Peterson lawsuit not relevant to NXIVM

Jeffrey Peterson [above] is suing Clare Bronfman's attorney, Dennis Burke.

By Laura D. Esq.

In his lawsuit, Jeffrey Peterson said Emiliano Salinas suggested that Peterson take a NXIVM course.  Peterson chose not to do so. 

Emiliano Salinas [via Prorsus Capital] still invested $50,000 in one of Peterson’s schemes.  Maybe that scheme was real; maybe it wasn’t; maybe it was, but things just didn’t work out. 

Emiliano did suggest Peterson take an intensive.  NXIVM higher ups often do that with people they intend to do business with. 

But that seems as far as it went.  Emiliano suggested NXIVM. Peterson declined.  No threats were made for not taking it and, importantly, Emiliano still made the investment despite Peterson not agreeing to take NXIVM courses. 

Nobody said they would destroy his business. Nobody said anything at all. 

Clearly, taking the NXIVM course was not a condition of the business deal. 

According to some reporting in some Arizona media, Peterson may have in one way or another had some fraudulent aspect to his start-up. 

Emiliano may have been angry about that, but I doubt he would do anything serious over a mere $50k. 

I doubt he would use his father’s violent ways of silencing or punishing people for $50,000 – even if he had that power, which I doubt he has.

If he had his father’s power, he would not need to use lawyers to go after people like Toni Natalie and all the rest.

Is there some group of affiliated people who refer to themselves as the Arizona Mafia? Perhaps — lots of people in certain circles come up with stupid name for themselves. 

I would not be surprised if there were suspect activities involving these people, some kind of corrupt use of their official positions; maybe the ability to do influence peddling with others in official positions.   

I doubt they are as bad as Peterson portrays them.

I suspect Peterson saw your reporting, saw the enormous NXIVM scandal unfolding in the news, recalled his minor interaction with Emiliano, and saw an opportunity to put out a story that would be right up your alley and gain traction in the news media, the way some of your reporting does.  

Perhaps he believed if he tarred this group of Arizona people with this NXIVM connection, it would hurt their credibility.

Still, nothing in Peterson’s complaint has the slightest to do with NXIVM, except the Emiliano intersection (and, again, it’s standard practice for higher ups in Nxivm to ask people to take classes as part of the preliminaries for a business deal). 

Peterson did say he feared for his life. He did allege somebody made threats against his life.

A call to the FBI by Peterson is warranted.

Instead, he is suing as a pro se litigant. His complaint seems frivolous. Whatever Peterson did or didn’t do, his story, as told in his complaint, is a mass of disconnected points of facts, is largely incomprehensible and possibly nonsense. 

Virtually none of the alleged facts have anything to do with any civil wrongs and do not support any of his claims for relief. Most of his claims for relief are factually meritless and some are not even real claims for relief. 

If I were judge, I would likely rule the complaint frivolous and make him pay the other parties’ attorneys’ fees.  I might hold a Rule 11 hearing, and if I determined there are things that are false in the complaint, I would add on Rule 11 sanctions and warn Peterson that if he files anything like that again, he will be deemed a vexatious litigant.

Regardless, and most importantly to your readers, there is pretty much nothing about Peterson’s story that is materially relevant to NXIVM. 

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  • Thing is, you are not a judge Ms Esq, nor are you likely to become one with your cant about section 11, which sounds like the whiny wishful thinking of a criminal on the verge of being caught, and nothing like the measured thought of a legal practitioner, at all, at all.

  • I finally got an answer back from Craig Harris, the “journalist” who authored the hit piece of Peterson about a year ago. Here’s the conversation, so far:

    Dec 18 at 8:20 PM


    Jeffrey claims your article from about a year ago was a hit piece. Do you have any comment on the video towards the bottom of this website?

    Scott J

    Dec 25 at 10:26 AM


    I brought up the fact that you haven’t responded to my email on my radio show. Thanks for showing your true colors.

    Scott J

    Harris, Craig
    To: Tex

    Dec 25 at 10:59 AM

    Merry Christmas

    Sent from my iPhone

    Dec 25 at 12:42 PM

    Merry Christmas to you as well, Craig. Did you hire a lawyer yet?

  • Oh..and I should add that it was easy to make this clone switch. She was switched while Donnie was sitting on his throne, tweeting. He never noticed a thing….

  • Lawyer Laura writes:

    “Emiliano may have been angry about that, but I doubt he would do anything serious over a mere $50k.

    I doubt he would use his father’s violent ways of silencing or punishing people for $50,000 – even if he had that power, which I doubt he has.

    If he had his father’s power, he would not need to use lawyers to go after people like Toni Natalie and all the rest.”

    Sister Heidi begs:

    ….ER, exactly what amount above a mere $50K *would* Emiliano have to be angry over to resort to his father’s violent ways??!! How well do you know Emiliano, Lawyer Laura? Do you represent him? How ‘bout Clare Bronfman? Know her? Rep her?
    Know that there WAS a conspiracy to use Salinas-style silencing and punishing tactics on Toni Natalie and others in a Mexican prison w/o the need for Emiliano to use lawyers, as you say??!!!

    I were Toni, I’d be getting restraining orders north and south of the border based on the admissions in this post!


  • I would be willing to bet money “Laura D. Esq.”, the “author” of this article, is another Dennis Burke alias. Who else would be incentivized to author such an article which goes so far out of its way to discredit Peterson? Burke is already accused of publishing under pseudonyms on this message board. Then, the first comment is posted by “DeezNuts”, who everyone already has determined must be Burke. Looks like more efforts by Burke to manufacture propaganda. If nothing else, Burke seems to have a lot of extra time on his hands. Would be hilarious if he’s billing Clare Bronfman hourly attorney fees for authoring these posts on FrankReport.

  • Why is the cloning issue so outlandish? Cloning, designer babies it’s here and it’s now. The reality is as a society we need to have the conversation and get in front of the issue. If I recall correctly the Chinese may have already crossed a line

    • I beginning to think Flowers had it right — they’re not just cloning for inflated ego or military purposes — the clones are for them to have the duplicate serve prison time in their stead.

      • Would a clone would have the same fingerprints as the original? I doubt it, even identical twins don’t. And how would you clone someone someone to be the same age? You would have to do it when they were infants. And how do you swap the clone? Only the real one would know the information about what happened. There are so many holes in this theory it makes Swiss cheese look like Trump’s wall.

        • It’s true that identical twins are not totally identical and that their fingerprints don’t match- but who knows if that’s also true with clones, since human cloning has not yet been done (at least that the public is aware of.)

          But I think if Pelosi and her evil Democrat friends have really figured out how to clone a human , they could probably figure out how to rapidly age that clone to the desired age, too.

          I assume they may have already accomplished this feat.. .as that would explain why Melania appears to be a robot. She’s probably a clone programmed by the Democrats and being used to spy on Trump.

          The real Melania took off years ago, and is currently living in a tropical paradise with a hot, young, sexy guy…

    • Come on Mitch, it’s funny….especially the way Peterson wrote about it on Twitter. I really think he was trying to make it sound as if Clare’s tropical island resort was where all this cloning action is taking place. IMO he was trying to connect NXIVM to the Democrats and to make it sound as if that is the reason he’s being threatened (his knowledge of these secret experiments).
      But I haven’t heard his interview with Scott yet, so maybe that will clear it all up.

  • Exactly what I have been saying.

    Peterson is un poco loco. He ripped off $10 Million dollars of investors money (mainly elderly folks). Spent it on hookers, steaks, strip clubs, First Class air, donations (aka Bribes) to celebrities, coke, and Cristal. He basically partied for 2+ years.

    Now, all the money is gone. There is no invention, no product, no website, no online loan service, no patents, nothing, zip, nada, zilch, nutin, zero.

    Except now, Peterson says, “Boo whoo. It is all Dennis Burke’s fault. And the Arizona Mafia. They made me do it. They shut down my valuable business. All the money is gone because of them. The Devil, um I mean the Dennis, made me do it. Blame it on the Prince of Darkness, not me”

    Sure thing Jeff. Are you trying to get a featured episode of AMERICAN GREED? Sure looks like it.

    You wanted publicity? You got it.

    • Do you have any proof he spent the money on hookers, drugs and booze?

      Maybe he donated some cash to a good cause, such as the Tropical Island cloning research centre.

      • Those claims fail while calling in to question the credibility of the accuser. Anyone who has known or followed him is aware Peterson has never drank alcohol in his entire adult life. Much less been a drug user.

    • AZ did you really call Burke the “Prince of Darkness” and a Dennis the “Demon” as he suggests? Or are we to take this as an admission by Burke?

      • Practically speaking, Burke in AZ is a lot closer to the kind of Mexican cartel/AZ Mafia product he accuses Peterson of abusing for 2 years.

        And what fine substance might have someone talking “Devils” and “Prince of Darkness”?

        Betcha Santa’s not the only elf laying a finger aside of his nose in the Burke household this Christmas Eve! ⛄️ Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

      • “Rule 11 hearing, and if I determined there are things that are false in the complaint, I would add on Rule 11 sanctions and warn Peterson that if he files anything like that again, he will be deemed a vexatious litigant.”

        Most definitely written by a lawyer. So, “Laura’s” not lying about being a lawyer. But why would she insist Emiliano didnt need a lawyer to perpetrate the crimes he may soon be indicted for? What lawyer is Laura protecting who for sure wasn’t involved in Emiliano’s alleged crimes?

        God Bless you, Burke. You’re f’ed on all sides. Find Jesus, man. Vanguard would say you’re disintegrating into your Luciferian nature, fast.

    • Peterson ate steaks? Beef steaks made of cows? …That bastard!

      Doesn’t exactly look like Burke stuck with the NX Vegan diet, himself, but an ethical humanitarian would never eat cow.

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