Day Care Center in Clifton Park feels heat Rainbow Cultural Gardens never felt

What a genius -- Rainbow Cultural Garden is the brainchild of Keith Raniere.
It’s interesting how much oversight the Office of Child and Family Services [OCFS] provides to licensed day care facilities – especially when the same agency could not be bothered to inspect the unlicensed Rainbow Cultural Garden daycare site.
A Clifton Park daycare called Bilingual Genius Academy apparently did not have had the political juice – or the ability to offer bribes – that Raniere did.  Or maybe OCFS was too busy during the long years when concerned citizens complained about Rainbow and the Albany Times Union reported their concerns.
Or maybe, like Kirsten Gillibrand, they never heard about Rainbow until after Keith Raniere was arrested.
However, the state license of the Bilingual Genius Academy may be revoked after multiple inspections uncovered violations.  The Moe Road preschool has 62 children and is owned by Katy Mejia. It is a Spanish/English language school.   The Interim Director is Jeanette Savastano.  The school opened in July 2015.

The center’s Facebook page describes it as the “first bilingual preschool … in the NY Capital Region using an innovative teaching methodology.”

This first sex-lingual [7 language] school was founded by that genius of geniuses Keith Alan Raniere in 2006. It is called Rainbow Cultural Garden.

The Bilingual Genius Academy teaches two languages. Raniere’s Rainbow taught seven.

I was queried  by the Times Union as to whether I thougt the Bilingual Genius Academ might be connected to Raniere somehow.  I don’t think so but it is an interesting coincidence that Alejandro Alex El Duce Betancourt owns houses on Moe Road just down the street from this daycare.
And Betancourt used to have a suspicious number of pregnant women – [some of them seemed to be Mexican] reportedly living in one of his homes on Moe Road.
The ‘innovative teaching methodology” and the use of the word “genius” in the name and advertisements of Bilingual Genius sounds a little Raniere-esque. Is there more than one genius in Clifton Park?The violations too seem a little like what a Raniere operation would be guilty of violating – such as not vetting teachers. Rainbow did not vet its nannies.

Still, it seems like a long shot that Bilingual Genius is connected to Betancourt/Raniere.

Besides, if it was Raniere running an illegal business in Clifton Park, local goverbnment and law enforcement always tended to shy away from botheringhis criminal operations.

Indeed, the hometown Senator Kirsten Gillibrand – now babbling about running for president, never even heard of them.

Image result for alex betancourt moe road
Alejandro Alex El Duce Betancourt – is he behind the Bilingual Genius Academay Day Care on Moe Road? Probably not. But he was behind conspiring to send threatening letters to Nxivm enemies, falsely accusing them of extorting him. His chances of being indicted for his role in the racketeering cult seems fairly high.


Keith Raniere probably knew it would end badly for Alex Betancourt. Raniere told Alex that, in his last life, Alex was Benito Mussolini. And we all know how that ended up.

It should also be mentioned that Alejandro Alex El Duce Betancourt is the lover and business partner of Emiliano Salinas – the son of the former president of Mexico Carlos Salinas – and the top dog in Nxivm Mexico.

When Raniere was arrested, the craven Salinas and Betancourt publicly distanced themselves from their Vanguard. But this might have been a feint – much like Emiliano’s marriage to sexpot actress Ludwika Paleta was. The couple practice open marriage. And it has been said of Emiliano AKA Puto Salinas that he is every woman’s husband and every man’s wife.

Of course, this has nothing to do with a daycare operation in Clifton Park.

But here is a chart someone sent me concerning the Salinas circle….

Note how on the left side is Emi’s lover El Duce and on the right is his wife Ludwika. And also Vanny Huber, the DOS slave Emi used as his beard for several years.

While Keith Raniere AKA  Vanguard was on the outside, he was brazenly heterosexual and cravenly jealous of other men. Now that he resides at Metropolitan Detention Center, there are some asking if he has become “gay for the stay?” With Alex and Emi’s help, he had planned to have Toni Natalie and Barbara Bouchey tricked into coming to Mexico where they would be falsely imprisoned and raped and ravished. He failed to lure either woman to Mexico and now, ironically, the big man is in prison himself. It is not known if he is being raped – or to put it more delicately – “anally ravished.”




He went from Vanguard
Not a real photo.

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  • Contrary to popular opinion, I truly hope there are no sexual advances on Keith in prison. I would want him to have no sex. At all. He is an obvious sex addict, so his true punishment would be to have no sex. Rape sounds appropriate for him, but he’d probably end up liking it. I say no gay sex for him. No human touch at all. Let him live out his miserable life in solitary.

  • Riddle me this.
    Keith said he could cure lesbians by having sex with them.
    So what about Allison and Nikki? Or Claire wanting to bed India?
    Or Alex and Emiliano? If Keith can cure women of being lez just by screwing them why wouldn’t he use the same cure for the guys?

    Oh, wait. Silly me.😉 It never was about curing lesbians was it? It’s all about shagging more %$#@&!
    (I self censored so you fill in the blank.)

  • At first I thought that diagram was a hoax, no? Doesn’t look like it on closer examination. Is there a date when it was published? Was this like a knife media project? Or IDK maybe Peterson can explain how the Democrats or PRI benefit from this configuration? (Not sarcasm.)

    Spooky that Run-eerie is truly this close to the PRI fam. got a laugh at the list on the right of Emiliano’s “past lovers” above his wife, wtf, while Alejandro is over on the left with the bonded bro’s. Well, at least maybe Alejandro can still be bonded even if KAR can’t.

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