Lena and Sexy 7-12 make points on Kristin Kreuk


Kristin Kreuk started the New Year off on a good foot by offering her thoughts in an Instagram message and picture of herself.

It caused a bit of a stir on Frank Report and here are a couple of comments.

Lena wrote, “I now feel that it doesn’t actually matter if Kristin Kreuk never denounces NXIVM, Raniere, or the Salzmans because, much like Allison Mack, Nikki Clyne and India Oxenberg, her name will forever be linked to this scandal and there isn’t a damn thing she can do about it. Karma can truly be a beautiful thing.”

Sexy 7-12 year old replied to Lena about it not actually mattering.

“Disagree, Lena. It DOES matter and it matters most to the 100s of branded and mind-bended, emotionally and physically scarred DOS victims Kreuk wittingly or unwittingly helped recruit through her role in Girls By Design.

“That debt Kristin Kruek, INC. owes to those girls to at least explain her own motives for conning them into their present circumstances cannot be counteracted with such blatant hypocritical antics. It is a shame and a sham!

No matter how fast those comments calling her out as a hypocrite are deleted — it’s not going to erase the reality that that resentment exists. She’s rubbing salt on the slaves wounds. Frank Report readers and truth seekers aren’t going away anytime soon.

How ‘bout a sincere statement, Princess? Who’s idea was “Sexy 7”?

Who wrote the questions for your 12 – 17 yr. old recruits?

Who dangled free cameras to take pictures of their sexy selves and send in like that video showing off the sexy adventurous side of the lass who took the prize? And won herself that free camera?

Who were you and Mark Hildreth in your past lives again?

Didn’t Vanguard “recognize” you?

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  • Why are we being so soft on Kristin Krook? She recruited girls for DOS, and laundered money from BC, and the lawsuit, this we know, but what about the other things people said here on FR and other places? Why are we forgetting that or ignoring it?

    I’ve read here that Krook was the honeypot girl sent to keep the cops silent on Nx crimes in Albany and in BC too. Cops had to know about it but no charges, why??? Honey Krook that’s why. All those bad things the cops knew about Nx but never any charges, why? And was she maybe the sex toy to bring the Lama to speak. Makes sense. That’s her skill, sex, not acting, her goods looks and sex used to help Nx, and recruit Branson, and get her jobs on TV not her smell the fart acting, gimme a break. Why isn’t anyone posting about THIS? Jane said Krook was trained as a sub by her SOP bf for years so she could use sex for Nx. And Nancy taught her les things too. Makes no sense Mack becomes a pimp but Krook didn’t use her pretty sex skills. K knew the same stuff, inside stuff. What is keeping media from telling the hot story about KK and her sex cult…you tell me. Some guy who worked on smallvile said she was the easiest kunt on the set, that was on FR and other places. Why are we not talking about that. Krook is more dirty than virtue signaling etc, gimme a break. You people who know should write about THIS!!

  • – It DOES matter and it matters most to the 100’s of branded and mind-bended, emotionally and physically scarred DOS victims she wittingly or unwittingly helped recruit through her role in GBD.

    There are so many things wrong with the previous statement. First of all, how would you know? Are you the appointed spokesperson for these allegedly hundreds of “branded and mind-bended” victims who have stated they were scarred? Second of all, in order for the first question to even be answered, the notion that they even exist and were victimized has to be evidenced first. Where is the list of names of not just two, ten or twenty of these girls, but the hundreds of them as you have stated – meaning at least two hundred or more? Are we supposed to trust an unsupported claim based on your mere word that they exist? Third of all, whether she allegedly wittingly or unwittingly recruited people does matter because the words are opposites in meaning. By the principle of non-contradiction, they cannot be applied simultaneously. Also, the term unwittingly holds less weight than the term wittingly as far as culpability is concerned. For example, in the case of the killing of another human being, the courts of law distinguish between first, second, and involuntary third degree murder. The latter is rightfully considered less morally culpable than the first. Fourth of all, no causal connection between participation in GBD leading to participation in DOS has ever been remotely established. A single story related by an anonymous person who goes by the alias of “Jane” establishes no credibility whatsoever for it – anyone can make up a story in such circumstances – and it is jaw-opening laughable that anyone would think so.

    –That debt Kristin Kruek, INC. owes to those girls to at least explain her own motives for conning them into their present circumstances cannot be counteracted with such blatant hypocritical antics.

    To con implies a malicious intent to fool a person under a pretense of sincerity into believing something of positive value to them would be received, while actually giving them something that is held to be of less value to them or nothing at all. I have first hand experience with it because I have trusted others and been conned before. What did Kristin fool these allegedly tricked girls – assuming they exist – into believing, and where is the evidence for it?

    –It is a shame and a sham!

    The only thing that is a sham here is the blatantly loaded language you presented.

    –not going to erase the reality that that resentment exists. She’s rubbing salt on the slaves wounds.

    Resentment by who? It has yet to be established that any of these alleged victims even exist.

    –how ‘bout a sincere statement, Princess? Who’s idea was “Sexy 7”? Who wrote the questions for your 12 – 17 yr. old recruits? Who dangled free cameras to take pictures of their sexy selves and send in like that video showing off the sexy adventurous side of the lass who took the prize? And won herself that free camera?

    Yawn. Historian’s fallacy. Even if it is accepted that Raniere provided or helped in designing such questions, none of that means Kristin knew of Raniere’s sexual proclivities for teen girls, nor willfully participated in bringing these girls – whose existence is yet to be established – into Raniere’s harem to satisfy them, which is what you’re obviously trying to imply or suggest. NXIVM was also a for profit company that professed to provide programs to help its participants become successful in whatever business they wanted to create, and those who were seen as the leaders or experts within it would obviously offer their help, advice, services, etc., for payment rendered. There’s also nothing insidious about free cameras being given out to these girls, and there is a clear difference in meaning and usage between the words sexy and sexual.

    –What were you and Mark in your past lives again? Didn’t Vanguard “recognize” you?

    Meh. That they bought such idiocy doesn’t mean anything. Anyone can be fooled by someone in his life and it doesn’t matter how smart they are. They just have to give them a chance and be one thing – trusting.

    The crucial point in this lengthy rebuttal can be summed up pretty much in one question – who and where are all of these alleged victims that have directly blamed Kristin for an offense?

  • It has become apparent that this website is anti-Kristin and it has the lunatics running the asylum. It is also a fact that the poster who goes by the alias “Heidi” is not Heidi Hutchinson. He/she is merely one of the anti-Kristin posters donning her name. I thought Mr. Parlato was controlling this website to clean it up but he obviously is not. Either he is ignorant of what is occurring here, or he is in on the slandering process of Kristin and anyone who defends her.

    I posted a response to this particular comment which was made on a prior article before it was made into this current article, and I posted the same response in the comments to this article this morning, yet where is it? I have seen multiple anti-Kristin and anti-me posts here. So, who exactly is running this website?

    Why don’t you just come clean with your intentions so it can be known exactly what the purpose of this one-sided representation is so it can be made apparent to everyone who are likely on the fence of wanting to take this website seriously that they cannot so they don’t waste anymore of their time.

    • “Sultan”, this anti-NXIVM website can talk about whatever it wants. It is not like the quran or the PC police at human resourses.

      It’s important that you know that while Aspergers is not curable, there are programmes out there that can help make your life more manageable. Stay away from flashing lights and loud noises. When you have a meltdown, find a quiet space and blast some soothing classical music through headphones. Seek clinical professionals and not your local iman. Is there a support group for elderly aspergers sufferers in your local area?

      Check out this article:


      “he may speak in a flat, robotic kind of way.”

      “If your child [stalker] has the condition, he may talk about himself most of the time and zero in with a lot of intensity on a single subject, like rocks or football stats [or an infidel actress he wants to have rigorous coitus with]. And he might repeat himself a lot, especially on a topic that he’s interested in. He might also do the same movements over and over [like scan the internet for any critiques of Kristin Crook]”.

      Here is another article that is relevant to your condition:


      Frank Report specialises in being anti-cult and does not have any safe spaces for those with your condition[s]. You must remove yourself from the source[s] of your anxiety.

    • So Sultan, since you are having a hard time ramming your pro Kristin dialogue down everyone’s throat you say the blog is rigged huh? I myself have estimated that you have used 15 or more aka’s on this site to do so, to make it seem like your agenda is a overwhelming majority when it is not. Wana take your ball and go home because you cant cheat and win the game? Well it’s not your ball, but you can go home. It is more than obvious what you are here to do! And leave Heidi alone, she has her right to her own opinion and many here including myself find it of great value to this blog. Hasta youmama.

      • I wouldn’t use the term rigged. I would use the term evoking suspicion. A post not showing up on time is understandable. Two times – hey that’s a little weird. Three times – OK WTF is happening? A post not showing up at all in a timely manner when it is posted twice within a span of twenty four hours – that reeks of illegitimacy. Especially when a disproportionate of contrary posts are posted within that time frame.

        I don’t care what you’ve estimated about me. If your estimation skill is as piss poor as your arguing skill, your “spank bank”, bigoted, mental illness, and other put downs, and/or lame gas-lighting and projection attempts, it is nothing to write home about. Claiming every poster who has an alias other than Anonymous – I have posted a number of times within the past few months without filling in the email and name when I stopped using my normal alias – that rebuts attempts to sully Kristin’s character or arguments against her is me every time you think it is me doesn’t make it me, and your constant repetition of saying it is me will never prove it is me nor make it me. The fact of the matter is, even if it is me, it would be irrelevant to the content of what has been posted, because like I already said earlier (Anonymously), an argumentum ad populum – trying to make it appear that there is a large number of people who support Kristin – is a logical fallacy and has no bearing on truth claims. This type of process is part of your ilk’s modus operandi – turn a blind eye to what has been responded to and rebutted, wait a while, then regurgitate the same previous claims, pretend like none of what has already been stated a zillion times hasn’t been responded to and answered, and rinse and repeat the cycle every some days or weeks. It’s hilariously ironic that you malign me for taking on a multitude of aliases when you can’t even use a single one for more than a few weeks, if that. There’s that projection thing rearing its ugly head again.

    • Did the post ever show up? Just wondering. I’m also curious as to why you’re also on the Heidi isn’t Heidi Hutchinson bandwagon. I really don’t understand why people keep questioning her identity when she is someone Frank actually knows. In real life.

      • –Did the post ever show up?

        No it didn’t. Three times it was posted in the past 48 hrs (I tried again this morning) and three times it did not show up.

      • Read the posts, WTF. Heidi trolled him and lied about him and Sultan had not even mentioned her before she did that.
        Why would the real Heidi do that?

    • Agree, Sultan.
      It makes me wonder what is going on when Frank chooses to post abusive or childish comments, but deletes others.

      The comments (such as those by “Advice”), are intended to bully, and are not written out of any real concern.
      Frank must realize that this site is being trolled by a few professional trolls and their many sock puppets, but he continues to post their comments.

      All you need to do is check out the type of twitter accounts that follow Frank Report, and you will understand who these trolls are, as his followers are all alt-right Q-moron types. The altright are well known for abusive trolling and real-life harassment. (They have been documented to harass their percieved enemies just as Scientology does.)

  • Great post, Lena!

    “Wasabi Steak” aka “Sultan” aka “Chaz” writes:

    “We’re still waiting on any evidence of people who actually joined NXIVM from Girls by Design and no examples of people they can name have come forward.”

    This comment is not only a lie, it is a dirty lie to cover the truth it conceals.

    In fact, a DOS slave calling herself “Jane,” for one, DID come forward on FR, albeit anonymously— Frank privately verified her identity — and did state on record that she was recruited into DOS through Girls By Design.

    Granted, “Jane” cannot “be named” —which is probably why you included that exclusion in your false statement to make it appear true when it is only true if one uses the exclusion you made: “cannot be named.” You forgot to add cannot be named on FR or publically.

    Jane CAN be named if Frank breaks his promise or gets a supeona from the FBI — factions of which seem more interested in jailing Frank than overtly using all the information he’s supplied them through FR and other sources they do rely on whom Frank informs.

    Other DOS slaves — and, btw, the Feds have established “DOS” is part of “NXIVM“ if you’re going to use that semantic exclusion game, too — which hasn’t worked in this case from the get-go — may have also come forward in other ways. Maybe even directly gone to the DOJ. You forgot to add, “unless” into your lie universe.

    Who are you Sultan? Are you a pro publicist? Kristin Kruek’s Dad? Chaz, who wished the girls off well on their first GBD weekender outing? And wished he could be there maybe getting off well with them? If only he weren’t so far out of their age range?

    Just a fanboy? On here, on Saratoga In Decline 24/7 nearly 10 years ago, on every Kruek tweet and website there ever be or will?

    Go ahead, regale us with your fanboy crush on KK and semantic and Semitic games. Just keep it clean, pops! Stop with the dirty tricks and lies.

    Pssst: Don’t listen to him, Lena. Speak out, report, be the change, be the Kristin Kruek she never was, despite what her “payroll” says.

    • Jane was verified as a real person by Frank. This is true.
      However, no one knows if she really was in GBD or if anything she said is really true.
      From her over dramatic writing, she comes off about as credible as Pea, with a story as credible as Ben Szemkus and his Stormy Daniels tale.

      • So, now you concede Jane is real but we don’t know if what she says is really true. Wouldn’t that apply to just about every person on the planet?

        Oh, but Jane is not credible because of her “over dramatic” writing, you say. Because her fingers were shaking? Not sure what you find over dramatic under the circumstances.

        Personally, I find Jane to be very credible precisely because the first thing she typed out was a description of her state of nervousness — very appropriate to her circumstances in that moment — among many other factors.

        Jane casually names people rarely spoken of publically and describes the dynamics between them from her perspective and, perhaps, a perspective that she and perhaps others may feel is important for some of the defendants in this case, especially Allison Mack.

        Jane offers many little known details that are true and readily verifiable.

        Jane’s claim that she was in GBD can easily be verified, she provided not only her name but a photo. I believe FR already has researched and verified that Jane was in GBD.

        The FBI and DOJ could have, better have or likely will interview Jane and other GBD recruits who advanced to become DOS slaves.

        Ultimately, Kristin Kruek, Kendra Voth, Mark Hildreth and any others who may have participated in GBD recruitment and leadership are going to have to answer to that and to what degree they knew what was really in store for the GBD recruits.

        Jane describes the justification made to her to recruit the younger girls, the 12 yr. olds, that Kristin Kruek in particular targeted, was “get them while they’re on their knees (younger) and teach them to stand (own and embrace the S&M or BDSM master-slave branding thing) later on.”

        What FR readers want to know, what Kristin’s fans want to know and what her employers should want to know, especially if those employers are the Canadian govt., is what Kristin herself has to say, how SHE justifies her own actions and why she publically lies about GBD not being connected to DOS or NXIVM when it is.

        Did she lie to the FBI, as well?

    • Look at the person who responded saying they dont have any proof they were recruited by GBD

      Vice did a whole investigation back in April and found no link of NXVIM to GBD

      IM sure the Seagrams wanted to co-opt the site as a link to recruit but thats probably also why Kristin and Kendra dropped the whole GBD thing less than a year later

      • Ohhhhh Vice did a thorough investigation!!! That solves everything!!!! What a pair of soiled girl pants you are.

  • Interesting that my response to this article hasn’t yet been posted and multiple people who have posted after I did have shown up first.

  • What Kristin Crook does or doesn’t say at this point doesn’t matter, but not for the reason stated. What really matters is what the Feds have in regards to information involving Crook’s involvement in illegal activities. Everything else is soap opera drama.

  • First, I’m honored to be a subject of a post and second, I understand the need for accountability, especially for the people behind the Girls by Design web site that was specifically pandering towards under-age girls, but I don’t know if we will get it. I wonder if the authorities are looking for any overlap from girls who participated in the GBD site and NXIVM/DOS slaves because then that would be a direct connection and perhaps lead to criminal charges.

    We might just have to settle for the court of public opinion calling out Kreuk’s hypocrisy.

  • People still on this blog think Kreuk is involved despite the accounts of others to bring down NXVIM who have said she wasnt involved and only took classes?

    We’re still waiting on any evidence of people who actually joined NXVIM from Girls by Design and no examples of people they can name have come forward.
    From the 3 people she recruited, 2 have left and only Allison stayed on

    So where are all these recruited girls guys? Where are their parents

    The comments section has lost all sense since she came forward and dennounce NXVIM before that people generally were skeptical of any involement

    But after her March 2018 IG theres been a toxic attack on here by people with no evidence whilst journalists from Vice and NY Times have shown no link to her other than asking Allison to join the classes with her 13 years ago.

    • Wassabi, another alias of the sultan, who tries to overwhelm the comments section with his phony baloney defense of Kristin Kruek. Fortunately all of us can see through it. Just an over obsessed fanboy.

      • Nope. Wasabi has never been me, but you’re welcome to keep grasping at straws. This “I’m all alone” perception that you’re impotently trying to project – that no one else can pose the same questions or can point out the same flaws in posts about Kristin and NXIVM – is pretty pathetic. The truth of a proposition isn’t dependent upon the number of people believing in it anyway. That’s an argumentum ad populum fallacy.

        • “The truth of a proposition isn’t dependent upon the number of people believing in it anyway. That’s an argumentum ad populum fallacy.”

          This is aspergers.

        • After KK leaves Keith sex circle and all of his word salad, she is then stalked by the sultan on social media with all of his psycho babble. Poor girl, she can’t get away from the Babbleonians. Fame sure has its price.

    • Just stop it sultan. Whether you post as wasabi steak, sosalty, anonymous, scarrom, sultanofsix, karl basset, it is the same aspergers nonsense. IP address check please.

    • Wrong. What were in all those envelopes she was transporting between Washington state and British Columbia? Of course, Susan Dones would want to limit Kreuk’s involvement, so they don’t get busted on tax evasion and money laundering charges.
      Susan Dones spoke out for Kreuk to protect herself.
      It’s also a blatant lie to pretend she only took classes when she was an active recruiter and coach.
      Girls By Design speaks for itself. Disgusting.

      • “Susan Dones spoke out for Kreuk to protect herself.”

        Possible. Very possible. If Kreuk was on Necker Island just a year later after Dones left (and claims Kreuk left) where she took part in planning the financial crime of money laundering, it is not far fetched to assume less than a year earlier, she was transporting money across the border for money laundering tax evasion purposes. She would drive four hours and back across the border regularly. That’s a commited cult member. Not to mention, two years after Necker, Joe O’Hara named her as a likely future defendant regarding NXIVM crimes. Everyone named in John Tighe’s expose regarding Necker was also named in O’Hara’s lawsuit. Not a coincidence. Allison Mack too was on Necker and named in the lawsuit. She did not become a sex slaver overnight. She knew stuff, so Kreuk has to know stuff too.

      • Susan Dones has stated multiple times that one of the main reasons she left NXIVM was because certain elements back East wanted her to evade taxes and she wouldn’t do so. This is incongruous with the notion that Susan was allegedly running a tax evasion scheme and having Kristin Kreuk help her which is what you’re insidiously suggesting. This scenario also implies that she was lying about the tax evasion claims against NXIVM. Susan Dones is one of those who have spoken out against NXIVM in the media. Who would want Susan Dones to be made look less credible for asserting significant financial crimes against NXIVM? Existing NXIVM members.

        You’re either clueless, or you’re a NXIVM troll.

        • ….
          Dones also lied about when Kreuk left and refuses to answer why. She is very free to post a message or write to Frank and clarify.

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