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We promised you cankles and we deliver.
By Shadow State 1958
In any major criminal investigation, it is often necessary to “Follow the Money.”
Where does the money come from and what kind of activities are funded by the money?
The phrase “Follow the Money” is often wrongly attributed to FBI agent Mark Felt also known as Deep Throat in the Watergate case.  Regardless of the source of the saying, it is a useful tool for understanding any complex criminal conspiracy.
Several of my recent posts have discussed Allison Mack’s real estate activities and lifestyle – and raised questions about how she financed them.  Was Mack receiving money from Clare Bronfman or earning money from illegal activities?
Joe O’Hara’s 2012 lawsuit raised the possibility of financial crimes committed by Mack and many other NXIVM figures.
She wasn’t receiving money from the impoverished Keith Raniere who has no money or property in his own name and sponges off of his female followers like the gigolo he is.
Some commenter claimed that Mack had earned around eight million dollars from her various media projects over the years. This comment begs the question: why did Allison Mack have to rely on the equity in her parents’ home and retirement accounts to fund her five million dollar bail?
Where did the eight million dollars go?
Eight million dollars buys a lot of colored sashes.
Now, Clare Bronfman’s money appears to be running dry.  In any event, Clare will not replenish the legal trust fund with new infusions of money.
Clare’s sister, Sara, is probably lying low, hoping to avoid indictment and is unlikely to establish any NXIVM legal trust funds for her friends.
And yet Allison Mack just hired two new top-notch criminal defense lawyers – which beings the total to five criminal defense lawyers on her team.
Where did the money for Mack’s new defense lawyers come from?
Not Warner Brothers’ distributor of “Smallville.”
Mack is toxic to Hollywood.
In America’s major cities, top-flight criminal defense attorneys charge six hundred to one thousand dollars per hour.  Perry Mason ain’t cheap.
In 2005, the singer Michael Jackson faced felony charges based on the accusations of one boy. One boy!  How many DOS slaves will make accusations against Allison Mack?
Ultimately, Jackson was acquitted.
How much money did Jackson pay his crack criminal defense team to weasel out of the charges of one boy?
“It is thought the pop star may have to pay up to $5m to his high-powered defense team, led by celebrity lawyer Thomas Mesereau.”
($5 million dollars for Michael Jackson to beat the accusations of one boy!)
And in 2005, almost 15 years ago, Michael Jackson’s legal team was charging 500 dollars per hour.
“A top attorney like Mr. Mesereau could command fees of more than $500 per hour, he said, although Mr. Mesereau’s office was unable to confirm a figure”
In cases like NXIVM which involve complex charges like conspiracy and RICO, the legal fees are even higher.
How many Comic Cons will Allison Mack have to attend to cover multi-million dollar legal fees?
And lawyers in complex cases frequently want the money paid up front in the form of a retainer.
“In felony cases, the retainers can be $5,000-$10,000, but could easily be $25,000-$50,000 or more for extremely serious charges, such as homicide or sexual assault.”
Allison Mack’s original retainer was reportedly $150,000 dollars. That money is now long gone.
And lawyers charge in ten or fifteen-minute increments. A five-minute phone call can be charged as a fifteen-minute phone call.  There go all those residual  checks from “Smallville.” I hope Allison qualifies for a Good Customer discount.
If Allison Mack is going into the criminal justice system as a hog, she’s going to come out as a sausage.
There is only one logical answer for where new funds for new lawyers will come from.
Mexico’s Salinas gang with an estimated net worth of seventeen billion dollars.
Why does the Salinas gang have so much philanthropy towards a second-rate actress in a third-rate TV show on a fourth-rate TV network?  A TV show that ended eight years ago.
Maybe Emiliano Salinas is really Superman (Superhombre).
Or maybe, just maybe, well-to-do foreign gangs found the money laundering and human trafficking operations of NXIVM to be useful and they want to preserve those operations.
Perhaps Mexico’s corrupt elite hope to take over the remnants of NXIVM’s criminal activities.
Perhaps the criminal elite of Mexico see Raniere and Mack as a firewall to protect them from indictment.
If Raniere and Mack can beat the rap, perhaps the US government will be discouraged from indicting Mexico’s corrupt elite.  Mexico’s NXIVM included the children of two ex-Mexican Presidents. The children of Carlos Salinas and Vicente Fox.
Or maybe, just maybe, the Salinas gang wants to buy the silence of the NXIVM defendants.
Just remember: top-notch criminal defense lawyers don’t grow on trees.  And Allison Mack’s Comic-Con career is over.

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  • Many perpetrators were victims first. Raniere’s victims also have some culpability of their own victim hood as well. They chose to ignore warnings and probably their own instincts.

  • That tongue again, and filthy side table. Disgusting. I had managed to block this pic out of my mind.

    • Shut up you loser fan boy. Just because you are obsessed with masturbating to Kristin Kreuk, does not mean people won’t talk about her in NXIVM. That goes for any other member.

    • So much for the “smell the fart acting” critique oft repeated here. While the same anonymous offender(s) give us their worthless opinions, her peers in the industry are recognizing her work by nominating her for a “Best Actress” category in a drama. Good for her. She’s earned it and deserves it.

      • “sultan”, are you saying you are a “former actor”?!?

        Kreuk is a smell the fart actress, no matter how much you want to pinch her nipples. She has been nominated for awards in the past and has even won some according to her wiki page. That does not remove the bad smell from the room. There are only so many lead Canadian actresses in a Canadian drama, hardly much to choose from anyway, unlike in the US.

        Her weak emasculated soy boy fanboys and low self esteem fan girls are on twitter going on about voting 100-plus times for her. That is not earned or deserved, that is based on who has the most fans. More fans = more votes.

        She filmed that absolute dog’s abortion of a show, pretending to care about little girls, pretending to combat a pedophile when she knew a real pedophile and refused to even acknowledge his existence when the branding story broke. The only journalist that has called out her hypocrisy is that chick from the Daily Beast and the Daily Mail wrote a piece based on it.

        You don’t care about any bad things regarding Kreuk in NXIVM, what is absolutely known about her role. You would let her drop a steaming turd in your mouth if it meant she would acknowledge your existence. She would not give a fuck if you dropped dead. Just like your masturbating hand. It could not care less.

        Every actor and “celebrity” is a nobody. Hence why they were in a cult.

        You are textbook what this article is about freak:

      • Also, grow up.

        Constantly bashing and diminishing the accomplishments of people is gross and just another form of bullying.

        • It’s in one ear out the other with you “scarrom”. You ignore all the controversy because you want to fuck her. You don’t care what she did and knew about. You just want to fuck this NXIVM cult member you will never have sex with. You won’t defend Hildreth like this will you? Kreuk will continue being called out you little worm and that won’t change.

          • LOL. There is no “controversy” with her no matter how much you want to invent one. She’s moved on from NXIVM. The authorities seem like they couldn’t care less about her. She’s acting and producing in a show and getting accolades for it. She’ll likely settle down soon. I wish her the utmost happiness and success in life.

        • She knew Raniere was a pedophile and didn’t care. Controversy. Kreuk was named in a criminal lawsuit. Controversy. Kreuk was one of few on a private island where the whistleblower said they were plotting financial crimes. Controversy. Kreuk was with the Vancouver branch way after she claims she left. Allison Mack and Mark Hildreth the same. Controversy. You are a disgusting human. Every time you bust another nut wanking off to this creature who wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire, you shit all over Rhiannon, Gina and the other victim girls. You are vile. You wouldn’t even know what NXIVM was if it weren’t for this hoe. STFU with your aspergers ramblings you old fool.

          • Poor guy. You’re cracking.

            Bringing Kristin up in every article here regardless of topic. Stalking Kristin’s social media accounts. Stalking me by Googling my alias. Thinking every person who posts positively about her here is me. Thinking certain people who post on her accounts is me.

            If there is anyone Kristin would be afraid of, it is a lunatic like you.

        • You lost old boy. And you will continue losing. Every person with a history will be exposed. Absolutely nothing you can do about it noodle dick. Ask any impartial person what is spoken of about Kook and they will call her a joke. They all are. And you are a BIG joke. Ask Rhiannon what she thinks. Ally Wack is still online. Ask her what they were up to pre DOS. Ask Mark Vicente. Beam yourself up to hell “Mr Spock”. There won’t be any virgin child brides waiting for you. You are a robotic, aspergers, halal loser. You worship a bit part actress who you’ll never fuck and a god that don’t exist. Sad.

          • To lose something presupposes it was had in the first place. If I never had something i can’t lose it.

            Kind of like the existence of morals and sanity in your case.

  • Dem cankles tho. Seriously, good article Shadow. Reminds me of a quote from Vanilla Sky: “What is the answer to 99 out of 100 questions? Money.”

  • Methinks you underestimate KAR and Salzmans’ abilities to swindle (or “fleece” to be allegorically accurate) their flock as not only a “get rich” but “get control” strategy.

    It’s been reported NX drained ALL of Allie’s assets and legit earnings and Keith took control of her budget and “career” long ago.

    Maybe Allison’s folks mortgaged their lot to the hilt to bail out Allison independently and paid for her defense up until they now have no till to turn to to wrest control of Allie’s defense from Bronfman, etc. paid counsel.

    Maybe, in addition, they are a little frightened of the Mexican mafia — there were tweets betwist Alex Betancourt and Emiliano Salinas about Allie’s canary singing, plus they live rather close to the border and are not among the super-rich who can afford super security.

    You’re correct, certainly, to suggest there’s no hell way Allie or her family could afford her new, additional tippity-top counsel on even a Hollywood star’s residuals, which Allie is far from claiming.

    Please consider, Shadow, that your feelings about Allie are obscuring your judgement. Your ambivalence toward Allie is overly apparent and you don’t count in facts that may go in her favor or conform to a different reality than you might permit yourself to imagine were you not so biased.

    • you underestimate KAR and Salzmans’ abilities to swindle (or “fleece” to be allegorically accurate) their flock as not only a “get rich” but “get control” strategy.

      In following the money Clare and Sara had far more money than Allison.
      Six hundred million versus eight million.
      KAR and the Salzmans would concentrate their money grabbing on the deeper pockets of the Bronfman girls.

      And while KAR and the Salzmans no doubt depleted some of Mack’s money, at no point was Mack unable to afford real estate activities or foreign travels.
      Mack owned a Clifton Park townhouse and rented another townhouse.
      Mack also cosigned the mortgage for Dr. Porter’s purchase of a house.
      You don’t cosign for a mortgage unless you have a good line of credit or good assets.
      And somehow Mack was able to afford a 3000 dollar per month apartment in Brooklyn.

      In 2012 Joe O’Hara listed Mack as possibly being involved in financial crimes like money laundering and tax evasion.

      And speaking of control Mack sure traveled around a lot.
      She had trips to Paris, London, Wales, Northern Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador
      Domestically Mack visited Florida, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit and Washington DC with frequent trips between Albany and Brooklyn and trips to Massachusetts.

      Until Mack’s arrest was she ever without access to a cell phone or the internet?

      It doesn’t sound to me like Mack was the prisoner of Raniere or the Salzmans.

      Now tell me how Allison Mack was the physical prisoner of Keith Rakiere and the Salzmans.

      • First, please tell me WHY Allison and KK were touring around all these exotic locales? And, WHO or WHAT ENTITY paid for these trips?

        That’s good, great research you do, Shadow. The problem is you draw the conclusion too quickly, maybe even before you do the research trying to prove your foregone conclusion, where if you would keep researching with an open mind and heart a different conclusion might emerge that’s more accurate, truthful.

        Allow yourself to discover the truth even if it contradicts your foregone conclusion. You’re lucky you have the skill and the time to find and share the truth. Allow it. Pretend Allie never rejected you. Would you conclude she was taking trips with KK they paid for themselves just for kicks?

    • A decent comment from you. You are right that shadow soy boy has no fucking clue about the Allie Wack situation. Yes a little birdie has been doing some singing. She is very familiar with the LA srea and the Standard Hotels. And yes there is danger to her and her family from south of the border.

  • I think ShadowState is wrong about Sara Bronfman, though I admit that I didn’t read every word of his article and only skimmed it.

    I disagree with his assessment that Sara Bronfman has more of a reason not to fund these lawyers than Salinas.

    Look, every potential benefactor has a “public relations” reason NOT to donate money to any NXIVM defense attorneys since nobody wants the bad publicity associated with publicly supporting alleged sex slavers.

    This includes EVERY BENEFACTOR, including Salinas and Sara Bronfman.

    In fact, if Frank Parlato is to be believed, it was Salinas’ friend Carlos Slim who arranged a meeting between his own guy (Marco Lopez) and Bill Clinton to attempt an ‘intervention’ to ensure that his son Emi is not indicted.

    Salinas is putting his son’s future far ahead of the other NXIVM defendants, which means he has a MUCH stronger reason than Sara Bronfman NOT to fund any defense attorneys for these alleged sex slavers (since doing so might provoke Clinton loyalists within the DOJ to stop shielding his son from indictment).

    Let’s not forget, his own daughter-in-law (that bitch actress) put her Albany home on the market immediately after the bad publicity started, thus ABANDONING her Vanguard when things got tough. Emi is also keeping a low profile and not standing by his Vanguard, hoping not to be indicted.

    The Salinas family has ABANDONED NXIVM already. They have no future in NXIVM. NXIVM is as toxic as nuclear waste.

    So WHY THE FUCK would Salinas jeopardize his son’s future — and his own family name — by funding these alleged sex slavers at a time when his ENTIRE family is already taking steps to DISTANCE themselves from NXIVM? It makes no sense.

    Salinas doesn’t need NXIVM. His son will NEVER again be associated with NXIVM. His bitch daughter-in-law already sold her home and will probably never return to Albany ever again. Emi and Betancourt don’t need NXIVM to poke each other’s buttholes, if they wish to do that.

    Does that mean Salinas won’t fund these attorneys? No, it doesn’t. He might. He could use a middle-man and ‘hope’ that the media never connects him to it. But why risk it?

    Sara Bronfman has a stronger reason to fund them.

    Let’s look at the facts here:

    Salinas is a fucken dirty-ass politician and a lifelong corrupt asshole who has even fewer morals than Satan himself. However, he loves his son and any negative media (about his involvement in funding the defense teams of sex slavers) might put pressure on the DOJ to stop shielding his son Emi. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

    Whereas Sara’s sister, Clare, is ALREADY indicted and has already pledged her public support for Vanguard AND THEREFORE there’s less public relations risk for Sara to fund these lawyers than for Salinas to do it.

    As for Sara being ‘worried’ about being indicted herself if she funds these lawyers, that’s FUCKEN BULLSHIT because if Sara’s behavior in NXIVM warrants an indictment then there will ALREADY be a sealed indictment waiting for her when she steps on US soil again REGARDLESS of whether or not she funds any defense attorneys.

    She has no political connections to shield her.

    The evidence against these alleged sex slavers is coming out no matter WHO their attorneys are, this damning evidence can’t be “silenced” by Salinas’ money so I don’t see any reason for him to get involved at this stage.

  • Kristin Crook has been nominated for an acting award for portraying herself as the saviour of little girls from a pedophile on television. Do the organisers not know about Kreuk sticking with Keith Raniere knowing full well many women came forward and revealed he was a pedophile? Or that she knew full well her cult was a criminal cult involved with financial crimes? Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel. Allison Mack goes to jail but this little liar gets more privilege. Will they give Mark Vicente an Oscar too?

  • Hi, Shadowstate, something just does not add up right? I think you’re right. In fact, I am actually writing my very first article for submission to the Frankreport. My first 2 articles were “impromptu”.

  • “Joe O’Hara’s 2012 lawsuit raised the possibility of financial crimes committed by Mack and many other NXIVM figures.”

    Like Kristin Kook.

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