Pea Onyu is back: Defends Anthony Bruce and William Savino for doing Raniere’s bidding

The dumpy Willie Savbino with the svelete Clare Broinfman.

In a comment, in response to K.R. Claviger’s post, DOJ Public Integrity may investigate: Former AUSA Anthony Bruce knowingly presented bogus Bronfman contract to Grand Jury in Parlato case, Pea Onyu had this to say:

By Pea Onyu

This is obscene. Billy Savino and Tony Bruce did everything in their power to try to help us and stop this evil man Frank Parlato who has hurt us all and destroyed Nxivm.

If he had been stopped in 2015 with the indictment, he would not have destroyed Nxivm. It was in 2017 that he wrote his filthy lies about the Vow and turned something beautiful into something ugly.

He had no respect. It was meant to be sacred and secret and he told an uncomprehending public about something only a rarified few could ever understand.

This is the same case of the Jews in the basement. The Vow needed to be kept hidden like a treasure from the vicious and brutal Moira Penza. Billy and Tony merely tried to stop the Nazi Frank Parlato before he came to kill all the Jews. They did the Vanguard’s work to help all of us.

Suppose they could have stopped Hitler before he started the concentration camps? Suppose they could have stopped Parlato before he started the Frank Report? That’s what Tony and Bill were trying to do. Don’t you understand ye who know and understand so little that Vanguard foresaw that Parlato was evil and would rise like the serpent to destroy us all?

He tried to stop the Nazi before he began the Frank Report. Because Keith knew the wicked one was evil. Frank Parlato is a Luciferian. Tony and Bill did their best to help. They did what they could. They got him indicted but the corrupt system dropped the charges.

What difference does it make if Clare and Sara signed the contract or not?

Parlato is the Nazi hunting us.

Keith understood the threat Parlato would become. He used his intelligence to stop that threat. Tony and Bill tried to help, but they could not overcome the corruption of the system. The crime here is that Keith is in prison and Parlato walks free.

In Mexico, this would have never happened. You talk about third-world countries. In Mexico, they would have stopped this blasphemer.

Parlato would be in jail or dead and not the wonderful Vanguard. The USA is the backward country. The smartest man in the world is in prison and the worst Nazi who ever lived is free.

Now you ask for two good men – Billy Savino and Tony Bruce – to suffer for helping exterminate a man worse than any Nazi? How dare you?

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  • Has Pea let her mask slip and confirmed that she is, in fact, Mexican? She has knowledge of the place after all… Feliz Navidad, Pea!

  • For once, I agree with Sweet Pea. Frank Parlato is not only a Luciferian but one of the highest order of deceit. Vanguard recognized Frank as the most magnificent Cambodian King reincarnate who might have gone on to joyfully rule the GBD “Gone in Saigon” slaves under Master Allie as Vanguard envisioned, but Frank’s pride, like Toni Natalie’s, plunged him into his demonic, dark-winged, disintegrated state where he will surely end in prison if not justly killed. But unlike the brave moth that flies too close to Vanguard’s bright light and dies for its beliefs, Parlato chose the dark side. Oh, how the mighty shall fall!

    The evidence of Frank’s Luciferian sinfulness lies before us! He accuses righteous men and noble heiresses he swindled of his own wrong-doing. He made an adulteress of one of Vanguard’s vowed. He cavorts with MAGA millionaires, in cahoots with Satan himself.


  • Please. No more Pea Onyo posts. Please? There’s no need for this here because it’s insulting to those who are wrapped up in this mess and who have lost others. In many ways, this forum has become a means of making sense of what has happened and also paying tribute to those whose lives were lost or damaged because of Keith.

  • Really? Hitler’s state killed 6 million Jews and millions of others died by murder and on account of the war he started. Frank is just looking for justice for a few hundred people lined up against a few hundred others. And unlike KAR he’s never claimed to have others killed.

    The really sad part is if Pea is Nicki. She played a whiney space cadet on TV and it seems as though art only imitated life based on this post.

    Shame on her.

  • This person, Pea On You, is either a joker faking the extreme support of NXIVM, Clare “Gaunt Horse Face” Bronfman and Little Lord KAR or is totally delusional and might need some psychic help.

    Proclaiming to be such a deep supporter makes Pee look like a total idiot. You cannot break the law, lie in court, set people up for false arrest and buy off people to protect your criminal organization and get away with it forever. Little Lord KAR finally burned his house of card when he started to collect collateral and brand women. It was the line in the sand that finally sent in the DOJ.

    Finally those at the top of NXIVM criminal organization are facing their Karma. There was never a mission to “save the world”. The real very well hidden “Mission” was to allow LLKAR have as much joy destroying people lives who would not serve/worship him or support his criminal behavior.

    Pee, maybe Little Lord KAR will marry you so you can have conjugal visits with him after his is found guilty and goes to a prison that could allow them.

    Pee, I hope you are a witness for LLKAR so the jury can see just how batshit his closest supporter are.

    Pee you need to repeat Blame and Responsibility and do a sourcing to get to the bottom of your delusion around your Master. Oh, wait NXIVM is dead.


  • Pea – Likening Frank to Hitler is utterly ludicrous. Frank has never committed genocide. On the other hand, your wonderful Vanguard used his first line slaves to inflict starvation rations on other slaves and instead of a concentration camp number tattooed on their arms, they were branded over an unusually long period of time. I tend to believe that you are simply a troll but, if you are what you say you are, one day in the future reality will hit you and when that time comes I sincerely hope that you are strong enough mentally to overcome the damage.

  • Frank Parlato who has hurt us all and destroyed Nxivm.

    Pea:FYI, NXIVM was destroyed by the evil acts of its leaders.
    he wrote his filthy lies about the Vow and turned something beautiful into something ugly.

    Pea: what is uglier than the fraud, coercion and blackmail practiced by NXIVM’s Vow?
    There is nothing beautiful about the Vow.
    The Vow came from the Bowels of Keith Rainere and Allison Mack.
    He had no respect. It was meant to be sacred and secret and he told an uncomprehending public about something only a rarified few could ever understand.

    Pea: Frank Parlato took no oath of secrecy
    Moreover the public can figure out that the Vow was created by force, fraud, coercion and threats.
    the vicious and brutal Moira Penza

    Pea: when did Moira Penza brand women while holding them down by the breasts the way Allison Mack did?
    Suppose they could have stopped Parlato before he started the Frank Report?

    Pea: Frank Parlato only started the Frank Report as a response to the needless brutal persecution he was subjected to by the Bronfman sisters and Keith Rainere.
    What difference does it make if Clare and Sara signed the contract or not?

    Pea: every state has a Statute of Frauds determining what is a valid contract.
    If Frank Parlato recovered money on behalf of an oral promise of the Bronfman sisters, then he should be paid for it even if the sisters failed to sign the contract.
    Statute of frauds
    The statute of frauds refers to the requirement that certain kinds of contracts be memorialized in writing, signed by the party to be charged, with sufficient content to evidence the contract.[1][2]
    Pea: ALL of the English speaking nations have the Statute of Frauds and exceptions to the Statute.
    Parlato is the Nazi hunting us.

    Pea:Frank Parlato is NOT a Nazi
    Pea: In the spirit of the Christmas season I will wish you and your spouse Allison a Merry Christmas.
    Pea: I will also wish you and your spouse learn the difference between right and wrong and that SLAVERY IS ALWAYS WRONG!

  • bless your sweet heart that you continue to believe all of this nonsense you write. If Keith were all that you claim him to be how is it that he remains incarcerated? I’ll tell you: due to all the DUMB decisions HE made beforehand. Do you really believe that someone who claims to be the smartest man in the world would be in his predicament? The entirety of your position that Frank is a Nazi out to destroy Jews is ludicrous. Tony and Bill became criminals simply for a slice of the Bronfman’s cash, all of which Kevin will prove soon.

  • Wow…pretty degrading comparisons for anyone who actually suffered through the devastation that was nazi Germany…persecution that I dont think the author should claim to understand first hand…Tone deaf indeed.

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