Pea Onyu: Keith advised rightly – for health, hygiene and pleasure – on the benefits of the full bush

[Editor’s note: Please for those who find the topic offensive – DO NOT READ ON. Despite the fact that Pea Onyu may be a troll, ahead on this post lies the true teachings of the Vanguard – Keith Alan Raniere. If you do not want to learn his perspective on women’s pubic hair, please DO NOT READ further.]

By Pea Onyu

What a group of insane people you are. Keith Raniere taught us that evolution gave women pubic hair for a reason.

Here is what Keith taught:

Vaginas are made of mucus membrane, skin that is more delicate than the rest of your body. Pubes are there to cushion our vaginas from dicks, including even Keith’s magnificent one, other vaginas, sex toys, [if you have permission from your master to masturbate] bacteria, viruses, you name it.

Pubic hair ensures our vaginal folds don’t stick together, which can result in rash and infection. It protects our vaginas from friction during sexual activity. And if that weren’t enough, the pubic hair also acts as a natural barrier, preventing potentially harmful bacteria from entering our pussies.

Keith used to say, “Think of it as a homegrown moat working to protect your special castle that belongs to you as queen and me as your King.”

There is more. Keeping our pubic hair gives us protection from STDs. Every time you shave and wax, you create microscopic tears in your skin, which viruses can enter. They’re there, you just can’t see them. If you don’t remove pubic hair, you’re less likely to contract genital herpes.

I can testify to this.

Those tiny tears Keith taught us about that come from waxing and shaving are always there, whether you see them or not, and can lead to infections. Keith was always first and foremost is interested in our welfare.

Another thing I personally noticed is when Keith told me to stop shaving I looked and felt better. I had been getting rid of the supposedly-ugly hair along my bikini line, but replacing it with little pink bumps, which aren’t sexy or comfortable.

And then there was itchiness. Even if I didn’t end up with an infection, there was no way around the awkward feeling of having stubble on – as Keith called it my “nether-lips.”

Most important is that I had a male guru, Keith, who was kind enough to mentor me in total female empowerment. When he personally mentored me, the natural cushion of my pubic hair was most helpful when it came to long sessions with him and one of the other slaves or women he wanted me to help mentor.

My pussy was way less irritated during sex with my full bush protection. I could go longer and harder without ending up quite so raw at the end.

His teachings were spectacular, profound and far-sighted.

Beyond just making sex feel better, pubic hair also helps protect us from getting bacterial vaginosis or UTI, by working as a net that catches the bacteria that flies around during sex. Since I stopped shaving, I get fewer infections.

In addition, imagine the glory for me when after he ordered me to stop shaving and I came back after a few months and Keith really dug my bush. He was the best at giving head. Coincidence? I think not.

If you love pussy, as Keith does – he is not afraid of pubic hair, or having us look like women.

Then Keith taught me another thing. if you have a full bush, you can grab it during sex with your hand in order to pull back the hood of your clit and expose your pleasure button for even more stimulation. Particularly if you have a hooded clitoris, doing this during sex can make a huge difference — you could use your other hand to rub your clit, a vibrator, your partner’s hand … the possibilities are endless.

Keith showed me all these possibilities and then some. [You foolish DOS slaves who had the chance to be his wife and abandoned him and whined to the FBI. You lost the best pleasure garden in the world: Vanguard. You are the ones who lost Paradise, you foolish women!]

For me, after Keith ordered me to go full bush, it made me feel like more of a natural woman. When I look at myself in the mirror, I feel less like a girl, and more like a classic painting. I’ve come to find the hair sexy, rather than something to manage or rid myself of.

I do not shave the bikini line and so at the beach I wear boy shorts. I feel like my pubes are very intimate and sexy, and that only Keith and no other man should ever see them.

That feeling isn’t based in shame. It’s based in pride.

This also proves how advanced Keith is. Since Keith started teaching us to go full bush – and I don’t think it is a coincidence – the full bush is definitely making a comeback. He taught us that we have to alter the way our bodies look, smell, and even taste — for the benefit of his gaze and to give us a sense of true beauty standard.

“There is nothing more empowering for a woman,” Keith taught us, “than to be the slave of the right man and make ourselves his human sculpture.”

We can do this better with a full bush. Is it because he wanted us that way that makes it so heavenly? Partly. But the rest is true. A full bush is the right way to go.

I know I am sticking my neck out writing this, and that Shadow will try to guess who I am and others will mock me, but at this point, it doesn’t matter anymore. Someone has to tell the truth. The government is lying and exposing secrets but telling only half the story.

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  • I keep tellibg people these folks of NXIVM are NOT redeemable and the proof is this so called “essay” by Pea.
    Like attracts like and they found each other, and the most malleable, and created monsters who will go down with the ship.
    Nancy was always like this thus her ease in pimping out her own daughters.
    Allison was a child, misled, into feralness and can never be recovered. Nikki is just plain bat shit crazy.
    The Bronfman sisters are as evil to the core as Keith is. I find no redeeming virtues in the three.
    Let us hope, and pray, justice is done, either legally or in the street.
    Let us wish NXIVM and its so called “tech” to be tossed in the bonfire.

  • Pea – I doubt very much that you are a DOS slave loyal to Raniere, as you pretend to be. I would imagine the remaining DOS slaves would be very careful not to implicate Raniere in anything that could be held against him. In fact, they would be under orders not to do so. Instead, you have at times done the opposite and served as a cheerleader in defending his crimes and perverted nature.

  • Pea,

    I think I know why Keith requires his women to be ultra skinny ‘spinners’ (look it up, if you don’t know what it means).

    Keith doesn’t like gorgeous tall models or full figured beauties with huge tits, like playboy bunnies.


    …Because taller and huge-titted women tend to have bigger and looser pussies, which is why these women prefer guys with bigger and thicker cocks. However, based on his small foot size, it seems likely that Keith is more modestly sized in the pork sword department and his cock may not be large enough to bang these larger women without slipping out.

    My opinion: Keith is probably afraid that his modestly sized pork sword will slip out of their bigger and looser pussies and he’d be humiliated. That’s probably why he only fucks ultra thin spinners with super tight pussies.

    If Keith’s cock was truly magnificent, as Pea claims, then he wouldn’t only bang little spinners with super tight pussies.

    There’s nothing wrong with ultra thin women. However, these women tend to have tiny tits and are nearly flat chested in many cases. …and even when these smaller women get bolt-ons (surgically implanted fake titties), they usually look really fake, almost like somebody sewed two softballs inside their chest. Doesn’t look good because their tight skin just can’t let the fake tits hang in a natural manner.

    I’d rather have a playboy bunny than a tiny spinner who looks like a concentration camp survivor.

    I therefore think there’s a ‘link’ between Keith’s preference for thin women and the size of his pork sword. Just my opinion of course, but it’s based on sound reasoning (his foot size).

    What do you think, Pea?

  • Pea
    Why do you not address the real issues: KAR’s PEDOPHILIA? Heidi lost her sister as a result of it. Isn’t that enough for you to show some respect and not write trash?..

  • I stated I would not make any wisecracks anymore but what WTF did I just read.

    Dude your article reads like it was written by a middle age man with a 4th grade education high on coke channeling the ghost of Larry Flynt.

    Seriously WTF?!?!?!

    I wrote dude because there is no way a woman wrote this article.

  • Let’s stop beating around the bush.

    “if you have permission from your master to masturbate”
    Why does a woman need permission to masturbate?

    “Think of it as a homegrown moat working to protect your special castle that belongs to you as queen and me as your King.”
    Why is King capitalized but not queen?
    And a man’s home is his castle but a woman’s castle is only her public hair.

    Another way to protect against STDs is for men and women to avoid promiscuity or at least for men to wear condoms.

    he (Keith) is not afraid of having us look like women.
    Pea, why doesn’t Keith want women to look like women instead of scrawny flat chested 12 year old girls>

    “as Keith called it my “nether-lips.”
    Pea, you said that Keith was teaching the Iguanas of Puerto Vallarta to talk.
    Does Keith also teach women’s “nether-lips” to talk?

    “He was the best at giving head.”
    Is that why your wife Allison is always sticking her tongue out?
    Is that Keith’s hold on women– cunnilingus?

    If you love pussy, as Keith does
    pea, isn’t a woman more than a pussy?

    “There is nothing more empowering for a woman,” Keith taught us, “than to be the slave of the right man and make ourselves his human sculpture.”
    Pea, this statement sets back women 100 years.

    This also proves how advanced Keith is.
    Pea, if Keith were truly advanced he would not label women as “slaves.”

    Shadow will try to guess who I am
    Pea, I don’t have to guess who you are.
    I know who you are but I won’t belabor the point.

  • “Someome has to tell the truth” ok I will. You simply need someone to think for you and tell you what to do, and you missed 7th grade health class.

  • I really don’t see how this is worthy of it’s own post. Public health service announcement?

    Bush protects against herpes? Lol ok then.

  • Try selling that to all the other women who did catch herpes from Keith Raniere.
    Or is Pea Onyu claiming the NXIVM herpes epidemic was stopped when full bush was instituted?

  • What about average NXIVM women on the striped path? We’re they encouraged to grow a Jackson 5 afro around their cooters?

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