Source: Did Raniere threaten Kristin Kreuk when she asked about his pedophilia?

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This is third hand. I trust my friend, but can’t vouch for the two sources I don’t know. My friend once knew a guy who was friends with a lawyer who briefly worked for Kristin Kreuk.

Here’s what my friend was told happened many years ago:

When Kreuk was in Toronto, she was spending less time in the cult and free of Hildreth and the flying monkeys. Her head started to clear and she began to learn about the evil things she never heard of before , or had ignored like she was taught by Nxivm to do.

She sent a letter (not email) personally to Raniere, asking him to explain. He never responded, but his lawyer (or thug) contacted her, threatening to sue her and expose her in the gossip rags if she went public – even though her letter never said she would go public and just asked Raniere to explain.

Kreuk was so shaken that she didn’t contact her regular lawyers, but instead talked to this new one [of Raniere’s]. And he told her, that even though the things Keith threatened to expose were only partly true (I don’t know the accusations), a scandal about this sex cult would be enough to ruin her reputation and career. Her lawyer warned her of NXIVM’s past lawsuits and advised her to promise to say nothing about the cult.

I trust my friend – but I don’t know the other sources that my friend said sometimes told dirty jokes about Kreuk like horny teenagers, so this may be another joke.

So make up your own mind, but it makes sense to me.

MK10ART’s painting of Raniere. He wouldn’t have threatened Kristin Kreuk, or would he?

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  • Now there’s a prime example of an idiot now your printing stuff that you don’t even believe so it might be true I trust my friend but I don’t trust my friends friends dude give it up already now you’re not even believe in what you’re saying I just find it funny but I guess that’s just you going after whoever you want saying whatever you want even though you can’t prove it and you don’t even believe it now you’ve lost all credibility congratulations

  • The only thing this fake story tells me as a result of the comments in response to it, is how bad the education system has become and must be now to make people dumb enough to believe it.

    • You’re blaming the education system for people being unable to discern fact from fiction? That’s hilarious! The proliferation of fake news and alternative facts is being generated by people who were educated many, many years ago and those who believe these fairytales are, for the lost part, grown-ass adults. These very same adults keep spreading the untruths far and wide all over every internet platform they can find until, even the people who created the lie, believe in its veracity.

      The best fiction germinates from a kernel of truth.

  • If this story was true, Kristin Kreuk is now in a better position to speak out against Raniere. So why hasn’t she?

    • There are a number of possibilities, here are some of them:

      1. Perhaps her plea agreement requires her to stay quiet until the trial;
      2. Perhaps she is guilty as sin either she or her lawyer wants her to lay low; or
      3. She’s the coward she has always been, whether she did anything wrong or not.

  • So Kreuk was being threatened yet maintained “minimal contact” with other cult members instead of warning them and cutting off ties with them, such as Allison Mack and Sarah Edmondson? This is an attempt by either a Kreuk fanboy or a friend of hers to shield Kreuk from criticism.

  • Did sultan aka wasabi steak write this? So when did this imaginary letter get written? Years after Kreuk was named in the pedophile revelations and in a lawsuit? What “evil” things did she discover that she didn’t know about before? How did this lawyer who “briefly” worked for Kreuk, know anything about her ex-boyfriend “Hildreth” to mention him? How did this lawyer who “briefly” worked for Kreuk know that these allegations about Kreuk were “partly true”. Sounds like whoever wrote this is trying to protect Kreuk.

  • Sounds possible. Even credible. Still doesn’t take responsibility away from Kreuk to do the right thing and speak out against Raniere. That would have been the moral thing to do. That would have taken courage under fire. If she did write that letter, good for her. But she gave up too soon. A person with unshakable integrity would have pursued the right course and spoke out against him. But we all know Kreuk to be timid and meek as a mouse, so it’s plausible that she stood down and has kept quiet. After all, the courageous character she now plays in Burden of Truth, is just a character, and it is just acting. Wouldn’t it be something if she finally broke free of her timid self (some are calling it cowardly) and grow a spine and finally stand up against Raniere and all his flying monkeys? But then again, I am an armchair quarterback.

  • This is bullshit. The pedophile revelations came out in February 2012 and Kreuk claimed she left in 2013 and retweeted Sarah Edmondson’s claim of 2013 also. Yet, it is a fact that Kreuk was with the Vancouver branch in 2015, the same month she left to finish filming Beauty and the Beast. This sounds like a PR job.

    • I think people are telling the truth. I think she probably always kept one foot in to hope to not get exposed and / or sued.
      Plays courageous on fourth rate TV. Plays vulnerable in interviews.
      I wouldn’t be surprised at all if you are correct, and it is a PR stunt to try to get people to feel sorry for her. She and her team are probably desperate to try to get people to back off constantly bringing up her associations with Raniere, which anybody with two brain cells to rub together knows was far more extensive than she cares to admit.

    • Sounds like a PR job indeed. I am recanting that this is plausible or credible. She wrote a letter? And stamped it? And snail mailed it? Right. So now there’s no documentation or proof. I’m calling BS as well. She would have emailed it. Or texted it. Or called him. This is (if it’s even true) PR damage control. She’s a millennial for hell’s sake. They don’t write letters.

      • After reading all these xcellent points, I second “Somebody’s” recant.

        Only a carbon dated copy of the letter AND the postmarked envelope would change my mind. This whole, sudden letter thing is starting to remind me of that Smallville episode where Kruek’s character found Chloe‘s love note to Clark in the trash.

        What the heck DID or didn’t she tell the FBI to warrant such drastic measures as a fake letter claim? Wasn’t there a fake Sultan claim about Kruek holding a cult intervention for Allie at one point?

        I’d hate to see Kruek as a co-defendant with Keith, though, as that might strengthen the defence’s “empowerment” and star-sympathy strategies. Sigh.

        Whadya say, Wasabi?

    • you say–The pedophile revelations came out in February 2012 –by that I guess you mean every member learned about it and believed it. So if they didn’t leave then, the thousands who stayed were supporting a pedophile — including those who visit this site?

      • If you are “sultan”, may allah infest your rectum with a thousand fleas.

        Most NXIVM members were not named in that same expose that revealed Raniere was a filthy pedophile cunt.

        Most NXIVM members were not named in a lawsuit regarding financial crimes the same month.

        Most NXIVM members, the same month also were not revealed to of been on Necker Island where the whistleblower said they were planning money laundering.

        Many NXIVM left after that expose. In fact, they were having recruitment problems after the Vanity Fair article came out, that is what the Necker Island trip was said to be partially about.

        Stop being aspergersy.

  • My brother has a friend who’s mother dated this guy who used to work at this place where the daughter of the boss had a relationship with a man who worked at the IRS who overheard a conversation where the name Parlato came up and said something about “tax fraud” and “last night we got him for it”. Or maybe it was, “last night we got lit”. He wasn’t really sure.

    But don’t take my word for it. Verify this winding, meandering, path of communication for yourself and find out.

    In the meantime, I just want to put it out there just because I think it could be true even though it may sound far fetched to crazy people.

  • We’ve been saying this for months now

    Part of the reason why a lot of Ex NXVIM members havent come forward is not because they were complicit or involved with anything but rather the blackmail and personal information Raniere would have on them

    Its why I’ve found the attacks on them to be toxic and counter active

    You would think a site like this, which is run by their former PR guy would know that…but alas

    • Maybe, not saying this absolves her of all or any wrongdoing, but maybe she didn’t email because she didn’t want it found by hackers or investigators if she suspected the suspicious activities were on a level that would someday warrant such. …Which, indeed has come to pass.

      Give the little lady SOME credit for brains.

  • to Frank ===Kreuk was so shaken that she didn’t contact her regular lawyers, but instead talked to this new one [of Raniere’s].

    Correction, she talked to this new lawyer **that she hired to help her deal with Ranier’s lawyer/thug.** Sorry for the confusion

    • What complete bullshit. And when did this imaginary event take place? You do know Kreuk was still coaching at least 2 years after she claimed she left? Are you a fan boy or PR person?

    • So instead of using her regular lawyers she already had, she hired another one “briefly” just to address this fiction? IP address check Frank.

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