Sultan: No evidence that Kristin Kreuk hurt anyone

By Sultan of Six

A poster wrote about Kristin Kreuk and whether she made a sufficient public comment on Nxivm and the women who were branded, writing, “It DOES matter and it matters most to the 100’s of branded and mind-bended, emotionally and physically scarred DOS victims [Kreuk] wittingly or unwittingly helped recruit through her role in Girls by Design.”

There are so many things wrong with this statement. First of all, how would you know? Are you the appointed spokesperson for these allegedly hundreds of “branded and mind-bended” victims who have stated they were scarred?

Second, in order for the first question to be answered, the notion that they even exist and were victimized has to be evidenced first.

Where is the list of names of not just two, ten or twenty of these girls, but the hundreds of them as you have stated – meaning at least two hundred or more? Are we supposed to trust an unsupported claim based on your mere word that they exist?

Third of all, whether Kristin allegedly – wittingly or unwittingly – recruited people does matter because the words are opposites in meaning. By the principle of non-contradiction, they cannot be applied simultaneously.

Also, the word “unwittingly” holds less weight than the word “wittingly” as far as culpability is concerned. For example, in the case of the killing of another human being, the courts of law distinguish between first, second, and involuntary third degree murder.

The latter is rightfully considered less culpable than the first.

Allison Mack with Kristin Kreuk at a Nxivm event in Albany 2009.

Fourth–  no causal connection between participation in GBD leading to participation in DOS has ever been remotely established. A single story related by an anonymous person who goes by the alias of “Jane” establishes no credibility whatsoever for it – anyone can make up a story in such circumstances – and it is jaw-opening laughable that anyone would think so.

“–That debt Kristin Kreuk, INC. owes to those girls to at least explain her own motives for conning them into their present circumstances cannot be counteracted with such blatant hypocritical antics.”

To con implies a malicious intent to fool a person under a pretense of sincerity into believing something of positive value to them would be received, while actually giving them something that is held to be of less value to them or nothing at all. I have firsthand experience because I have trusted others and have been conned before. What did Kristin fool these allegedly tricked girls – assuming they exist – into believing, and where is the evidence for it?

–”It is a shame and a sham!”

The only thing that is a sham here is the blatantly loaded language you presented.

–”not going to erase the reality that that resentment exists. She’s rubbing salt on the slaves’ wounds.”

Resentment by who? It has yet to be established that any of these alleged victims even exist.

–”how ‘bout a sincere statement, Princess? Who’s idea was ‘Sexy 7’? Who wrote the questions for your 12 – 17 yr. old recruits? Who dangled free cameras to take pictures of their sexy selves and send in like that video showing off the sexy adventurous side of the lass who took the prize? And won herself that free camera?”

Yawn. Historian’s fallacy. Even if it is accepted that Raniere provided or helped in designing such questions, none of that means Kristin knew of Raniere’s sexual proclivities for teen girls, nor willfully participated in bringing these girls – whose existence is yet to be established – into Raniere’s harem to satisfy them, which is what you’re obviously trying to imply or suggest.

NXIVM was also a for-profit company that professed to provide programs to help its participants become successful in whatever business they wanted to create, and those who were seen as the leaders or experts within it would obviously offer their help, advice, services, etc., for payment rendered. There’s also nothing insidious about free cameras being given out to these girls, and there is a clear difference in meaning and usage between the words sexy and sexual.

–”What were you and Mark in your past lives again? Didn’t Vanguard ‘recognize’ you?”

Meh. That they bought such idiocy doesn’t mean anything. Anyone can be fooled by someone in his life and it doesn’t matter how smart they are. They just have to give them a chance and be one thing – trusting.

The crucial point in this lengthy rebuttal can be summed up pretty much in one question – who and where are all of these alleged victims that have directly blamed Kristin for an offense?

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Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is the founder of the FrankReport, publisher and editor-in-chief of Artvoice, The Niagara Falls Reporter, Front Page and the South Buffalo News.


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  • Sultan, I understand you not wanting KK’s name dragged through the mud without proof but the troubling thing is you won’t even entertain the thought she may have a deeper involvement. The idea is worth exploring given she was a part of the organization for a number of years and is a high profile member. The whole GBD is very suspicious and it has been reported KAR prefers young girls. Heidi’s sister was a young girl who fell under his spell and she’s dead. She isn’t the only person who is dead. You take a lot of heat for your viewpoint and it could be because you are being just as willfully blind as KAR’s followers. Please give that more than a passing thought.

  • Sultan, these are people who believe that Q-anon is real, so if you expect them to think logically you’re overestimating their abilities.

    • Flowers, it is a shame that the NXIVM-Stormy Daniels-Clinton connection did not make it. The moment someone showed up posting this unlikely theory, it was pretty clear where this one was heading. The ratio of smart people to conspiracy theorist is simply too far on the alt-right side.

  • Sultan’s post is just the counter-point to the original soap opera-like post. It reminds me of the typical late Friday afternoon sign-off, “will Laura’s pregnancy test be postive, will the baby be deformed, and if so, is Troy or Mike the father? Tune in Monday for the continuation of this heartbreaking story. And now a word from our sponsors.” Yawn.

  • Sultan is trying to win with logic and verified facts. That’s nice, but we all know Kreuk knew KR was a pedophile and stayed in the system.

    • She was named in the expose that revealed he was a pedophile rapist. And indeed, she stayed on, longer than she claims too.

    • You are right, Sexy. Sultan is ignoring the 100’s of other girls who were in GND and said the same thing Jane said.

  • Christ Almighty, don’t publish the sad ramblings of this stalker Frank. People with aspergers obsess over things and this person’s obsession is this NXIVM cult member. He is clearly somewhere on the autism spectrum and needs therapy. He is an old man in his fifties at a minimum. He joined the Girls By Design NXIVM site to interact with little girls. He contacted Crook’s father at work and has claimed he is the reason Kreuk allegedly left the cult. He has been stalking her for years. Before Frank Report, there was the Saratoga in Decline blog and he stalked the shit out of Crook there. John Tigue knew he was a loser too. He has been posting anonymously on this site for a few weeks but his robotic aspergers speech is unmistakable to readers of Frank Report.



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