Heidi: Nxivm pyramid was built by slaves

For Barbara Bouchey, Keith Raniere was a special kind of boyfriend and their days in Nxivm were like Camelot.

By Heidi Hutchinson

It’s striking how many different belief systems Nxivm appropriated to throw into their poison brew. Almost as many “extractions” as there were harem members over the years.

One of Keith’s longest term girlfriends, Barbara Bouchey, describes her Nxivm experience as being that of frog in a pot that doesn’t know it’s being slow-boiled until it’s too late to hop out! (To paraphrase Barbara.).

I know Keith and Nancy stole from my sister, Gina Hutchinson’s brain trust in the sense that they used what “worked” on her to formulate the “tech” and seems others, thereafter, also contributed their souls and ideas.

Barbara Bouchey claims to have created “Vanguard Week,” serving in the role of Dagny from Ayn Rand’s fiction “Atlas Shrugged” — the romantic interest of the hero who’s mission was to amass the world’s wealth in the control of most “ethical rulers” to create a Utopian Society.

“Camelot,” Barbara calls it.

Ayn Rand’s philosophies being, of course, one of those that Nxivm extrapolated and perverted to part its wealthier clients from their trust funds.

For example, Ayn Rand herself is quoted in interviews saying that if the wealth is controlled by anything less than scrupulously ethical individuals (such as do not exist except in her fiction) it’s “only a matter of time” before that society falls apart into utter destruction.

But Keith and Nancy just snagged the Cliff Notes that rationalized their thievery as the creation of an Utopian, ethical world —
full of Dagnys and Nazi reincarnates and Buddhist Goddesses and even Space Shuttle disaster culprits like the still-missing Kristin Snyder — who all paid one way or another.

So, when you say this poison hodgepodge makes an admirable “nifty little package,” that benefited someone who took an intensive or two, I’m sorry, but I recoil.

The Nxivm pyramid was built like the Egyptian ones – with the blood, sweat and tears of SLAVES.

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  • All pyramids are built by slaves to glorify their Masters.

    Go back to ancient Egypt where the burial pyramids of the Pharaohs were constructed of the sweat and blood of the slaves.
    Or better yet go to Grand Rapids, Michigan where so many civic buildings were built with DeVos money to honor the DeVos family, the founders of the Amway scam.
    But the money came from Amway customers and representatives.

    Never donate money to the Children’s Miracle Network at Wal Mart which allows Wal Mart and the Walton Family to take credit for being philanthropists when the money is really being donated by Wal Marts customers.

    • Yes, you’re right there, certainly to some degree, Shadow. Remember the news stories about how Wal Mart was “helping” it’s low-level employees get on welfare and other public benefits so Wal Mart could cut staff hours, avoid paying overtime or insurance benefits thereby? A case of “slaves” being subsidized by middle-class taxpayers to meet a bare minimum standard of living and healthfulness. While the Waltons enjoy tax-breaks and credits through such charitable contributions…from customers.

      I don’t know what the super rich in this Country will do without the middle class once there’s not one — no “land of opportunity” supported by a middle class to migrate to — like there is for the elite of Mexico, India, Africa, etc. to relocate to since they’ve destroyed their own Nations through poverty, oppression and corruption.

      Wonder if NX companies like the “Ethical Science Foundation,” “Rainbow Culture Garden,” etc. were a charity tax write-off for the Bronfman’s?

  • I don’t know what else to say except that it infuriates me knowing how Keith and Nancy experimented on others, namely Gina. Once again I’m so very sorry for your loss Heidi The disappearance of Kristin Snyder is equally troubling and sad. Sigh.

  • My apology for a cold comment.

    I was not around to watch to carnage that Nx created among its devotees. Nor did I lose a family member in a tragedy. I am truly sorry for your loss and it impossible for me to feel the intense feelings of anger, loss and betrayal you are feeling.

    However, from reading your posts, I know you are a brave soul with a deep sense of fairness and justice. I admire those qualities deeply. Also, what you said a few days back still resonates with me. Honest people approached Nx in an honest way; they had no reason to suspect malfeasance. They were good people and they got used.

    Personally, it is likely I did not stay around Nx for long because my own fear, self survival and paranoia mechanisms crept in. I don’t see those as the best qualities inside myself. It has taken me along time to be honest about them and be trustful of others who truly deserve my trust!

    Please continue the brave, insightful work you have started.

    • Thank you, Double. I enjoy your thoughts and please understand my aversion to any suggestion of any possibility this suffering brought by Nx will be perpetuated in any language. If Scientology is scary, Nx is Scientology on acid.

  • I hope Ms. Bouchey is more fortunate than Tennyson’s Lady of Shalott. Beware Camelot, Barbara! I can’t help but think if she ever read this poem properly, she might have understood the danger of unrequited love. But, as you point out re Cliff notes for Atlas shrugged:
    take short cuts – get cut short.

    She left the web, she left the loom,
    She made three paces through the room,
    She saw the water-lily bloom,
    She saw the helmet and the plume,
        She look’d down to Camelot.
    Out flew the web and floated wide;
    The mirror crack’d from side to side;
    “The curse is come upon me,” cried
        The Lady of Shalott.

  • A good article.

    But I’d like to see Heidi write an in-depth article that deals with the issue of WHY?

    Why did ALL of these young and pretty women fall head-over-heels in love with a guy who was:

    a) never good looking

    b) never thin or in shape

    c) always short like a midget

    d) always geeky looking

    e) usually unshaven and homeless looking

    f) had bad hygiene and smelled like B.O.

    g) had bad breath

    h) had a head the size of a prize winning pumpkin

    i) had nasty looking square feet

    j) based on his small and square feet, likely had a ‘chode’ inside his pants (e.g. a cock that’s very short length wise but super wide), thereby making it nearly as wide as it is long.

    Footnote: I have no proof that his cock is small length wise, it’s just a guess based upon his small foot size. Based on his foot size, I doubt he’s packing a foot long hotdog. I’m guessing he’s got a chode.

    I’m not buying the argument that Keith bagged all of these hot women by bragging about his IQ test results.


    Because lots of guys try to get laid by hot women EVERY NIGHT by making all kinds of bullshit claims about how smart or successful they are. That’s not an original way to get laid.

    …and most guys usually strike out more times than they succeed when using this approach (and even when they do get laid, the women don’t usually fall head over heels in love so easily).

    Yet with Keith, all of these hot women gave up not only their pussies, but their hearts and souls to Keith for LIFE.

    Methinks there’s more to the story here that’s not being reported.

    I’m also mystified by the fact that Frank reported that most coaches and proctors made less than 25k-$50k per year from NXIVM, which means there’s no real ‘career’ in bedding Keith for life. So money couldn’t be the reason.

    Something is missing here.

    Using the “boiling frog” analogy is cute, but it really doesn’t explain why hot women flock to fuck an ugly fat dude and become his slave for life.

  • Heidi, you might be correct about NXIVM, but the Pyramids in Egypt have mainly been build by skilled workers and there have been digs around them to unearth the settlements of the workers. These indicate the workers were being trained, well housed and fed. The pictures you have in mind are from those 1980s movies about ancient Egypt and how they suppressed the Jews. These movies contain as much artistic freedom as Keith’s CV.

    • Movies are my weakness, what can I say? Glad to hear the Pharo’s slaves were apparently treated better than depicted by Hollywood. Still, some must have carried stones ‘til their fingers bled. Some slaves must have been crushed within. Any archeological remnants of machinery?

      Btw, NX provided housing in Clifton Park, too. Members rented rooms to out-of-towners for far less than the cost of NX courses. Do historians know if the Pharos charged rent on those bungalows?

    • As an engineer with an interest in Archeology, I have seen this theory gain purchase in countries hoping to divert attention away from any understanding that historically and to the present day, labor force used for mega construction, public or private, are treated poorly, often as slaves. The use (abuse)of Bangladeshi labor in the construction of Dubai, being just one modern day example.

      I cannot locate in article about pictures from 1980s movies about ancient Egypt and how they suppressed the jews?
      But it is certain, that Pharoahs oppressed and enslaved many people in our ancient history, which civilisation has not?

      If you are interested in a scholarly view this may interest you.


      • Thanks for the link L. Very interesting read for all. Can’t believe the archeological findings on such an important site are being so tightly controlled and construed (misconstrued, rather) by one asshole doctorate apparently trying to rewrite history and influence modern culture by pretending forced labor wasn’t even a thing of the past or present.

        I think Willard’s reference to “80’s movies” is off about 30 years and he may be referring to the 1956 Movie “The 10 Commandments” starring Charlton Heston which recounts the Biblical (Old Testament or Torah) account of how Moses frees the Hebrew slaves from the Egyptian Pharoah whose using these and other slaves to build the pyramids.

        IDK, sometimes it scares me that it appears there are these efforts being made wipe out recorded history. Those who don’t remember history are condemned to repeat it, it’s said.

        Merry Christmas!

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