Dueling comments: Are Dennis Burke and Jeff Peterson assuming aliases and posting on Frank Report – about each other?

Former Arizona US Attorney Dennis Burke represents Clare Bronfman. It is not known if he is posting here under the moniker Bangkok.

At least two commenters on Frank Report seem to know a lot about Jeffrey Peterson and Dennis Burke. Each is accusing the other of being either Peterson or Burke.

A commenter, using the moniker Deez Nuts, is accusing Peterson of being the commenter AZ Troll.

Deez Nuts wrote the following:

I call Bullshit on [The Jeff Peterson] lawsuit [against Dennis Burke]. Peterson was never a critic of NXIVM or had any dealings with Keith or even took a class.  Instead, he’s jumping on the bandwagon and filing frivolous lawsuits against a newspaper and mysterious John Does to hide his misdeeds.

No one forced Jeff to scam investors. No one forced him to raise $5 Million dollars from victims, and then lose the money. No one forced Jeff to divert that money to his own bank account. 

Of course Jeff is in hiding. People want their money back. His excuse – the Vanguard made me do it. And it was all Dennis Burke’s fault. Just like Keith’s commodity losses were Papa Bronfman’s fault. Sure.

And now, he’s on the board posting as AZ Troll. How fitting.

Yeah, he’s definitely a Troll for swindling senior citizens.

If anything, this lawsuit will put him on the FBI radar for sure.


In response to this post and others in a similar vein, someone using the moniker A Friend of the Good Guys wrote the following rebuttal.   


Add this to the long list of unanswered questions related to complicated, unsolved NXIVM-related mysteries:

Exactly how many fake aliases does Dennis Burke use to author “criminal accusation,” & “law enforcement flavor” posts about Jeffrey Peterson on the Frank Report website?

Does this tend to prove the entire point Peterson makes about Burke’s campaign of harassment in his lawsuit against Burke & friends?

I’m counting at least six, maybe as many as nine, highly probable Burke-alias, “law enforcement” flavor comments about Peterson to Frank Report in the past 72 hours.

No one else cares enough to constantly pound the table repeating “criminal” language about Peterson, and the posts share similar traits, citing the FBI, supposed “fraud”.

The posts include Burke/former prosecutor words like “swindle” and so forth.

If Burke had even the slightest bit of remorse about the gun running and cartel-enabling ops he’s been near for years, maybe we could feel bad for the guy, but, as Vanguard would surely agree, because Vanguard is the world’s “top ethicist” … when we read these big boy tantrum-messages, it’s hard to feel sorry for the disgraced U.S. Attorney, as he pounds out yet another “FBI” post…

Is he deranged?

Whoever is authoring these messages seems unwell and way too hell-bent on painting Peterson as a “criminal” – again, precisely the behavior set forth in Peterson’s lawsuit.

“Of course Jeff is in hiding,” writes the author of the above message, while overlooking how Peterson disclosed his precise location to the U.S. Federal Government at the outset of his dispute with Burke, during an investigation that was caused by Burke’s lies, and during all of last year, including when he was interviewed by a US government agent specifically about Burke, and Burke’s alleged intimidation or coercion of witnesses in connection with the NXIVM matter.

And if all of that isn’t enough, Peterson disclosed his precise location as recently as yesterday to 50,000+ viewers of Ann Vandersteel’s interview, aired last night.


Lose the “in hiding” angle, big guy. It’s getting old and it makes you look as desperate as you are.

Sadly, Burke is known to be a heavy drinker, evidenced by the incident when Burke hit a pedestrian while driving his vehicle in Phoenix several years back. The image of Burke sitting at home under the influence, pounding out “Peterson is a criminal!!” messages until late at night after cashing his Bronfman checks, earned while helping to defend the Cult and Vanguard, is a very dark, yet conceivable representation of what may have evolved into Burke’s present-day reality.

Cut the “cop talk” and get a life, Charlie Brown. Sure, there’s easy money available in the legal profession for defending bad guys.

When exactly did Burke change sides? Was it when he had his heart attack? Must have been frightening. Sad! Truly sad. Not being sarcastic or joking, I sincerely mean it when I say – it’s truly sad.

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  • [Deleted] Have you not figured out that Jeff Peterson is pulling the same Vanguard scam that Keith Raniere did?

    Swindling investors, diverting investors money to personal accounts, suing reporters, and going into hiding in foreign countries.

    [deleted] Where did the $10 Million go? Up in smoke. You know it’s illegal to sell unregistered securities in most states?

    Or are you in love with Peterson too? Part of his harem also? Shacking up with him in Ontario?

    You better use protection dear. Or you will soon have an itchy vajayjay.

    • If DeezNuts is Clare Bronfman’s lawyer, Dennis Burke, you ought to be ashamed of yourself, sir. You are out of line.

  • No news on this astounding thread? Sorry, I’ve lost count on the tally. IMO Dennis Burke totally wiped himself out trolling as “Deez” ET AL! Trolls don’t count and my troll control days are over, going on “ignore” per our FR resident Dr. Festinger.

    Thanks for translating what I was fishing for, Sam. It’s them. Gotta be.

    Merry Christmas to you and your families Mr. Burke and Brother Peterson.

  • Come back to Arizona, Jeff. Turn yourself in before you’re arrested in Canada.

    Are you afraid of what will happen to your whore and your retarded kid while you’re locked up where you belong?

    There’s no coke where you’re going, you fool.

    • It takes the worst kind of man to threaten another man’s family, much more on Christmas eve. The threats posted on this blog are despicable. If they are made by Clare’s lawyer Dennis Burke as has been suggested by others, it is a poignant example of abuse by those associated with NXIVM.

  • Geez “Deez,” your comments sound like you know Jeff Peterson personally — like you know he’s on here live — and he’s being threatened by you right before our very eyes here on FR!

    I mean, you’re flat out demanding $10M, claiming Jeff’s hiding out in Canada on the lam from, not the AM (Arizona Mafia — not to be confused with Allison Mack’s initials or the “AM” scar burned onto any slaves), not from Salinas assasins, Jeff’s jitters are all about some investigation or legal pursuit which I just can’t locate any evidence of apart from the Arizona Republic story accusations being made by the defendants in Jeff’s proactively defensive lawsuit.

    So, I’m gonna score a +10 for Peterson and subtract all Burke’s, er, Deez’s, comment’s from Burke’s total so far…

    Gotta recheck comments for updates as interrupted writing this — new score next post.

    Btw, are you boys LDS? Lotta soul saving and 😇 signaling going on in this thread. Where’d You go on your Mormon missions?

    • Some posts indicated we are seeing Burke, using pseudonyms, engage in the precise behavior described by Peterson’s lawsuit i.e. harassment, threatening, intimidation, attempts to manufacture a “criminal” scenario, we are seeing Dennis Burke engage in that very behavior right here on Frank’s blog.

  • Yep. Ur 100% correct. All start-up founders swindle senior citizens to the tune of $10M.

    All of them use that money for coke, hookers, bar tabs, bribes, first class air, and steaks.

    All the first round money gets used up and diverted to the founder’s personal accounts. And the founder ALWAYS goes into hiding in Canada afterwards to avoid authorities.

    Or didn’t you know?

    • Another “swindle” post from DeezNuts. Ok, so we’re supposed to believe all of the investors were “senior citizens”? NOT BUYING IT. You’re saying Peterson, who stated in his interview he’s never so much as drank alcohol in his entire life, used cocaine? Do you have any idea who or what you are talking about? Are you kidding? NOT BUYING IT. Hookers? See prior. NOT BUYING IT. Bar tabs? Company employees had bar tabs? Trying real hard here to give you the benefit of the doubt, DeezNuts…let’s suppose start-up money was spent on airline tickets and “steaks”, how does that make a “swindle”? “All the first round money gets used up and diverted to the founder’s personal accounts”? Watched the video and read the lawsuit about Burke’s attempt to “criminalize” corporate transfers authorized by Burke himself. NOT BUYING IT. “in hiding in Canada to avoid authorities”? Peterson said in his interview he spoke with authorities in July 2018, about nxivm, and the Government has always had his exact address + contact info. He’s openly appearing on interviews with thousands of followers and easily reachable through any of his social media. Peterson’s Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin all show on the first page or two of Google search results for his name and they’re apparently wide open for contact. Scott Johnson who posts on this board was able to easily reach Peterson by phone. To the untrained eye, sure looks like Peterson isn’t avoiding anything except harassment from Dennis K. Burke + the Arizona Mafia & Co., which may in fact be you. Sorry DeezNuts, your lame repetitive attempts to manufacture criminality are lacking in substance. NOT BUYING IT.

    • Considering Peterson’s view highlighted below by Chavez lifted from Peterson’s website: “And the narrative is repeated again and again, anywhere Burke can find someone willing to listen”. He wasn’t kidding was he? How many times now has DeezNuts come back throwing a wobbly with dodgy accusations? First DeezNuts accused Peterson of a “swindle” to the tune of $5 million, now it’s $10 million! Nice one! What’s next DeezNuts, $20 million? Who is Peterson supposed to have bribed, if he’s not a politician? Are internet executives known to pay bribes? It’s a “Curious” statement to say the least, friends, as DeezNuts is accused right here of being a Bronfman lawyer, Dennis Burke. Burke is in fact a politician and NXIVM is accused of bribing officials! Freudian slip there mate? Don’t listen to DeezNuts, he’s a cult operative telling lies and spreading disinformation!

  • I see what some posters were talking about in stating Burke’s multiple-identify posts to this blog suggest he is “unwell”!! Damn.

    • Observer, why do you think it’s Burke who is posting comments? It seems quite a stretch to assume that either Burke or Peterson would post here.

      • It’s obviously Burke posting comments with the name “DeezNuts”, the comments match more or less what has been described by Peterson throughout his lawsuit and his Twitter posts.

  • Rodent. In film industry since the 1920s. Birth name Willie. Siding with Peterson in this duel. Peterson’s claims about Burke seem unbelievable and incredible.

    Innocent people always flee to Canada to hide. Entrepreneurs normally blow $10 Million dollars of investor’s money. And of course it is always someone else’s fault.

    Never the fault of the Chairman. Never. Say it ain’t so. And if a reporter writes about it, sue them for good measure from a fake mailbox address.

    • Canada isn’t a good place to hide from the U.S., or vice versa, as they have an extradition treaty. Just ask the Amway co-founders (actually, don’t ask them, they’re both dead), Canada tried to extradite them but because of their wealth, they just plead guilty both civilly and criminally and paid $30-40 million: https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/Amway/AUS/canada.htm Besides, Peterson has to come back to the U.S. for the trial, so what’s your point?

      A more recent example is the Hwawai CFO: https://www.androidheadlines.com/2018/12/china-canadian-arrests-huawei-cfo-scandal.html

    • What the heck is wrong with you Dennis? “In film industry since the 1920s. Birth name Willie …?” What are you even talking about. Are you drinking again? I honestly feel bad for you and Marco, way over on the dark side now. The Mexican and Bronfman money funding your current lifestyles will not resolve what you know is true in your heart. Your soul is eternal, it is priceless. I hope it’s not too late for you guys to be honest with yourselves, turn back and return to normalcy. You both come from good places. It’s so sad to see what you’ve fallen in to.

      • He’s talking about MICKEY MOUSE you fool. It’s called satire.

        How about you return the $10 Million to those senior citizens you swindled Jeff? That’s a good start to a return to normalcy. Return to Arizona and turn yourself in for investment fraud.

        Your soul is eternal. It’s so sad to see you ripping off the elderly. Oh how the mighty fall and then go hide in Canada.

        • “And the narrative is repeated again and again, anywhere Burke can find someone willing to listen” from Peterson’s website quoted below. Considering the repetitive posts, this appears to be plain as day.

      • AZ, you do realize your reply to this obviously senile soul could be construed as elder abuse or elder abuse entrapment, depending on whose side you’re rooting for?

        Hmm, didn’t Burke accuse Peterson of a swindling 90-something year old investors?

        Someone in the film industry in the 1920’s would be far older than 90, however…unless he were an infant actor who led an exceptionally healthy, preternaturally long life.

        …Has Peterson ever been accused of necrophilia? Grave robbing, anything related to swindling the deceased?

  • we watched Jeffrey’s Steele truth interview online this week and we stand with him. Let the evil Dennis Burke, Keith Raniere and nxivm organizers rot as they deserve.

  • The Frank Report has a lot of readers and Mr Peterson seems to have tired of having to deal with people spreading falsehoods about him. I also don’t doubt things did “get weird” when he refused to join NXIVM. Lawsuits do serve a purpose, in some cases, since people should not be allowed to spread lies about another and Mr Peterson’s livelihood is dependent on having credibility. Not all lawsuits are just meant to intimidate – they are meant to correct the public record and hold people to account. One has to wonder if he will decide to take action against all those speaking out of turn. He could subpoena the blog for IP addresses and/or emails of those casting further aspersions his way. One also has to wonder if the people trying to undermine people’s credibility on this blog are also taking the same position on other social media platforms. The internet has both its good and bad points and I think allowing anonymous people to publicly cast stones at someone else’s reputation is wrong.

  • Scott,
    This is from Wikipedia:

     “1981, Peterson landed his first job, as a troubleshooter for a software company focused on Commodore computers. In 1983, he worked as a product tester for vintage hardware manufacturer LOBO Systems. During the mid-1980s, Peterson focused on the development of software for freely distributed bulletin board system and multi-user dungeon gaming applications. He was known among his colleagues as an expert at implementing customized kernel-level multitasking solutions, who regularly pushed early hardware beyond traditional limits. Peterson, already a seasoned assembly and C language developer in his early years,[15]contributed heavily to the emerging F/OSSprogramming communities of the 1980s. He has published numerous texts, including articles on multiprocessing, quasi-empirical methods, and artificial intelligence.[14]:81–84

    Peterson was ridiculed about his early programming years in a satirical article published by TheStreet.com in 2004.”

    He was born in 1972, so he was 9 in ’81.
    I know in Canada there are restrictions on hiring ages. Some companies (places like McDonalds for example) will hire teenagers starting at about age15. Nine year olds can get a job delivering papers, but can you imagine a nine year old going to a job interview for a computer company? Maybe you can ask Peterson how this job ever came about when he’s on your show.
    I was unable to find the old TheStreet.com article.

    Heidi – who is the “we” who decided on the name “trollup”? Multiple people involved, or is it like when the Queen uses the term “we”?

    Interesting flower choice. Why not poinsettias?
    Why are you inventing “facts” about me? I’ve never said anything about the relevance of my situation in comparison to anyone, nor do I mention Toni Natalie. Quit making up bullshit.

  • Politics makes strange bedfellows. I’m inclined to accept Peterson’s view of things. Odd how ‘cloning’ is considered by some here to be so far beyond the pale even though as a science it has made greater strides than the industry surrounding cryogenics. Dolly is old news in this field. Good luck to anyone seeking to know exactly how far this already highly successful aspect of biotechnology has progressed, as it is every bit as protected by Govt. secrecy as any tech useful for possible military purposes would be. Private Wealth NOT Government, runs the world. If you control the flow of Capital, you will know a lot more than those of us (the majority) do.

  • Daily tally: I get solid pro-Peterson = 7 vs. Burke = 2, Raniere = -1

    I didn’t count Flowers, even though she’s not the only obvious shill. Btw, we’ve coined the term trollup — flirty, female troll — to describe Flowers.

    Flowers is pro-Burke for now but IDK if that’s a plus or a minus for him. And Scott doesn’t count since he’s a media professional, of sorts.

    Peterson’s agreement to interview with Scott seals it in favor of Peterson for me. Proves that despite Peterson’s real genius, tech wiz-kid savvy, he’s gullible enough to have fallen into this classic NX trap.

    That puts Peterson 80% ahead so far, Burke. And you haven’t even been implicated in the Trowel investigation yet.

  • Yes. Peterson is a Class Act Vanguard Impersonator:

    Swindle $10 Million dollars of investors money? Check
    Go into hiding in another country (Canada)? Check
    File a silly lawsuit against a Newspaper to intimidate a reporter? Check
    Claim he has World-changing technology? Check
    Say it was someone else’s fault (Dennis Burke) that Peterson lost all the money? Check
    Spend investors money on First Class Air, Hookers, Hotels, Liquor, Limos, n Bribes? Check
    Claims he (Peterson) is the victim of a conspiracy? Check

    Winner winner Chicken Dinner. Check, check, and check.
    Jeff Peterson is the new Vanguard

    • Who keeps persistently writing accusations such as Peterson did a “Swindle” of $10 million and “Hookers” and “Liquor”? even the total money raise for the company questioned was $7.x mil per the newspaper article??? the facts in these shill posts are so obviously blatantly wrong. now you’re comparing Peterson to Vanguard? seriously?????

    • It was a failed startup, it happens all of the time.

      He’s not hiding in Canada. He is living there for other reasons.

      The reporter is one of many people/organizations being sued, mainly because they refuse to tell his side of the story.

      When did he claim to have world-changing technology?

      When did he blame Burke for losing all the money? All he said was Burke was in charge of compliance, so by definition Burke should have known about the issues.

      Since when are “First Class Air, Hotels, Liquor, Limos” not normal corporate expenses? Have the “Bribes and Hookers” claims been proven beyond a mere claim?

      Whether a conspiracy or not, Peterson claims things got weird after he turned down joining NXIVM. We’ve seen plenty of similar stories to that effect.

      Winner winner, too scared to list your real name, no chicken dinner for you.

    • BigFoot, your checklist is not a flattering portrait of either “Vanguard” or Peterson. Certainly hope you’re not aka Dennis Burke, who’s representing Clare Bronfman? Because this strategy sounds more Salinas, Mexi-Nexi friendly…unless and until they’re charged as co-conspirators in the “Bronfman/Raniere” crime syndicate.

      Btw, do Agnifilo and Clare know you’re throwing the Vanguard under the bus like this? …I mean IF you’re Burke or thereabouts.

    • BigFoot2012 = Dennis Burke it’s obvious!! as reported by frankreport i.e. ‘Clare’s invisible man!!!’ Admitting Vanguard is a con right here on the blog, get the FBI to track those ip’s and U got admissions by a lawyer on nxivm’s legal team!! Make it happen feds!!

  • +1 for Peterson. Watched his yt interview. read thru the court filing. the dude is legit being harassed. for the crew trying to frame him, step the hell off, gun walking, repping legal services for mex cartels? its so dark its hard to beileve, like the rest of the nxivm saga. holy crap there has to be . a movie in all of this

  • No question in my mind who is in the right here. Burke ought to come clean to stop harassing Peterson. Anybody reading this should look at the faq on Peterson’s website:

    “The going-public transaction for Mobile Corp. was not completed for numerous reasons, including market conditions, regulatory issues and internal disputes at the company that are beyond the scope of this FAQ. The same individual who is quoted with supposed “doubts” about the company in the December, 2017 Arizona Republic Article, Dennis Burke, knows the company followed correct procedures as Burke was the Chief of Compliance for Mobile Corp. from day one of its existence and it was his responsibility to make sure that such rules were followed. Jeff’s lawyers feel that Burke apparently wants to create the impression that corporate funds at Mobile “vanished” in some sort of theft, which is a ridiculous narrative not supported by company documents or history. The exaggerated efforts to advance Burke’s “theft” narrative left Burke in an embarrassing position of publicly questioning why men’s suits were purchased for an employee at a Men’s warehouse store, which Burke apparently claims is proof that there was “theft” at Mobile Corporation. And the narrative is repeated again and again, anywhere Burke can find someone willing to listen. Although Jeff disagrees with Dennis Burke, Jeff at times has said he feels bad for Dennis. Dennis and Jeff used to be good friends, when Jeff lived in Arizona. Jeff feels as though Dennis has had a tremendous amount of pressure put on him by other parties who want to discredit Jeff, and have put Dennis in charge of that job.”

    defending himself from years of harassment while humbly expressing he feels bad for the party doing the harm. In my house we call it humility and character. Peterson is a class act under fire!

  • There is a 3 out of 4 chance Peterson is telling the truth. D. Burke is all over google for lying with fast and furious. In the slight chance Burke did a 180 and is telling the truth about Peterson, it doesnt explain peterson’s video with burke’s recording contradicting his statements in the az repub. article. I think Peterson caught him with his pants down, and now its all public in court. watch out with those fibs Denny boy you might end up with the vanguard!

  • Ditto. Count mine as a vote for Jeffrey’s story. After watching his interview this week on YourVoice America, I find him credible.

  • So is Jeff going to calling from Ontario, Canada? Maybe he can explain why he claims to live at a mail box in Boston but is really living in Canada.

    Is he offering to refund the $10 million dollars to his investors? Did he get an FBI target letter?

    Or maybe, just maybe the FBI will be listening and use the interview as evidence in the criminal case.

    But it could also be Jeff’s clone. Maybe Jeff, Tanster, and Szemkus can tell us more stories about Stormy Daniels, Bill Clinton, Huma Abadin, Anthony Weiner, and Dennis Burke. Oh my!!!

    • JP is calling from the phone that is listed on his lawsuit. I don’t know where his physical location will be, nor do I think that matters. He never claimed he lived in a mail box in Boston, the mail box is merely the address on his lawsuit, because there are lots of DeezNuts running around. His lawsuit clearly states he is currently living in Ontario. What makes you think he owes his investors $10 million, it was a failed startup? They knew it was a high-risk venture, as all startups are. I have no idea whether he’s received an FBI target letter. I think he is Dolly the Sheep’s clone. The more we hear about NXIVM, the more believable (and boring) Ben’s story sounds.

    • Dennis, both you and Jeffrey were heavy into the democrat party which is a treasonous organization to America. I would say you both are con men criminals.

      • In Peterson’s Twitter story he says he walked away from the Dems when he uncovered the truth about Burke’s activities and nxivm. Peterson is verified MAGA. He has been interviewed recently with other MAGA personalities such as Laura Loomer, Ann Vandersteel and Jay Dyer each who have openly stated they support him.

    • So what if Peterson’s living in Canada? Who wants to know?

      You can’t fault the dude for putting as many borders as possible between himself and the people Dennis Burke threatened would kill him and his family if he revealed anything of his “meaningful relationship” (to quote former President Clinton — per Peterson) with the Salinas clan.

      Nor was Peterson “lying” about it by using a business address on a public court filing in pro se as you’ve forced him, er, someone to explain.

      Careful with deez Nx trolls, Jeff. They’ll taunt you endlessly until they get what their after. Like Flowers riddled me for an “admission” that I am the “real” Heidi Hutchinson, sister of the former Gina Hutchinson.

    • Scott, when I looked for your interview with Mitch Garrity, I was unable to find it. Was he ever on your show, as was mentioned here several weeks ago?

      Yes, I think the plan for some of those guilty of a crime may be to clone themselves, then do a switch and send the clone to jail, while the real guy gets away “Scott Free”….(as Trump says.)
      It’s kinda like Invasion of the body-snatchers/The Great Escape/The Island of Doctor Moreau.

      I would be more likely to believe Peterson if he didnt post stuff about cloning experiments, and make claims that he worked as a computer programmer at age 9. (He doesn’t list the name of the computer company that hired a 9 year old kid….I wonder why?)

      But maybe Doogie will explain it on Scott’s radio show.

      • Flowers,

        You wrote, “He [Peterson] doesn’t list the name of the computer company that hired a 9 year old kid….I wonder why?” When in fact according to Peterson’s wikipedia profile, he is apparently cited from his younger years in several computer books with ISBN or other identifiable references:

        (Age 12)
        Nonetheless, Peterson is credited at this age as a contributor on the inside cover of a best selling microcomputer software book in 1983.[18] Jeffries, Ron (1984). Commodore 64 fun and games: Volume 2. New York: Warner Book. ISBN 9780446381833.

        (Age 15)
        Peterson, already a seasoned assembly and C language developer in his early years, [15] “California Public Schools Forum” Volume 2: Microcomputers Graduate School of Education, UCSB, June 1987 (98 pgs.)

        (Age 20)

        The above link is to a post archived by Google Groups from a usenet technical forum at the University of California, Santa Barbara, by Peterson dated March 23, 1992, before the first web browser (Mosiac, 1993) pre-Netscape (1994), pre-dotcom. What were you doing with your computer in 1992? Per the above post, Peterson was apparently working on “any way to get more than 5 users on a 6000HD running Xenix”, a clearly technical post as would be expected per his public profile. Willing to bet if these references are easily available online, more could be found with further research.

        His Twitter posts about cloning were already sourced by another researcher in a prior post, back to an apparently publicized history from Peterson’s time living in Phoenix, Arizona, where University of Phoenix Chairman John Sperling, a major donor to the Arizona Democratic Party, had done real-life experiments with cloning: https://www.wired.com/2004/02/immortal/

        “John Glen Sperling is an American billionaire who is credited with leading the contemporary for-profit education movement in the United States. His fortune is based on his founding of the for-profit University of Phoenix for working adults in 1976, which is now part of the publicly traded Apollo Group. For ventures ranging from pet cloning to green energy, he has widely been described as an “eccentric” self-made man by the Washington Post and other media.”

        Peterson’s claims consistently reconcile back to sources. Yours do not. What logical theory are researchers expected to conclude, other than he seems credible, and you do not?

        • Fake Flowers with her fake story is incapable of finding credibility in anything other than her own entirely made up set of problems. She doesn’t care if her aspersions have no basis in truth, she just likes to cast doubt on anyone with skin in this Nexium game. She doesn’t like if she perceives anyones problems are bigger than hers, for example a regular contributor here is suffering from cancer and the prognosis is not good, so Flowers likes to call her a liar. She peddles a weird kind of ‘competitive victimhood’, insisting that her entirely phony situation is more relevant to this Report than that of Ex- Nexians especially Heidi Hutchinson and Toni Natalie. She mostly shrieks and cackles, with emoji’s and employs a truly foul potty-mouth, don’t waste too much time encouraging her.

          • I wonder if gladioli is really that Clicky guy (AKA many other names)….considering how strangely interested he is in my life, I’m guessing it’s the same person.

      • I was not. I have little experience with Amway or MLMs. It was my opinion it wouldn’t be a very interesting conversation

  • I have to say I’m leaning more towards siding with Peterson. This is the first comment I’ve posted in almost a year following FrankReport. I can’t help but wonder, why would Peterson file a Federal lawsuit, whether he filed it himself or not, if he had something to hide. I believe he’s afraid of the Cult of Keith Raniere, and I believe he’s been persecuted by his ex-associates who are obviously way too passionate about trying to set him up. Read about Peterson’s history online. He was fired from his company by a CEO he hired, during the peak of the .com years. Same sort of thing, they accused him of alleged “wrong doing”. The company went to 0. He went back two years later, took it over and restored $200 million of value for his shareholders. That’s factual history. Wishing you the best Jeff. Throw the book at ’em.

  • Regarding the lawsuit, Peterson told me on the phone that his relationships with his former Democrat friends turned south after he turned down joining NXIVM, so he never claimed to be part of NXIVM. He sued after the abuse got extreme.

    Peterson also told me the investors were fully informed that the startup was a high risk venture and that they were sophisticated investors who knew that they could lose all of their money invested in the startup.

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