Who’s left in NXIVM? Part 1

With the argument ongoing between the defense and the prosecution about who the Nxivm defendants can associate with, it might be interesting to speculate on who is left within Nxivm from them to associate with.

Keith Alan Raniere, the Vanguard is still their leader, the sole leader of Nxivm. No one can associate with him. He is presently in pretrial detention at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, awaiting trial on sex trafficking and racketeering charges.

Keith Raniere

It may be many years before anyone of the Nxivm members can associate with him again.

Raniere is the founder of Nxivm and its dictator since day one.

His longtime lieutenant, Nancy Salzman, AKA Prefect, who holds the Gold sash is one of his co-defendants.

Keith Raniere has owned Nancy Salzman for years. But that ownership may soon be rescinded.

While there have been persistent rumors of her planning to defect, Frank Report has been unable to ascertain if she has decided to leave the man who has controlled her life for the past 20 years.

While she is listed as the president of Nxivm, and there a presumption that as such she runs Nxivm, this is as true as presuming that Micky Mouse runs Disneyland.

Raniere always ran everything. She was his stooge.

She is living in the Albany area subject to home detention. She has recently petitioned the court to have instead a daily curfew and be permitted to leave home during the day.

Edgar Boone, also living in the Albany area, holds a blue sash with two stripes. That makes him technically the third highest ranking member of Nxivm. This is of course nonsense.

 Edgar Boone 

Raniere alone had any ranking.

Boone however was rewarded with his blue sash some years ago because he is the pioneer who recruited the Mexican contingent and arranged, it is said, the bulk cash smuggling operations.

This was rather foolish, if true, since he comes from wealth and did not need to smuggle cash into the USA for Raniere.

Boone’s coach is Nancy Salzman. His children are in Rainbow and that eats up most of his commissions. At one point it was reported that he paid nearly $200,000 per year for his children to be in Rainbow.

Got to hand it to Raniere – he always managed to get money out of everybody.

Boone’s commissions are nearly zero now since the Nxivm classes have been mostly suspended.   

Next is Lauren Salzman, Nancy’s daughter. She is like Keith and Nancy – indicted. She is also living in the Albany area [Waterford, NY] subject to home detention. She is permitted to leave her home daily to visit her mother who is or was recovering from surgeries.

Lauren Salzman in Wakaya, Fiji.

She retained Arizona attorneys and one would think almost certainly at the behest of Clare Bronfman and/or Emiliano Salinas. She did a lot of the day to day operations of Nxivm and much of its unlicensed therapy practices.

She almost certainly knows about many of the crimes. It is not clear if she will defect and turn on Raniere – the man who promised her an avatar baby for more than a decade.

She is the highest green – currently holding the Green, Edge,4 stripes.

Her coach is her mother, Nancy.

Not yet indicted, is Mexican national Loreta J. Garza Davila. Edgar Boone brought her in. Loreta was living in Albany in an expensive mini-mansion but seems to have vamoosed and is believed to be in Monterrey, Mexico, hoping she won’t be indicted.

Loreta Garza with DOS slave Melissa Rodriguez 

She is likely to be a witness for the defense – one of those women who will testify that DOS was good for them and who seems reluctant to come to the USA without a “safe passage” from the DOJ.

Otherwise the defense has asked that the Mexican witnesses be allowed to testify by two-way television.

Loretta holds the Green, 4 stripes.  Her coach is also Nancy Salzman.

She ran and likely still does run the Rainbow Cultural Garden, that horrific human experiment on small children where they are taught to be in the care of strangers all the time, each of them speaking to them in a different language. A recipe from hell.

Then there is the expatriated, Sara R. Bronfman-Igtet. She moved from Albany to England to France and some think she did so to avoid extradition. She is the cruel financier, along with her sister Clare, of Raniere’s reign of terror for more than 15 years.

Sara Bronfman-Igtet now lives in France 

She is a Green with 3 stripes. Her coach was the late Pamela Cafritz.

She is not likely to return to the USA unless it is through being arrested.

Down Mexico way, cowers Alejandro Betancourt Ledesma. He too came to Nxivm via Edgar Boone.

Alex Betancourt and his lover Emiliano Puto Salinas.

He lives – when he is not traveling with men and boys on sex tourism trips  – in Mexico City. He is undoubtedly one of the Nxivm criminals but might escape prosecution by virtue of his having left the USA – selling his properties in Albany and hiding under some rock.

He is a Green, 3 stripes. His coach is Nancy Salzman.

Though he says is no longer associated with Nxivm, I think he says this more to cover his coward’s face and his own criminal actions. He may have been ordered by the Salinas clan to publicly distance himself from Raniere.

Raniere told Betancourt early on that he was Benito Mussolini in his last life. 

Betancourt’s current lover and business partner is Emiliano Salinas Occelli, son of the former president of Mexico, Carlos Salinas.

Mussolini reincarnated as Keith Raniere’s disciple?

Emiliano was initially referred by Betancourt. They live in Mexico City. A few years ago Emiliano married sexpot actress Ludwika Paleta – who some say is his beard.

But insiders claim that the lusty Emiliano is both husband to Ludwika and wife to Alejandro.

In any event, years of being a wastrel, his natural cowardice and cupidity plus the Nxivm scandal that demolished any change of his having a political career is said to have demoralized the wimpish Salinas to the point where he is undergoing psychiatric treatments and may even be institutionalized until he regains whatever little nerve he had.


In his coward’s way he distanced himself from Raniere pretending to be shocked about the branding he knew all about.

He is said to quake nightly in mortal fear that he may be indicted and hauled into the USA to stand trial.

The little guy is a Green, 1 stripe.

His coach is Nancy Salzman. She is forbidden to coach him and all of her other students since she has been indicted.

Like Betancourt, chances are Emi would come right back to Raniere were Raniere to be acquitted.

Then there is Esther L Carlson of Albany. She is a Green,Edge, 1 stripes. She lives with Nxivm fool James Del Negro. Esther was deceived into coming to Albany from Alaska when Keith lied to her about his intentions of having a monogamous relationship with her.

Esther Carlson 

To her credit she did not buy into the old “You can’t own Keith’s penis” gambit and after relocating here she chose not to be in his harem. 

She did chose to stay with Nxivm even lying about Keith’s harem when asked by other unsuspecting women.

After her affair with Raniere and her unhappy discovery that Raniere was playing her for a fool, she took on her present lover boy Jimmy Del Negro in what some may characterize as messy seconds.

Despite more than 16 years in Nxivm [And teaching Executive Success Programs] she is dead broke and recently lost her home through foreclosure.

Omar ‘Cuckie” Boone is next in line. He is one distinguished husband since Keith Raniere’s initials are branded on his wife’s pussy.

Omar Boone sits with his wife Jimena Garza. She is one of the leaders of DOS. She came to Clifton Park and had her pubic region branded with the initials of Keith Raniere. She has taken a vow of slavery to Raniere. 

Cuckie was referred by his brother Edgar Boone.  Cuckie does not need to work since his family is wealthy so instead he spends his time running the Monterrey Nxivm center and secreting the cash to Raniere – at least until Raniere got arrested. Cuckie is a Green, Edge.

His coach is Alejandro Betancourt.

Cuckie’s wife, Jimena Garza, was promoted last year to the green sash after she accomplished her remarkable goal of getting six Mexican women branded in June 2017 – after I broke the story of DOS that sent the cult scrambling.

Jimena Garza Davila was referred by her sister Loreta Garza.

Jimina’s coach is Emiliano Salinas.

Emiliano with his sister Cecilia Salinas saluting their Vanguard.

Next we have a little lady we don’t hear much about. She is Cecilia Salinas Occelli and she is the sister of Emiliano and the daughter of Carlos Salinas. She was referred by her mother Cecilia Occelli Gonzalez who is also a member of Nxivm but of a lower rank. Her mother was the former first lady of Mexico.

Daughter Cecilia is believed to be branded with Raniere’s initials. 

She is a Green.  Her coach is Loreta Garza.

Rounding out the greens is Dawn Morrison. She came to Raniere 20 years ago. He did the job on her so to speak – sometimes doing it even in the woods. She lived in the Albany area and was a radio ad salesperson when Raniere first started doing her.

Although being one of the highest ranking members of Executive Success Programs, Dawn Morrison couldn’t make enough money teaching, so she details cars.

She gave up her radio job to teach Executive Success Programs – telling hundreds of students who paid thousands of dollars who to use the tech to make a fortunes. As a Green she had a high rank. Since almost no one makes money in Executive Success [it is designed that way] she has to detail cars on the side to make enough money to pay her modest bills.

Her coach is Loreta Garza.

Not to be redundant – but Viva Executive Success!

Stay tuned for Part 2 – “The Oranges of Nxivm.”

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  • Funny Mr. Parlato! Puto is just a tease and maybe the truth. Carlos Emiliano Salinas Occelli (born 1976) is a venture capitalist and businessman. He is the son of former Mexican president Carlos Salinas de Gortari. Salinas currently serves as vice president of Prorsus Capital.

  • And I was Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile, in a former life.
    Geez, and folks swallowed his hogwash?
    I may be dumb but I ain’t stupid. Even I walked away from a cult when it got ludicrous.

  • Just an observation. While I can dismiss Lauren’s nose, because sometimes noses can be sexy. Others would disagree. But, just look at those eyebrows. I bet Nancy coached her because they look like they were drawn in with a ball point pen. With permission, I’d like to start a post on Lauren’s eyebrows.

    • As I understand it ‘Edge’ was doled out to those who sold recruited quickly. Someone on the stripe path might better explain it. As I was told it was not actual rank – just a mark of honor since you got some extra marks into the organization quicker.

  • If no one made money in Nx where did all the money go?

    After the business paid it’s minimal labor expenses and relatively low real estate costs (being located next to Clifton Park is not the same as being next to Central Park) a lot of money was left over. Unless KAR lost it in his commodity transactions, a sizeable chunk must be in a KAR bank account located offshore.

    Who would have moved the money for Rainiere? One of the Mexican elite would make sense. Their families would be in a position to know the safest banks and to negotiate a deal with those banks on the high monthly expenses that such banks normally charge for their services.
    Regarding Rainiere’s trip to Mexico just before his indictment: I am surprised his attorney’s did not discourage an open-ended trip of this nature and warn him how the DOJ might view it. I’m sure Rainiere regrets it now as it’s a strong reason he is still in jail.

  • Frank, where can we see the 2017 coach list? Also, where can we see earlier coach lists from previous years?

    Where does Kristin Kreuk fit in on the list of NXIVM cultists Clare Bronfman is not allowed to communicate with? There have only ever been so many yellow sashes and she was one of them. There would be lots of yellow sashes who knew stuff. A bunch of them were named in Joe O’Hara’s lawsuit, including Kreuk and Mack.

    After Sarah Edmondson had her hissy fit, did she destroy any evidence to protect any of her fellow cult members? 100%, Edmondson lied about Kreuk leaving in 2013. She knows that is bullshit, just like Susan Dones knows it’s bullshit when she said Kreuk left in 2009. Susan Dones has been called out and she refuses to acknowledge that she lied and why. Someone went to the press and claimed Kreuk left because of rumours of a sex cult and did not stick around to see if it was true. Bullshit. She did not care about VanCunt being a pedophile, let alone “rumours” of Keith Raniere fucking female students, including Ally Wack who she recruited in the first place.

    What about Mark Hildreth and Olivia Cheng?

    • We have the 2012 coaches list and the 2017 coaches list. I will try to post both of them soon and we can compare. Technically Clare could contact Kristin Kreuk – who was a coach – but is not on the 2017 list – if the judge approves the government’s proposal.

      • Why only the 2012 and 2017 lists? What about 2013-2016? Are you talking about John Tigue’s list? He said it was 2011.

        Before Kreuk went back to Toronto to film the final season of “Beauty and the Beast”, (2015) she was with the Vancouver branch. Being away for months at a time filming is not the same as quitting. She was filming the first season throughout much of 2012 into 2013 and she still had time to coach…

        Another poster, “ionwhitepoetry” (think that’s spelt correctly) claimed she was still involved with the cult in 2016. Then of course, 2017, shit hit the fan. Is that commentator connected to NXIVM?

  • Alex Betancourt and his lover Emiliano Puto Salinas.

    I could not help but notice the middle name Puto

    Urban Dictionary: puto
    spanish word for a male prostitute. sometimes it´s offensive for homosexuals. in mexico it is used for cowards and traitors.

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