Keith Raniere

Raniere’s Second Bail Motion Denied by Judge Garaufis

No Joy In Mudville As Mighty Vanguard Strikes Out Again!

K.R. Klaviger

Just like the proverbial batter named Casey who had trouble hitting the ball when the game was on the line, the mighty man who likes to be called The Vanguard – but whose real name is Keith Alan Raniere – keeps striking out in his attempt to be released from prison while he is awaiting trial.

But, just like Casey, the little guy may get more at-bats before this particular ballgame is over.

In what can only be seen as a soul-crushing defeat – sorry, I forgot I was talking about Raniere – a spirit-crushing defeat – for the little fella, U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis has denied Raniere’s latest request to be released on bail pending his trial on a variety of criminal charges.

Raniere’s trial – which will include his five current co-defendants (Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, Kathy Russell, Lauren Salzman, and Nancy Salzman) plus any others who are included in subsequent superseding indictments – is currently scheduled to start on March 18, 2019.

Las Vegas bookmakers have put the odds on that being the actual start date for the trial at .000000001% – which, oddly enough, are the same odds they put on Albany County District Attorney P. David Soares ever getting elected again.

In a 15-page Memorandum & Order that was issued earlier today, Judge Garaufis reviewed all the pertinent facts in the case – beginning, of course, with the list of pending charges against Raniere:

  1. Racketeering conspiracy – which includes the predicate acts of conspiracy to commit identity theft, conspiracy to alter records for use in an official proceeding, forced labor, trafficking and document servitude, extortion, and sex trafficking);
  2. Conspiracy to cause another to engage in forced labor;
  3. Wire fraud conspiracy;
  4. Sex trafficking conspiracy;
  5. Sex trafficking
  6. Identity theft conspiracy.

He also noted that Raniere smelled really bad. Just kidding – although Raniere does smell really bad, Judge Garaufis did not note that in his Memorandum & Order.

Judge Garaufis did note, however, that “Raniere has compared himself to Socrates in that he challenges Nxivm participants to ‘question, rather than blindly accept, the fundamental content of their lives’” – and that Raniere “…claims to have had success treating people suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome”.

The bail motion that led to Judge Garaufis’ latest ruling was presented to the court on November 14, 2018. An earlier bail motion had been denied based on the judge’s finding that Raniere was a flight risk.

Raniere’s latest bail motion included the following proposed terms and conditions:

  1. – He would sign a $1 million bond;
  2. The bond would be secured by three properties – with the owners of those properties signing the bond (Per the government’s estimate, the total unmortgaged equity in the three properties is less than $170,000)
  3. Several other people – none of whom have been identified as of yet – would also sign the bond
  4. He would be on home confinement in Clifton Park, NY – and monitored by a GPS device
  5. He would not communicate with anyone except for his attorneys unless his attorneys were present for those communications
  6. He would have access to a computer in order to review the evidence against him but he would not have access to the internet
  7. He would surrender his passport and agree not to seek new travel documents.

After reviewing all the applicable legal standards for the granting of bail in cases like this, the judge then looked at all the new evidence that Raniere had submitted to overcome the statutory assumption that he is a flight risk. As noted by the judge, this included a 25-minute video “…that purportedly demonstrates the value of Nxivm’s Rational Inquiry system, particularly for people affected with Tourette’s Syndrome.”

Next, the judge looked at the factors which suggested bail should be denied. Chief among these is the fact that Raniere has been charged with three offenses that “…carry maximum sentences of at least 20 years in prison.”

He also noted that although Raniere has claimed that the government possesses critical exculpatory evidence regarding the sex trafficking charge, he “…has made no similar claims about the Government’s evidence regarding the racketing conspiracy, forced-labor conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy, and identity theft conspiracy charges against him…”.

Finally, the judge noted that the original reasons he found Raniere to be a flight risk are still applicable:

  1. He likely moved to Mexico last fall and stopped using his phone at least partly to evade law enforcement
  2. He apparently has access to extensive financial resources supplied by anonymous parties;
  3. He lacks personal wealth or an ordinary job that could secure a meaningful bond
  4. He is accused of running an organization with a number of devoted adherents who could help him flee.

As the judge succinctly noted: “Put simply, he did not behave like someone willing to work with law enforcement”.

Which is not entirely true because Raniere has done quite well for himself when he’s had law enforcement officials working for him over the years. It’s just that he really doesn’t trust any law enforcement official that he can’t bribe or entrap.

So, once again, the mighty Vanguard has struck out.

But like a cat playing with a half-dead mouse Judge Garaufis concluded his Memorandum & Order by noting that “As it remains conceivable that Raniere could address the court’s concerns, this denial is without prejudice to refiling a revised bail package.”

Seriously, he may not be the world’s smartest man but even Raniere can’t be dumb enough to do this a third time.

Or could he?


Editor’s Note:
I know it’s asking for way too much and it’s not likely going to happen but it’s almost Christmas – which is the time of year when we all get to ask for the presents of our dreams. And for me this year, I just have one request: Please, Santa, have Judge Garaufis play that 25-minute videotape in court tomorrow – and make all those ass-clown defense attorneys sit there and watch the drivel they submitted for him to review. Just give me that – and you can keep the puppy and the pony!


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  • “As the judge succinctly noted: “Put simply, he did not behave like someone willing to work with law enforcement”.

    Which is not entirely true because Raniere has done quite well for himself when he’s had law enforcement officials working for him over the years. It’s just that he really doesn’t trust any law enforcement official that he can’t bribe or entrap. ” – K.R. Claviger

    Poor little baby I’m sure he will try to post bail again. Keep your chin up Keith. May Santa bestow upon you great tidings of joy with much merriment,. May your shit-bombs be juicy and medium rare With hot sauce please.

    • I’m not sure because he was accessing a bank card with her name on it means he actually rightfully owns the funds.

  • In the Daily Mail they QUOTE from the feds response to KR’s bail request:

    ‘The defendant’s creation of DOS was the culmination of a long history of abusing women and girls through manipulation and coercion. The government has obtained evidence that the defendant began having a sex with a “first-line” DOS “slave” when she was fifteen years old and he was forty-six.’

    WhaaaaaTF? The Feds used the term “DOS slave” for something that happened 10 years ago! Are the Feds saying DOS (not just the harem) was ongoing in 2008?

  • And please Santa Clause, have Vangaurd continue to spend the trust money on pages of his most entertaining drivel, I mean poetic charms. I’m saving them for our New Years eve party.

    In all seriousness. please eradicate the mite epidemic, I wish I’d never looked it up. And make these prisoners flipping shower. MDC, for God’s sake, give these people clean towels, clothes and proper prescription medication.

    No wonder they are going nuts in there. The mites have to have a host, the facility is not keeping them going the people are, they are spreading to guards and their families, I’m sure attorneys aren’t immune. It can take 8 weeks before you know you have them. I wouldn’t visit anyone either.

    They sound much worse than shingles which are a nightmare.

    What does the prison give the infected because according to the CDC only prescription lotions and antibiotics for more serious case are effective and may need to be used more than once. There is no over the counter medication that works again according to the CDC.


  • I bet he somehow diverted the 8 million inheritance to someone else like Claire, or created a trust so it’s not in his name. This way he could avoid the taxes, however now that he needs it he can’t have it….so sad….not!

    • That’s a very interesting point. What would happen if he “suddenly” claimed ownership to those funds to use to secure his bail? I think the account was still in Pam’s name – not sure if her will was ever probated.

      It would be poetic justice if he never put the funds in his name for fear of losing it somehow. Then it would be his enormous greed that shot him in the foot.

  • I wonder how much money has the dream team lawer made out of this one… They are laughing at his face and milking him like a cow and the most intelligent man in the world does not even see it. Karma is a bitch!

  • Ok the guy’s gf left him $8m – so did he gamble away or what? Why did he get Bronfman girls involved, just more cash?! He had more than enough to start up the Nxivm. Then by forcing Nancy with a good salary before getting her cut off. Nancy had to use her psychotherapy skills ((NLP), make people dependent in these classes by thinking that learning to lead instead it’s the opposite…. geez talk about being used.

    • I wonder who witnessed Pam’s will? Was she mentally capable at the time?

      Since my brain radiation, I am capable of these decisions. But a few months back, I’m not sure a judge would have considered such a move legal.

      I keep reading she is from a well to do family, where are they? Had they written her off? Was a piddling 8 million not worth investigating?

      Most of us don’t live in the type of world where millions are so cavalier.

      I’m excited to win 50 bucks on a scratch ticket.

      Where are all these wealthy women’s families, none have spoken out. And there are a lot of them, I’d like to know if they ever tried getting their family member help. We know Edward Bronfman Sr did and look where that got him, thanks Clarebear, the man leaves you money you didn’t deserve and you spied on him. Turned against him. Wonder what the feds are doing with the information from the WJO or Clinton’s.

      Any Private investigators that returned the favor for him?

  • So, if Rainiere puts the inheritance he received from Pam Cafritz (8M or so) would that meaningfully change things or are there tax implications of the 8M that Rainiere prefers not to address?

    Is it proper for defense counsel to request the judge what he would like KAR to specifically do so his release can be obtained?

    • The Judge is not letting him out, no matter how many self indulgent videos and bragging he does through his so called attorney.
      Agnifilo. you may have lost part of your future client base by showing future clients what your willing to spend their money on.



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