Judge Garaufis Drops Another Bombshell – And Asks For Even More Information Concerning Clare Bronfman’s Defense Trust Fund

Keith Raniere loved to photograph women. but why?

By K. R, Claviger

You have to love Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis.

Just when the defense attorneys thought they had pulled the wool over his eyes with regard to the Legal Defense Trust Fund that is paying their exorbitant fees, the judge has another “drop the mic” moment.

The most recent one came in the form of another sua sponte order in which he announced that he still has concerns about two scenarios that could arise if the Trust’s corpus – i.e., the sum of money set aside to pay the legal fees of Keith Raniere, Allison Mack, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, and Kathy Russell – is exhausted before the pending litigation is complete.

First, the judge noted the possibility that the Beneficiaries of the Trust (Raniere, Mack, the Salzmans and Russell) may lose “…the ability to retain their current counsel while this litigation is ongoing”.

Second, he noted that the Beneficiaries’ defense strategies could influence the decisions by the Contributor(s) to the Trust regarding whether to replenish the Trust’s corpus – which, as he correctly noted, may raise potential conflicts for defendants’ counsel that defendants need to understand.

Finally, Judge Garaufis also noted that the choices of potential witnesses (who may also be Beneficiaries) may also influence whether the original Contributors to the Trust will decide to contribute more funds.

So, in order to decide these matters, here’s what Judge Garaufis has ordered the defense attorneys to provide to him on or before Monday, January 14th:
• The remaining corpus of the Trust as of the January 9, 2019; – [i.e. How much money is left]
• Whether, in the Trustee’s view, the remaining corpus of the Trust will be sufficient to cover all the legal fees and expenses associated with the representation of the beneficiaries for the duration of this litigation (Not a chance!);
• Additional details regarding the fee arrangement set forth in the Trustee’s counsel’s May 18, 2018 letter to Marc Agnifilo, which Agnifilo submitted to the court ex parte and under seal on December 11, 2018;
• The amount of money that each Contributor has contributed to the Trust as of January 9, 2019; and
• The nature and extent of the relationships, if any, between each of the Contributors and the Beneficiaries. [it is important to note that there is more than one donor to the trust. We don’t know who they are other than Clare Bronfman.]

Cutting through all the legal mumbo-jumbo, Judge Garaufis is raising appropriate questions about the Legal Defense Trust Fund that the defense attorneys are going to have trouble dodging.

Will the judge pull the plug on this arrangement that has more built-in conflicts-of-interest than the number of lies in Keith Raniere’s resume?

If he does – which would seem to be the prudent thing to do in this situation – then “Winter Is Coming” for Raniere, Mack, the Salzmans and Russell.

Viva Executive Success!

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  • I look forward to learning about ‘The remaining corpus of the Trust as of the January 9, 2019; – [i.e. How much money is left]’
    and ‘Whether, in the Trustee’s view, the remaining corpus of the Trust will be sufficient to cover all the legal fees and expenses associated with the representation of the beneficiaries for the duration of this litigation (Not a chance!); although I can’t imagine this information will be swiftly and transparently conceded.

    • I feel dumber for having watched that.
      Go look it up.
      There was no baby in the stroller.
      It was a doll.
      Fake news is painful whichever side it comes from.

    • Nice message, Dennis Burke. Your Mexican clients must be pleased you are here to direct interest away from them, as always. You are a reliable front man, acting in concert with the plan. Muy bueno, señor!

  • I think the judge can ensure the defendants are aware of the risks of using Clare’s (and other contributors) money, but I don’t think he can’t pick court appointed lawyers for them if they want to use that source of funding. To do so would be risking an appeal on the grounds of inadequate representation, regardless of the good reputation of EDNY court appointed lawyers.

  • So what is the plan? To leave us all with no attorneys ? This is outrageous. Clare will never let us down. Neither will Sara. #stopthenonsense

    • Would you rather be let down or pushed off a cliff, Pea? Because that is what is happening so long as the Salinas/Bronfman & Salzman consiglieres control the purse strings.

      Where’s all that “empowerment” training now, ladies? …Allison won’t have a well-clad shoulder to cower from photographers on for long if she doesn’t step up for herself starting with truthful cooperation with investigators.

    • Lawyers via a trust fund (the card deck) are seemingly being shoved towards a cliff by the judge in order that their clients can stand a fair trial. The defendants need to still stand a trial though, that is the problem because someone else holds all the aces (person who paid for the card deck). The rest of the cards need dealt out no doubt by the card deck owner/controller. Will this be fair?

    • Anyone besides myself notice the “us” in this comment by Pea?
      Look, Pea, in the end both Bronfman’s are self serving. In fact they would turn on each other.
      Note, Sara hasn’t stepped foot in the country and has conveniently distanced herself by saying nothing publicly.
      Sara is all ready done with all of you.
      Then again the Bronfman family has always been all about themselves.

      • The Seagrams Building in Manhattan took out a new beefy insurance policy right before the WTC magician trick on 911.

        Clonaid and the Bahai Cult likely have financial ties to these roaches.

        A group of Spanish businesses is trying to invoke a “right to be forgotten” in order to hide their financials which link them to global terror and specifically the terrorists who continue to use Spain as their little backdoor.

        You will have to literally pull teeth to end this clusterfuck of global debauchery.

        I hope everyone has their safety vests on and is willing to lose sleep to deal these slimebags their last seal.

        Also, the founder of LeerJet will harass you on Quora if you ever mention anything about R@ygold. His name is Bill something and his profile picture is of him wearing a baseball cap. It is not a hidden profile. It even says “LeerJet”.


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