Bangkok: Frank is over dramatizing things about MDC again, as usual.

By One Night in Bangkok

Frank and his female sidekick, Heidi, have been giving us links to several news stories claiming that MDC inmates were suffering a life threatening situation. Yet after ALL those supposedly ‘credible’ reports of freezing temperatures and inmates nearly freezing after SUPPOSEDLY being refused blankets, NOT A SINGLE inmate actually FROZE.

It’s fishy that everybody supposedly “almost froze” but nobody actually fucking froze.

Imagine the chances of that happening? Call a statistician and ask him if that’s very likely.

According to Frank, he actually believes that nearly everybody at MDC was on the verge of becoming frozen corpses, yet NOT A SINGLE case of frostbite or REAL hypothermia was reported for the ENTIRE MDC FACILITY.

Complaining about a scratchy throat doesn’t count for SHIT.

Not a single toe had to be snipped off for frostbite.

Hey Frank, how can you explain that?

I’ll explain it for you… …It’s because 44 degrees ain’t fucken cold enough to “freeze” an inmate or give him frostbite. Heck, I know people who wear shorts in 44 degree weather. It’s just a tad cold. It’s not life threatening.

If they were swimming in 44 degree water that would be life threatening, but they weren’t. There was also no wind chill inside. It just wasn’t cold enough to put anybody’s life in jeopardy.

Show me a REAL medical report from a life threatening situation this past week at MDC. I want names and details, not just anonymous BULLSHIT (oh, and old people having a heart attack don’t count). If not, then methinks you and your bleeding heart female sidekick are exaggerating your asses off.

FACT: Keith and his fellow inmates had so many extra blankets that they used the extra ones to stuff the vents of their cells.

FACT: Blankets at MDC were so plentiful that they were practically falling from the rafters. MDC was practically a blanket factory.

Fuck this story and the horse it rode in on. It’s a huge exaggeration.

Yes, it was cold at MDC. It was probably very unpleasant too. The cold food was probably not as tasty as hot food. Boo-hoo. But was it REALLY life threatening? Fuck no.

Nothing to see here. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Move along.

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  • BangCuckle,
    Innocent until proven guilty. Most of the inmates could not afford bail. What happens if your falsely accused of crime like many of the people Raniere tried to frame and can’t afford bail?
    Bang you are a droll internet troll.

    Bangcock you might want to consider becoming pen pals with Vanguard. He is as lonely as you are now.

  • The 40 degrees temp reference is listed on Page 3 number 3 bullett of the article I left a link for in my previous comment. It clearly states 40 degrees. Case closed.

  • Hi Numbskull (Bangcock),

    A temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit can indeed cause hypothermia. Just read the following link article from Princeton edu.

    This article clearly states 40 degrees will cause hypothermia and back up my comments on a previous Frankreport article. There should have been hypothermia cases if the inmates truly had not been given proper attire and blankets.

    Attention Scott J !!!! I have found an article that clearly states 40 degrees prolonged exposure will cause hypothermia.

      • Scott, I agree. Raniere and the other inmates have enough clothing and linens to keep warm. Princeton edu needs a better editor. Bullets are in error.

  • Oh. My. God. Bangkok, you’re desperately in need of your BP meds. I can almost hear your heart rate speeding up and exploding. The use of the fuck word can be used occasionally to make a point. Your repeated use of the word just makes you sound like a raving lunatic. Do you really think Frank wants better conditions at MDC for Keith’s sake?

  • What did I just read? “Not a single frost-bitten toe had to be snipped off…” !!

    Are you saying that UNTIL and UNLESS there are DEAD bodies and snipped toes, at MDC? And never mind the extraordinary dangers of the Polar Vortex conditions, the noxious fumes, etc.

    I suppose you’re in favor of giving an increasingly corrupt private industry — nonetheless largely supported by taxpayers — that profits from human confinement all the leeway possible to profit as much as possible by meeting only the bare minimum of necessity to keep inmates barely alive?

    Regardless of the immediate and long term health risks to not only the inmates but general populace through the potential spread of disease and illness, not to mention the impact of hostilities and mental health issues exacerbated by such inhumane, shortsighted foolishness.

    How does that even make sense from a profit standpoint? The inmates who do or DID fall ill will require medical care, etc. And now there’ll be lawsuits to defend…

    As usual, only the attorneys win!

    Say, maybe your friend, Deez’s, could have his friend, Dennis Burke, have Clare fund another lawsuit for KAR this time against MDC? Didn’t someone already start one or file a complaint? Was that Agnifilo or Burke?

    • This is Elite mentality. If the masses sue, who cares the funds come from the middle class tax base since the wealthy don’t pay taxes.
      Illness who cares, the wealthy live in their ivory towers behind walls! They don’t think it will ever come to their door step.
      This article was evidently written by an evil sociopath who is immune to human suffering.

    • Unsure if alcohol is the cause, but there is something seriously wrong with that person.
      Then they comment on their own article as A Nony Mouse or one of their other names.

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