Mack’s lawyers say releasing ’embarrassing collateral’ is not serious harm to slaves – so there can be no forced labor charges

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Allison Mack’s lawyers are arguing that she and other slave masters holding “collateral” on slaves, then ordering them to work for free or to seduce Keith Raniere – is not forced labor.

In court papers filed Friday, Mack’s lawyers argue that the threat of releasing naked photos and damning video confessions is not “serious harm” something required to prove someone engaged in forced labor.

“The government argues that Ms. Mack obtained forced labor through ‘threats of serious harm,’ with serious harm being the embarrassment that would result from the exposure of one’s collateral,” Mack’s lawyers write.

“Courts have found, however, that such an outcome, albeit embarrassing, does not amount to serious harm under the statute.”

Mack’s lawyers cite a 2009 case in which a couple tried to sue the Church of Scientology for forced labor. The court in that case found that the couple could have left stopped working for Scientology and left even though they would be ‘excommunicated’ and labeled a ‘suppresive’.

“The threat of reputational damage and isolation from loved ones therefore did not qualify as serious harm,” Mack’s lawyers wrote.

Mack’s lawyers argue that forced labor charges typically involve victims who were subject to “squalid living conditions, extreme isolation, threats of physical harm, lack of immigration status, lack of education, and unfamiliarity with English.”

Nvixm’s alleged victims were “educated, English-speaking adults, who were not forced or compelled to join the organization, nor kept physically isolated, and who could leave the organization at any time,” they argue.

This is the heart of the defense of the forced labor charges. For the ones who the prosecution will present as victims, the defense will show they were subject at most to embarrassment and that these women were intelligent adults who got into DOS voluntarily.

To combat their testimony further, the defense will bring witnesses who will testify that they were helped by DOS and of course nobody felt threatened.

Will it be enough to raise reasonable doubt?

At this point, Mack’s lawyers are hoping the judge will agree with them that based on the language of the indictment – the allegations do not rise to forced labor.

Stay tuned.

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  • This whole collateral vs. blackmail material is damn interesting because you can argue that threatening to publish a person’s nude photos unless they do what you want is definite extortion but then there is also the fact that the victim handed the photos over willingly because that’s one of the requirements to join DOS, which the women knew and understood and did voluntarily.

    At the end of the day I think Raniere, Bronfman, and Salzman are going to jail because of tax evasion and money laundering–the branding and forced labor aspects have too many components of the women choosing to be involved in DOS and the defense will use that to create reasonable doubt.

  • Frank, Scott sure seems to be on a roll – 7 replies out of 22. That’s a third of the replies on this blog post if my math is correct. “Less is more”, Frank.

  • If Ms. Mack’s attorneys believe that publishing nude photos is not embarrassing, then let William F. McGovern and Sean S. Buckley provide nude photos of themselves to be published on the front page of the New York Post.
    How about it, gentlemen?

  • If Clare Bronfman. pays lawyers enough money they will say anything.

    First of all it is not “collateral.”
    Collateral is used by banks to secure loans.
    It is BLACKMAIL MATERIAL pure and simple.

    I’ve read that in the case of Ms. Mack’s collateral there are allegations that Mack accused one of her relatives of engaging in serious criminal behavior.
    I won’t mention the specifics or the person accused as the material appears to be a pure fabrication.
    Ms. Mack and her lawyers appear to have no sense of shame to make an argument like this.

    “Mack’s lawyers cite a 2009 case in which a couple tried to sue the Church of Scientology for forced labor. ”
    Mack’s lawyers cite a civil suit.
    This is a criminal prosecution.

    “Nvixm’s alleged victims were “educated, English-speaking adults, ‘
    So if you are an educated English speaker you have fewer rights than a Spanish or Chinese speaker?

    :To combat their testimony further, the defense will bring witnesses who will testify that they were helped by DOS and of course nobody felt threatened.”
    These are the rich high ranking Mexican members of DOS like Rosa Laura Junco and Loretta Garza.
    These are the women who want guarantees that they won’t be prosecuted if they come to America to testify.
    Junco herself brought Mexican girls to the US to work as slaves and Garza was with Raniere in Puerto Vallarta when he was arrested.

    Rainbow Light? Is Rosa Laura Junco out there “pimping” and “criming” for Raniere?
    Rosa Laura Junco trained Mexican teenage girls the secret teachings of Keith Raniere in her mansion in Clifton Park.

  • Ironically, the release of her own collateral would no doubt result in “serious harm” to her own family but here you have lawyers being paid by a third party who will likely be blindsiding her to the obvious.

  • They appear to be grasping at straws trying to clear her name. Any rough timeframe when the next indictment will be? I’m checking this site obsessively every day in hope!

  • It’s called blackmail, held over one’s head to induce one to perform acts one would otherwise not do of their own free will.

    They extorted services, both physical and sexual through blackmail.

    Keep in mind these top folks in NXIVM knowingly participated in breaking down, bit by bit, one’s boundaries.

    The top folks used NLP. If you study NLP you will soon realize it is used on one in advertising all the time. Read Vance Packard’s The Hidden Persuaders. He showed early on how subliminal messages are utilized.

    I maintain they knew exactly what they were doing, Allison, Nancy, et al, and major proof of that is NXIVM members being told by Allison to seduce Keith.

    Slick, isn’t it? He avoids complicity.

    I am boggled by the fact women betrayed other women over and over.

    For Nancy, it had to be the money and power and yet what decent human would betray the daughters she carried beneath her heart for 9 months? Yet she did and did so knowingly.

    Animals have more decency than Nancy does.

    I maintain none of these top NXIVM is redeemable. Their minds are twisted.

    They do not belong, ever, among the rest of us.

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