self-esteem and always thought of herself as a social outcast: an iconoclast.

          I sarcastically said something to Keith in front of Karen, maybe to to tip her off, such as you mean “fuck toys” not “misfit toys”? And, yes, when I read about those “fuck toy” texts from KAR to a Jane Doe, telling her to get herself a “fuck toy,” I was flabbergasted.

          Keith deliberately exacerbated self-esteem issues to gain more control. If you didn’t have something to feel guilty and dreadful about yourself in your personal history, there was always something from one of your past lives to beat yourself up over. You’re reading the writings of “Atilla the Hun” incarnate right now.

          • KAR also said there are no victims; just as Scientology teaches. So, whatever bad has befallen you is that which you brought on yourself, is what he wants people to believe and then he says he can teach you to stop attracting the bad. Once the people most susceptible are in the cross-hairs, the indoctrination begins. I also believe the elder Salzman was vital in supplying the tools used to alter people’s thinking and then reinforce the participant’s belief that KAR and crew were the ones to give them the tools to change their lives and attract only good. Some people will do anything to belong. They will ignore the alarms pinging in their bodies because their ‘mentors’ have taught them they can’t trust their own instincts. They must follow the prescribed path and, sadly, many did.

      • at the end of the day when we look for the reasons to understand how KAR could manipulate so many people both women and men, words like hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming and others more come to mind when thinking about all these techniques that were practiced in ESP and other programs of supposed self help but the key word will always be Suggestion and that is why we are all Susceptible to it, the people in the cults and in the religions want to believe and if they have reasons for it but they will do it but in the cults the ideas of the family and mission are the most dominant reasons if one reviews the instagram of allison mack will find many images that only show a common life with pictures of things and people or topics that she likes and places she has visited as well as meetings with friends and if you notice it you will not see anything suspicious, until you learn about Nxivm and the cult (which as such is not a sexual cult, it is more about the personality of KAR O VANG UARD) then you have to read between lines, look at dates, relate people, know faces and places related to the cult. etc here are some examples about this that I am saying https://www.instagram.com/p/BfYiCC7hbj3/ -themes of interest HEROES.
        Meetings with friends-https: //www.instagram.com/p/7RLbxvpizL/ and who are there are allison, siobhan hotaling, brandon porter and Bonnie Piesse .aqui another allison birthday celebration .https: //www.instagram. com / p / 52ah0spi2F /
               https://www.instagram.com/p/52VkbVpi7j/ -this is a very old friend of allison in Nxivm @kaylagrosse that although she was not part of the haren or of DOS she probably knew much more than what she likes to recognize she was a of so many that when the history of the brand was made public turned out to be deaf and blind and never saw something bad here is another
        https://www.instagram.com/p/1p8P9spizS/ and in this is the poor Indian Indian woman Oxenberg very funny with her friends, as you see many people do not stay in the cults for the negative things but for the idea of ​​family

      • There’s a phrase.

        Love many, trust few.

        If you recall I have revealed I was in a cult and whatever ideology it is they all function the same way.
        They find your need, your weakness, love bomb you, flatter you, reveal just enough to suck you in, bit by bit.
        Same old schtick and it works.
        I keep telling folks look within, the answer is there, not in someone or something else.

        And by the way, I stated from dau one he was weaponizing these women. All these cults seem to use the female followers to seduce the unsuspecting for blackmail and possibly far worse.
        Sex is a heady drug., Leon.

    • G,

      Everyone on Frankreport makes fun of Keith Raniere, myself included, however Kieth Raniere is intelligent and he is very charismatic in person.
      If you had no idea who Raniere is and meant him at say a party you would think he is a good guy well spoken and sweet.

      One of Raniere’s greatest assets in my opinion is how innocuous he seems.

      Raniere seems harmless. Watch that video of him with Allison Mack or an even better video is with Raniere and some British actor. The second video Raniere comes across as a compassionate human being.

    • the funny thing is that Callum Blue was an allison companion in smallville and in the marilyn movie in which both were protagonists, because he did not try to convince allison that he was in a cult.

    • I didn’t take courses, g. I may have misstated or you maybe misread. I was already long familiar, starting in 1984 through Gina, with some of Keith’s teachings and in developing the “tech” (Rational Inquiry) on which the ESP courses, first publically offered in 1998 – 1999, were supposedly based. Gina, like Kristin Keefe and a couple of others, were grandfathered out of having to take courses but worked on their issues more 1:1 with Keith and, later, Nancy as well.

      I mentioned that there’s evidence Gina, nonetheless, took some “intensives” in August – October 2002. She also worked for CBI’s IT dept. in the 90’s and was engaged to Keith in the 80’s when she, we all, thought they were in a monogamous relationship after Keith took her virginity, convinced her to drop out of High school (Jr. High, actually) and became her “mentor.” (She did pass the GED and completed college, eventually.)

  • Heidi, I said this from day one.

    Brandon Porter (I will not refer to him or Danielle Roberts as doctors) were weaponizing these women by showing them snuff films from Mexico.

    Keith even hinted at diabolical plans he entertained for these women but would not now reveal them.

    I can’t recall the South American country nor the general’s name but to bring down the autocratic government a woman used her beauty and sex, to lure the general to her bed and, when he was asleep, she killed him and thus the country owed her a debt of gratitude for her bravery and sacrifice.

    Esther, in the Bible, also used her feminine wiles to save her people.

    I guarantee you Keith had plans on using these women for no good intent. More likely blackmail but possibly assassinations. Keep in mind it only took 13 targeted assassinations to take over the Japanese gov’t before WW2.

    How he ever got others to go along and they suspected nothing beats me.

    Now that Sara says no one believed Keith’s claims of being the world’s smartest man, etc., I can assure you, had Keith been successful, Claire and Sara would be standing either side of Keith’s throne basking in the glory.

    Claire and Sara would keep Keith satiated with sex slaves while they wielded the actual power.

    I saw just this scenario in the cult I was in. They kept the founder liquored up and sexually satiated while they ruled over the flock all in his name but really they were now in power.

    Keith is not only a psychopath, he’s a megalomaniac!

    No, Keith is NOT ill he’s plain evil and so is Nancy and Claire and Sara and the rest.

    • G
      Your comment was turned into an article like mine?

      It sucks because then people attack a comment as if it was written with true for thought….. now I am actually working on an rebuttal article for a comment.

    • Tex2,

      Heidi’s sister may have been driven to suicide by Keith Raniere.

      Tex I am actually going to reveal something about myself. I had a family member commit suicide. You can not imagine what it feels like unless it happens to you.

      I understand that your comments are intended to be humorous and as satirical.

      Making jest of someone when they are commenting about a family member that committed suicide is not appropriate.

      …And no I am not virtue signaling I am far from perfect or virtuous.

  • Heidi is wrong again.

    With all due respect, Keith didn’t “build an army of female blackmailers” in an effort to use their sex appeal to do Keith’s bidding.

    If that were really true, they’d have been fucking other males left & right (in an effort to get favors for Keith and NXIVM).

    Sorry Sunshine, that’s not what happened. Most of his women were generally forbidden from fucking anybody else.

    Nor did Keith build an army to “take the fall” for him. If that were really true, he wouldn’t be on trial.

    How can somebody “take the fall” for Keith when the emails Keith sent out (unencrypted) were so damning that he practically gave the government their case on a silver platter?

    This proves that Keith DID NOT PLAN on anybody “taking the fall” for him, else he would have generated emails which pointed the evidence AWAY from him and onto somebody else.

    Read his emails, Heidi. He fucking incriminated ONLY himself. For God’s sake, he called himself the fucking GRANDMASTER of DOS in an email. LOL. That’s game over.

    You can’t “take the fall” for somebody else if the evidence doesn’t support that you did it and they didn’t. Get a clue, Heidi.

    Keith didn’t PLAN anything at all. You simply give him too much credit. He was playing checkers, not chess.

    As for his slave army, Keith wanted them to only fuck him with few exceptions.

    Yes, there may have been a ‘plan’ to have one of those girls lure another male into giving something to Keith using sex as a weapon, but that was the RARE exception and not the norm.

    Most of those girls were not allowed to fuck anybody else.

    Keith’s slaves were not an army of anything. They were simply women that he wanted exclusively for himself, to fuck only him.


    Because Keith didn’t want them getting hooked on bigger and better cocks than what he possessed.

    Keith didn’t want his girls experiencing other males because other males would likely have bigger cocks and also possess better sexual stamina and love making ability.

    He didn’t want the REJECTION of having his girls ‘preferring’ the love-making abilities of other males who weren’t as LIMP as him.

    That was the reason for Keith’s slaves not being allowed to fuck other males.

    Get your facts straight, Heidi.

  • Heidi,
    Sarah Edmondson told the New York Times
    that Lauren Salzman sold her DOS as a “bad-ass bitch boot camp.”

    “She made it sound like a bad-ass bitch boot camp,” Ms. Edmondson said.
    Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded

    The exact same language used by Allison Mack in describing the branding.

    “Badass warrior bitches! Let’s get strong together.”
    Inside Nxivm, the ‘Sex Cult’ That Preached Empowerment

    “Mothetfucker’s building a pussy army. He must be stopped!”
    It all sounds like a “James Bond” or “Matt Helm” movie from the sixties.
    What was a silly plot line for Sean Connery or Dean Martin became a serious plan for Keith Raniere.

  • Heidi,
    Now that is an interesting tidbit.

    Do you think Raniere was going to try and do a Jeffrey Epstein and film men having sex with minors and blackmail them?

    Thanks for sharing.

      • Somebody,

        Is there any evidence or articles alluding to the possibility of Raniere blackmail anyone using Jeffrey Epstein type tactics?

    • You’ve read my mind, nice guy. …😱… to an extent…lol.

      I know early on some — Kristin Keefe in particular — were using their feminine wiles to open doors and make inroads into the Albany (State Capital, seat of Gov. in NY) power circles. The main “marks” were those in a position to lock KAR up — as they should have — were he duly charged over his underage sex crimes — some that WERE reported. Again, with Rhiannon alone, KAR was, maybe is, looking at a potential 25 year prison sentence.

      Now, that’s not to say Kristin Keefe knew precisely why she was encouraged to, at least, tease these power players when flirting with, much less having sex with, any other men but Keith was verboten for “vowed” harem members such as she. (Kristin, btw, had a bit of an “agent provocateur” nature to begin with, IMO. Gina couldn’t stomach it. She was more of a tech spy like Clare.)

      In addition, another FR regular on here (Orange, maybe) mentioned “escalation” was a factor. Add to that the fact that social mores have also “escalated.” These days, it takes a lot less proof of moral turpitude to blackmail someone than it did in more conservative Times. All the Bible thumping hypocrites around were easy targets for collateral-collecting “experimentation.”

      So, yes, I believe that — as you say Jeff Epstein did — the easiest way for KAR to cover his pedophile tracks was/is to catch or entrap others in the same, heinous crime. Along with convincing those around him, if not the world then the world he rules, it’s no biggie — in fact, in KAR’s teachings it’s a greater crime to deny a sex-deprived little girl who’s “ready” the empowerment of his sexual healings.

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