DOJ Public Integrity may investigate: Former AUSA Anthony Bruce knowingly presented bogus Bronfman contract to Grand Jury in Parlato case

Former Assistant US Attorney Anthony M. Bruce

How Much Was Bruce Paid?

Former Assistant US Attorney Anthony Bruce, from the Western District of NY, led a grand jury to indict Frank Parlato on November 20, 2015.

Bruce likely suborned perjury to do so.

Bruce was accused in the past of suborning perjury – and was almost disbarred – over his prosecution of the Chosen Few Motorcycle Club in 2011.

In the Parlato case, the focus of Bruce’s suborning perjury centers around a “Letter of Intent” [LOI], a proposed contract, dated January 2008, signed by Parlato, but never signed by Clare and Sara Bronfman.

Their failure to sign meant it was not a fully executed contract and, therefore, not enforceable.

That is not something Bruce bothered to tell the grand jury. In fact, Bruce misled the grand jury into believing it was signed by the Bronfmans.

Click here to see the Letter of Intent. Note this is the copy the US Attorney provided the grand jury and is stamped. Note Bronfmans did not sign it.

Bruce made his fraud case against Parlato with the Bronfmans based on an unsigned contract that he led the grand jury to believe was signed.

He called Clare Bronfman to the grand jury to testify about the LOI in 2011.

Knowing there was no signed LOI, he showed Clare Bronfman the unsigned LOI.

He asked, “And this was at least the initial agreement between you and your sister and Mr. Parlato?”

Clare answered: That’s correct.

Bruce said: There is a signature on the last page, It appears to be Mr. Parlato’s?

Clare: Yes.

Bruce: But there are no other signatures on the document.

Clare: Correct.

Bruce: Do you recall the document actually being entered into? [i.e. signed by her and her sister]

Clare [perjuring herself]: Yes.

When he showed the grand jury the LOI – it was more than three years old. Nether party was operating under its terms. Yet Bruce weaved a tale of Parlato defrauding Bronfmans based on the terms of the LOI which he knew was not signed by Bronfmans.

He knew that neither Bronfman nor Parlato were obligated to perform on an unsigned contract.

Bruce also knew the grand jury would not independently investigate the truth of his assertions. In short, Clare committed perjury. Bruce suborned her perjury.

Before Parlato was indicted, when pressed by Parlato’s defense attorneys to explain how they could indict Parlato based on a contract that never was executed, Bruce claimed [on September 18, 2015] that he had a signed copy of the LOI.

When asked to produce a copy, he claimed he could not find it.

One of Parlato’s defense attorneys, Carol Heckman, wrote to Bruce on November 10, 2015 – 10 days before Parlato was indicted: “The Government claimed to have a contract with the Bronfmans that our client purportedly violated (somehow criminally). However, the Government does not have such a document, and the Bronfmans themselves have sworn it does not exist.”

Former AUSA Anthony Bruce had an unsigned contract that he may have pretended before the grand jury was an executed contract. This may be prosecutorial misconduct. Frank Parlato was indicted with the Bronfmans being named as victims apparently based on a bogus contract which AUSA Bruce knew was bogus.

Parlato’s lawyers showed Bruce sworn statements by the Bronfmans – made under oath in civil litigation – testifying they never signed the LOI and that there was no written LOI agreement with Parlato and them.

Why did Bruce do it?

On August 20, 2015, Bruce told Parlato’s lawyers that Bronfman’s attorney, William Savino of Woods Oviatt of Rochester NY, was pressing hard to have Parlato indicted on behalf of the Bronfmans.

The Bronfmans are known to pay fees for indictments. Savino and Bruce are friends and colleagues.  They teach classes at the University of Buffalo law school – as adjunct professors.

Maybe it was a favor to his friend. Or maybe Bruce received compensation for indicting Parlato, directly or indirectly, from the Bronfmans.

Did Savino receive compensation for Parlato’s indictment?

That seems likely.

Savino knew the LOI was not enforceable.

Savino signed a verified complaint for the Bronfmans on April 2, 2012 stating there was no written agreement between Parlato and Bronfmans.

In other words, three years before the indictment, Savino swore in a document in a New York State Supreme Court civil lawsuit that the LOI was never signed and was not a valid contract.

Yet Savino knew Bruce indicted Parlato based on the [bogus] LOI.

The two men colluded to falsely indict Parlato.

Did money change hands?

Now that Kevin Trowel – with the US Attorney’s Public Integrity unit – is involved, we may indeed find out.

Don’t be surprised if Bruce and Savino are indicted.

Image result for dennis vacco

Former New York State Attorney General and US Attorney, Dennis Vacco represented Parlato. Vacco argued that the government wrongly asserted theories of criminal liability which included mistaken identification of critical documents. [i.e. The LOI]

Image result for carol heckman

Former Magistrate Judge Carol Heckman also represented Parlato. She wrote to AUSA Bruce that she would provide “evidence [which] would prove that … the Bronfmans were not victimized by Parlato. It did not matter to Bruce.

One month after Parlato was indicted, Bruce announced his retirement from the US Attorney’s office.

Frank Parlato was Anthony Bruce’s last indictment.

Sometime after Bruce retired, the DOJ dismissed the Bronfman charges against Parlato.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if Bruce is indicted because of Frank Parlato.

William Savino and Clare Bronfman head into court to try to destroy an enemy of NXIVM. Ah, how the tables have turned– It is now Clare who is indicted and Savino likely under investigation for conspiring to fraudulently indict Frank Parlato.

Image result for Kipling the sins you commit two by two you pay for one by one

In the words of Rudyard Kipling, “For the sin they do by two and two they must pay for one by one.”

Just ask Keith Raniere.

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Pea Onyu
Pea Onyu
4 years ago

Bill Savino is the best lawyer Nxivm ever had. He was loyal and remains loyal.

4 years ago

Frank, I am sorry for my previous flippant comments. I did not realize what a screw job was done to you. I am sure you could not care less but I wanted to say sorry all the same.

4 years ago

Hi Frank,
I owe you an apology. I posted some flippant comments previously. I did not know to what extent Clare and her attorneys went after to you. Actually had not read any of the less salacious stuff until recently.
I know you probably could not care less. I just feel I should I apologize anyway. I can not imagine what that experience was like. I can not believe a prosecutor would actually try and get someone indicted on a contract that any first-year law student knows is invalid without both parties’ signatures. No corruption there (sarcasm).
That prosecutor at the very least should be disbarred. Your attorneys should have reported him to the BBO. Even if it went no where there would be a record of complaint at the very least.

Raniere's Lying Eyes
Raniere's Lying Eyes
4 years ago

Clare Bronfman not only lied in the Frank Parlato Contract, she lied in the criminal/civil trespassing case by saying one thing in the criminal case and the complete opposite in the civil case. Another example of how NXIVM teaches one thing but does another. Lying is harder because you have to keep track of which lie you tell where and how it can come back to burn you.

NXIVM members also lied about where the coach/student notes where stored during their lawsuit against Rick Ross. Members testified under oath that the notes were stored in a locked room which happened but not during the time frame these testimonies happened. During the time frame of the Ross case, the notes were kept in a file cabinet in a main hallway. It was locked but everyone knew where the key was hung on a wall that anyone could have access to.

NXIVM members, backed by Raniere lied in order to get Joe O’Hara arrested, not once but twice. Later both cases were dropped against him.

NXIVM members backed by Raniere attempted several times to get Raniere’s ex Toni and Barbara arrested but failed all but one time, which all charges were dropped.

NXIVM also lied to the Washington State Department of Revenue. They told the DOR that they licensed their technology to the center in Washington to avoid paying business and occupation tax to Washington State. This was a lie since everyone was an independent contractor that receive commissions from NXIVM. Later NXIVM told the Courts the truth in Washington State that members were independent contractors which proved they lied to the DOR.

The last round of lies have taken in Mexico where Emiliano Salinas Ocelli and Alejandro Betancourt Ledesma have filed false charges against several Ex-NXIVM members who Raniere considers his enemies by using their money to buy off Judges. These people can never enter into Mexico again or they will be arrested.

NXIVM got away with their lies until people started to jump ship and know what reality is. Sharing the truth with each other and the courts is what put an end to NXIVM ability to get away with their lies.

NXIVM example of lying to save the “Jews in the basement” has brought about Fake Lying. NXIVM members lie only to save their perverted Master and their own asses. There is no nothing noble about their lies.

4 years ago

What a gory litany of lies. Thank you for spelling those key Raniere lies out “Lying Eyes.” That’s a real eye-opener and I hope it’s seen by the right set of eyes.

4 years ago

Frank, It’d be irony+ justice = poetic justice – if Bruce were truly indicted for his false indictment of you.
Surely his actions reveal a flagrant disregard for Public Integrity and I’m left wondering exactly what it was about the multimillionaire Bronfman heiresses that proved more important to him than the rigorous ethical standards of his own profession?

4 years ago

I was at the Precision (Bronfman) vs. Plyam trial in 2011 taking daily notes that were passed on to Edgar Bronfman Sr. advisors ahead of the transcript records, which were also obtained and passed on when available.

I saw and heard Clare and other NX-ers such as Jim Del Negro’s testimony and formed the opinion that concerning Frank Parlato, although not entirely innocent of any self-serving motives, he would surely become their next major scapegoat.

It seemed the seeds of Frank’s demise were already being planted during the Precision trial — NX style. It’s all buried in the transcript records but being there, seeing the body language, the sidebars, the “EM’s” and “intensives” Clare was getting in the hallways, etc. spoke volumes more.

James Del Negro, for instance, testified to being corrupted and “raped” by a petite 19-year-old with a newborn infant at, basically, Frank’s behest. Frank’s crew, which included Del Negro, were also accused from the witness stand of lavish spending, boozing and whoring it up on Clare’s dime in 2008 while in LA investing the real estate properties, etc. Meanwhile, Del Negro appeared at least “tipsy” for the duration of the 2011 Precision trial years later.

The biggest clue was when Clare did a 180 on Frank — at first playing the “heiress in distress” Frank heroically rescued from their crooked, LA investment partners, the Plyam’s — then suddenly disassociating herself and NX from Frank, announcing her intent to sue him, almost reassuring jurors that Frank would be punished for whatever pain the Plyam’s suffered while, IMO, being framed themselves for the tragic loss of Clare and Sara’s fortunes to that point.

This cannablistic pattern of recruiting contractors like Frank to go after “enemies” — often prior “contractors” who may have fallen out of favor with Keith only *because* a scapegoat was needed — is repeated so often in NX’s history it’s become part of their Modus Operendi.

Both Peterson and Burke best take note of this, btw, if you haven’t already. It appears to me that you’ve both been cast in starring roles in the NX playbook — only in the Mexican version the bit players aren’t fake gangsters, they’re real desperados.


[…] a comment, in response to K.R. Claviger’s post, DOJ Public Integrity may investigate: Former AUSA Anthony Bruce knowingly presented bogus Bronfman c… Pea Onyu had this to […]

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)

One thing we know is Clare committed perjury. She has stated under oath that there was a and was not a contract. Why is the government not going after her for that, or is that charge coming in the next indictment?

4 years ago

Different venue. The Northern District is where the crime was committed so they would be the office to open a new criminal case against Clair Savino and Bruce.

Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson)
Reply to  Anonymous

I didn’t mention a District in my comment. The negative publicity should provide plenty of shame and pressure to do something, much as the New York Times article about NXIVM moved the FBI to start investigating.

Pea Onyu
Pea Onyu
4 years ago

This is obscene. Billy Savino and Tony Brice did everything in their power to try to help us and stop this evil man Frank Parlato who has hurt us all and destroyed Nxivm. If he had been stopped in 2015 with the indictment, he would not have destroyed Nxivm. It was in 2017 that he wrote his filthy lies about the Vow and turned something beautiful into something ugly. He had no respect. It was meant to be sacred and secret and he told an uncomprehending public about something only a rarified few could ever understand.

This is the same case of the Jews in the basement. The Vow needed to be kept hidden like a treasure from the vicious and brutal Moira Penza. Billy and Tony merely Tried to stop the Nazi Frank Parlato before he came to kill all the Jews. They did the Vanguard’s work to help all of us.

Suppose they could have stopped Hitler before he started the concentration camps? Suppose they could have stopped Parlato before he started the Frank Report? That’s what Tony and Bill were trying to do. Don’t you understand ye who know and understand so little that Vanguard foresaw that Parlato was evil and would rise like the serpent to destroy us all?

He tried to stop the nazi before he began the Frank Report. Because Keith knew the wicked one was evil. Frank Parlato is a Luciferian. Tony and Bill did their best to help. They did what they could. They got him indicted but the corrupt system dropped the charges.

What difference does it make if Clare and Sara signed the contract or not ? Parlato is the Nazi hunting us. Keith understood the threat Parlato would become. He used his intelligence to stop that threat. Tony and Bill tried to help but they could not overcome the corruption of the system. The crime here is that Keith is in prison and Parlato walks free. In Mexico, this would have never happened. You talk about third world countries. In Mexico, they would have stopped this blasphemer. Parlato would be in jail or dead and not the wonderful Vanguard. The USA is the backward country. The smartest man in the world is in prison and the worst Nazi who ever lived is free. Now you ask for two good men – Billy Savino and Tony Bruce – to suffer for helping exterminate a man worse than any Nazi? How dare you ??

4 years ago
Reply to  Pea Onyu

Love your comments, Pea. Keep’em coming! The Nazi/Jews in-the-basement comparison is such a hoot!

4 years ago
Reply to  Pea Onyu

“Parlato who has hurt us all and destroyed Nxivm.”

Pea, NXIVM was destroyed by its own corruption and the evil deeds of its leaders.


“It was in 2017 that he wrote his filthy lies about the Vow and turned something beautiful into something ugly.”

Pea, NXIVM DOS or the Vow was always ugly.
The Vow was built on lies, coercion, threats, blackmail and misogyny.
The Vow came out of the Bowels of Keith Rainere and Allison Mack.


It was meant to be sacred and secret and he told an uncomprehending public about something only a rarified few could ever understand.

Pea, people understand torture and manipulation and exploitation.
And Frank Parlato took no vow of secrecy.

Suppose they could have stopped Parlato before he started the Frank Report?

Pea, NXIVM’s needless persecution of Frank Parlato started the Frank Report.

What difference does it make if Clare and Sara signed the contract or not ?

Pea, It’s called the Statute of Frauds.
Certain contracts must be signed to be valid.
The statute of frauds refers to the requirement that certain kinds of contracts be memorialized in writing, signed by the party to be charged, with sufficient content to evidence the contract.[1][2]

Pea, in all seriousness and sincerity I wish you and your spouse/slave master Allison a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
And I wish that you and Allison learn at some point in your lives that slavery is WRONG!

4 years ago

NYS is a completely compromised shitshow

No integrity: just greed, greed, greed for REBNY

Celebrities are not the most virtuous but they sure pretend

Kristin Kreuk is a hypocrite. She is involved with a feminist documentary by a male feminist about Phoolan Devi, as a “executive producer”. She got involved with that in 2017, tweeting all sorts of pretentious stuff about it, telling people to hand over their cash to pay for it, while refusing to even acknowledge NXIVM and the branding story of 2017. Rose Bhura, who she also recruited into NXIVM is involved with this documentary too. Not a word from her either. Aren’t they embarrassed? Imagine if the press called her out on it. The guy doing this documentary obviously wants someone with a bit of fame to promote his shit, even though she was a devoted NXIVM cultist who ignored a real “women’s rights” story while promoting this documentary and portraying herself as the saviour of teen girls fighting a pedophile, not Keith Raniere, but a make belief pedophile, on a tax payer funded television show. Kristin Kreuk kisses males on television. That is it. Kissing and “smell the fart” facial expressions. What does she know about being a “executive producer”? Same with Rose Bhura. Why Do these NXIVM members come as a pair? Also while ignoring the NXIVM story, Kreuk signed an open letter against a theatre guy accused of misbehaviour. Hypocrite. Why did you stay with the pedophile Kristin? You don’t get to pretend you care about women’s rights. Literally, a massive story you are a part of and you are more silent than a mouse fart in a thunderstorm, while attaching yourself to causes that have nothing to do with you. Another pretentious hypocrite.

4 years ago

The truth will set you free!

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Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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