A few tidbits about the Rothschild clan – with a little Bronfman connection

By Jamo Lorswal

The infamous Rothschild clan, one of the largest banking families on the globe, once commissioned a family tree investigation.

A certain Uri Friebene shows up circa 1430.

Mayer Amschel Bauer, in honor of his first son being born, and his growing counting house in the Frankfurt Jewish ghetto, hung a red hexagram up as a herald and advertisement. Known earlier as the Seal of Solomon it is two pyramids, tangential, one up, one down. The family became famous as the “Red Shield,” or “Roths-childs,” in German.


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    Solomon, a legendary Israeli King was known to have married into the Egyptian empire and the Pharaoh’s daughter gifted him a ring with the symbol, hence it became known as the Star of David. In the legend, Solomon is reputed to have completed his great temple with the help of jinn, or demons in Arabic.

The son, Mayer Amschel Rothschild,  arranged some 18 marriages for members of his growing empire in Europe and Great Britain. Twelve of them were between cousins, the clan believing endogamy would ensure control of their wealth within family hands.

    The Rothschilds cozied up to the Hapsburgs and the Hesse Royals, eventually becoming the Bank of England. It was a Rothschild who  commissioned Jesuit scholar Adam Weishaupt to organize a secret group, later exposed by Bavarian police, as a conspiracy, called the ‘Illuminati’.

There are probably thousands of conspiracy “rabbit-holes” investigators have gone down in search of this elusive group. If they still exist, how much power do they wield?  Are there human sacrifice practices involved in their rituals?

In 1846, London’s Independent newspaper ran a story “The Rothschild Libel” reporting on a political pamphlet that went in a sense Belgium “viral” and was signed “Satan”.

Charles Taze Russel, founder of the Jehovah Witnesses, wrote a letter to Lord Rothschild, sent from Palestine, about an ersatz Israel lining out how Jews could re-take the “holyland”.

 With excessive wealth, the Rothschilds began to hold elaborate socialite gatherings. Surrealist artist Salvador Dali created massive headdresses for a ball held in 1972 at the Chateau deFerrieres. The leaked photos show dismembered baby dolls, taxidermy animals,and references to cannibal dishes. In line with the theme, horror filmmaker, Roman Polanski filmed some of his “9th Gate” film at the location. Polanski is in exile for child sexual slavery charges and is of course the survivor of the Manson Family murders at his mansion in Los Angeles.

 There is no direct link of the Rothschild legacy to the recently busted sex/slave cult NVIXM, yet the Bronfman sisters, patrons of the criminal group, are from a family who has done business with the Rothschild’s.

Bronfman Rothschild is a high end financial and business advisers. The logo blends the Letter B with R.

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Edgar Bronfman who made a fortune pushing whiskey, namely Seagrams, moonlighted as Head of the World Jewish Congress. Like most rich families involved in criminal activities, he hid behind philanthropy.

As we examine the Rothschild history, we learn they built a temple of sorts, a few miles north of Bohemian Grove in the woods above San Francisco.

Once a year, the big business leaders, media personas, banking and politicians meet for exchange, speeches (Richard Nixon claimed his “best” speech was given there) and camping as well as some suspected less publicized activities, ranging from prostitution to human hunting.

The group’s San Francisco headquarters takes care of business aspects of the yearly romp, with its initial fee of $25,000 a head.

Ironically, there is a Mike Rothschild who runs an online website debunking “conspiracy theories”.

If one questions whether wealth combines – here is something to consider: Of the infamous Rockefeller Eastern Establishment and oil tycoons, it was reported in 2012, merged with the Rothschilds concern in the RIT Capital Group.

The net worth of the Rockefellers circa 2017 was reported to be $340 billion. That of the Rothschilds, $400 billion.

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  • I wish Frank would provide sources for his claims. Without sources these are just the ramblings of someone online.

  • Hmmm, can anybody guess what anti-Semite a-hole on here wrote this?

    Someone so insanely desperate to link NX to Judaism he did a web radio show titled: “The Bleepish (J—ish) Connection to NXIVM” — wherein he rants about a Bleepish media coverup so evil he can’t even use the J word without putting his life in danger despite his certainty that NXIVM is at the core of all Rothschild Jew-evil dating back centuries.

    Someone so chicken-shit he won’t use his real name on the post after bashing anons as cowards for weeks? (Oh, but he’s too Jew-scared to even utter the J-word.)

    Someone who’s been bashing Frank with rabid emails and deleted comments over the injustice of the new comment policy, etc.

    Someone who swears to God and FR he is not an anti-Semite, has threatened to sue anyone who repeats that he is and that his sole mission from God is to take down evil MLM’s and support our President.


    Do it now!

    • Could you or Scott post the link to this podcast please. I can’t comment on this until I’ve heard what Scott actually says.

  • This post is so disgustingly anti Semitic. It has nothing to do with any of the reasons that people come to your site and echoes some historical tropes that have been used to vilify and murder Jews. Be better than this. And apologize.

  • And the point of this article was? In the UK there is a militant wing of the Labour Party called Momentum. They have been under scrutiny for anti-semitic views but I doubt even they would produce this bundle of conspiracy theories.

    • So true Pyriel, momentum are basic anti-semites, no-one in their right mind will swallow this buckshot and Labour will suffer immeasurably from the controversy as it should. This trash here is extreme.

      • Don’t defend things you know how deep they go, some of the lastnames here aren’t the only families that know ancients things, true ancient things

  • You are hinting at some dangerous stuff that has an anti-semetic slant to it. When you start combining Jewish history, the Rothschilds, Bronfman’s and mention human hunting and other salacious activities you are definitely stirring up anti-semetic sentiments with no proof of any wrong doing.

    Clare Bronfman’s activities in Nexium have nothing to do with the case for a Jewish conspiracy you are trying to build. Clare’s actions are simply those of a sick individual using her money and power to intimidate others.

    Please take your anti-semeticism elsewhere.

  • I find this post to be very educational and interrsting. NEXIVM was supposed (by his stupuid founder) to grow as a religion, being himself the highest figure; a god.

  • I have been reading the Frank Report for more than a year now without comment. Some of the content is newsworthy. Some of it is scurrilous. But now, unfortunately, I must comment as Mr. Parlato has allowed his forum to be used to promote a classic anti-Semitic conspiracy that a cabal of wealthy Jews (the Bronfmans and Rothchilds) are in league with one another for nefarious purposes. To single out one particular group, Jews, as the embodiment of evil is racist. And to allow the frank report to be a platform for this hateful speech makes frank report an accessory to that evil. I understand that many people have strong negative feelings, likely warranted, against the Bronfman sisters. But please don’t attribute their misdeeds to the Jewish people at large. The Bronfman sisters’ values (or lack thereof) are the anti-thesis of Jewish values: 1) Judaism believes that there is one God , and one God only. That is the first Commandment. Judaism condemns having false idols such as Keith Ranniere. 2) Judaism believes in the Commandment “thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor”. the violation of this Commandment has been one of the worst of the evils of NXIVM, DOS, and , allegedly, Clare Bronfman. There is nothing Jewish about such morally wrong conduct which Judaism abhors. Lastly, the Bronfman sisters were likely raised without strong Jewish values as a) their mother was not Jewish and b) they were not living and being raised, for the most part, by their Jewish father after their parents’ divorce. Actually, under traditional Jewish Law, without a proper conversion of their mother (unlikely here) , these 2 girls are not even Jewish. Sadly, they would have been better people had they been raised to understand the Jewish values that I outlined above.
    Frank, how about vetting your articles as well as your comments to remove hate speech?
    A Reader

  • Thank you for the brief history lesson, but what does this have to do with anything? You said yourself there is no direct link between the Bronfmans and the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds have had more than their fair share of conspiracy theories long before the introduction of social media and hashtags. Half of those conspiracy theories stem from antisemitic prejudices. Now I am not accusing the writer of this post of antisemitism, but people read way too much into these things.

    And now religion and Biblical history is being introduced to this site?

    What next?

    • – And now religion and Biblical history is being introduced to this site?

      Any value system rooted on metaphysical beliefs that motivates and drives action is a religion. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in a God, gods, or are an atheist. Vantard and his innermost followers also had a religion in this generic sense of the term. No human being in existence can escape this fundamental reality. They thought Vantard was the highest ethical being (laughable), followed his principles and ways, often lived his hedonistic and polyamorous lifestyle, etc. That is a religion and that is why people consider NXIVM a cult.

      • Dictionary definition of religion:
        Definition of religion. 1a : the state of a religious a nun in her 20th year of religion. b(1) : the service and worship of God or the supernatural. (2) : commitment or devotion to religious faith or observance. 2 : a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices.

        Usually it refers to the worship of God or a higher power. So do you mean that Keith, “The Vanguard “, was being worshipped as a God? I wonder if any former members will comment… was Keith considered a God by his followers?

        • If not god as close as it gets. The whole “Vanguard Week” and thanking him for all that he had done for them. Any and all “good” in their lives, any success or triumphs were of his doing. It wasn’t the result of their work or talents but his teachings. Not to mention the thought that he had transcended or rose above or whatever word they/he had used, that he was beyond a human being. No digressions or some weirdness.

          And yet he sits in jail, has lawyers, etc. Why doesn’t he solve this problem? I’d think he has had enough time to sit with the judge and prosecution, explain himself and if that doesn’t work, know some slick legalise, words of art, that forces dismissal, release and a very public apology.

          Instead he appears so less than ordinary

          • True Mitch. A whole week of Vanguard worship every year…they must have considered him on par with Jesus (or at least Miscavige or Trump)😄

    • Well said! Franck if you have nothing relevant to say then don’t say anything. We will still come back for updates about NXIVM. The more you publish irrelevant material or fake news the more you drive us all away!

      • You are only speaking for yourself. The rest of us enjoy all of Frank’s articles and will keep coming back for updates no matter what he posts.

  • Jinns are not demons per se. The English word genie is derived from jinn. They are allegedly another type of being with free will. While in the Abrahamic theologies humans are made from mud or clay, the jinn are made from smokeless fire, and like humans, they can be good or bad. The latter are typically called shaytans, or devils/demons, are often involved in black magic, and can possess you as in the movie “The Exorcist”, or can “make deals” with corrupt people to give them hypnotizing or illusion inducing capabilities, especially those who are immoral, spiritually and physically unclean and/or rank, like people who don’t often take baths and tend to smell bad.

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Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

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