Why did hot women flock to fuck an ugly fat dude and become his slave for life?

Keith addresses his devotees

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Guest View by Hot Sauce and Pizza, Pussy sans Garlic —

I’d like to see Heidi write an in-depth article that deals with the issue of WHY?

Why did ALL these young and pretty women fall head-over-heels in love with a guy who was:

a) never good looking

b) never thin or in shape

c) always short like a midget

d) always geeky looking

e) usually unshaven and homeless looking

f) had bad hygiene and smelled of B.O.

g) had bad breath

h) had a head the size of a prize winning pumpkin

i) had nasty looking square feet

j) based on his small and square feet, likely had a ‘chode’ inside his pants (e.g. a cock that’s very short length wise but super wide), thereby making it nearly as wide as it is long.

Footnote: I have no proof that his cock is small length wise, it’s just a guess based upon his small foot size. Based on his foot size, I doubt he’s packing a foot long hotdog. I’m guessing he’s got a chode.

I’m not buying the argument that Keith bagged all of these hot women by bragging about his IQ test results.


Because lots of guys try to get laid by hot women EVERY NIGHT by making all kinds of bullshit claims about how smart or successful they are. That’s not an original way to get laid.

…and most guys usually strike out more times than they succeed when using this approach (and even when they do get laid, the women don’t usually fall head over heels in love so easily).

Yet with Keith, all of these hot women gave up not only their pussies, but their hearts and souls to Keith for LIFE.

Methinks there’s more to the story here that’s not being reported.

I’m also mystified by the fact that Frank reported that most coaches and proctors made less than 25k-$50k per year from NXIVM, which means there’s no real ‘career’ in bedding Keith for life. So money couldn’t be the reason.

Something is missing here.

Using the “boiling frog” analogy is cute, but it really doesn’t explain why hot women flock to fuck an ugly fat dude and become his slave for life.

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  • My two cents: People fall in love with what they want to see, what they think they see. KAR came across as gentle, caring, intelligent, well intentioned, and supremely attentive to his target. Many women fall madly in love with men who are not traditionally attractive. It’s what they think is there, inside.

    Remember the beautiful words he wrote in his lovelorn letter to Toni Natalie? They were all lies; contrived to bend her to his will.

    In saying this, I am not discounting competitiveness (to sleep with the boss), a desire for prestige, or jealousy. Women are sadly prone to those things also.

  • Many of these women had self esteem issues and were more susceptible to mind bending and pleasing others. Also, it’s a known fact that looks aren’t as looked upon as important in a woman’s attraction to a man, where status, personality, confidence, humor, intelligence, etc., are often seen as more so. Plus, women are emotionally manipulated more easily than men. That’s why the demographics of cults are like 70/30 women to men. It’s the men who have characteristics that exist more predominantly in females, e.g., compassion, nurturing, etc., that tend to be the same way. Remember, women were mind bent to believe under contrived circumstances by his flying monkeys that he possessed all these characteristics even if he didn’t. Perception has more potency than actuality in the short term. So they were already predisposed to see him in a certain positive way.

    But meh. It’s not difficult to get sex these days. Women give it up easy nowadays, sometimes on the first date. None of the women Raniere slept with are anything special. It’s the women who are really good looking, good nurturers, and have some brains that are the ones that are hard to get. They’re the ones who are effectively Nature’s selectors, and by extension, the selectors of men.

    • Interesting observation. Particularly this: “It’s the men who have characteristics that exist more predominantly in females, e.g., compassion, nurturing, etc., that tend to be the same way.” Look at the men in NXIVM and one thing that strikes you is how WEAK they all look; they all look like stereotypical cucks. I doubt there were any Chads in Raniere’s clique.

  • Because he had the ability to identify their insecurities and use these insecurities as a manipulation tool. He might have exaggerated everything else in his life, but the ability to manipulate is a powerful thing. Many of these women were competitive, narcissistic, and craved approval. He knew this and used it.

  • Why is it so hard to understand that they didn’t just fall for him the minute they saw him? They gave their lives to a cult by being slowly sucked in. So slowly that it wasn’t obvious. They gave up every aspect of their lives and were in very deep. Every day, outside of cults, people are dating dickheads/weirdos/unattractive people and that’s without brainwashing.

  • I would add to your list

    They gave him their life savings

    I couldn’t agree with you more ….

    It is a complete mystery to me how any woman could be attracted to Keith or fall head over heels in love with the likes of Keith.

    I found him to be physically exactly as you have described him and intellectually mediocre.

  • What yoy don’t get is it is like the frog in a pot but those that stay are the ones most suseptible to this programming.
    Bit by bit the outside world slips away and the cult becomes ALL!
    When all your bridges have been burned where do you go? So you invest more in the cult, hoping against hope you will finally get IT because everyone around you gets IT or so it seems.
    What you don’t know is they have the same doubts as you.
    Where do you think these folks from NXIVM, Scientology, etc, where do you think they will go once the flood gates are opened? Home? Friends? Careers? Family?
    All gone because they were sacrificed for the cult leader.
    Unless you have been there, and I have, you do not understand.
    I survived, got out because I had one ladt bridge I did not burn though I had been pressured to do so.
    Too many of you pontificate of that which you know nothing of.
    Ask me. I know. I understand.

    • Keep talking g. There’s an Indian, or Native American (to be PC) saying that you can’t understand a man (or woman) until you walk a mile in his (or her) mocassins.

      God willing fewer will find themselves taking this bizarre trek into cult land but for those of us who’ve been down that loathsome road and survived, we get it and need folks like you to help explain it to all the fools who think themselves impervious, who think they could never be lead astray.

  • PUAs, Game, NLP, all been around for like 30 years. Geubby little cult leaders getting prime poon, guys like Charles Manson, Osho, the list goes on. You really can’t understand? Gentlemen, dont be jealous he got women to do whatever he wanted when you cant even get one to kiss you.

    Keep your eye on the prize. He’s a criminal and a scumbag. Doesnt mean you cant lewrn anything from him. Even Hitler had something to teach.

      • Sure it is. One way is to use the emotional refractory period. When you shift a persons emotions, you automatically shift there perceptions making them more open to suggestion. You simply put the target in the state of mind that is most beneficial for you to get your outcome. This is the foundation of any hypnotic induction. Sure, there are several other little hacks you can use to stack your techniques making you more influential, but I’m not writing a book just answering a simple question.

  • Not sure why this was printed, but I hope Heidi doesn’t dignify it with a response.

    Everything Keith did was for a reason.

    Sounds like Mr. Guest Poster is having trouble with the ladies. May I recommend you read The Game, or any of hundreds of similar books/websites to help give you a clue.

  • In a country where 70% of men are overweight, it is perfectly normal to see women hanging on the arms of gross fat guys. No mystery there.

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